What If...

by TheMajorTechie

Things Techie writes on his phone 1?

Rarity stood at the door offs the mountain. It was a funny looking mountain because it looked like a mountain that looked like celestia sitting on a big olli chaise in the middle of the sky.

Hbk... no, she was sitting on a big olli chair. It appears that ol' is not a word recognized by autocorrect. Either easy, the mountain looked fount.


Rarity shrugged. What was she doing in this mountain's domain? She had mop idea.

The mountainnlifted a good, because it apparently has that now. In fact, heck, the mountain is now a pony cosplaying as Celeatia.

Celestia, I mean.


"Oh, I remember what I was to do in your fomain," Rarity gasped, "I was going to mine you for gems!"

"Wait no stop--" the mountain pony sputtered before rarity swung a pickaxes at their plot.

Because this is rated e story and rarity apparently swung more than one pickaxes because autocorrect hates single pickaxes, Rarity instead tripped and fell, yeeting the pickaxes across the valley and into the conveniently placed pit of doom.

"MY PIT PF DOOM!" Celestia sobbed, "I was going to banish my enemies into it, but now it is a step mine that had generated more gems than the equestrian economy can believably handle!"

And so the Equeatrian economy collapsed because the pickaxes mined up all of the gems in the pit of doom that was actually secretly a horde of gems.