What If...

by TheMajorTechie

what if, but long?

When have you last experienced Sweetie Belle? Have you ever experienced a Sweetie Belle in your life? If you have not experienced a Sweetie Belle in the past half an hour, you may be entitled to compensation upwards of negative three cents and half a banana peel.

How will this compensation be delivered, you might ask? Why, by our very own, 100% certified and insured Derpy Express! Yes, that very same mare that dropped a bag of bricks on Luna's head will be in charge of delivering your compensation, free of charge! Please don't sue us.

Ah, but there is more! Your negative three cents and half a banana peel will arrive with a certificate of authenticity, making you liable for all damages, regardless of intention, that may be caused to this licensed work. In fact, why didn't we just outright state that we are billing you three cents and threatening to sue you for doing something we should be responsible for? Genius!

That being said, there's really nothing else to see here. Go walk your dog or something.

In fact, go walk our dogs too, while you're at it. We here at Flim-Flam industries pride ourselves on marking up all our prices at your cost, and taking zero responsibility when things go wrong!

Fine. You want to experience Sweetie Belle? Go experience Sweetie Belle. It's your loss to not receive half a banana peel and a bill for three cents. Shoo, we don't want your business.