This story is a sequel to In Their Town

Starlight Glimmer has been taken under the wing of Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Now, with parchment in front of her, she tries to empty the broken heart she has carried for two decades, and writes to the only friend she had growing up.

(Written on a whim in the waning hours of Finale Fever.)

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I totally get what you're doing here with this story. But while i agree with Starlight having a right to feel the way she does, I don't really think she deserves redemption. After all she was willing to condemn Equestria to several different horrible futures where countless ponies would have died and suffered. (Just because Twi and her friends stopped her from being evil) not to She enslaved an entire town to her beliefs. And no matter what the show says about redemption there is absolutely no way to come back from the hate she was suffering from all those years.

And why didn't starlight go to Canterlot city herself? Why didn't she send any letters to sunburst? Why would she not at least TRY to keep their friendship alive? It's not like any of these would have been particularly hard to do. Starlight abondoned Sunburst just as much as Sunburst abandoned her.

I'm not trying to hate on your story or anything (it was really good) but I feel as though the haters of the finale have some justifiable reasons to hate. (I myself actually liked the finale.)

You do know that she had no idea about how bad the futures were until Twilight herself showed her what exactly was happeneing with all her tampering.
Her face during part of it implies she's finally connecting the dots.

6679565 so how was she not affected by the time travel? How did she stay in that same reality when all the other ponies were affected? They never did explain how that works.


Time spell likely has a built in ripple effect protection. Since Twilight, Spike, and Starlight went through, all three were immune.

Well the spell was tied to the Map of Harmony, so it was possibly shielding her along with Twilight and Spike. It could be the map recognized that Starlight could only be stopped if she wanted to be stopped, and it couldn't do that if her actions in altering the timeline led to her being killed or enslaved or something else.

The city may have been too far away to visit or she may not know his address. Or worse, it would be both and if she did go she would have no idea where to go which is a very dangerous situation anywhere. This happened to me once, since one of the best friends I ever had and I moved at around the same time and neither one of us knew what the addressed were before we moved. So I have not seen or heard from them in over a decade.

Hope to see more done with this idea. I like it a lot.

I entirely forgot about Moondancer and Twilight. How this episode is an exact mirror of that, something that you just brought to my mind that is making me think about everything that everyone else is saying about this episode and pushing it to the side. The connections between the two are... wow.

You deserve a slow clap for this. People like you are the reason why this fandom is just so magical.

Agreed, Sunburst didn't even LOOK at her, or SPEAK to her, when they're supposed to be the closest of friends? Right after SAVING HER? Is it any wonder Glimmer blamed cutie marks? Rather than blame her best friend for ditching her?

6679553 I thought that too, but I remembered how when I was younger a lot of my ONLY friends would move. Fact of the matter is, when your friends move far away, it's hard to keep in contact. Chances are, she didn't get the address, or if she wrote he never answered, not out of malice, but because he was busy. She definitely couldn't just go and visit, because one, he was at school, and two, they lived in Canterlot now. From the map, that is reaaaalllly far away, which implies an expense to go with it.
Also, from what I saw, she was happy for Sunburst, until he waltzed right past her and didn't say a word. He celebrated with his family and everyone but couldn't even give her a high-five. Maybe he was just excited, but as a kid, that little rejection hurts A LOT. Like finding out you are the only one not invited to a friends birthday.

In short, she was probably so hurt by Sunburst ignoring her in a time when she wanted to celebrate his happiness that by the time she got the courage to see him, he was gone. Or she just told herself, that he would come by later....play with her tomorrow, right? Well, he's just busy, and would talk later... and then he moved. Kids don't always know how to reach out at that age, not without being shown how.

I wish I could give poor Starlight a huge hug man....:fluttercry:

This was great. Amazing even :twilightsmile:

This is very much an echo of how I would interpret Starlight's situation to make her at least a bit more likable. And honestly, if they went that route in the show, Season 6 would be off to a great start. Minus a few grammatical errors here and there, I really enjoyed this epilogue. Well done. :twilightsmile:

Very good, and a definitie improvement over an origin story that was admittedly barren. The idea was there, but the execution due to the pacing made it feel like a very weak justifcation for the monster Starlight Glimmer became. With details like this, it becomes a bit easier to see why she ended up the way she did.

Invited you to Reformed Starlight Glimmer because this fanfic was awesome. I hope you accept this invitation.:trollestia:

Which says something about Starlight Glimmer. Despite her rage (that can be very strongly argued DROVE HER COMPLETELY INSANE) she didn't blamed her friend or focus her rage on him. Instead she blamed his cutie mark, showing she still cared enough not hate her friend.

Jealousy is still inexcusable for being a small spark in a large leap towards being the most dangerous unicorn in all of Equestria. This could have happened to Apple Bloom.

6681694 How do you invite people to groups?

By the way, the official map names it Starlight's Village.

Also, Starlight's presence in Amending Fences and What About Discord? foreshadows the finale. What About Discord? Mentions the dangers of time travel, and Amending Fences draws parallel to Starlight's situation.

6682288 The crew referred to it as "Our Town" during production, and left it up to the fandom to come up with something more. So far, the wiki has stuck with Our Town, which I find quite fitting all on its own.

6682988 Welcome to OurTown home to the creepy smiling ponies

Dear Starbright,

Sorry do I know you?


Apple Bloom could've become the most dangerous unicorn in Equestria?

6683992 Thank you for the enthusiasm, but I have no plans to continue this at this time.

This is incredible, especially for being written in such a short amount of time. That letter nicely encapsulates everything that needed to be said about the situation.

I know you don't plan to continue this, which is fine, but I must believe that Starlight will either send the letter, or run into Starburst and bury the hatchet (figuratively or literally) without needing to.

Y'know, I've really noticed something in seeing reactions to S5's finale – people either identify with Starlight or they don't, and that colours whether they liked the finale and whether they felt her redemption was justified. I grok Starlight, very vocally so. Like I said before, I've been where she was, and if I had a fraction of her talent (and magic existed) I couldn't rule out doing something similar – "Get Over It" doesn't always work, and it saddens me that so many "fans" have such hard hearts that they refuse to see that.

(PS - I apologize it took me so long to actually get to reading this; I've had my own stuff to work on)


6686315 Would a prequel suffice? I'm brainstorming that now.

6686355 We just want more, sequel would be nice, a prequel would be nice as well.
Seriously though, I'd love to see this carry on as a life story for Starlight, and I'd even help you if you wanted.

6686420 I'm hoping Season 6 does that.

All I'm doing is expanding on scenes that didn't get enough attention in the finale.

6684971 Anything's possible, especially if it means more brony fodder.

nice, hope my upcoming starlight fic works out as well

6688578 Same, but for some reason, Story Approval is taking much, much longer than it usually does.

This? This just changed my perspective on Starlights reason for being so damn hurt. A couple weeks back, I was going through a serious depression and I was hurt by one of my friends. The reason why I was hurt seems so stupid now, especially to others, but dammit, whenever I think about it, it just fucking hurts so damn much.

Whenever I told someone how I felt, they just told me that people mess up, that they do things they didn't mean to do, that I shouldn't take it so personally... But that only made it worse.

My friend left me standing at that front door, alone, wondering what was so wrong with me that she couldn't even spare me a first thought, let alone a second one. And after realizing that I know how Starlight felt firsthand... I don't think I blame her for going the way she did.

The feels truly are real.

Love all the post finale Starlight stories popping up.

You know I had two friends back in high school. One was the same age as me, and the other two years my younger. I hung out with them all the time, and to me they were brothers. I would've literally killed and died for them.

And then one day, not long after I left for college, they just stopped talking to me. I couldn't get in contact with them through any method. I have no idea if it was something I did or if they just felt I was too childish or whatever. I never got an answer.

I've kind of let it go. I've accepted that I'm probably never going to see or hear from them again, and I'll never get an answer. But I really would've liked to.

I think this is actually a pretty good story, not just for Starlight Glimmer, but in general. Sometimes, we just don't get what we want.

Not unless you're one of the Mane 6

This brings up a good point, he didn't even LOOK at her or interact with her at all when he got his cutie mark, and well, fictional or not, ponies are herd animals, and well, Starlight saw her "herd" ripped apart by a cutie mark, just, like, that. Is it any wonder she had a seething psychotic hatred of them? Another good point, is that this DOES mirror Twilight and Moondancer in a way, except Moondancer shut herself out from the world, plunging into books, Starlight, took another path. Well played, well played. It's people like you that really make things worth it.

6686565 And you did a great job.

At first I thought the explanation in the show for her actions was kind of silly and that she overreacted but now I have to agree with her. I've experienced something similar and letting go is definitely not easy. Especially when people you considered as friends completely ignore you because of one mistake, even after all the things you helped them through.

Now that I think about it from a personal perspective, yeah, Starlight had pretty damn good reasons to freak out and start a cult.

Wow, this is incredible. Abandonment issues are tough to work through (I'm currently working through my own with my dad-let's just say growing up an only child was awesome, but I'm starting to realize being an only adult sucks sometimes). I thought Sunburst was, frankly, a jerk for reacting the way he did to getting his mark. He couldn't take a minute to celebrate with his so-called best friend? I realize he was young, but still, not cool.

I think the best part of this fic is that it still fits into canon even now.

Nice story even in 2020.
Damn,i just wanna say good work bro,
I ready to translate it into Chinese,are you accept?
I mean,I will translate it into Chinese and leave a link here.
I believe that broies in China will love this story

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