What If...

by TheMajorTechie

Twilight was Celestia's Daughter?

Twilight stared at Celestia. Celestia returned the action. For minutes, neither of them blinked. Then...

"So, remind me why we're meeting right now?" asked Twilight, breaking the silence.

"Simple." replied her former mentor. "You're adopted."

The smaller alicorn raised a brow. "Really, Celestia? Is this another one of those jokes?" She shifted in her seat, uncomfortable at the outcome that the conversation was already heading towards.

Celestia sighed. She'd expected her daughter to put two and two together sooner or later, and realize that ascending to alicornhood was simply impossible. In reality, it was simply the lifting of both a binding spell, as well as a cloaking spell. Together, they restricted any wing movement, and hid any sign of said wings. Same went for Cadence, only it was an anti-magic field and a cloaking spell.

In shorter terms, she was the mother of both of them.

"You see, Twilight, I'm your mother. As a ruling figure in Equestria, any sort of family outside of my sister would be quickly targeted, or even kidnapped for a hefty ransom. It's all in the name of your protection, Twilight."

Twilight's jaw attempted to form words, but her vocal cords objected to their actions. "B-but... my family... genetics... it's impossible!"

Once again, the princess sighed. Not to mention giving herself a mental facehoof. At the mention of genetics, she lit her horn, removing the final cloaking spell.

All at once, the formerly lavender alicorn suddenly became a brilliant white, complete with a blazing mane of fire to complement her coat.

"Oh. That explains quite a bit now."