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“Holy shit,” Sunny whispered.

:rainbowlaugh: I somewhat doubt canon!Sunny would say that. Still, I liked this one

“Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria,” she read.

“Equestria?” Izzy asked. “Where’s that?”

“I think that’s…” Zipp began, looking around the chamber “I think that’s where we are.”

“Never heard of Equestria before,” Hitch commented.

Remember in the song fit right in, Sunny mentioned Equestria by name.

Damn one curse word slipped in. 😔

Congrats on getting to the top of the Featured Box... With M-rated stories on.

Oh hey, so i am. Thanks for the heads up

I love it if there looking at the friendship table bang it light up with a friendship quest and there cutie Mark's start flashing and they all panic not knowing what going on


Yeah, I agreed. Don't they know that already? Did they forget?

"Jesus Christ this place is haunted?"

Everypony runs out.

"Who's Jesus?"

That would be a fun idea forma story, finding the map then "Butt Lights!"

“I wish I could tell you,” Zipp said. “But even the archives in lower Zephyr Heights were pretty scarese on details. And that’s incredible since some of those books are a couple hundred years old at this point.” She sighed. “There was this one entry though.”

I think you're looking for scarce here. Either way, still a really well written story.

HMm, Tree of harmony could talk in the caverns so who knows maybe it reawakens .

Ah, if these walls could talk...

Well this is a pretty interesting story so it looks like Izzy took the others beyond the the forest where they found an old castle which they never thought there was a castle nearby so they check out the place but somehow this Castle gave them a welcoming feeling so the others explore around the castle and what they found is the Friendship map in the throne room and they found out this place used to be Ponyville and this is the castle of friendship we're Princess Twilight and the others used to be here this must be a huge Discovery for sunny and the others and I'm surprised at the math they show in the movie is very small like what happened to the others major cities anyway this was a pretty nice keep up the good work

Zipp couldn’t tell for certain but she felt like something was guiding her forward, giving her directions.

I also forgot to mention something I feel like the tree of Harmony is leading them and also welcoming them

Well written. Glad pipp ohone had no signal. P

Amazing story! I'm hooked and ready for a second chapter. But... the thought just occurred to me that, everyone from Gen 4 is gone. Like... dead. And that makes me incredibly sad to think about because I developed a connection with the mane 6 over the last 8 years.

Oh! This way perfect! I can’t wait for the next part where they are taken further down the rabbit hole of the past and make connections and possibly identify which elements they could represent

Zipp momentarily looked around and noticed that all of the shelves were filled with so many volumes of literature. Though strangely these looked like they had survived the ravages of time completely intact. It was like they were protected from the rot and conditions by some higher power.

Does the hologram still work though.


The unicorn had paused for a moment and was inspecting a piece of moss. She drew close to it and sniffed it before giving it a testing lick. Zipp would never have tasted something like that and her feelings were reinforced as Izzy recoiled away from it in disgust.

Gross :fluttershbad:

“Sure, you can have a hint,” she eventually conceded. “We’re going somewhere old, really old.”

That's not helping at all izzy. :ajbemused:

“And we got zero bars,” she grumbled.

Your in the middle of a forrest pipp, what did you expect. 😒

No one said it but Zipp knew they were thinking. They could all remember that brief bout with… whatever that had been. Maybe she didn’t have wings or a horn anymore, but they all had memories of when that had been the case.

Apart of myself still wonders if those wings and horn sunny got were even permanent or not, hopefully it's answered when the new G5 tv show comes out later this year. 🤞

Each ancient name was more mysterious than the last. Canterlot was at least remembered in old books but the others were unknown, forgotten.

Interesting :rainbowderp:

Hitch snorted. “Imagine something like that. Wouldn’t they feel anxious?” He glanced at the non-earth ponies. “Er… no offense.”

No they wouldn't hitch, equestria was completely different centuries ago compared to present day. :ajsmug:

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