What If...

by TheMajorTechie

Tirek accidentally puked up all the magic, prompting Smartypants to become a real pony while worshipping Nightmare Moon because everything was taken literally for a day?


Immediately, a burst of magic shot through Equestria like a lump of projectile vomit (of which, of course, it was), returning magic to all the ponies of the land.

Unfortunately, it also happened to randomly enchant some objects here and there, one of which was Smartypants, who immediately jumped up and down, shouting "I'm a real boy now!" before getting slapped in the face by the hand of illogical logic.

Also, today just happened to be the day where everything was taken literally, so Smartypants definitely was the kind of pony to worship Nightmare Moon... oops.

By the next day, this local story universe contained within the "What If..." multiverse had imploded on itself.