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A Nocturian Tale - Corvus Eclipse

A King woke up from a coma and realizes that the legacy of his ancestors is threaten. To protect his subjects, and their nation he send a messanger to Equestria... hoping that his pride did not mean the end of Nocturia.

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Chapter 3

“You must be exhausted after the long travel and I am sure you would like to refresh yourself Borealis.” Said Princess Celestia and helped the delegate to rise again. The stallion took out a lovely sewn handkerchief and wiped his tears away of course by using his hooks. For a moment the Princesses gave him the time to collect himself, resulting in a noticeable change in the Batwing’s body language and facial expression. Since their first eye contact Twilight noticed the terribly tens posture of his, but right now the tension was gone and great relief was written in Borealis’s cat like eyes.

“I must apologize for my very unprofessional behavior.” He hid the handkerchief into one of his pockets and smiled honestly at them. “But happiness took over my heart.”

“There is nothing to be sorry about.” Twilight smiled back and lifted her front leg. “Actually I should be the one who should apologize… for two things to be exact.”

“Oh? And what could that possibly be Mylady?”

“First of all I really feel bad that you witnessed Ponyville in such bad condition… I can assure you that this city is beautiful especially at this part of the year.”

“Oh you mean the pollution? This is a common problem beneath the earth… for years we tried to find a way of how properly maintain pollution at the lowest levels. Our numbers grow and with it the mess; quite a normal thing.” While talking he made interesting gestures with his hooks, making it hard to focus on him. “But I have been told that you managed to overcome this problem and soon everything will return to normal. Do not worry about my opinion of the city Princess. Despite the pollution I recognized its beauty right away. Equestria is truly a wonderful place.”

“You mentioned that you have to apologize for two things Twilight.” Said Celestia and put her wing on Twilight’s back. “What is the second one?”

“This I would rather tell only to Mr. Borealis Princess…”

“In that case I suggest that we will return to Canterlot.” Said Princess Luna who just finished her cup of tea. “There are still many things that require our attention… besides that my dearest sister and our honored guest should find some rest. Whatever you wish to tell to our honored guest Twilight you may tell once Celestia will start a new day.”

“I agree with you Luna.” Celestia looked upon the delegate from beneath the mountain. “There are indeed many things that we will have to discuss before taking any actions in aiding Nocturia. Some sleep would do us well especially you dear delegate. If I understood you correctly you have quite a travel behind you.”

Borealis lowered his eyes a bit before he answered.

“Indeed that is true… but only because of an unfortunate circumstance. One of our main tunnels collapsed a few days ago and we were forced to leave our homeland from a distant part of the mountains. But… of course if it will not be a problem, I would like to stay here.”

“May I ask why would you like to stay here?” Asked Twilight who could not really comprehend why anypony would like to stay in Ponyville while so many various smells were in the air.

“The answer is quite simple your grace. It’s because of the open world.” He smiled sincerely and opened his wings that were wider than she thought. “Living under the earth has its limitations… of course our caverns are enormous one could say titanic, but even them have walls. Here it is different. Everything is so wide, open, colorful and full of life! But now I want to simply go out and admire something we sadly do not have beneath the earth: the beautiful sky.” He took a deep breath and seemed to have lost himself in his thoughts until he realized it. “Oh… pardon my behavior.”

“In that case we shall grant you that wish Borealis.” All Princesses smiled at the stallion who was literally emitting happiness that have taken hold of his heart. With a quick blink of the eye Celestia glimpsed upon her sister who was a bit thrilled by Borealis’s way of speaking about the sky, which was currently under her reign. “We shall return to Canterlot and do the first steps that will provide all the necessary help for our new found friends.”

“I think I will have to part some of my duties with my secretaries and students.” Luna looked back at her older sister but she remained silence.

< It seems they have a short telepathic conversation. > Thought Twilight hoping that the Delegate would not recognize it as she did. This was hardly possible though for only Unicorns had the chance to sense such connection.

“I can assure you that my kind does not lack anything that is required to survive under the earth. What we truly lack right now is Friendship. I still can’t believe that we were foolish enough to forsake it so easily… yet power and wealth tend to easily manipulate intelligent beings.”

“As my faithful student already said Borealis: Friendship does not die out so easily. But let us leave those matters for another day.” The Princess of the Day closed her eyes and smiled warmly. “I suggest you go out and enjoy the things you asked for.”

The stallion looked out through the window, hoping to catch a glimpse of the sky. Sadly the great branches of Twilight’s home hid the sky behind its thick leafs. “With great pleasure I will attend to it your highness. Thank you for your kindness.” He looked at the other mares as well. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope that we the Nocturians will be able to repay you properly.”

“The children of the very first Guards your king have sent to us served Equestria with all their hearts and souls. It would be appropriate to help their country for their service.” Luna answered politely and even performed a slight bow to the Delegate. “We shall meet at the break of a new day.”

“I wish you a pleasant night your Highness. Once more thank you… in the name of King Eridanus and his subjects.”

Celestia also bowed and together with Luna both left the Library, flying off with their flying chariots and guards who have accompanied them. While Twilight waved at her teacher Borealis returned to the book shelves and searched for a new lecture. The mere thought of his razor sharp looking hooks made the young Princess yelp silently, returning back into her home faster than intended.

“You have a very interesting collection of books mylady.” Right now the Batwing was holding a freshly delivered version of the book called: “Hearts desires”. The title was a bit deceiving for many ponies tended to believe that it was a book only suited for adults. Of course Twilight knew that this was not the case. “Many books in your library can be found in the libraries of our Diamond Dog friends who often leave our mountain to travel across the surface.”

“I have to say I did not expect to hear that you would know books which can be found here. After all you said you were hiding your existence for generations.” This statement made the stallion chuckle quietly. Carefully he placed the book where it belonged and turned around to the lavender mare.

“You are a good listener. Yes we were trying to hide our existence for a time words cannot really describe properly. As I already said we had and still have reasons to do so… but the current situation is beyond our strength. King Eridanus decided that only with help of the inhabitants of the surface we can overcome the problems that blighted the way of our life.” The stallion used his hook to scratch his chin. “But even if we tried to hide from the outside world we were following it eagerly. Thanks to our allies we managed to not step back with technology, medicine and other subjects. Of course… we developed things on our own, but it is always wise to be eager to learn more.”

“Your society must be truly interesting Mr. Borealis.” Twilight giggled and realized that through shear listening she forgot something. “Oh… I also would like to apologize for the second point I did not mention yet.”

“Before you will continue your grace allow me to guess what you are about to say.” He cleared his throat and looked directly into her eyes. “It is about our appearances or am I mistaken Princess?”

His words did take her by surprise. While she was desperately looking for words her ears went down nearly automatically. The Batwing smiled and let out a happy laugh.

“Oh there is nothing to be sorry about Incarnation of Magic. I am aware of how my kind looks like, but I have to say that the ponies of the surface have a very interesting imagination.” It seemed like he was not angry at all about the rumors and stories of his brethren.

“I hope that on your way here nopony bothered you with it…”

“If ponies like me would get affected by such talk mylady, do you really think we would consider asking your country for help? Or even better to send our soldiers to serve Equestria? It would have been a very fragile alliance don’t you agree?”

“I assume it might have caused some unwanted problems between our countries. Vampire ponies are very popular characters of stories older ponies tended to tell the children at the night.”

“In that case we should consider ourselves lucky that we received our own fictional stories that entertain others.” Borealis corrected something on his saddle while speaking out those words. “Actually we do also have our own stories we tend to tell our youth about the so called surface dwellers.” He laughed and closed his eyes for a moment. “It seems that we are not as different from each other as I thought.”

“A longer time ago I have learned to not judge other by their appearance… but once I saw you for a moment I forgot that lesson.”

“Outside appearance is a poor substitute for inner worth. My mother always told me that while I was still a small colt and until this day I keep her words in my heart.” For a moment silence has befallen the room, but as fast as it came as fast it ended. “Actually some refreshing would be nice…”

“We have a spa in the city, but I am afraid that it is closed for quite a while now.” Twilight lifted her wing and pointed at the door on the other side of the kitchen. “Of course you are welcome to use my bathroom… my tube might be a little bit too small for you though Mr. Borealis”

“Please your grace…” He suddenly shivered without any control. The stallion also scratched his neck a bit. “Do not use titles on me. They make my fur crawl.” Twilight’s eyebrow went up on its own after hearing this statement. Since her youth she was in touch with royalty that was literally overflowing Canterlot. Borealis’s way of speaking, dressing and even moving showed her right away that he had to be a high born among his kind. Yet she has never witness that a royal would ask to not use any titles on him or her.

“As you wish Borealis, but in that case you will have to call me Twilight.” Now it was her who took him by surprise. It seemed like he did not find any proper words to reply with, which is why he simply bowed in front of her and move towards the bathroom. Before he passed next to her she heard his answer:

“Of course your... Twilight.”

Smiling Twilight made sure that the poor Spike, who is often forgotten in that kind of conversations, was feeling well. As suspected her little helping claw was peacefully snoring in his basket. Carefully she placed her wing on his scaly forehead, but gladly he had no high temperature yet signs of weakness were still visible through the paler color of his scales. Quietly the Princess gave him a good night kiss and tried to make no sounds that would wake up her assistant. Sadly the wooden floor did not intend to play around with it, but once a dragon was asleep it was not so easy to wake him up again.

While the Delegate was enjoying his bath the lavender mare killed the time with cleaning up the mess the Alicorns left behind. She nearly had a heart attack after she saw in what state her sink was after Luna’s attempts of making tea for the Delegate and her sister. Thankfully through the kind help of magic this problem was solved nearly instantly, leaving the sink in a perfect state. Twilight also cleaned the cups, prepared some fruit cakes and even found time to sort the books in the west wing of her library. The heavy sound of Borealis’s hooves went through the air while Twilight placed the fruit cakes on the table.

Surprisingly the Nocturian took off his heavy saddle and was wearing comfortably looking attire that was probably hidden under the wealthy saddle. Borealis had a typical Pegasus like body build that would allow him to remain easier in the air, but his sheer size made it hard to believe that his wings, though impressively large, would manage to hold him in the air. The mane was still wet from the bath, making his hair reflect the delicate light of the moon and the nearby candles in a pretty way.Since Twilight met him a bizarre yet interesting smell was filling the air of her home. First she thought that the stain of pollution somehow affected her poor nostrils, but it quickly turned out that it was a smell from underneath. Hard to describe what it could be it was something unusual and very pleasant to smell.

“Please make yourself comfortable.” Said Twilight and pointed at the nearby chair with her downy wing. For a moment the wing refused to follow her will and it started to act like it would have a mind on its own. Twilight quickly turned red for she could feel the cat like eyes on her skin. “I-I am sorry…” She chuckled nervously and tried to somehow retake control over the rebellious wing that was acting like a small child. The young mare was so busy with it that she did not notice that Borealis came closer until she felt his hook upon the wing. First she expected that the strong and sharp looking hooks would harm her, but he grabbed her gently and with great care. Without saying a word the stallion pushed his hooks into the wing on two spots and moved it left then up and right. A strange feeling went through her new parts of the body and suddenly the wing relaxed and was under her control. The batwing let go off her and took some respectful steps back. For a moment Twilight was fully focusing on the wing that merely seconds ago threatened to slap everypony and everything in its reach.

“This is a quite common problem among ponies who were not born with wings yet received them by the will of the Alicorns.” Borealis took his seat and wrapped his own wings around himself, closing his hook like a clasp that was holding a cloak. “But this problem will pass with time.”

“Thank you Borealis. May I ask what you exactly did right there? It feels strange I have to say that.”

For a moment the Batwing was hesitating with the answer. His hooks made a rough scratching sound while they rubbed each other, making cold shivers run down her spine.

“It is something similar to acupuncture. I directly affected the main nerves of your wing, relaxing its tense muscles which lead to these uncontrollable movements. T-this is a method used on small children… at least from where I come from.”

“Well I will try to remember it! It is very useful.” Playfully she swung the wing a few times and let it go back on its place. “I do know several things about the Pegasi but rarely did I find anything about about their small adorable treasures. Once I will find the time for it I will learn more about this matter.”

“Your eagerness to learn is very refreshing your Gra…” He mumbled something under his nose and chuckled. “I mean Twilight. My feeling is telling me that you will be a great leader and teacher likewise.”

For quite a while the two ponies lost themselves in a very nice and rather intellectual chat. The time passed quickly, quicker than both of them expected. In the end the Delegate looked through the window and decided to go out for a short night stroll. The freshly backed Princess offered to accompany him, hoping that she would manage to keep him far away from the very polluted area of Ponyville. The door of the Library closed on its own thanks to her spell and she was about to take the first step forward until she saw that Borealis opened his wings.

< Oh great… he wants to stroll the Pegasus way. > She thought and let out a dampen sigh in her mind. It seemed like that she did not manage to hide her feelings from him. The stallion smiled sincerely and said:

“If I will see that you are in trouble I will lend you a wing Twilight.” And before she could reply he threw himself into the air with one might swing of his wings. The strong wind ruffled her mane a bit and with a sigh (which she did not hide this time) she followed her guest with far weaker swings. Patiently the batwinged Pegasus awaited her arrival.

“I see that your wings do not posses enough strength to remain in the air for a longer time.” He looked to the east and moved his tufted ears towards that direction. “A strong wind is on its way Twilight. Use its power to glide through the air.”

Before he ended his sentence the announced wind arrived and lifted both ponies with its blow. Soon they reached the clouds and with the help of the messenger Twilight safely landed on one of them. With great grace Borealis landed next to her, spreading vapor like cloud pigments through the air. Then he closed his eyes and let the wind play with his mane. His wings also embraced it and for a moment he emitted such strong relief, joy and excitement that it also affected Twilight in a pleasant way.

After the wind passed by Borealis took a deep breath, opened his eyes and went to the edge of the rather huge cloud. From here they had a lovely view at the land. In the far distance Canterlot was jutting behind the mountains, showing only parts of its beauty and glory. Ponyville seemed to be made out blocks while the huge Apple Acres transported the sweet scent of apples within the wind. In all everything looked like a beautiful painting that has been created by a skilled artist and because of that pride filled Twilights chest.

“It seems like a dream… a beautiful dream I do not wish to wake up from.” The stallion looked up and let out a gasp once his eyes laid on the creation of the Princess of the Night. As always the sight of the night sky made Twilight smile brightly for in this very night Luna has blessed her subjects with a beautiful sky. She managed to free herself from the charms of the night and glimpsed at the stallion who seemed to have been caught with its net quite easily. His cat like eyes glowed slightly in this darker environment, slightly illuminating the contours of his face. “Yes this must be a dream.”

“I assure you that this is not a dream. Or do you want me to poke you?” He managed to let go off the sky and grinned at his small companion.

“This will not be necessary. I have to say that I deeply envy you and your subjects Twilight Sparkle.”

“You know Borealis I am sure that soon I will tell you the same words once I will see the wonders of your homeland.”

“I hope that you will not be disappointed.” Once more he closed his eyes and started to hum a song while slightly moving his left hook like a conductor. In that very moment Twilight could feel magic filling the air. She gasped for it started to spread, embracing her body with a pleasant warm aura. The wind seemed to suddenly change its course and returned to them, filling their nostrils with the sweet scent of apples, local flowers and trees. In that very moment Borealis took a deep breath and started to sing with his deep yet warmth spreading voice:

“Vi dýr ennui nu Anor. Ned echuir lyth eriar. I yrn ethuiwar, nin nurar. Ar aew verin linnar.“

For the very first time the young lavender mare heard this language… and yet somehow she understood it like she would have learned it since her childhood. Something made her look down at the wonderful landscape of her homeland and she witnessed something wonderful yet surprising at the same time. Fireflies started to fly towards their location. Their numbers were hundreds maybe thousands… she was not sure.

“Ennas dû alfanui. A ferin 'irith gerir. I elenath, viriath fain, Vi finnel gelfib dîn.”

The wind brought many leafs with it of different size, forms and colors. It followed the movement of Borealis’s hook swirling the caught leafs in a majestic way.

“Sí na veth bâden im derel. Vi dúath dofn tummen. Atham meraid velig a tynd, Athan eryd bain beraidh”

The fireflies finally reached the spectacle and joined the dance of the flying leafs and their colors. With great fascination Twilight watched what Borealis has somehow performed right in front of her. Deep in her heart she was sure that she was not the only one who was watching this pretty act and she was glad that she would not be the only one to tell the story about it. The Delegate opened his eyes and looked at her while he continued to sing in this ancient sounding language.

“Or 'waith bain nura Anor. A panlû elin cuinar. Ú-pedithon 'i-aur gwann'…”

His glowing eyes started to lose its intensity and he stopped to move his hook. The winds seemed to woke up from the spell that has taken control of them and returned to its calculated course. The fireflies returned to the ground, followed closely by leafs that slightly decorated the night with their colors and forms. Borealis lifted his head and watched the night sky while he ended the song with its last words.

“Egor nai îl 'namarië“ He let out a relaxed sigh and lost himself in the creation of Princess Luna.

“What was that?” Princess Sparkled asked with a dampen voice.

“Something our kind will gladly share once the right time has come.”

They spend another hour outside of the library, but the noticeable exhaustion took over the Batwing. Twilight offered him to go find some rest yet he only shook his head and said.

“I would like to sleep here. The last time I slept on a cloud was so, so many years ago.”

“Wait… back in the library you said that your kind was hiding its existence for a very long time. And now you say that you once slept outside of your homeland?” This did sound suspicious as the entire mystery about the Nocturians hiding their existence for so long. Borealis only laughed and smiled brightly at her.

“Oh yes I’ve once slept outside of my homeland. Young colts tend to be disobedient from time to time. Of course I received a solid punishment once my parents found it out.” He laughed again and looked back at the night sky.

< Something is telling me that his kind and his homeland will not disappoint me at all. >

She left him on the cloud and returned to her home and the warm bed that was awaiting her return.

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