• Published 14th Nov 2011
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Pinksomnia: The Darkest Descent - Wolokai

Pinkie Pie is gone, and Scootaloo is on the hunt. How far is she willing to go to bring her home?

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Chapter 4 - The Wedding

Scootaloo groaned, her eyes opening up slowly. White filled her view as she gently tried to roll over on her side. Her head was buried in the soft confines of a feather pillow, and a thick white sheet was tucking her in. She heard an assortment of beeping from somewhere nearby and she blinked, trying to get the blurriness of her vision to subside. A soft voice spoke as the sounds of scribbling made their way to Scootaloo's ear "Well, you're finally awake! That's good, I was starting to get a bit worried...you slept the entire day yesterday!" Scootaloo blinked a few more times, her vision clearing up and her head turning towards the voice. It was Nurse Redheart, and if she was here, that meant that she was in the Ponyville Medical Center. She put a hoof to her head and groaned, sitting up a little, the throbbing pounds of a headache starting to make their presence known. Nurse Redheart put a hoof on her shoulder and gently helped her up "Easy now...just take it easy...you still might be a little woozy.

Scootaloo sat all the way up, looking towards the nurse and muttering with a hoarse voice

"What...what happened?" The nurse looked at the beeping machine on her left and scribbled a few things down before turning and speaking

"Well, you were brought in about a day and a half ago by Miss Sweetie Belle, it appeared that you were falling ill over something. We took you in, put you to bed...and you didn't wake up for a good while. We thought maybe you had slipped into some kind of coma until Miss Fluttershy burst in, rambling on and asking if you were ok or not. She explained to us you hadn't been sleeping, so we figured it was mild to moderate sleep deprivation." Scootaloo looked up at her with weary eyes, muttering

"But...the voice, I heard a voice...it was coming from everywhere..." Nurse Redheart sighed and nodded, going on

"Well yes, Sleep Deprivation is a serious thing Miss Scootaloo, it's usually around five or six days of no sleep that your brain starts to trigger alarms of major fatigue, it loses touch with things, makes you hallucinate. I specifically remember one day back in medical school where I had stayed up six days straight studying for my medical final when I started to see roses blooming all over my textbook. You must have sleep dear, your body can actually shut itself down automatically if you don't give it the rest it needs, ok?" Scootaloo nodded and looked over towards the window, the sun just starting to come over the horizon. She narrowed her eyes for a moment before asking carefully

"What...day is it, today?" Nurse Redheart looked towards the ceiling, in thought for a second before looking at her and saying

"Why, it's Wednesday my dear." Scootaloo's eyes widened as she half-shouted

"Wednesday!? Oh horsefeathers, the wedding!!! I didn't miss it did I?!" Nurse Redheart sighed and shook her head

"No, you didn't miss it, do not worry dear. It's the talk of the town today though. Anyway...since you're awake and all, and you don't seem to be running any fever or have anything else wrong with you, I'd say you have a clean bill of health. Go enjoy the wedding Miss Scootaloo, but REMEMBER, your, body, needs, its, sleep!" She spoke each word sternly with a poking hoof, making Scootaloo nod and smile a little

"Thanks Nurse Redheart...have a good day" She slipped out of bed and headed for the door as Nurse Redheart nodded, turning off all the machines and lights in the room.


"Oh there you are darling, I was starting to get worried! Hurry now, we simply do not have a lot of time to waste!" Rarity said quickly, lowering the large bowl like helmet over Scootaloo's head, her hair done up in rollers and her hooves being manicured via magic. Scootaloo sighed, looking over to Fluttershy, who sat next to her and said

"But we still have like...six hours until the wedding, what's the rush?" Rarity scoffed as she held out Fluttershy's wing, going over the inner side with a soft brush and speaking to Scootaloo

"You obviously don't understand how long these type of things take Scootaloo! Every intricate detail is massively important. I can't have the bridesmaids looking like such a mess on our best friend's wedding day!" Scootaloo sighed and simply gave up, folding her front hooves in front of her and waiting, Fluttershy sipping a juice box next to her and humming a little.

Thirty minutes passed, and Scootaloo was getting a bit annoyed, her repeated outbursts of "OW!" and "Hey! Watch it!" making Rarity sigh and shake her head, grumbling

"Really now Scootaloo...why do you never take care of your mane properly...it knots up so easy, even with the hair drier." Scootaloo could do nothing except roll her eyes, smirking a little as Rarity floated her dress over towards her.


"Oh...do I look ok? You're sure the dress doesn't make me look fat?" Twilight squeaked, Rarity tightening the straps that crossed under her belly and tying them up.

"Honestly dear, you look so beautiful, everypony's going to love you no matter what." Twilight sighed with a simple

"I guess you're right" and looked up as the door opened. Rainbow Dash walked in wearing her old Gala dress, her hair done back and straight as she looked at a small golden watch wrapped around her foreleg, looking towards the girls and letting out a huff

"Today, maybe?! Honestly Twilight, if you keep letting Rarity have her way she's going to have you here until Quill turns to dust. Hurry up! The faster you get smooching and eating wedding cake, the faster you can get to making foals n' fillies, I have a schedule to keep up with you know!" Rarity could have sworn Twilight was blushing at least eight different shades of red and waved a hoof at Rainbow, hissing

"Oh do try to be less BARBARIC Rainbow Dash! A bride must be PERFECT for her groom! This is one of the single-most important days of Twilight's life! It has to be SPECTACULAR!" Rainbow rolled her eyes and backed out, closing the door behind. Rarity sighed, shaking her head as Twilight turned her head, her blush still prominent on her face

"D...do you think Quill will want a foal or filly with me...?" Rarity smiled mischievously, placing a beautiful bow shaped like Applebloom's behind her head, tying it into her hair. She gave Twilight a look over and nodded, holding the door open for her with magic and squealing with glee

"Oooh!!! Only one way to find out! Come darling, let's get you married!"


Quill gulped, standing on the stage, nearest to the pedestal. To his left, situated in a neat line, were six of his good friends from the Canterlot Royal Archives. Across from him stood Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Applebloom, all smiling at Quill and giving him silent "Good lucks!". He sighed, narrowing his eyes and staring towards the ground, muttering "It's not funny Celestia...I have a right to be nervous." Behind the pedestal stood none other then Princess Celestia herself, adorned in a white and yellow dress, behind her and to the left, Princess Luna with a black and blue dress. Celestia couldn't help but chuckle a little as she looked towards Quill and spoke with glee

"Oh come now White, I barely get out of the castle as it is, let me have a little fun!" Quill looked up at her with a small glare in his eyes, huffing

"On my wedding day of all days! You're too cruel!" Celestia merely shook her head, sighing and smiling. Her horn flared a bright yellow and the book before her on the pedestal sprang to life, flipping open and moving to the appropriate page. She gave Quill a wink and said

"You know I'm just teasing. Relax! Everything will be fine, you've got the two most powerful ponies in Equestria overseeing your wedding, what's the worst that could happen?" Quill rolled his eyes a little, sighing with

"Oh you just have to jinx things sometimes..." It was shortly after this that Luna looked towards a clock on the far wall of the Rotunda, the inside of the Mayor's Building lit up with lace streamers and lights, purple decorations adorned everywhere. Most of everypony in Ponyville was standing in front of the stage, many filling the balconies and looking down at the entire scene with awe. Luna took a closer look at the clock and turned towards the green mare known as Lyra, nodding. Lyra turned to Octavia and the other four ponies behind her, nodding as well and signaling them to raise their instruments. Celestia practically squealed with delight as she whispered to Quill

"Oooh! Here we go! Here we go!" Quill let out a loud 'Ulp!" as he stared straight across to Rarity, who simply stared back with a wide smile. She mouthed out the words

'You'll be fine!' as the music started to play.

Everypony's heads turned towards the entrance behind them, waiting. The doors opened and Rarity turned to look, her smile widening even more as she quickly turned her eyes back to Quill, signaling him to look. He did so slowly, his eyes shifting towards the door. He couldn't help but gasp, Celestia smiling as wide as her face allowed her to as she beheld Twilight Sparkle gently walking down the aisle, escorted on her left by Big Macintosh. Rarity gently whispered to Fluttershy who blushed horribly

"My MY! Big Macintosh looks so...handsome, doesn't he? Sexy even, huh Fluttershy?" Applejack looked over to Rarity, glaring as she whispered

"You hush! That's mah brother you're talkin' bout'!" Quill could not hear this, he couldn't hear anything. He could only see, see his wife to be, adorned in the most beautiful white gown ever crafted by Rarity's fine hooves. It flowed across her flank, hugged her tightly around her middle, and moved gracefully with the movement of her hooves. Atop her head was her Element of Magic Crown, her face blushing and her eyes locked on Quill's, a stare of love shared between the two. Quill smiled as Twilight gently ascended the stairs, Big Macintosh turning with a nod and heading to his seat in the crowd. Twilight took her place in front of Quill, a nervous smile on her face as Quill whispered

"You look...so...beautiful." Twilight blushed and whispered back

"Well you don't look so bad yourself" Quill let out a nervous chuckle as Celestia cleared her throat and spoke with a booming voice that even Luna could be jealous of

"PONIES OF PONYVILLE!!! We are gathered here today, to celebrate a bond of love so special, so beautiful, that even through life and death itself, it has bloomed and become a passion brighter then even the sun and moon itself! The unifying of the bonds of trust, love, and companionship is a wonderful thing, and it is here today that by the power vested in me as Ruler of Equestria, that I formally unite these two caring, compassionate, and adoring ponies in marriage!" She looked towards Twilight, speaking with a tone of happiness and friendship "Twilight Star Sparkle, do you take White Papyrus Quill to be your lawfully wedded Husband, to have and to hold with loving hooves, in sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live?" Twilight looked at Quill with such love, such care in her eyes, that Quill could have sworn his heart melted a little as she proclaimed loudly

"I do." Celestia looked towards Quill and with a smile spoke

"And do you, White Papyrus Quill, take Twilight Star Sparkle, to be your lawfully wedded wife, to care and protect with strong hooves, in sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live?" Quill couldn't help but smile, giving a unique response but still a formal one all the same

"I've died for you Twilight...but even as my breath stopped...my love for you did not. My love for you will never die...and with this I say...I do." Twilight felt tears gently stream down her face as Celestia held up a hoof and shouted with glee

"Bring forth the rings!" Spike hopped up, holding a pillow on his outstretched claws, two golden hoof rings placed next to one another. She held them up as Quill took Twilight's and gently slit it up her outstretched hoof, Twilight doing the same. She give Spike a wink as he smiled and hopped back off the stage, Celestia raising her hoof again and proclaiming "By the power vested in me, as Royal Princess and Ruler of Equestria, I pronounce these two wonderful ponies, Husband and Wife! Quill, you may kiss your bride!" Quill stared into Twilight's eyes, his own brimming with tears as he gently walked forward, pressing his forehead against Twilight's and whispering

"I love you..." Twilight smiled and whispered back

"I love you too..." and with that, they kissed, their lips pushing against one another's as the rotunda burst out in thunderous applause and cheers. The couple broke apart slowly, backing up and looking at each other with such warm expressions of love...and then of excitement as they turned to the crowd and shouted

"Alright Everypony!!! Let's get to partying!!!" The rotunda's roars of approval met them with equal vigor as off to the side, Vinyl Scratch twirled a record in her hoofs like a pro, smiling wide and flicking down her purple shades, whispering with a mischievous grin and muttering

"Buck yeah!"

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