• Published 9th Jun 2022
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Apology Video - milesprower06

As Maretime Bay celebrates and Equestria enters the beginning of reunification, Queen Haven of Zephyr Heights wonders if she and her daughters are fugitives, or forgiven.

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Zipp, Hitch, and Sunny headed down Maretime Bay's coastal roadway at a full gallop, their hooves thumping the ground as the paved road gave way to the dirt path heading towards the white beam of light that was currently shining out from the damaged lighthouse. The rainbow trails spread out across the sky continued to ebb and pulse towards it, almost as if they were being... Sucked in towards it?

"What's going on? Is this being caused by the crystals?" Hitch asked as he ran.

"Those things didn't exactly come with a manual, Sheriff" Zipp replied as she kept pace with her friends.

As they made the right turn to make the gradual climb up the hill to the lighthouse, their attention was again pulled upward, as they noticed the rainbow trails end as the last of them were pulled inwards towards the pillar of white light. The moment the last multi-colored stream disappeared, the light grew in intensity and size, to the point where the trio of ponies had to skid to a halt and shield their eyes.

After about a half minute, the blinding light on the edge of their periphery died down, and they collectively lowered their forelegs from their eyes.

"Oh, my stars..." Sunny said, refusing to have her breath taken away as they immediately resumed galloping towards what looked like a brand new, fully intact lighthouse. The trio of ponies crested the hill, and came to a halt for a second time as they beheld the crystal and glass structure. Blooming cherry blossom trees stood around the structure, their rich pink branches reaching above the rooftop.

"That's not something you see every day," Hitch commented.

The four movers who had been in the process of removing Sunny's intact belongings from the house stood in shock over by the organized pile of what they had removed from the premises so far.

"Are you all alright?" She asked, coming up to them.

"We're fine. We have no idea what happened, Sunny" the head mover replied, a gray earth pony. "Those crystals that were floating in the sky suddenly moved towards where the top of the lighthouse used to be, then that beam shot out into the sky. We got most of your stuff out, pretty much the only things we missed was furniture and appliances, things we hadn't unhooked and unplugged yet."

Indeed, all the rubble and debris that had been scattered around by Sprout's rampage were gone.

The structure roughly resembled Maretime Bay's old lighthouse that had been heavily damaged the night before; a two-story crystal house with a two-tier glass lighthouse. The front doors were considerably more elegant, with two tall deep pink doors replacing the single one, with gold horseshoes as handles. Surrounding the front doors was a simply stunning stained glass display, depicting a pegasus, a unicorn, Zephyr Heights, Bridlewood, and at the very top above the door, the lighthouse itself.

"Whoa..." the group heard behind them, turning to see Izzy come up to them. "Now that's the biggest glow-up yet! Talk about a bright lighthouse! No, no... A brighthouse!" the unicorn exclaimed.

"Should we... Go in?" Hitch asked, glancing left and right at his friends.

Sunny shrugged.

"I don't see why not," the earth pony mare said with a smile, barely being able to contain her excitement. Maybe she wouldn't even have to spend a single night in a hotel room. Step by step, they approached the front door, and Hitch motioned for Sunny to be the pony to do the honors; it had, after all, been her house. She took a breath, took a step forward, and pushed the double doors open, and this time, her breath was positively taken away.

Two short steps descended into the foyer, with multi-colored crystal tiles making up the floor. The walls were painted a sky blue. The kitchen on the right side was roughly in the same place it had been originally, with a bit more space this time around.

Instead of stairs off on the left side wall, two spiral ramps made of crystal and polished wood provided access to the second floor. Sunny ascended the curving walkway and her smile widened further when she saw all of the available space on the second floor, where the elevator to the top waited in the center, a rainbow beam shining up out of the glass cylinder.

"This... This is way too much room for just me. This is for all of us, I just know it," Sunny commented, turning around to the three friends who had accompanied her inside. "We can get five beds in here with room to spare!"

She got smiles and nods from her friends, who were realizing that with that idea, they now all suddenly had a place to stay in Maretime Bay as well. Izzy's grin was the widest as the opportunities for unicycling was expanding in her mind by the millisecond.

Not wanting to get too far ahead of herself, she stepped towards the elevator with her friends, and once they were all on the platform, it rose effortlessly up to the top of the lighthouse. There, just above the heads of all of them, in the middle of the rainbow beam, floated the three unity crystals. The view from the balcony provided the same spectacular view of both the ocean and Maretime Bay.

"So, what now, Sunny? Shopping spree? I can pretty much guarantee that CanterLogic will be footing the bill for whatever furnishings we get for this place. Not to mention it will likely be cheaper than however many months you were going to be spending in a motel," the sheriff told his friend as she looked out over their town.

Sunny turned back towards the elevator, and her eyes locked with the crystals that floated inside the sparkling rainbow beam.

"That sounds like a terrific way to spend the afternoon. And Zipp?" she paused, turning to the white pegasus. "You might want to get a hold of your mom and sister; I think we have the perfect setting for whatever apology video Pipp is thinking up."