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I'm an Univeresity Student so I might not post stories very often.

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After being saved by Derring Do in one of her ruins exploration, Ahuizota discovered an old book that contains pieces of information and details about old species. One of those wakens her interest and now she is forward to discover its veracity.

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After Tirek was defeat, Eris was considered an accomplice. Because of this she was sent to Canterlot dungeon and waited for being judged for her crimes. But something made them consider to give her a little chance, all of them except one.

This is a new book series that I'm making, basically changes the gender of the characters.
This is the link(to my blog post) in case you want to know how they gonna be called. Have fun.

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This story is a sequel to A new Beginning !?...

Two months after Daybreaker defeat, ponies returned to their normal lives. Celestia as finally found somepony that love her like she was, but... is not over yet a new threat is coming...

Rated Teen. Warning some chapters may contain content that could disturb some readers.
Human tag. There won't be anthropomorphic ponies. Only the human race.

25/09/2019: Adding missing content on Chapter 5 (I was tired the day I wrote it that I ended up missing some content.). Some grammar errors corrections.

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An alternative ending/consequences of what happens if.
Per Example: What If...Twilight refused to stay on Ponyville?. Something like that I think you catch the idea, right?

Update 1/12/2018: 'Queen Chrysalis realized her great goal.', this chapter was edited due to a misunderstanding from my part.
Update 29/12/2018: Storybook status changed to 'on hiatus'.
Update 2/1/2019: Storybook status changed to 'Incomplete'.

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