What If...

by TheMajorTechie

Gummy Could Talk?

Pinkie cartwheeled into her room, happy as ever.

"Hey, Gummy! What's up?"

Surprisingly, the not-so-toothless alligator replied, "Everything... the sun, the sky, the moon, the stars... it all comes down to perspective..."

"Woah, uh, Gummy? Is that really you?"

Gummy replied with his gravelly, lightly accented voice.

"Yes, dear Pinkie. It is I, the one and only Gummy."

"So you can speak now?" Pinkie said excitedly, "We can talk about everything now!"

"Ah, but you may have underestimated me, Pinkamena. You are not the only one of us."

Pinkie narrowed her eyes.

"Who's... us?"

Gummy turned to gaze out the window with his unblinking eyes.

"We are the strange, the random, the oddballs... we're the leftovers."

"Leftovers of what?" Pinkie replied, sitting beside Gummy.

"Why, from the initial distribution of magical energy, of course. Why do you think you have so much... power?" Gummy answered, averting his gaze into Pinkie's eyes.

"I-I never thought of myself like that before..."

"Indeed, Pinkamena. During the initial distribution, your bloodline in particular was chosen as one of the last to receive their powers, and as such, the odds and ends of magical abilities were channeled into your very minds and hearts. For generations, my own kind has searched for another leftover, or even a family of said leftovers."

"So what? You'll always be my Gummy!"

"So what? SO WHAT?!" Gummy suddenly shouted with his tiny mouth, startling Pinkie, "We are the ones in control of the type of magic known as the 'odd type'. We are the only ones with powers that surpass buckin' alicorns. Heck, even DISCORD doesn't know of the power we hold..."

Pinkie's eyes widened dramatically just as Twilight burst in through the doors, her coat and mane smoking.

"What happened, Twilight?!" Pinkie gasped as she turned to the singed alicorn.

Twilight winced as she stepped using an injured hoof.

"I... I don't know... it just happened so quickly... the buzz, the fires, the explosions..."

"It seems to me like you have estranged yourself from the ties of magic itself." Gummy said with a deadpan stare.

"Wait, Gummy can talk?!" Twilight suddenly said.

"I have kept my speech a secret for a great many eons. I have decided that now is the time for the revealing of our kind."

Twilight cocked her head.

"What do you mean, our kind?"

"Me and Gummy!" Pinkie replied, hugging the alligator closely.

"But now that I have revealed the secret, I must leave. I am terribly sorry, Pinkamena, my good friend. We must never see each other again."

Gummy shot a laser from his mouth, from which grew into a small alligator-sized portal.

"Fare thee well, dear Pinkamena!" Gummy shouted back as he began to fade from existence.

In an anticlimactic puff of smoke, Gummy was gone. In his place was another alligator, who strangely looked exactly like Gummy.

"Gummy?" Pinkie asked as she began poking the tiny alligator with her hoof, "Is that... you?"

The Gummy Pinkie was poking licked his eyeball, and flopped onto his back.