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A Nocturian Tale - Corvus Eclipse

A King woke up from a coma and realizes that the legacy of his ancestors is threaten. To protect his subjects, and their nation he send a messanger to Equestria... hoping that his pride did not mean the end of Nocturia.

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Chapter 10

Princess Celestia was restless for quite a while. The sudden and most unexpected visit from the Batwing Delegate turned everything upside down. Little was known about the origin of this pony kind despite of them being the part of the Night Guard. Princess Luna was trying to find out as much as possible from her Guards, but her work was fruitless for it seemed they did not know much about it either. Yet Luna claimed that every time the topic about the Heritage came up their eyes seemed to darken a bit. Like they would look far into the distance or simply losing themselves in their thoughts.

Next to the Princess floated the message she has received from Borealis. It was surrounded by the golden color of her magic which seemed to lose itself in the light of the day. Many time she has read the message from King Eridanus and every time she went through the lines she could literally feel the sadness behind every word.

Your Royal Highnesses: -

I am Eridanus, the first of my name, Guardian of the Underground, and the rightful Ruler of Nocturia.

May your reign be long, and bring fourth happiness, wealth and peace to your beloved subjects.

Deep in my heart I have hoped that I could bring this message personally to you, but my recent health problems did not allow me to fulfill it.
Many years have passed since the last message I have send to Equestria, but it has never been my intention to fall silent for so long. Due to a terrible accident I was in a coma for all these years, which is why I beg your pardon for the Silence that has befallen our Nations. My most trusted Delegates will explain everything properly in the right time.

With this letter I hope to find understanding and help for my Kingdom, but most importantly my beloved Subjects. While I was away things have changed without any control. You must know, Your Highnesses, that I do not only rule over ponies, but also three other races which inhabit the rough world of the Underground.

Which are the honorable tribes of Minotaurs, Diamond Dogs and Satyrs.

To survive in a vast world surrounded by walls of earth and stone our kind had to learn from the three mentioned races. For they have lived under the Earth longer than ponies. Together we were able to create an unlike civilization which populated the Earth beneath the Earth.

First we were bound only by trading. The ponies under the Rule of my ancestors created the Kingdom called Nocturia. Eventually the three races recognized that joining Nocturia would ensure peace, wealth and safety for all intelligent inhabitants of the Underground.

Our Kingdom grew stronger and with it our numbers which forced us to expand deeper into the earth. It was one of my very first declarations as a king. I fear that this declaration was the main key that drove the dagger into the heart of Nocturia. We went far too deep into the earth... and in our ignorance we found things which should have remained isolated.

After my accident, and the sudden comma, the Tribes had to find somebody to take watch over the nation in my absent. As you probably imagine every Tribe suggested one of its own to take control over the Kingdom. Thus the old bounds of friendship nearly ripped apart and with it the Nocturian Unity. Thanks to my children any kind of aggression was stopped, but I have a feeling that the time of negotiations will soon have an end.

We have been watching Equestria prosper under Your righteous rule since its foundation. Which is why I dared to write this letter and ask, no, beg for your help.

The stunning knowledge and wisdom about friendship and love is indubitable, and probably the only cure that might save the kingdom of Noctura. During my absence my beloved subjects have forgotten what has shaped us into what we are. And now I fear that the legacy of my ancestors is endangered by those I've sworn to protect.

I thought that I could have solved it on my own, but my own arrogance might have lead to the end of Nocturia. The weight of the crown burdens me and my broken body. I only wish peace between the Tribes and not the strife that grows stronger with each passing day. Deep in my heart I feel that my time will come to an end faster than I have hoped for.

No king rules forever.

My father told me that while I was merely a small colt. Before I will dare to look into the eyes of my ancestors I must ensure that their hard work and sacrifices were not for nothing.

Which is why I beg for your help Your Highnesses.

Yours sincerely

King Eridanus

At first Celestia thought that Eridanus was focusing upon his own desires, and not on the security of his subjects. But after reading the letter over and over again she realized that this was not true. The King under the Mountain was truly a wise leader. To admit own failures was a very hard thing to do, but to admit it to a pony he did not know showed that he cared more for his subjects than for himself. Deep in her heart Celestia wished to see the Kingdom of Nocturia. Sadly she was aware of the fact that this would be not possible.

As much as she desired to learn more about their *Allies* she knew that her priorities belonged to her own subjects and the duties bestowed upon her back. With a delicate sigh she rolled the letter with her magic and kept walking through the famed corridor of stained glasses. Time seemed to not pass at all while she watched how the light of her sun was enchanting the stained glass depictions. At the very first sight it seemed like the characters on the surface of the glass were moving. Truly a beautiful spectacle to behold.

Suddenly the silence was cut by the sound of banded hooves. One of her Guards ran towards her with rather impressive speed. Once he reached her quickly he bowed before her and took off his helmet. After taking a few breaths he stated:

"Princess Celestia."

"I am listening. Please go on."

"The Nocturian Delegate just arrived at our gates."

"Did you take any necessary precautions I have instructed?" Asked Celestia and hid the message under her wing. The guard seemed to be worried about something. His body language was telling her more than he did.

"Of course Princess. But this is not the reason I am here." Sweat ran down his face which he quickly wiped away with his hoof. Maybe she should lower the sun's intensity just a tiny bit? "Princess Twilight is not with him. It seems that something happened to her."

Shocked about this message Celestia remained speechless for a moment. As fast as it as fast it went away. She regained control over her emotions and stature and demanded more information from the guard. What she did not realize first that her demand was rather harsh and she even made a dangerously looking step towards him. The stallion did not move even an inch, but the princess could see that he did not expect that kind of move towards him.

"The Delegate wishes to speak with you immediately."

"So do I." After that answer she simply ran pass by the Guard and walked towards the meeting room. There she was usually meeting with Delegates from all the parts of the world. The throne room was more suited for welcoming them than openly talking about delicate matters as the security of the nation as an example. With a swift spell she flung the door open and entered the meeting room. As expected Borealis was awaiting her arrival.

Like the Guard he was sweating a bit. The only logical conclusion was that he flew all the way back to Canterlot on his own. Like during their first meeting they exchanged the pleasantries and greetings only to get into the bottom of Twilight Sparkle's absence. Borealis seemed to be bothered by something and asked her to tell her what truly happened through whispering. Once he quickly explained what happened he took a respectful steps back from her and awaited her reaction.

"I have to say... that I did not expect something like that happening to Twilight." It was something that happened at least once to a Unicorn mare once she has reached the right age. This was explaining why Borealis felt so unpleasant in delivering her that kind of information. "I am grateful that you took good care of her. If I understood you correctly you are not the only Delegate send here by your King?"

"Yes Mylady it is true. Together with me four other Delegates traveled to Equestria. We represent our tribes on this delicate and crucial mission. I sincerely hope that our appearance will not cause any trouble."

"Why did you not mention that others would follow you?"

The smile on Borealis's face faded away for a moment, and the irises of his eyes became smaller. If not for the fact that she asked him that question Celestia could assume that he was preparing for an attack.

"I am a simple stallion who follows his orders Mylady. There are many individuals who would like to see our mission fail Your Highness. As much as it bothers me to admit it... the collapse of the main tunnel leading out of our mountains was not an accident. It was an attempt to stop us from reaching our destination. Many civilians have been wounded because of our mission, and I shudder to imagine how many paid with their lives for it. Lady Lyria asked me to leave the group and reach you on my own... in case if somebody would try to stop us again. After leaving the mountains though our enemies stopped to pursue us. I can only assume they think we died during the collapse."

" You were not sure if your fellow Delegates have made it to Equestria. This is the reason why you asked to move our meeting so you could see if they have survived."

Borealis did not look into her eyes while he gave the princess the answer through a nod. Shame was written in his facial expression, but on the other side Celestia spotted signs of relief. It was obvious that he went through a lot of stress lately. Only in this moment she was able to see how professionally he used his mask, which he has worn to hide his feelings during their first meeting. Not everypony is able to do so which is why she felt a deep respect for him.

"I am glad that your friends have made it to Equestria. The only thing that I find uncalled for is to let them stay outside of the castle. I will not allow that such special guests will hide in caves, while they could find some rest in suitable chambers here in my castle."

The tense posture vanished like a mist from the stallion who simply chuckled at her words.

"I can assure you Princess Celestia that my friends were quite happy that they have found a cave to rest in. We are not used to a such wide open world. As beautiful as it is... it does frightens us a little bit"

"Surely I would feel the same once I would be in your Kingdom Borealis." The Princess laughed hearty trying to imagine herself in a tunnel.

"Oh our world is full of surprises. Colossal caves are spreading everywhere. If not for the fact that not the sun is the main source of light in my homeland, one could think he is still on the surface."

"May I ask you a few things about Nocturia Borealis? I have to admit that I am really curious about it."

"I will gladly answer any questions Mylady. But please understand that I am not allowed to speak about everything. Certain things should remain unspoken."

"We all have our secrets Borealis. I respect that."

"Thank you." He bowed down gracefully and made one of his interesting looking gestures with his hooks. "What would you like to know about my homeland?"

"Prepare yourself dear Delegate. For I have many questions."

"I hope I will be able to answer them Mylady."

"But before you will do that..." She came closer to him and smiled. "I will highly suggest to let your friends come to Canterlot. The meeting will be moved for the night. My dearest sister asked me for that and I think she would be a great asset in assisting Nocturia."

"You are as wise as you are beautiful Princess Celestia. In that case I shall fly off right away and get them to your glorious castle."


"He sure takes his time..." Arranak was keeping his watch over the entrance of the cave. Lyria decided to accompany him on his watch despite his pleads to find some rest. From the whole group he seemed to barely sleep. The mighty Minotaur was holding his trusty walking stick in his remaining arm. Compared to his attire the simply carved stick did not match at all, but everything had its purpose. For a blade was hidden with the shaft.

< The hidden blade is the deadliest Lyria. Never forget it. >

Arranak's words echoed in her mind while she looked outside of the cave. Several hours have passed since her heart left the cave. She was aware of it that Canterlot was far away, but she had to agree with her Minotaur friend that Borealis was long away. The elder Delegate noticed the concern in her eyes and how she was holding the ring he gave her. His huge hand touched her hooks and gently held like she would be made out of porcelain.

"I am happy for you two." As simple as this statement was the batwing lady could see the honesty in the smile of her very old friend. Once while they were on their own she asked if he had a wife. Arranak was one of few Minotaurs who reached a very high age. Due to their rater warrior like society many Minotaurs died in a rather young age. He claimed that he had several wives in his lifetime. Most of them were lost in raids. Taken away by marauders or killed. His fifth wife though remained his life partner for good. Both of them met each other while representing their clans on the great "Tauron summit" as they called it.

Their arranged married has strengthen both clans, and what first appeared to be a political move quickly turned to love. If Arranak was not lying she gave him five children. Four girls and one boy.

"I really am."

"Thank you Arranak. Thank you."

Lyria looked back into the cave and watched how Marie was looking after Twilight Sparkle. In her delicate hands she was holding four cards. Near the camp fire Pavel was awaiting her return eagerly. Often while they had nothing better to do they both played cards to kill time. Lyria had to fight against an uncontrolled laugh attack after recalling them playing cards while being heavily drunk. Since they had no gems or money to play for they decided to play strip poker. At first the Satry lady was losing heavily until she was wearing only her underwear.

But it turned out that she was only teasing Pavel with her body. In the end she managed to strip the Diamond Dog to the last piece of cloth. Both then fell asleep on the pile of clothes only to wake up late in the next day. First terrified that they have slept with each other they tried to avoid themselves until Aaranak scolded them that he would not allow a lusty Diamond Dog to use a drunken woman under his watch. Both remained good friends and kept playing cards (only under the strict rule of never playing strip poker of course). In the corner of the cave the two Batwing twins were sleeping after a very exhausting travel among the land. The sisters received a very harsh lesson from the grumpy Minotaur who was simply worried about their well being. It was not a surprise though for he was treating them as they would be his own daughters. He found them all alone in the alleys of his city and raised them as their own. Until this day the Twins call him "Horned Father" a very respectful title in the Nocturian society. Before the elder returned to his post he watched over the two batwings until they have fallen asleep (he even covered them with his very expensive coat to protect them from the cold ground).

Deep in her heart Lyria believed that they all were his children because often all of them came to him with questions or problems. He always seemed to know what to answer or to say in the given moment, and he never lied to them even if it might hurt.

< A lie that might be exposed later will hurt you more than the actual truth. Trust me on that. Although sometimes we must lie for the greater good... I personally prefer to tell the truth right away. >

"I am not sure when we will be able to marry... but I would be honored if you would be our witness during the ceremony Arranak..."

It was tradition among the six existing tribes to have at least one member of the different races to be the witness during the weeding. As strange as it may sound this tradition has strengthen the friendship between the races for countless generations. Aaranak was not prepared for that because he nearly let his walking stick fall to the ground. Usually the pony race took other members of the pony race as witnesses. But she would rather have him as a witness than a cousin which she barely knew. First she was afraid that he had a heart attack, but the shock faded away and the elder hugged the far smaller mare with a bear hug.

"Oh my dearest little friend. You honor me and my family with this proposition." Tears of joy ran down his face while he hugged her. Lyria was not able to see it though because she was barely breathing. Pavel and Marie noticed the rather unusual behavior of the mighty Minotaur, but eventually they simply returned to their game. Marie's sharp curses only proved that she was losing.

"By my blood, no matter where your journeys shall lead you, the Minotaur clans will know about your marriage with Borealis." News spread under the earth like fire which is why she put full trust into his words. A sudden wind blow managed to win the attention of Arranak and he gently let go of the mare (who happily gasped after breath). She could recognize the wind vibration with ease. The wind blow was created by the wings of her husband.

Borealis entered the cave breathing rather heavily. One could say that the Batwing was tossed into water, but the truth was that he was flying like a maniac.

"HUUUUUH... Gather everything." He took a deep breath and welcomed the cold stone of the cave like an old friend. "We have been summoned to Canterlot. Tonight we might change the fate of our nation!"

Author's Note:

It took me a while to write a new chapter XD Once again I am sorry for any mistakes ^^''

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