• Published 13th Oct 2021
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Ruins - TheMajorTechie

A thousand years is plenty enough time to forget. Yet there remains a story of a dragon, who lives among the ruins of a town...

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The Dragon of the Ruins

Author's Note:

This chapter reiterates a little on The Dragon of the Ruins, but serves more to expand on the scene and transition over to something a little bigger.

Both this story and The Dragon of the Ruins were written when only the G5 movie was available to the public. As such, there will be major points of divergence between this story and G5 as a series, but I'll try to work certain elements in!

No prior reading is necessary to understand what is going on, but it's certainly recommended! :raritywink:

Spike eyed the crumbling gravestone in the distance.

Five centuries since she'd passed.

Five too many.

"Is... everything alright?" Sunny stepped a little closer to the dragon. "Like..." she gestured vaguely around them. "All of this--you live like this?"

A sigh. Spike gave a slow nod, crouching down to the ground. "I've... been living here for centuries now. It's my home. Or at least... was my home." He glanced up at the mare. "You... said that your father used to tell you stories about Twilight?"


"Ooh, I sometimes hear stories about Twilight too!" Izzy waved her hoof in the air. "Like, this one time, she found this scroll that let her go back in time, but then a different unicorn named Starlight Glimmer who was a big meanie took it and tried to destroy the world!"

"You're close!" Spike chuckled, fidgeting with a small mound of dirt. "Little bit off, but things happened a bit differently from that. Oh--" He gasped. It felt nice to finally have somepony to talk to again. "--will you be staying for long? I... know that the town's hardly in any shape to be lived in after so many years, but the castle's still okay! For the most part."

A feeling of warmth flooded his aged heart as he watched Sunny's eyes widen.

"No, actually." The earth pony stallion standing behind Sunny cleared his throat. "We were planning on heading back home after this, right, Sunny?"

The mare rolled her eyes. "Not now, Hitch, I know Twilight's not here anymore, but Spike can still tell us a lot about ancient Equestria! Don't you think it'd be worth it to stay just one night?"

"Fine. Just stick together then." Hitch huffed. He looked over his shoulder. "Where's Pipp?"

"Oh, she's probably just romping through town streaming." The lone pegasus remaining dropped to the ground, albeit a little roughly. "She'll be back."

"Riiiight. Sure." Hitch turned back to Spike. "So, uh, Mister Dragon--"

"Spike, if you please."

"--Spike, right. You talk to Sunny and Izzy for a bit. Zipp and I are gonna go look for our missing pegasus."

"Sure thing. Hitch, right?"

Hitch grinned, tapping his badge. "Yup. Sheriff Hitch."


"Er..." Hitch seemed to be caught a little off-guard by the stale reaction, apparently. "Anyway, yeah. You girls stick with the dragon."

Zipp cleared her throat.

"You know what I mean, Zipp."

The pegasus chuckled, leaping into the air with a flap of her wings. Hitch led the way underneath, soon disappearing around a dilapidated corner.

"Soooooo..." The unicorn was the first to break the silence. "What was Twilight like?"


"Whaat?" Izzy shrugged, "I'm just wonderin'!"

"No, no, it's alright." Spike laughed. "Just meeting you guys has been enough to lift my spirits. Though, I'd have to admit, it's still hard letting go, even after so many hundreds of years. What were you asking again? You were wondering what she was like?"

"Eyup!" Izzy squeaked.

Spike sucked in a breath. "Right. Well, she tended to be pretty level-headed... most of the time. Analytical to a fault..." A sly grin grew across his face. "Dare I say she was a shut-in nerd?"

He looked up at Sunny. "Don't write that down."

"Mm, too late..." The mare mumbled. "I'll uh, erase it when I get back if you'd like."

"Nah, it's fine." Spike sighed. "Not like she's around anymore to complain, anyway. How about I show you two around town?"

"A... forest?" Sunny stared up at the thick canopy in front of them. "Is there something particularly important about this forest? Oh--is it another hidden unicorn town?"

"Nope, but it's not just any forest," Spike walked up to a nearby tree, winding up for a punch. "You watching, Sunny? Izz--"

"Apples!" Izzy cheered. The leaves above rustled a little before an apple emerged, floating gently down in Izzy's magic.

"...Right. Well, that's Sweet Apple Acres for ya." Spike shrugged. "Sunny, does your hometown grow any fruit trees?"

Sunny shook her head.

Spike let the punch loose, slamming his fist into the trunk of the tree. The ground shuddered from the impact, followed shortly by a barrage of apples raining down from above.

"It's not exactly how the Apple family did it when they were still living here, but it's the best I can do. They called it applebucking".

"A--" Sunny's surprise was cut off by an apple hitting her square on the head. "--ow. Er, Apple family? They used to live here?"

A nod. "Are they important to you?"

Sunny flipped through her notebook. "Yeah! I've read all about Applejack. Pinkie, too. Maretime Bay's history books only talk about those two. Said that the Apple family business eventually grew beyond apples into all sorts of produce. I think... hold on..." She slipped her saddlebags off and rummaged inside, pulling out a small, flat tin. "Yeah, I knew I had some cans with me!"

"Candied apples?" Spike squinted. "Oh--dang, the Apple family lives on, huh?"

"I'm pretty sure, yeah." Sunny lowered her hoof. "They still advertise their stuff as 'family owned and operated' to this day, though nopony knows where they're actually based. It's nowhere near Maretime Bay, that's for sure."


Sunny shrugged. "Maybe, but I wouldn't know where that is."

A quiet splat came from behind them.

"Sorry!" Izzy kicked aside the rotten apple. "I was just tasting some, but this one went splat!"

"Heh. Yeah, that's what happens with the bad ones."

Sunny nodded, wandering deeper into the undergrowth. "I do wonder why they left this place, though. It doesn't look all that ba--"

"Stand back!" Spike shouted. He stepped past the surprised mare, bending down to something in the brush. A soft symphony of clicks and whimpers rose before him.

"Timberwolves." The dragon stood up again, a small bundle of sticks in his arms now. "I can't say that I'm sure it happened, but it always felt like the years leading up to magic's disappearance came alongside a surge in the wild creatures' population. Sweet Apple Acres gave up defending against the encroaching timberwolves ages ago."

Sunny gasped as the bundle moved. Slowly, a glowing set of eyes opened up, staring directly into the mare's own.

"Cute!" Izzy squealed. The young timberwolf bristled at the sudden noise.

"Izzy!" Sunny shushed, looking over her shoulder. "Can you maybe be a little... calmer?"

"Oh, there's nothing to worry about these days." Spike set the pup on the ground. "The timberwolves are far more docile now, from what I've seen. Honestly, I'm surprised they survived through the magic-less years at all."

"So... why did you tell me to stand back, then?" Sunny's eyes trailed the now-visibly excited pup as it ran circles around them. "Is its mother nearby?"

Spike shrugged. "Beats me, though like I said, they tend to be far more docile now. I just didn't want you stepping on the pup. It's one of the little things that I've filled my days with over the years, watching over the wildlife like this."

"...Like Fluttershy did?"

A solemn nod. "Like Fluttershy did."