• Published 9th Jun 2022
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Apology Video - milesprower06

As Maretime Bay celebrates and Equestria enters the beginning of reunification, Queen Haven of Zephyr Heights wonders if she and her daughters are fugitives, or forgiven.

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From The Hearts

"You pretty much do this for a living, how much longer is this going to take?" Zipp asked, as she stood by waiting with her mom as Pipp got her phone set up on a tripod on the top floor of the new Crystal Brighthouse. Sunny, Izzy, and Hitch decided to leave them to do their thing, and went into town to look at furnishings for their new place to live.

"Yeah, and this won't be livestreamed; we have to get closer to home before I can upload it, so I want to make sure the lighting is right," Pipp replied, as she slowly slid her hoof across the screen.

Each of them were a little worried that they'd be headed back towards home before they'd even have a clue if this apology video would have any kind of effect. It had been decided that no matter what happened, all three of them would head back to Zephyr Heights so Zipp and Pipp could pack up some personal items, since they would effectively be moving to Maretime Bay for the foreseeable future. If this was positively received, there might be some kind of sendoff parade for them.

But right now, it was one step at a time, so they stood patiently while Pipp made the adjustments that she needed to. There would be no rehearsed speeches, just an impassioned explanation as to why they made the decisions that they had, and to ask for forgiveness. They had both told their mom to mentally prepare to move down to Maretime Bay with them if the Zephyr Heights populace no longer wanted anything to do with them.

"Alright, I think we're finally ready," Pipp announced, tapping a button on the side of her phone before joining her mom and sister in front of the Unity Crystals.

"Hello, not just to the Pippsqueaks, but to all of Zephyr Heights. I'm here with my family, because we want to clear the air, and offer an explanation for why we did what we did. So, to acknowledge the winged cat that is certainly out of the bag, yes, we created the farce that the royal family retained the ability to fly, which was exposed at my concert a few nights ago."

Haven took a step forward.

"We don't come from a family of royals, but from stage performers. We hired the best stagehands in the city, and swore them to secrecy, after they agreed that it helped give all of you a sense of hope. That was wrong, and all three of us are ready to admit that now. We are very sorry, and by the time you see this, we will be on our way back to Zephyr Heights."

Zipp cleared her throat.

"I won't mince words, my reluctance to appear in my sister's livestreams, as well as shrugging off royal duties my mom has continuously attempted to pass down to me, has made it clear that I've always gone my own way; usually down to the abandoned airship docks to practice my gliding. I'm thrilled that I, and all pegasi everywhere, are now going to be able to do a lot more than that," the older sibling stated.

"I will accept any punishment Zephyr Heights sees fit to pass down," Haven began again. "I only beg you not to blame my daughters or stagehands for their part in deception. They were acting under my orders. The responsibility for that farce lies entirely with me."

Queen Haven took a deep breath, preparing what she had to say last of all.

"Lastly, flight was ultimately restored to our kind because of cooperation, forgiveness, and unity. By letting go of the past. So if our city allows it, I will willingly and proudly resume my duties to Zephyr Heights, if you will have me. Again, we are very sorry for the choices we made, and hope to be able to move forward from here. Thank you."

With that, Pipp stepped forward and shut off the video.

"So why do you have to wait to get closer to post that?" Zipp asked.

"No signal this far away," Pipp answered. "I'm sure that'll get rectified once we get signal towers here in Maretime Bay and Bridlewood. I'm sure there's quite a bit of technology sharing that everypony is going to be able to do."

"Should we try and find the others in town so we can say goodbye for a few days?"

"Sounds like a plan. Getting back home shouldn't even take half a day with these," Pipp said, fluttering her wings. "Although let's not bank on that. Zoom and Thunder are coming with, and let's not pretend that our endurance matches yours, sis."

Zipp smirked as the trio began to head downstairs, stepping onto the levitating platform that lowered them down to the second floor.

"I'm almost jealous of you two, being able to move into a place like this. So shiny, so new," Queen Haven commented as they made their way down to the ground floor. As they opened the front doors and stepped out onto the front walk, and wouldn't have to go far, as they saw Sunny, Izzy, and Hitch coming up the hill, with the sheriff puling a large wagon covered with a canvas cover.

"Well, that didn't take long," Zipp commented. "What ya got under there?"

"Well, after we got the couch moved in, Izzy decided she wanted to try making as much furniture for us as she could. So, that's what we've got in here. Building materials."

"Unicycling!" Izzy cheered.

"You three taking off?" Hitch asked.

"As soon as we go get Zoom and Thunder, yeah. We should be back in a few days, well, me and Pipp will," Zipp said.

Sunny came forward and hugged her two friends.

"Hurry back," she said, squeezing them, before releasing them and stepped over to Queen Haven.

"Your Majesty... Best of luck. If things don't go well, you're always welcome here. We'll find a place for you," Sunny assured her.

"I appreciate that, Sunny. I really do," Haven replied.

With that, the trio of pegasi trotted down the dirt path towards downtown Maretime Bay. As Hitch took the wagon through the front doors, Sunny stood and watched as the two armored pegasi guards met their charges by the coastal street, then all five of them took to the sky.

"Come back soon, friends."