What If...

by TheMajorTechie

randomness #heckin' heck i've been busy?

"Um... Uh... Bagels!"

"Excuse me, what?" Twilight looked up from the book of What If that she'd been writing all these years. "Also, what are you doing on my ceiling fan, Pinkie?"

"I'm watching you!"

Twilight raised a brow, slowly turning back to the book and picking up her quill. So long as Pinkie didn't bother her--

The ceiling fan proceeded to fall from the ceiling with Pinkie Pie still sitting on it. It proceeded to crash through the crystalline flooring, down two levels, and into the library.

"OH NO MAH BERKS!" Twilight screeched, diving backwards through the hole. Her chair fell in after her.

The mare landed with a heavy thud, with the chair crashing down on her indestructible thick skull moments later. She narrowed her eyes, scanning the area with her alicorn death lasers, because apparently she has those now. The sound of distant laughter echoed from upstairs, which made Twilight realize that for whatever reason, Pinkie and the ceiling fan had never even fallen in the first place! It was all in her imagination... except for the multiple floors with alicorn-shaped holes in them that she created when she barreled through them.

Also, what day was it again? Monday? Thursday? It'd been so long now since she stepped outside.

And so that's exactly what Twilight did. Her castle proceeded to shift itself six feet away from her the moment she touched the bare ground, because social distancing, I guess. Because of this, Twilight was never able to enter her castle again, because every time she walked towards it, it would move away from her again. Let's just pretend she can't teleport for some reason.

It's said that Pinkie Pie is still sitting on Twilight's ceiling fan to this day.