What If...

by TheMajorTechie

Twilight became the Princess of dad jokes?

"Twilight, I'm hungry." Spike said, rustling through the refrigerator. "Is there anything other than sandwiches I could eat?"

Twilight slowly turned, a fierce glare shooting from behind her moustache.

Spike inched back. "Um... Twilight?"

"Hi, Hungry, I'm Twilight!" The mare suddenly blurted, dropping the glare all at once. "If you want something to eat, then make yourself something to eat!"

Spike facepalmed. "I mean like as in some crystals or something." He replied, "Don't you get it?"

Twilight nodded solemnly. "Yes, I get it, Spike. I get that you're a meth addict who just needs some druggies in his system!"

"TWILIGHT!" Spike roared, rushing at the moustached alicorn, "STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!"

Twilight smirked and lit her horn. A speeding 'this' soared through the air, before being smacked down by a large stop sign.

"I stopped this. Are you happy now? Oh wait..." she continued, "you're Hungry."

Ponyville proceeded to burn in the wrathful flames of a raging Spike Hungry.