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What If?... - RandomFics271197

Just a little idea that i got after rewatch all seasons. Basically just a 'What If?' stories

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When you discovered that someone closer to you, isn't just what you thought.

Author's Note:

This was a request for one of our readers. I hope you like it.
Consider the fact that Spike is tall as a normal pony and he learned how to walk with four legs.

It was a normal day in Ponyville. Spike and Twilight were in the Library, reorganizing it. Spike was changing, strange spots were appearing in his body. Ember told him that it's normal for dragons to gain this strange spots when they reach early stages of maturity. It was obvious, he is 18 years old (in pony age), since dragon age is different from pony, they normally reach early stages on the age of 13.

In that night.

It was a normal night, Spike was dreaming about his future. When everything became clear, he was in his dream land. But this wasn't a normal dream. Ponies were bowing to him, the looks on their faces made it clear that they feared him. When he saw her. Her mentor, Twilight. He tried to talk but his voice came with a roar, that made her tremble and bowed quickly. 'What's going on here?' he thought 'BREAKFAST' a girl appear in front of him. 'What the...' he said, she eventually vanished 'What just happen?' he asked confused for what just happen. 'Nevermind. Why? I'm dreaming this.' he thought. 'Please, Prince Spike. Don't get mad we failed to gave you a decent birthday party. We're so sorry. Don't burn us.' Twilight said, while bowing to him. 'What? What do you mean?' he asked. While he was talking, fire were breath by him burning everything in the way, including the ponies. 'NO. I'm not that kind of monster. Why I'm dreaming this?' he said while covered his eyes. Suddenly a magical mirror appeared in front of him, he could see his all body.

He could see that he has a dark green prince robe, covering his entire body, a little crown in his head, and most important his majestical look. He had growed up so much that made him feel fear from his new look. He now had gain wings, his head became pointy, instead of that round face. His scales became sharpen and what he fear the most, his fangs. He saw how that dangerous it could be if he use them on somepony.

"Why I'm dreaming this? I'm not that kind of..."

Suddenly a bright light entered his dream land and he saw her. The Princess of Night, Luna floating towards him.

"Luna. Why are you here?" he asked

"I'm here because I sensed, something bad was happening to you. So I came ASAP. So you've keeping dreaming this, or it's just this once?" she asked

"Just this once. Why I'm looking like this? I'm not that kind op monster. Am I?" he asked

"Of course not, Spike. You just don't trust yourself enough. You fear that you could became this kind of... thing." she said trying to not sound rude.

"But, why? Why she was bowing? I'm not sure why." he asked.

"That's something you'll discover in the future. Just try to trust in yourself." she said, while leaving him alone "It seems that you're waking up. Goodbye, Spike."

Spike rubbed his eyes while yawning. He then got off his bed and headed towards the downstairs. He then trotted to their kitchen, where she was preparing their breakfast. He greeted her and she turned back to greet him back but stopped and let the food fall from her hoof.

"Spike, did you? Did you feel ok?" she asked while shacking her hoof.

"What?" he asked. "It's something wrong with me."

She nodded and used her magic to conjure a mirror. He could saw it, he had gained wings. They're similar to those of his recent dream. 'NO.NO.NO. This can't be happening.' he thought.

"Ah, you look so cute, with those wings." she said "Could I touch them?" she asked

"I think so." he said.

She touched his wings, which made him squeak in return. Rapidly he covered his mouth with his paws.

"I'm sorry. I didn't do this." he said, trying to hide his blush.

"It looks like, they're sensitive for the first time. Just like mine, they're sensitive for the first time." she said

"Ok. Let's eat our breakfast, will us?" he asked while walking towards the dinner table.

With their stomachs full, they decided to return to their previous activity.

They spend two hours reorganizing the Library.

Suddenly Spike felt something in his stomach.

"Twilight, I'm not feeling that well." he said. Then he breathed fire, making a scroll to appear.

"It's a message from Celestia. It's red and says 'urgent'." she said while grabbing the scroll.

Dear Twilight Sparkle,

I discovered that Spike has gain his wings. I think it's about time to tell everypony what he really is. Bring him to Ponyville Center Garden. I'll be there in fifteen minutes.

With love, Princess Celestia.

"Call everypony Spike. Celestia is coming to Ponyville in fifteen minutes in the Central Garden." she said while rolling back the scroll.

He nodded and got out. And spread the word all over the Ponyville.

Fifteen minutes later.

Celestia arrived at the Central Garden. And started her talking

"Dear, citizens of Ponyville. I believe that visit don't surprised you. But I'm here to say to all of you, that I had...*cough**cough* a son. He's living here in Ponyville." she said

She gazed over the crow and decided to tell once it for all.

"Spike. Could you came here?" she asked while used her magic to levitate him "He's... my son." she said while caressing his scales.

The crowd dropped their jaws, hitting the ground with a loud sound.

"WHAT THE FUCK!! Me son of Celestia. How is that even possible?" he asked

"You probably shouldn't know it. *smile*" she said, while blushing hardly.

"So that makes me a Prince?" he asked.

"Yes. And from now on you are the Prince of these little creatures that we call ponies." she said

"But I can't, it's impossible for me to be your son. How did this even work? I mean..." he asked

"Shut up, will you. You're embarrassing me." she said

"So, what now?" he asked

"You'll be living with me at the Canterlot Palace." she said

"What? But my place is here. Together with them." he said while pointing to his friends

"Why, Spike? Why did you want to be here? You're a prince remember." she said

"Because..." he said while he jumped out from her legs."Twilight needs me, they need me. I can't accept Celestia. I might be your Prince. But..." he looked to his friends. "I'm a dragon for your sake. Who would respect me? Tell me Celestia." he asked while tears feel down from his eyes. "WE ARE KNOWN FOR DESTRUCTION. Did you forget? Ponies fear us. They think that we're vile beasts." he said when he noticed that he might hurt 'him'. "Sorry, Discord. But you had changed. I can't I'm a dragon. Who would respect me, Celestia? Tell me-" he asked while smoke came out of his nose.

"I don't know, Spike, but..." she was interrupted by a familiar voice.

"I would." He turned his gaze back to see that Twilight was trotting forwards. "I know you better than anypony. I mean... We could you better than anypony. I don't care if you're a dragon. I don't care what others think. Spike, if you're the Prince why you don't accept it?" she asked

"Because I can't. I'm a dragon, Twilight. Ponies never trusted us before. Did you think that they will trust me?" he asked

"I don't know. But I'm sure they know you enough to make their decision." she said while trotting.

--Spike mind--

"I'm sorry Spike, if we made you mad. Please don't burn us. We would respect you. Just don't destroy our home." her specter begged.

Suddenly his anger speaks loudly and breathed fire burning everything. "I told you, I can't be respected. I destroyed everything. Just what I'm doing to you." he grabbed her by her body slamming her against a wall. He opened his mouth ready to breath fire, her screams and agony didn't stopped him finishing his task. Until there was nothing instead of ashes.

Tears started to form in his eyes.

"NO. Twilight, I'm a dragon. I can't keep living in here. I can be a danger to everypony."

She gasped and embraced him. "No, you're not. You're my little dragon. And nopony will confront you while I'm here."

"But, Twilight they're your 'subjects', I can't Twilight. Please respect my decision and let me go."

"Where?" she asked

"Dragon Lands." he said, "There I can be safe and sound knowing that I can't be a threat to all of you."

He jumped off her embrace and looked back to her.

"Can I go with you?" she asked while small tears formed in her eyes.

"Are you crazy? There'll be dragons. They ate meat, ponies, Twilight, ponies. No, I'll go alone." he said while walking towards Celestia. "I'll be departing tomorrow, Celestia." he said

He then rushed towards his home, tears running down his face.

'I can't be here. I'm a danger towards them. I would never forgive me, if I ever hurt one of them.' he thought.

He opened his bedroom door and starts talking to himself.

"Why, did she didn't give me a straight answer? I fear myself, I can't trust myself. I'm afraid that dream came truth."

He then heard his bedroom door open and Twilight stepped in.

"Spike. Are you alright? I know if you don't want to talk about it."

"Look, Twilight. I... I... recently dreamed about this alright. And believe me it wasn't good." he said

"Can you talk about it?" she asked

He shook his head to a 'no'.

"Ok, Spike. Let's take dinner. Did you want to go to the new restaurant? I mean if you want." she asked

He nodded and jumped off his bed.

They stepped out of his bedroom. They walking through the streets and the crowd, when he felt her fur on his body. He looked at her.

"Twilight, what are you doing?" he asked nervously while a small blush raised on his cheeks.

"What? I'm doing something that you don't know." she said while she gave a little laugh.

"Ok, ok. At least you don't mind it's ok." he said.

They reached the restaurant, they ordered a table and waited for the waiter. With their orders in table, they started to eat their dinner. With their stomachs full and happy by this nice event, they headed back to their castle.

"Say, Spike. Why did you keep in denial? You sure aren't dangerous." she said while nuzzling his body.

He thought that her behavior was because of alcohol she had drunk.

"I know, Twilight, but... They sure fear us, dragons. We attack them for years, Twilight. They're right for fearing us, fearing me. We can't control ourselves."

She started to rubbing his scales. "It's ok, Spike. I trust you. Besides, you're my first friend remember. Anything you would do because of your natural behavior, I will forgive you. I promise." she said

He raised a smile and used his paw to caress her mane. "I know, Twilight. I know."

Arriving at their home, both of them head towards their respective bedrooms.

Spike laid down on his bed and started to sleep. This dream was a 'good' dream, he was together with he seems to be a Princess. The ponies respected him, his tyrant behavior from his last dream was over..

But something wasn't right, Twilight wasn't in her bed.

"I know *hiccup*, what will make him happy *hiccup*. That little meal that I made for him*hiccup* in his 10th birthday. But walking through Everfree Forest at this time of night. It could be dangerous. *Hiccup*" she said while hiccuping because of the drinks that she had. "But for him, I will do it, and besides I'm an alicorn now. Nothing should stop me."

She decided to go search for those flowers.

After sometime walking towards the Everfree Forest, she reached the Forest. She gulped and thought "This wasn't a really great idea. But just that I'm here now. Well, let's do this"

After some time, she heard steps behind her. She looked back and saw them Timberwolves really to attack her, but since she had magical powers she could scare them off, she thought but thought bad. What scared the Timberwolves wasn't her magic?

"Ah, next time*hiccup*, don't mess with me." she said. When she turned back, she hits something big, that made her fall.

"Ouch. What the...?" she got up "What did I hit?" she asked for herself.

When she turned her gaze over she saw it, a Manticore.

"Oh, it was you that scared them off wasn't." she said, while charging her horn but was stopped by his attack.

She hits a tree and her horn lost sensibility and she couldn't use any magic, she tried to flap her wings but they're stuck by the branches.

"Oh, crap. Why did I come here? Now look where I get myself into." she said

She heard loud steeps from distance, when finally she saw it. He catch her, she couldn't escape. Then she felt herself being lifted by his tail.

"No.NO.NO. Spike... need...NO."


Spike kept dreaming he was happy, but something changed, suddenly, that he doesn't had a reaction. Everything became dark and then a beam of light appear in front of him. When he crossed it, he was in a new dream. But this dreams were different, he was on a funeral. He couldn't see straight. When he saw Celestia crying, over something or somepony. When he came closer to her, his worst nightmare. Twilight, was... was... dead, his mind tried to get this event but it couldn't. 'What happen?' he asked. 'You, you,you. ' Celestia kept saying it 'YOU SHOULD PROTECT HER. That's what you promise to me if you wanted to be a Prince, was being with her, protecting her and Ponyville.' she continued 'Get this traitor.' she said. Suddenly Tartarus chains crushed his body that made him lose balance and fall down. 'You had a task, my son. But you failled. How could you? She was just trying to help you. And how you repaid her. Using your claws to rip her flesh.' she said
'I will never ever attack her. I wouldn't hurt her.' he said while closed his eyes. Suddenly something wake him up from this nightmare. 'HELP ME.' a familiar voice begged. 'Twilight.' he said. His used his body to try to crack the chains, but it was impossible those chains were enchanted. 'HELP ME, SPIKE. IT WILL.' she kept begging. 'NO.NOT AGAIN.' with a roar he put his remain strenght that made the chains break. 'I'm free. Wait Twilight. I'm coming.' his vision started to came clear.

"I'm coming, for...." he said. "Ah, It was a dream was it. Wait."

"Twilight, Twilight." he called but obtaining no answer.

He decided to walks to her bedroom only to find it empty. 'Where did she go?'

"Who?" Owlowiscious said dropping a letter.

He bends over to grab it. "What is it Owlowiscious?"

"Who?" Owlowiscious said

"Of course you don't know." he said. He started to reading it. "It's from Twilight.'I'm going to Everfree Forest. I'll be back soon.'. No, no, no. At this time of night. Hang on, Twilight." he said while rushed towards the castle door.

He opened his wings and flew towards Everfree Forest. When he heard familiar cries and screams.

He then rushed his flying and saw that...

His eyes, his anger drives him crazy. He let a loud roar that made the whole forest shack. The Manticore looked at the source of the roar and trembled, but since he was small, well it was no problem. He dropped her and rushed towards him.

"You'll regret, for this." Spike said.

Manticore roared while he kept coming closer to him. Suddenly, a fire breath hitted the manticore that made him fall back a little, his coat was in fire. That made him fly desperately trying to clear it, but it was useless. Spike took this advantage and shooted another fire breath. This time, the fire hits the manticore completely that made him fall and hit the ground, his body wasn't moving. 'I told you that you'd regret this.'

"Spike. *Hiccup* What are you doing here?" she asked. "I was just, looking for these flowers. To make you a nice meal."

"Did he hurt you?" he asked while descending towards her.

When he reached the ground he rushed towards her.

"Twilight, you're wings." he said while pointing to her wings. "They look..."

"He hit me. My wings might not be broken but I can't open them." she said while trying to open her wings but she couldn't. "Let's get out of here."

"Ok." he said

"Could you...?" she tried to ask

"Say" he said

"Could you carry me? I mean... If we want to get out of here ASAP. You still can use your wings, but I can't."

"It's ok. I will do it. Hop in."

She climbed on his back and with that, he opened his wings and flew towards their castle.

During the trip.

"Spike, How did you know, that I was here?" she asked

"The letter, you left me." he answered

"What letter?" she asked confused.

"What? Didn't you write it?" he asked surprised by what she said.

"No. Now that I know I should have left it. But it wasn't me." she said

"That's not important, at least you're safe." he said

"Thanks. I thought I could do this alone. But look at me, I'm a little creature that can't even protect herself. If wasn't you I..." she said

"It's ok, alright. I still curious who left that letter." he said

"Don't know." she replied

When they get near their castle, he opened the door and stepped in.

"Here we're Twilight." he said but obtain no answer "Twilight, are you..." he turned back just to find that she was sleeping.

He walked slowly towards her bedroom and dropped her on her bed. "Goodnight."

He walked towards his bedroom. He then opened his bedroom door, and headed towards his table and started to wrote a letter to Celestia.

Dear Princess Celestia

This is Spike. I'm ready to accept your offer, but what I'm asking to you is that you let me live here in Ponyville. Twilight and the others need me here. She, tonight, put her life in the line just to surprise me with a little gift. I found a letter that she said that she wasn't her that wrote it. I realized that I could help her with her Leadership.

Your Son, Spike.

On next day.

Celestia sent a letter to Spike by the morning accepting his offer, and about that mysterious letter.

"Twilight, Twilight. I'll be here from now on. My choice." he said happily.

When he entered her bedroom she wasn't responding.

"Twilight, wake up. Breakfast is ready." he said, nothing. "Twilight." he started to feel something.

She slowly started to open her eyes. "Twilight, are you alright?"

She shook her head to a 'no'. "I need to show you something." she lifted her left wing and a scratch showed up.

"What's that? Did he bit you?" he asked

She nodded. She started to feel dizzy, feeling her body shaking, weak.

He grabbed her and started to breath fire.

"What are you doing?" she asked

"I'm healing, don't move. I might hurt you." he said

"SPIKE. NO. YOU CAN KILL ME IF YOU USE TOO MUCH OF YOUR FIRE." she said while tears formed in her eyes.

"I don't care. I'll be careful. Just don't move." he said while wiping her tears. "This might hurt a bit."

He started to breath a little torrent of fire. She cried and scream it was normal for her to feel that pain. It pains him for what he was doing to her but this was the best option, if they wait more minutes the venom could reach her body interior.

After sometime, the scratch was cured. There're small smoke trails coming from it. "I didn't know that fire could heal it. We should use it."

"What I was saying, princes Celestia accept my request. I'll stay here and help you with Princess stuff. Yes Twilight, I'll be...*cough**cough* your Prince." he said while rubbing the back of his neck "And the Prince of this ponies."

On the next day.

Celestia appeared on the Ponyville Central Garden. She was coming with great news.

"Spike, will be Prince of Ponyville. He will help Princess Twilight with her affairs. So now cheer for the new Prince."

Some ponies didn't cheer but when they heard, their faithful neighbors they cheer together.

"I told you, my dear Spike. That's anything to be afraid, they trust you. You just need to be nice to them." Celestia said while pointing to them.

"Celestia, I'm curious. Who left that letter?" he asked

"I don't know. Maybe Luna. I don't know, really" she said

On that night.

Luna was controlling the night when she saw Twilight leaving her castle and heading towards Everfree Forest, since that she can't stop her, because of her spectral form, she decided to return to her castle and send a letter to Spike, but since he was sleeping she couldn't. She then remembered Owlowiscious was awake. She called it and suddenly that owl appeared.

"WHo?" Owlowiscious said

"Take this to Spike, now." she said

"WHo?" Owlowiscious said

Owlowiscious left her bedroom, flying towards Twilight's castle.

"Now where was I?" she asked "Oh, yes trying to wake up Spike."

She entered Spike dream, she saw it. Celestia was ready to send him to Tartarus. She gazed over that place and saw Twilight body stand still on the ground, full of scraps, scratches. She then used her magic to tried to wake him up. Then she heard Twilight calling for help and Spike rushing towards the source of sound. She clapped her hooves and said "Yes, go help her."

Suddenly she was found in her bedroom again.

"Good job, Luna. You still have that power." she said

"THAT POWER" it yelled

"Who's there?" she asked

"JUST A SHADOW, MY DEAR." it said while it vanished again.

"Nightmare Moon?" she asked "NO, she isn't back. You won't turn me again to what I was." she said