What If...

by TheMajorTechie

Story pitch: Worlds Reset (again)

Worlds Reset:

The story follows Amber Shadow, or simply Amber, as she's usually referred to, as the protagonist. She's a teenage filly who craves adventure over the mundane, everyday life that she's lived.

Every day and every night she dreams of adventure, mentally reshaping the world she knows to her own fitting and exploring it in her thoughts.

Except... one day, that very same world simply vanishes, leaving behind nothing but blank white. Just a grey-black ground and a blazing-white sky. Nothing else. Even the ponies have been stripped of their individuality, as nopony looks different from one another anymore.

This is not the kind of adventure Amber wished for.

This is not the world Amber dreamed of.

This is a nightmare.

And she's the one who has to fix it.

There's a chance that this may or may not have some kind of relation to Pony-Me in some way or another...