What If...

by TheMajorTechie


Yamlestia yawnedyammed. First the potatoes, now the yams. When was she gonna get a break around here?

Like, sure, the potatoes were pretty quickly smited and served mashed with gravy when they temporarily took over Equestria, but holy mother of herself, if the next thing that came around was another variant of spud, she might just freak!

Luna stuck her head out of the sock drawer again, a polka-dotted sock clinging to her mane.

"Is it over yet?"

"No, Lu-- quick, get back in there!"

Celestia shoved her sister face-first back into the socks and slammed the drawer shut just as a yam guard entered her chamber.

"Ma'am, your prison ratio---aaaaaeugh!" the guard screamed as he was promptly chucked out the window.

"THIS IS FOR TAKING AWAY MY CAKE!" Celestia roared, storming out the door. "I WILL ENACT MY REVENGE!"

And so Equestria declared war on a food item for the second time in its history. :rainbowwild: