What If...

by TheMajorTechie

Applejack's parents never died?

Applejack smiled as she rested under her mother's pear tree, yawning lazily as a summer's breeze rustled through her mane.

"Jackie!" Pear Butter called from the doorstep, "Would you like some pie? Applebloom wanted to help make it this time!"

"Coming!" Applejack yawned again, rising from beneath the shade of the tree. She wandered past her brother, giving a friendly nod as he helped their father harvest the family fruit.

Applebloom burst from the door of the house with a wide grin, tackling her older sister in a hug. "Come look at the pie me an' ma made!" The filly squealed, "It's got apples and pears in it!"

Applejack stood back up, brushing herself off as she glanced towards their mother, who only smiled in return.