It's terrifying how the mind can dig up your darkest moments while you sleep defenselessly.

After all, your past is never forgotten. You just think about it less.

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Ooh, Starlight creating her own tantibus? Interesting, do go on. :twilightsmile:

This is definitely a very interesting start... I really hope that there will be more attached to this.

There will be. It was originally going be a oneshot, but I've essentially split the story in half. I've been writing multiple stories for two weeks now, and I need to update my ageplayer Starlight story first.

Well, that's an interesting start.

And hark, do I see what I think I do with those character tags? I'm always keen for GlimGlam and Double Diamond fics considering how starved we are for them.

Is Starlight dead? Or is it one of those situations where you end up in limbo and get to choose? :duck:

If Starlight had lost her horn in that cave, she would've become like Tempest Shadow. :twistnerd:

Thanks for reading!

Huh. Starlight pretty much skipped straight past the weepy maiden who refuses to tell anypony what's eating away at her trope to telling DD right away what the hell's going on, then immediately decides to go and smash the wall. I'm impressed.

Well, that was a fun, quick read. I suppose the rational thing would have been for Starlight to drag in some extra firepower, but then it would've made things longer and her and DD wouldn't have had a nice friendshipping (or maybe more?) moment.

I will admit: Starlight is one of four former enemies of Twilight and friends who is in contention for being my ‘waifu’, with the other three being Trixie, Sunset Shimmer and Tempest Shadow. Picking just one hasn’t come easy though, so I wonder if having all four as a sort of ‘herd’ can be done. 😊:twilightblush:

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The difference being that Tempy was a foal when she lost hers, and Glim-Glam is an adult (pretty much).

It would probably be worse for an adult to lose their horn.

Okay, whatever... :ajbemused::trixieshiftleft::rainbowhuh::facehoof:

What? It would be. A little kid has time to get used to being without it because they been around less time and hasn't really fully developed, . An adult will be far more set in their ways with the way they do things.

A child wouldn't have come into their own with their magic yet while an adult would. You can't miss what you haven't experienced yet.

His response miiiight be due to the fact that you replied to a comment that is 7 months old.

Well I certainly am indifferent to what they’re telling me, which has no direct connection to how long ago I originally posted.

I can definitely see why they would be indifference to the post.

sure, a child would have an easier time to cope (physically) but there is still cultural expectation (such social and mental pressure a child has little experience with while an adult would have lots more). A unicorn is expected to have some magic. Now she is an off model earth pony that fizzles and pops when upset with a virtually unlimited supply of fireworks. Sounds like she does have magic. Sounds like she just fell into a dark place and lacked the drive to crawl out. Sounds like Tempest didn't fare so well even as a foal. She needed a friend.

It is like telling someone all their life that they will be an Olympic runner. It doesn't truly matter how old they are; winding up in a wheelchair before earning one gold will be soul crushing (still soul crushing afterwards but less so I think), Not all adults can be adults in those situations. If they could there would be almost no need for social services. Some have the strength to pick themselves up and others just don't. Like how some are unicorns and some are not.

to those wondering I am kinda, sorta, replying to posts made by "titanhades70" and "Sky Blazer" but without the quotes. I have the feeling at least one won't care.

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