What If...

by TheMajorTechie

Twilight being afraid of quesadillas was just an act?

Twilight Sparkle cackled on her quesadilla throne. Celestia and Luna had been defeated, put in place once-and-for-all within the confines of their cheesy prisons.

"B-but Twilight--" Spike whimpered, dabbing so hard that it blew everyone's pants off within a 500-mile radius, "I thought you were afraid of quesadillas!"

"AfRIaiD?" Twibright Sprankle cankled, "nEIGh, I haVe NEvER beeN aFRaID Of QUEsadiLlas!1!!!!"

She lit her horn and turned Spike into a sentient quesadilla.



A hoof emerged from your screen, ready to smack you in the face with a soggy quesadilla. Don't worry, it isn't Spike.