What If...

by TheMajorTechie

all the pegasi turned into flightless birds?

Rainbow Dash, the world's fastest pegasus penguin zoomed down the iceberg in the middle of Ponyville. Why is there an iceberg in the middle of Ponyville? Idunno, take a look at this story's title, do you think I know?


"GUYSES AND GIRLSES!" Twonkerite Spranklie shoutedededed, "WHY IS FLUTTERSHY AN OSTRICH?"

Penguin Dash crash-landed face-first through the roof of Twilight's castle, landing next to Flutterostrich. She gave a single honk in response.

"That-that's brilliant!" Twilight exclaimed, running off to fetch a clipboard. "All of Equestria needs to know about ______!"