What If...

by TheMajorTechie

Smartphones Existed in Equestria?

"Spike, could you hand me that stylus? My hooves are aching from all this tapping."

Spike didn't say a word, his eyes trained on the next swarm of enemies entering his screen.

"Spike?" Twilight called once more, taking her eyes off her current battle for a split second.

During that split second, "YOU LOST." suddenly zoomed up onto the screen, indicating Twilight's failure.


Spike rolled his eyes, and tossed the thin stick of metal and plastic at Twilight. He immediately unpaused the game and continued playing, ignoring the fact that said pen had just smacked Twilight on the horn.

"You're doing great! Keep up the good work!" A semi-robotic voice called, echoing through the barren room.

Rarity sat at the very center, her wary eyes trained on the digital tapestries.

"Got... to... loop... more..." she said weakly, grunting as she lifted her chapped hoof to the screen.

As for the reason why the room was completely bare of really any sort of physical objects, Rarity had sold a large portion of her personal possessions in order to buy out the largest shareholding stake in a phone case manufacturer. That was yesterday.

For now, she sat alone in the room, patiently waiting for the profits to roll in as she practiced her sewing on the device.

Downstairs, Sweetie bell sat dumbfounded, staring at the screen of her electronic gadget.

On said screen was an "Undersea Cooking" app, and she had somehow managed to once again, set everything on fire. Phone included.


Fluttershy was cut off by a smack across the face from Angel bunny, who was impatiently tapping his furry foot on Fluttershy's dirty floor.

"Oh, I'm sorry... did I forget to feed you again?"

Angel nodded angrily, followed by a wave of unhappy murmurs from the rest of the animals.

Fluttershy smiled, and tapped on the screen again.

"There's an app for that..."

Suddenly, the clicking sound of automated food dispensers echoed throughout the room, followed by the rampant scurrying of hundreds of animals scrambling to get their fill.

Fluttershy switched the screen back over to O&O Online, taking her back into her fantasy world as "Cuttershy the Vile".

Rainbow Dash flew into a tree. Again. She had been completely oblivious of all the "no texting and flying" signs put up about the town, and a few times, even flew into them herself.

She didn't care, anyways. It was just, what, twenty, thirty or so bruises on top of each other? All that mattered was that she kept up her win-streak. Currently, she was fighting a really feisty opponent, one who she swore she had fought before... if she just remembered when.

Her train of thought was cut off as she collided with a certain wall-eyed mare, causing both their devices to drop to the ground.

Derpy flew down first to pick up the devices, Rainbow speeding past her.

"Wait..." Rainbow began, glancing between the two screens after catching the phones, "you're MuffinCake37?!"

Derpy chuckled nervously, reaching out to take her smartphone back from Rainbow.

"NOPE!" Rainbow hissed, flying backwards into a lightpole, "I'ma beat you first!"

Applejack whistled cheerfully as she collected her crops. Meanwhile, the apples lay rotting, strewn about the ground. Applebloom trotted up besides her sister, peering over the screen.

"C'mon, sis," she whined, "can't you at least share a few friend-boxes?"

Applejack facehoofed slowly.

"Nah, Bloom, ya know that them boxes're friend boxes, not family boxes, ok?!"

Applebloom took her hoof off the top bezel of the tablet, and trudged away.

Big Mac and Granny Smith eyed each other with steely glares, halfway through their heated Blackjack match.

"I win!" Granny Smith shouted suddenly, throwing her tablet up in the air.

"Ehhh, catch!" Big Mac yelped, lunging for the flying hunk of metal and glass.

All to no avail, however, as said hunk of metal and glass was now a very dented hunk of metal and cracked glass.

"Aww, shucks... that's the third tablet ya chucked there, granny..." Applebloom said as she watched the scene.

"Party here, party there, some balloons over there with the punch..." Pinkie murmured, her tongue sticking out cutely as she stared at the glowing screen.

Gummy blinked once.

"Come on, Gummy, it's not that bad, is it?"

Gummy stared silently, his mind taken away to a universe in which he was currently chewing on his own tail as he saved the universe.

"It is, isn't it?!" Pinkie hollered, tears streaming down her face.


Gummy licked one of his eyeballs.

"Really? It's... good?"

Gummy continued his unending gaze, searching Pinkie's soul for the answer to life.

"42?" Pinkie suddenly blurted, "What does the secret of life and the universe have to do with party planning?"

Gummy yawned, intent with his findings. Tomorrow, he'll search the infinite wealth of information known as "the internet" for more clues, in order to complete his quest to find true love with the plushy from the mirror world.

Pinkie continued frantically tapping and dragging her hooves across the oily screen.

"Thanks for the motivation, Gummy! Now I'ma beat all the high scores!"

"SISTER," Luna yelled as she stormed into Celestia's bedroom, "I DEMAND THEE SACRED CHARGER FOR OUR GLORIOUS CONQUEST!"

Celestia raised a brow, looking up from the "Ruling a Nation for Dummies" e-book she had been reading.

Luna held up her high-end tablet, it's tiny battery indicator blinking rapidly in a blinding red.

Celestia sighed, and tossed the thin cord at her sister.

"Here, just... take it. I can always grab more from the mirror world..."

~~~{Meanwhile, in the Mirror World...}~~~

Flim checked his clipboard, rubbing his forehead in confusion.

"Flam, isn't there supposed to be three truckfuls of phones and tablets in this warehouse?"

Flam shrugged, and sipped his steaming "#1 Entrepreneur" mug.