Welcome to the Framework!

Dead group!

This group is dedicated to the open discussion and building upon of the story universe found within Pony-Me™ and its derivatives.

While this group is likely best utilized for editors, prereaders, and others of the like, it may still serve as a useful collection of general information for anyone curious about the lore of the story universe, its characters, etc.

Additionally, as referenced by the "My Own Reality" portion of the group's name, all information here, save for Pony-Me™'s relation to MLP, also apply to the on-hiatus original fiction spinoff, "My Own Reality".

The story universe this group is centered around is open to anyone for general derivative use, as long as it is credited to this group, or the Universal Framework Document.

We're looking for a banner! Mind lending some help in making one?

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Hey, Techie. Do I have your permission to revive this group?

Also it’s me birthday today

Hmm.., i cant exactly say im any good at world building, but point me in the right direction and ill bullshit my way through

You seem interested in worldbuilding based on the PM chat we had. I just figured that you'd like to join a group dedicated almost entirely to worldbuilding. Feel free to leave if you'd like. :twilightsmile:

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