What If...

by TheMajorTechie

Sweetie Belle accidentally brainwashed all of Equestria?

"I'm tired of all these ponies making fun of my height." Sweetie-giraffe wailed, staring off into the distant Ponyville horizon. "Just for one day, I wish for all of Equestria to see me as any other filly..."

*magical fairy noises*

"Why, hello there! I'm your magical fairy of magical magic-ness and all things magic!"

Sweetie Belle perked up, wincing as she hit her head on a high-hanging tree branch. "Ow..." she groaned, rubbing her head. "...Oh boy, are you going to grant my wish now?"

"No, but you're gonna grant mine!" The fairy cackled, buzzing about in front of Sweetie's eyes.


"WORLD DOMINATION!" The fairy cackled again, dramatic (but tiny) lightning bolts striking all around it.


The fairy made no haste in summoning its toolbox, and zipping over to the back of Sweetie Belle's giraffe neck.

Sweetie Belle winced as a clang vibrated down her spine.

"What are you even doing?"

"Using your long neck as a transmitter to brainwash all of Equestria."


Equestria proceeded to get brainwashed. Sweetie Belle was perfectly fine with this considering how she was a giraffe, and the fairy was targeting ponies specifically.