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Sometimes I write stories.


Maretime Bay...

A town of sailors and merchants - all Earth Ponies, of course. The thought of a Unicorn or Pegasus wandering in is impossible.

And then, of course, a Unicorn wanders in.

It's the beginning of an adventure hundreds of years in the making!

Now updating every Thursday (I mean it; I do!!!)

Arc 4 is here! Sunny and friends, with newest addition Regan, head north. A storm is brewing above the Frozen North threatening to swallow the Realm, and the Yeti Prince is behind it. The first real test of Sunny’s resolve has come – and she may not walk away this time without losing something.

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I was about to say the same thing. Damn, you're quick.

And so, the G5 era on this site begins, but before it even began.

Comment posted by Crystalbreeze deleted Feb 25th, 2021




Thanks guys BUT this is NOT the first G5 fic... I already released the first G5 fic a few days ago :D (though it's more of a crackfic than a serious fic like this one).

Looks like someone needs to make a new group, then (ain't gonna be me, I have no interest in modding).

Wow the leak was only been out for a couple of hours and your got The characters in there already nice

Comment posted by Crystalbreeze deleted Feb 25th, 2021

Looks like there is already a group, which is cool! I was thinking of making one if not.

Yes, go ahead. Can you link me to that group?

:rainbowhuh: : HEY! No-one is faster than Rainbow Dash with her Daring Do fanfiction! I mean how is there already a G5 fan fiction on this site? It hasn't even started yet!
All jokes aside, in the words of the Sonic X theme song: Gotta Go Fast!

Well, that was fast. God damn. :rainbowlaugh:

Well, lookit that. You're pretty quick there, 10696234. :derpytongue2:

Also should've said earlier:


Somebody needs to get to Knighty on that. :rainbowlaugh:

They're probably waiting until G5 gets an official title.

Speaking of which, what do all of you think the title's going to be?

My Little Pony: There's no Magic.

Comment posted by Crystalbreeze deleted Feb 25th, 2021

Honestly no idea, hope HASBRO surprises us positively

Pfft, no. I've tried to message him in the past (just the comment section of the Staff page), but I've never gotten responses (understandably so, I'm sure he gets a million messages).

Well, since direct sequels that actually have a number in the title (MLP The Movie 2) generally tend to be in a close-ish time period, the movie could potentially be called "My Little Pony: Jewel Heist" or something since they're saying that's going to be part of it. For the show itself? I could see something like "MLP: Restoring Harmony."

Congratulations. Now your fic will go down in history!

I also created groups for each character. If you're interested, then feel free to join!

Izzy Moonbow and Sunny Starscout

Interesting ideas (and, in tierwidy's case, rather humorous).

Personally, I've kinda talked myself into wanting something along the lines of "Reignite the Magic". A bit cheesy, perhaps, but eh, I could work with it.

Now I can comment about the story now that I've actually read it. :derpytongue2:
I like where you're going with this! Nice setups, pony and scenery descriptions... I'll keep a track on it and see where you go!
And personally, I'd see if you can get some other cover art for it after you get a better idea of where you're going with it. :trixieshiftright:

Where'd you get Izzy Moonbow from? Was that released somewhere? I kinda like it.

Comment posted by Discover deleted Feb 25th, 2021

No, that 'Moonbow' part of her name. I see the tag was already updated on Derpi, too. Where did it come from?

It was stated in the post on official my little pony facebook page.

Oh, nice. I don't follow MLP on FB so I didn't see it... :twilightsheepish:

I have to tell you, I'm really digging that preview GIF. Great intro to their characters even though we know very little about them so far.

Exactly! When I saw that few seconds from the intro on Hasbro's meeting, my first thought was that perhaps the movie might be a lot cooler than I first expected.
Ngl, I'm actually having high hopes for the movie and I'd like to watch it :twilightsmile:

Agreed on both counts.

It's a small thing, really, but I thought it was interesting how we still don't even know the stallion's name, and yet we can already figure out so much about him: he wants to be (or already is) a soldier of some kind, he's a bit boisterous but nonetheless well-intended, he can be a bit of a klutz... For a brief, minimalistic teaser, it packs a lot in.

(On a related note, apologies to Pickle for accidentally turning this into another G5 discussion thread. :P)

It has begun :pinkiecrazy:

And to be honest, I’m warming up to the new design a bit. I think it’ll get even better with enough time

Have to agree.
I tried to look around in hope of finding something, but nothing came across other than a name suggested by few people — Pipp.

it's already begun
the shittening
guess quality's gonna be taking a steep nosedive from here forth, innit

Pretty sure his name is Hitch.

Where have you found that name? Because all I've found is an article on Equestria Daily saying that there's yet no confirmation on the name Pipp.

It's from 4chan so take it with a grain of salt but they got the other names right, and that post was from January 12th!

As you mentioned, we can't be entirely sure. We'll have to wait for an official announcement :ajsmug:
But it's very possible for either of these names to be canon.

Hmm...wonder how far you'll get by the time the real thing cones along?

Well, at least one chapter update a week means we have like 30 chapters until the movie comes out (though we'll probably get more updates on characters + setting / plot by then).

I already have a lot planned so hopefully everyone likes my version of events enough to keep reading once we get the real thing :P

Thanks for commenting! (goes for everyone too but I'm not gonna mass reply)

Well now. Let's see where you take what little we know. it'll certainly be interesting to see how close you come.

Sorry man, the first G5 fic was released years ago!:

ELike a G5
It's time for applebucking on motorcycles!
PresentPerfect · 5.6k words  ·  38  3 · 807 views


Thanks fam. It does me heart well seeing a man of your stature take an interest in my fic. Won't let you down, senpai.
Damn that man is Nostradamus! Don't forget that some random American hip hop group made a song about G6 months before G4 was even released! Wow!

I've seen worse starts. Let's see where this goes! Just don't let it be cringe...

Very interesting of how you made a fanfic on Gen 5 despite the little bit of source material from Gen 5.

Since Gen 5 sets in the distant future, I wonder if Twilight will appear in this fic since she is sorta an immortal and I assume her friends (the rest of Mane Six) are either old or dead. :(

Good work.

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