What If...

by TheMajorTechie

Randomness happened 9?

"But Twiiiiliiiight," Sunset Shimmer mumbled in her sleep, "Horses don't need clothes!"

"Budder budder budder budder budder batter budder."



"Hello, and welcome back to Can You Even Look At It! Let's welcome our first contestant, Shining Armor!"

"Hello there!"

"Now, Shining Armor, can you even look at this... this affront to harmony?"

"...Oh, I thought you were about to say Cadance?"

Random super-meta self-aware story blurb thing time!

Story: I Think I Summoned a Ponk.

"Huh," I hummed, staring down at my hands, "I'm... we're... wait... Pinkie, is our story still alive?"

"Eh, kinda!" Pinkie chirped, peeking out of my backpack, "I mean, the author still hasn't taken our reboot out of hiatus, and we're currently being written into an experimental new minific format carrying on with the randomness happened trope of his What If story!"

"So I'm confused now," I continued, scratching my head, "Our story is a complete and utter mess of sequels and vaguely-connected plot continuities into other stories. Which one is the real sequel?"

"I have no idea, and that's why it's fun to get rebooted inside a minific!"



Celestia heaved, lobbing another boulder over the roof of Canterlot Castle. "Why?" one may ask, "Why does she commit such an inane act when she must rule her country?"

Simply, she wanted to GET RIPPED.

"Beep boop... Blep?"

"NO!" Twilight shouted, smacking the robot with a newspaper, "ROBOTS DO NOT BLEP! THEY ONLY BEEP BOOP!"

"Blep blep... Beep?"

"NO!" Pinkie hollered, smacking her friend with a newspaper, "PONIES DO NOT SWEAR! THEY ONLY DO BLEPS!"