What If...

by TheMajorTechie

Rainbow Trix took over the cereal industry?

Rainbow Trix, the unholy fusion of Trixie and Rainbow Dash (and a fair bit of pure, unfiltered magical barf from one sickly alicorn), swooped across the land, smirking to herself.

Why was she smirking, one might ask? Had she received a marriage proposal from a charming and equally dashing prince? Did she win the lottery? Had the blood of her sworn enemies finally been spilt in her unending quest for vengeance against those who have ever dared set hoof on her territory with the intention of harming those she knew and loved?

Ha, no! Do you think I'm stupid? Of course it's none of the above!

Rainbow Trix the not-rabbit over here just single-hoofedly (still a weird word tbh. what if ponies had hands instead?) took over the cereal industry! Silly kids, Trix is for the Alicorn of sugary cereal!

And now that she has seized the means of production acquired the entire industry, nopony can possibly stand in the way of the Great and Powerful (and Awesome) Rainbow Trix!

At least, if you don't count that one pony who's currently mixing up some puffed oats with-- o-oh, he's gone now. Okay. I guess she holds a forced monopoly now.

Luna quakes in her boots, for the donuts look like extra-large froot loops.

Celestia save us all.