Pinknesia: The Darker Descent

by Wolokai

First published

Pinkamena is back! And this time, she'll have to go into darker places to save Twilight Sparkle!!!!!

The following is a continuation and sequel of Pinkamena: The Dark Descent

It's been a few days since Pinkie Pie, the Party Pony of Ponyville returned from being banished to the moon after killing Inspector Trottington. Upon a review of her own actions and mentality during her "baking", Pinkie Pie seeks the professional help of Luna and a close Therapist Pony friend of hers in hopes to find the answers as to why she was so comfortable and unbothered by what she did. What they unimaginable. A dark entity is living inside Pinkie Pie, and although it has never controlled her, it had influenced her dark actions after being awoken from the sorrowful emotions of the Pink Mare. When a spell to rid this entity misfires, the entity succeeds in escaping from its pink prison, and escapes from Canterlot, fleeing to Ponyville. It's reasoning and purpose unknown, it finds and corrupts the first pony it comes in contact with...Twilight Sparkle.

Returning to the scene is our friend Detective W. Quill, curious as to the origins of The Entity and what its intentions are. Along for the ride comes Scootaloo and Fluttershy, hoping to aid the detective in his case.

With Twilight "Ponynapped", Canterlot in a state of shadowy chaos, and The Entity threatening all of Equestria... Pink Mare, armed with a lantern, matches, and her own sanity...must travel to a place of nightmares, and begin A Darker Descent.

Of Pink Shadows - The Prolouge

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One dark...gloomy year. The moon was cold to me, it hissed, it tormented, it drove me to insanity and back. I didn't understand, even to this Luna survived a thousand years on this barren hellhole. I was alone, cold, and miserable, with nothing but my own thoughts and my own, raging madness. My Insanity gave me only a tiny warmth, a sliver of comfort...a beacon of hope...even though it was a false one. Through my shattered and broken mind I wondered, I explored, and I dreamed.

What I really wanted though...was an answer to why, why I did the things I did. I murdered the rich ponies of Hoofington, baked them into delicious treats, and fed them to the poor, homeless ponies of the alleys. I drew my blade against the necks of many, killing more and more, until the day my knife was slid deep into the neck of Health Inspector Trottington.

Why...why did it come so easy? Why was it so easy to kill so many ponies when I found it nearly impossible to put a bunny out of its misery when I was a little filly? I've heard you carry the faces of those you kill, but the only face I carry really is...blackness. I hear it echoing in the back of my mind, I hear it calling my name, whispering dark instructions. This isn't me...something's wrong. These aren't my thoughts...these couldn't be mine. But if not mine...whose were they?

I told myself that I would go, go to Princess Luna and ask of her the experiences she had while being trapped here like me. I needed to know if she had felt the same thing, heard the same voices, experienced the same blackened madness that tugged and pulled on the strands of my very soul.

I was sitting on my belly, my hooves tucked in and comfy under my form. My eyes were closed and a peaceful look was displayed across my face. My features were...halved, with the right side of my body rich in pink color, my mane poofy and left side...dull and blurry, my hair straight and smooth. I was divided, torn by the blackness that had invaded my fortress of a body. I opened my eyes slowly to stare at the Earth, Celestia's sun beginning to light the peaceful planet.

Although most would deem it impossible to conceive, I could confidently say that my eyes were rooted to one spot on the planet, my gaze stretching forth from my white prison to the Earth below, watching over an orange mare who had begun to stir. She yawned, stretched, and wiggled around cutely in the blankets draped across her on Fluttershy's couch. I was watching over them all, laughing as they laughed, crying as they cried, listening as they talked. It was like I was gone...but not gone. I wouldn't have to wait for long...

My sentence was nearly over, Celestia marking for me my final day here on the moon with her three hundred and sixty-fifth sun. I felt my body tingle, the surface of the moon glowing a brilliant white. This was it, my freedom. Before I left this cold, desolate desert, I promised myself, over and over, to not delay, to not tarry, to go STRAIGHT to Princess Luna. Of course I'd break it, my very first broken promise to myself. I'd give it a day or two...there was no real rush and no real reason to miss my own Welcome Home party.

My body evaporated, and for a moment I was graced with the euphoric touch of bliss. A hoof pressed against my belly, another against my back. Opening my eyes, I was floating in a white abyss, the hooves of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna holding me gently. They smiled as I smiled, and as I looked towards Luna, a knowing expression grew on her face, and a single nod confirmed to me that I could take all the time in the world...and she would still listen.

A moment later I found myself waking up, my eyes opening slowly and the fresh scent of grass and clouds gracing my nose. I heard shouts, I heard yelling and outbursts of joy. I heard applause, I heard magic, and I heard a voice. A voice I waited three hundred and sixty five suns for. I was in the middle of Ponyville, in front of the Mayor's building, and everpony was there to greet me. They had witnessed the gigantic explosion of light which had brought me home, and in the next instant the entire town was in applause.

The voice I heard melted the icy shell that had formed around my heart and soul, and I instantly found myself hugged tightly by an orange mare, my darling, dearest, loving adopted daughter, Scootaloo. Oh the tears I shed, oh the sobs I let forth, oh the squeezing I gave her with my hug. The one Mare who was with me every step of the way, the one who was my best friend, and now, my loving daughter. Another set of hooves wrapped around me, under Scootaloo's, and I cried even harder when I smelt the familiar, forest-like scent of dear Fluttershy. One by one, my old friends returned to me, and held me tight. Applejack...Rarity...Rainbow Dash...and Twilight Sparkle.

Even though Princess Luna and I knew that things weren't over yet...that there were still loose ends to be tied...and questions to be answered...we allowed myself some time. Time to breathe, time to be alive, time to be with my sweet Scootaloo and my darling Fluttershy. A time to enjoy the best party in Equestria, and a time to sleep soundly and warmth, rather then the cold winds of space. I held my Scootaloo, forgetting of all the future troubles and miseries I might face, and for once...for once in three hundred and sixty five suns...

.......I felt it. The feeling. That all was right in the world again.

Chapter 1 - The Quiet Life

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-Pinkie Pie-

It was a beautiful thing to come home to, an orange and purple mare, a canary-yellow Pegasus, and the best food I had ever tasted in my lifetime. I knew Fluttershy was already a great cook, but oh MAN was I loving this soup! I was sitting in Fluttershy's cottage, sitting at her dinner table. All of my friends were here, as well as a few extra ponies as well. Big Macintosh was pouring himself some punch from a bowl in the living room, and Applebloom was helping Spike hang up a banner over the doorway to the kitchen. The banner was a lovely shade of pink and purple and had bright blue letters that read "WELCOME HOME PINKIE PIE!!!"

The party thrown for me didn't have to be so fancy, with streamers and balloons and dancing music. That was so odd coming from me, considering I was the party pony. I would have been happy with whatever they planned for me, since the moon kind of did a number on me. My attitude hadn't fully returned yet, my bouncy, happy nature. It only been about...three hours since I was grabbed up in a hug by my dear Scootaloo. The autumn afternoon brought with it a cool wind and peaceful calm, giving us the right temperature to open all the windows and doors of Fluttershy's Cottage. We all ate and talked excitedly, each of them bringing me up to date on what had happened in the past year.

For Rarity, her business at the Boutique was really kicking off, actually being able to extend some of her fashion line to a few chain stores in Canterlot. She ranted about all the glorious new fashions and designer clothes she was working on, and how exhausted she had been. We all knew she was rich by now, but her being as generous as she was, she practically threw all her money away for donations and other causes. I even felt tears in my eyes when she told me she had donated at least ten thousand bits to Hoofington for the homeless I used to "bake" for, providing for them a small sliver of hope in a world where they saw none.

For Applejack, business was prospering as well. She had actually been able to run up a smooth deal with Hoofington after the Emporiums had all been run out of town. She had reduced the high priced markets to cheap, affordable ones. Although it was technically a negative profit she was receiving from Hoofington, she said that the rest of her trading deals more then made up for it.

Rainbow Dash of course was being Rainbow Dash, practicing hard and long every day to get into the Wonderbolts. She was gearing up for another performance at the Best Young Flier competition, hoping to actually perform a rock-hard and solid routine that was "Sure to get her into the Wonderbolts this time!" I giggled, listening to her confident boasting and awesome ranting about her super cool stunts that were, yes, twenty percent cooler then her last ones.

Fluttershy had opened up her doors and home to my baby Scootaloo, who had been spending the last year here with the animal mare. Fluttershy and her had been working hard all year to make sure the renovations and repairs to Sugar Cube Corner worked and were implemented smoothly. They had grown so close over the past year that Scootaloo started to consider Fluttershy an aunt to her. I wasn't jealous of course, I was happy knowing my daughter wasn't depressed and alone during my absence.

After dinner had been finished, Scootaloo helped Fluttershy clear the table while the rest of us went into the living room to party. Ponies danced, talked, and otherwise mingled and for me, I couldn't have been happier! This had to be the most awesome, super-duper, amazing party I had ever been too, and it wasn't even one of mine!!! I spotted Twilight sitting a bit aways from the crowd, watching everyone with a tiny smile on her face. I approached her and threw a hoof around her shoulders, pulling her and smiling wide, exclaiming "HEY TWILIGHT! You having a good time because I'm having a good time and I'd hate for you not to have a good time when I'm having a good time because EVERYPONY deserves to have a good time!" Twilight smiled and rolled her eyes playfully at the my outbursts. I could tell she was happy to have the old Pinkie Pie back. She looked to me with a happy expression and said

"Oh don't worry Pinkie, I'm enjoying myself, I'm just waiting on another guest to arrive." I raised an eyebrow and asked

"Oh? Who is it?" Twilight merely turned her head towards the door and smiled a bit wider then I thought she could and squeaked

"Him!!!" I looked to where she was looking and couldn't help but smile myself. Detective W. Quill, the colt who had come to this place a year ago to Investigate and hear the Tale of Pinkie Pie, my tale. I hadn't gotten a chance to know him, but already I felt like we were good friends. I poked Twilight playfully with my elbow and whispered

"Oh ho...Twilight I think you got a nerdy crush for the nerd!" Twilight merely blushed and waved a hoof at me, shushing me playfully. I was just teasing her, but in truth it was actually kind of happy that Twilight had a wittle crush, it meant she may have a chance to get out of the library yet. I whispered slyly to her "Why don't you go talk to him...unless...of course, you have trouble talking to big, smart, sexy stallion's like Quill?" Twilight blushed a horrid shade of red and I merely giggled, listening to her squeaking response

"Oh...but what would I say?? Oh my goodness, I read up on appropriate conversation starters but...oh!!!" She buried her face in her hooves and ran for the kitchen, squeeing "I need water!" I laughed and approached Quill myself, hoping to give him a warm welcome. He spotted me as I waltzed through the small crowd of dancing ponies and he gave me a graceful bow, speaking in his rough, but cool voice

"Ms. Pinkie Pie, a pleasure to see you back here on Earth. I take it you are enjoying the festivities of the evening?" I nodded and smiled, saying

"Oh yes, it's been the most wonderful awesome party ever!!!" Quill nodded and asked, looking around

"Um, Ms. Pie, have you seen Ms. Sparkle around? I wanted to talk to her about the book she recommended to me and I must say, it was a fascinating read indeed!" I giggled, pointing a hoof towards the kitchen and saying

"Oh yeah, she's in the kitchen blushing her face off because I called you Big Sexy, be gentle with her, she's nerdy!" At this the detective blushed himself a deep shade of red which had me snorting a little with laughter. I put a hoof on his shoulder and smiled "Easy big boy, you don't want to fall to pieces when you have a heart-melted mare to impress, and please, call me Pinkie or Pinkie Pie...I haven't been called Ms. Pie know...Trottington..." Quill smiled at the first part of my statement and quickly went wide eyed when I told him about my preference of name. He said quickly

"Oh goodness Pinkie I didn't mean to offend, I'm terribly sorry!" I shook my head and smiled

"No biggie, now go on, she's just in there" I said, pointing towards the kitchen. He bowed his head in thanks and began to make his way towards the kitchen, turning and saying to me

"Oh, and Pinkie? There's a picnic I'm hosting later on in the day, you and all your friends are invited of course." I nodded, smiling widely and exclaiming

"Of course! You'll definitely see me there! ALRIGHT EVERYPONY, LETS, GET, TO, PARTYING!!!!"

The Party went on, The party had ended, and we had all attended the picnic. I believe I've told you this part of the tale...ah yes, I remember. I was sitting with Scootaloo, nuzzling up against her and Fluttershy had given me that super awesome special cotton candy flavored cupcake! Twilight and Quill were sitting on a far hill, watching butterflies float by and looked like they were talking about something interesting...although too me I could never find books that interesting. The day was coming closer to an end, Luna's prison...preparing to float above the horizon. Scootaloo, Fluttershy and I crossed the bridge to her cottage about ten to twenty minutes later after we had all said our goodbyes to our friends. We sat there, on the bridge, watching Celestia's sun lowering behind the horizon. I held my best friend and my daughter close to me, smiling and whispering

"I love you guys..."

I had no idea however...what the future would hold for me...the pain I would feel, the anguish I would endure, and the blackness that would come to terrorize me.I knew I needed to see Luna...but I had no idea that by doing so I was taking the first step on a journey even deadlier then my first...a path of evil...a road of despair...a Darker Descent.

Chapter 2 - The Visit

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Scootaloo yawned, opening her eyes slowly. "Another perfect day ahead of us..." She whispered to the far wall, smiling a little and turning over in the hooves of a Pink Mare that snuggled her close while she slept. Pinkie Pie and her were sharing the guest room of Fluttershy's cottage, and had both stayed up late to talk to one another and catch up on what all they had missed.

Pinkie was overjoyed to hear that Sugar Cube Corner, by today, would be safe to enter, although not fully finished. Scootaloo started to slip gently out of Pinkie's arms when suddenly she was pulled right into them, receiving a tight hug. Pinkie yawned and giggled a little, whispering

"And where do you think YOU'RE going?"

Scootaloo giggled, resting her head under Pinkie's chin and muttering

"I was going to make you breakfast mom, Fluttershy's already out and about in the yard, tending to the animals. You're the only one asleep silly filly." Pinkie Pie sighed contently and gave her a little squeeze with her hug before letting her go, muttering

"Five more minutes dear...I'll be up I promise." Scootaloo rolled her eyes playfully and slipped out of bed, turning to her mother and exclaiming

"You BETTER be! We're going to Sugar Cube Corner remember? We have to be there when the workers get there so they can give us the all clear to go in." Pinkie merely waved a hoof at Scootaloo playfully, muttering

"Yeah yeah...I'll be up...sure..." She fell back asleep as Scootaloo watched her, a loving smile on her face. She finally pushed through the door, heading downstairs and into the kitchen. She found Fluttershy already there, dragging a large bag out of a closet labeled with the picture of a bird.

Scootaloo held up a hoof and shouted with glee

"Morning Fluttershy!!!" Fluttershy, who hadn't heard Scootaloo come in, jumped up in fright and squealed, landing on her back with her hooves pointed straight up in the air. Scootaloo rubbed the back of her head and laughed nervously "Heh...sorry ok?" Fluttershy let out a content sigh and smiled a little, getting over her sudden paralysis and rolling over on her belly, speaking in her usual quiet voice

"Oh...yes, you gave me a bit of a scare there Scootaloo, but that' know...ok.............I'm not mad or anything." Scootaloo nodded, smiling a little at how timid and cute her friend was being. She looked towards the bag and asked

"You going to feed the birds?" The subject, now on animals, got Fluttershy to be no longer shy, actually jumping up on her hooves and nodding excitedly, saying

"Oh, yes! But, not the birds outside. I'm going to feed the good chickens over at Sweet Apple Acres!" Scootaloo raised an eyebrow in confusion, asking

"Why are you feeding their chickens...doesn't Applejack and Big Macintosh already have feed for them?" At the mention of Big Macintosh's name Fluttershy blushed a little, looking away and gently pawing at the ground with her hoof. She muttered

"Oh...well...they ran out of feed just yesterday haven't had a chance to go get was....going to go feed them....for him...THEM! For, I'm running late, you can use...use the oven Scootaloo." Fluttershy was blushing madly, dragging the bag of feed out with her quickly and out the front door.

Scootaloo scratched her head for a moment, confused. Fluttershy was being more timid then she usually was...but maybe it just came in phases. She nodded at her own theory, and headed for the front door. Scootaloo had informed Ditzy Doo that hers and Pinkie Pie's mail would need to be delivered to Fluttershy's cottage until repairs were completed. Waltzing up to the mailbox and humming, she gently opened up the metal tube and peered inside. She screamed when something latched onto her face and she fell backwards, flailing about. She put two hooves on whatever it was holding her and ripped it from her face, panting. She gasped and yelled

"HORSEFEATHERS GUMMY! You scared the hay out of me!!!" Gummy the alligator merely stared, not responding or moving. Scootaloo sighed and put him down, pointing a hoof at him and saying "Now you behave, Fluttershy has a lot of critters around here and she'll be SUPER MAD if she finds out you ate any! And if Fluttershy's mad..." Scootaloo, suddenly a little nervous, leaned down and whispered very quietly "If Fluttershy's mad....Pinkie Pie will get mad...and we don't want that now do we?" Gummy just stared, rolling over on his back and leaving Scootaloo to only sigh.

She reached into the mailbox yet again and found only a tiny package for Fluttershy, nothing else. She shrugged, not really minding. The only other mail they received anyway were bills for Sugar Cube Corner's reconstruction and Order Forms for new kitchen appliances and supplies for the store as well. She was about to head inside when a clap of thunder was heard over head. She looked up, the sky beginning to darken as the beating of wings was suddenly heard. Scootaloo turned around, shaking a little out of nervousness and the sudden change of temperature. It wasn't long until the clouds parted aways to allow a single chariot to come blasting through, pulled by two dark-armored Pegasus ponies. She recognized the armor and color of the ponies, noting them to be Moon Guards, the Royal Guard of Princess Luna. And if they were here...then...

Scootaloo knelt deeply as Princess Luna jumped from her chariot and landed, her celestial mane billowing with magic. Scootaloo squeaked a little at the sudden thud of her impact, talking rapidly "Oh my gosh, Princess Luna, I didn't...we didn't expect...oh Fluttershy's not here! The house is a bit messy oh my gosh Princess I'm..." She felt a gentle hoof on her head and looked up into the smiling face of Princess Luna, who merely shook her head and sighed, speaking

"Now Scootaloo, must you be so scared and formal? Please, I do not mind a little mess, as my own room looks like dear Tia' had a drunken fit and tried doing the tango in my room with a chair...though you didn't hear that from me" Scootaloo giggled as Luna winked, looking up at Fluttershy's cottage. "Is dear Pinkie Pie home?" Scootaloo's eyes widened as she squeaked

"She's...not in trouble is she?" Luna looked down at her in surprise and quickly shook her head, exclaiming

"Oh goodness NO dear Scootaloo! I would never punish her or do anything of the sort so quickly after she returned from the moon. Tia' was the same with me, not punishing me for the little things because I was still...rather sensitive. That's why I'm here, I wanted to check up on her and see how she's doing. Would it be alright for me to see her?" Scootaloo nodded and pointed up to the second floor, saying

"Sure, she's up on the second floor, careful though, she's still sleeping...although I bet you could give her a really good wake-up call!" They both laughed as Scootaloo led the way inside, heading herself to the kitchen while Luna walked upstairs. Pinkie Pie lie peaceful, snuggling up in her blankets and smiling when she heard the door open, whispering

"Back already Scootaloo? You sure do cook breakfast fast..." Luna merely giggled and said

"Well Pinkie Pie, to be honest, I think breakfast should be the last thing on your mind." Pinkie's eyes shot open and she bolted upright in bed, squealing loudly at seeing Princess Luna standing at the foot of the bed. She quickly got up and knelt on the mattress, starting to apologize but being quickly stopped by a gentle poke of Luna's hoof. The Princess smiled, saying "Now Pinkie, come now, you and I are close enough to where formalities aren't needed. You DID help in ridding Nightmare Moon from my soul. I'm just here to check up on you...see if you're doing ok. I know the moon can have...quite the effect on ponies" They both shared a sad look of sympathy as Pinkie Pie sighed and nodded, muttering

"Actually I wanted to talk to you about that Princess...there's something that happened to me on the moon that I'm not sure what to make out of it...I had questions...but..." Luna cut her off with a swing of her hoof, smiling

"Say no more my dear, I will be glad to answer whatever question you may have for me, but for now, you have a lovely daughter preparing for you the most wonderful breakfast. Come by Canterlot within a day or two and I'll see to it you are let in. I'll give a friend of mine a call and we'll see if we can't get you sorted out." Pinkie Pie smiled and exclaimed

"Oh thank you Princess Luna! I'll be there, you can't count on that!" Luna smiled warmly herself and they both said their farewells.

Pinkie sat there in bed for a moment, holding a hoof against her head. The tiny whispering hadn't stopped...a voice near the back of her head. She couldn't make out what it had said, but either way she knew she'd need to see Luna again soon. She had hoped she could talk to Luna now...but as long as she knew she'd see her eventually that was all she needed to push through the days. She heard Scootaloo's adorable voice calling her down for breakfast and it broke her from her tiny trance. She smiled, pushing herself out of bed and heading downstairs, ready to start the day with her wonderful daughter.

Chapter 3 - The "Date"

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-Twilight Sparkle-

Most ponies ask me " did you fall for Detective Quill? He's new around these parts!" Well...I wouldn't exactly say he's NEW here, I mean he's been around a lot the past year, what with The Tale of Pinkie Pie to investigate. Oh yeah, don't just think that everything ended with Pinkie being sent to the Moon, because it didn't. There was a GIANT investigation with Trottington's employers, the ones who serviced the Emporiums. Apparently a heap ton of blackmail and other dark deeds went into making the bakery chain successful. It was kind of unfortunate that Pinkie had to suffer through one of the more dark deeds...and let me tell you planting a mauled body in a basement certainly tops most of them.

This kept Quill here for awhile, investigating and using my library A LOT for reference. He always found himself in deep thought or reading a book he needed for the case, and I was content just to watch. I made him a few daisy sandwiches from time to time, and he was always so polite and so grateful for my effort. Sometimes I even found myself day dreaming about him from time to time...alright I'm getting a big creepy here. Back to the had been yesterday when I last ran into Quill, at Pinkie Pie's welcome home party and picnic. I went to sleep early that night, hoping to catch an early start on the day since I noticed I was getting behind in my studies.

I was laying in bed the next morning, catching up on some reading about dark cults of the 4th Ponyin' Century, when I heard a knocking on my door. Odd...a pony to visit this early, even before the Library even opened! I yawned a little, hopping out of bed and whipping my mane out of my eyes. Spike wasn't around, probably still on "Official" business in Canterlot. Business my flank...he was probably just slacking off at Pony Joe's coffee shop. I sighed, shaking my head and heading towards the door, a fresh wave of knocking beginning. "Yeah yeah I'm coming, hold your horsefeathers!" I felt my magic coarse through my body and into my horn as an aura of magic wafted over the door, opening it with telekinesis. My heart skipped a beat as I beheld a smiling Detective Quill standing outside my door, his brownish coat gleaming in the sunlight, his lighter brown Mane hanging ever his neck and chest. I blushed a little, muttering "Oh...good morning Detective Quill...what brings you here so early?"

Quill could probably see the red spreading through my cheeks and he too blushed a little, clearing his throat and saying with a confident voice

"Well I was hoping to start a bit early today on some reading, I have a rather interesting case coming up involving Pinkie Pie, and I wanted to do a bit of light reading on a theory I had" I nodded my head, a little dissapointed that he wasn't here just for me...oh why am I being so selfish? I slapped myself mentally as he continued on "Don't think that Pinkie is in trouble, it's nothing of that sort. Princess Luna sent me a message exclusively about an appointment she has set up for our pink friend, and she'd like me to attend...bit ironic, that with my second degree I majored in an advanced field of psychology and therapy. Hay, it's a wonder I haven't needed it MYSELF over the years" He chuckled and I melted, I swear. His voice and laughter was so powerful...I nearly went to pieces right there and then. It was odd for me, I being the "egghead" of the group and barely remembering what it felt like to be out in the day. It called for no social life, the way I lived, being cooped up all day long. I wasn't even sure I knew what love felt like...but if I could define it in anyway...I'd say it was similar to this. Of course I didn't outright LOVE love him, we had only been meeting briefly over the past year.

He cleared his throat and said "I believe I came a bit TOO early seems you've just gotten out of bed, am I right?" He added with a little snicker, looking up at my hair. I looked up as well and noticed it was a downright mess. I squeaked as I excused myself for a moment but he quickly stopped me, holding a hoof out towards me "Oh nonsense, you don't have to tidy up on my look...kind of nice, rebellious even. I like mare with a little wild side." I blushed horribly at this as he did himself and cleared his throat awkwardly, pawing at the ground and muttering "Oh where are my manners...excuse me Ms. Sparkle, I didn't mean to be so forward." I shook my head and smiled, saying

"Oh that's alright, I liked the compliment. You're not such a bad looking Stallion yourself!" At this Quill chuckled nervously, scratching his mane a little and muttering

"Stallion...heh...well I suppose that makes us even then?" We both laughed as he held up a hoof again, speaking a bit slowly, as if nervous or timid "Say...since the Library is still closed...and neither of us have had a bite to eat yet...maybe...we could go have some breakfast treat of course!" I smiled, walking out of the library and shutting the door behind me and nodding

"Breakfast sounds lovely...and you can tell me about that theory you mentioned" He smiled and lined himself up beside me, holding out a hoof and smiling

"Shall we?"

We walked together in silence, and it wasn't the uncomfortable silence most would attribute to this situation. It was the calm...peaceful...enjoying one another's company silence. We traded glances a few times, each of us blushing a little. Finally we came across the "Daisy Diner", a favorite eatery to most ponies in Ponyville. An outdoor waiter was situated behind a small podium under an overhanging umbrella, and nodded politely at our approach. Quill held up a hoof and dropped a small bag of bits on the podium, saying professionally "A table for two, for myself and the lovely mare. One a bit away from prying eyes, if you will" If I keep blushing like this I might turn into an apple...he was being so sweet...and I have to admit it was nice to be treated like a lady from time to time. We sat at the table designated to us and sighed, both of us peering over our menus and choosing our plates.

With a "Eggeroo Sandwich" and "Daisy Omelet" on the way, we got into talking about a variety of subjects. He was so smart, such a was no surprise at how successful he was at his work. More and more into the conversation I just let him talk, and stared mostly, listening intently. I loved it when he talked...his rich...powerful...

"Ms. Sparkle?" Creamy...wonderful...dreamy..

"Um...Ms. Sparkle? Are you alright?" Lovely...seductive......

He put a hoof on mine and I suddenly jumped a little, breaking out of my small trance and noticing that he had been trying to get my attention for a few minutes. I blushed horribly and muttered

"Oh dear, I'm sorry...I got so into your talking that...I'm sorry" At this Quill simply laughed and shook his hoof in a manner to say 'That's quite alright'. Our food had finally arrived and we dug in eagerly, munching quietly as we enjoyed the food as much as we did each others company. After I made it about half way through my omelet I looked up, swallowing and asking "So about your theory, what's it all about?" Quill politely waited until he had finished his bite before answering, wiping his mouth off with a napkin before speaking

"Well, I've been doing a lot of research over the past year about Pinkie Pie's behavior. Myself being a Therapist, I of course noted patterns as well as small triggers in her behavior that allowed her to cope with the murderous acts she was committing. In truth, nopony would have been able to do what she did for such an extended period of time. A pony, who wasn't a soldier, could maybe live with the deaths of a few ponies, maybe seven or eight at the most. But for Pinkie to butcher over FORTY ponies, and not lose her sanity? A miracle...or so I thought" I was fascinated by this, nodding and whispering

"Go on, what did you find out?" The Detective sighed and sipped a warm cup of coffee that had been delivered with his sandwich before continuing

"Well, for Pinkie I thought maybe it was possible that she could have some sort of Bi-polar or alter-ego like disorder, that made her switch back and forth between mental entities, but I debunked this theory later on. It was clear to me based upon reports I had from Scootaloo, many ponies who knew her, and reports from many in Hoofington regarding her behavior, that there was no way Pinkie Pie had developed a second mentality. It was her doing this, consciously, the whole time. Sure her attitude and mood were different, considering what she was going through emotionally, but never did she once lose her mind or come under intense mental strain. It was so unusual that I even started to delve into magical theorems, to see if I could pick up a lead there. So far, no luck..." I nodded, and was immediately overjoyed that he was considering Magical solutions to his problem. A golden opportunity for Twilight Sparkle at last!

I cleared my throat and said

"I agree with you on the mental aspects, I've read up on my share of Mental Health and Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment, and I have to say that maybe Magic did have something to do with it...although I can't really recall a time Pinkie's messed with anything supernatural or magic of the sort. I mean, she's an Earth Pony, they can't even use magic." Quill nodded as I spoke and then asked

"Tell me, has Pinkie been exposed to any kind of magic in the past? Perhaps casted near or directly at her?" I thought for a moment, scratching my chin with a hoof and letting out a low "Hmmm..." I looked at Quill and said

"Well I do remember Pinkie had run into Poison Joke before...that doesn't induce cold-blooded murdering though...and there was the time with Discord, but that was nothing more then a dangerous, chaotic version of Poison Joke. OH! There was the first time I had met Pinkie, when we fought Nightmare Moon. We used the Elements of Harmony to defeat her and free Princess Luna. Maybe there was a miasma or some kind of magic residue that was left behind when she had vanished." Quill's eyes widened as I explained what all had happened and he nodded

"'s certainly a lead, and most certainly something to be brought up to Princess Luna. She was indeed Nightmare Moon before, perhaps she'll know something pertaining to related dark magic. Thank you Ms. Sparkle, you've my day much easier!" I blushed and rolled my eyes playfully. We finished our food and began the walk back to my library.

Another calming silence escorted us as we walked through the town, Ponies walking and flying this way and that, attending to their own business and errands. A light breeze gently wafted around us, cooling our coats and sighing on our faces, allowing us to smile peacefully as we finally made it to the front door. He turned to me, saying gently "Thank you very much for your company and the information Ms. Sparkle, it was most enjoyable and very helpful." I blushed, looking away sheepishly and muttering

" was no trouble at all, I enjoyed today as well...we should do it again sometime!" Quill smiled his prize smile and nodded, whispering to me

"I'd like that...very much" We stood there for a moment, staring at us, until we both suddenly moved forward and gave each other a sort of hug, his front hooves wrapping around me as I wrapped mine around him. It was a friendly hug...or so we thought...because in the next moment I couldn't help but nuzzle the back of his neck a little, and he nuzzled mine...It was such a moment, and I wanted it to last forever but suddenly Spike's voice echoed from within

"Twilight? Where are you, you still here?" Wait, Spike WAS home? Sneaky little dragon...he must have been hiding out somewhere in the library, hoping I wouldn't put him straight to work with the busy season we've been having...or maybe he had JUST returned home from Canterlot. Whatever the reason for his return, we sprang apart, blushing and chuckling a little as Quill stuttered

" better get going...until next time soon, Ms. Sparkle" I gave him a playful wink and smiled, saying

"Of course...and do call me Twilight, it's what everypony calls me and I'm much too informal to be called by such a ladies name." He smiled and leaned in gently, giving me a small peck on the cheek that made both of our cheeks burn red and whispered

"Then until next time...Twilight" He turned away and left just after that, leaving me standing there...breathless. If I could have screamed, I would have, but to save myself the embarrassment I merely spread a gigantic smile across my face and went back inside. I was of course curious as to the possible magical effects Pinkie may have had on her at some point during the time I've known her, and it was something I was going to research extensively. Another long day in the I come!

Chapter 4 - The Appointment

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Pinkie Pie walked nervously down the streets of Ponyville, Scootaloo bouncing along beside her. They were heading to Sugar Cube Corner, hoping to get the all clear from the construction crew that it was safe to enter the bottom floor. It was kind of an odd sight, seeing the walking styles of both mares totally switched. Usually it'd be Pinkie bouncing about with glee and Scootaloo walking calmly, but the later plans of the day were taking a harsh toll on the Pink Mare. Today was the day Pinkie Pie would go to Canterlot and see Princess Luna and, much to her surprise and satisfaction, Detective Quill. Scootaloo kept a close eye on Pinkie, and knew that even though her mother sported a good enough smile, it was still as fake at Trixie's boastful ranting.

Scootaloo stopped bouncing for a moment and looked towards Pinkie, muttering "Are you ok Pinkie? It's ok to be nervous about The Corner, it's been awhile since it's actually seen some good hoof-work..." Pinkie Pie blinked for a moment, snapping out of her deep train of thought and looking over at Scootaloo, smiling a little and shaking her head, saying

"Oh no, I'm not as nervous about the shop as I visit to Canterlot." Scootaloo stopped walking, making Pinkie stop as well as Scootaloo muttered

"That' Well I'm sure it'll be ok, I mean come on, I've read about plenty of Ponies who've acted and done things that were unheard of considering their personality and behavior!" Pinkie Pie blinked in surprise, whispering

"Really?" Scootaloo stared at her a minute before chuckling nervously and scratching the back of her mane, muttering

"S...Sure..." Pinkie sighed and shook her head, smiling a little. She put a hoof around Scootaloo and pulled her close, whispering in her ear

"Oh you liar, heh, thanks for trying to make me feel better Scootaloo, I appreciate it." Scootaloo raised an eyebrow and smiled widely, poking Pinkie gently with her hoof and laughing

"Oh? You don't feel better? Who's the liar now! Silly Filly!!!" Pinkie Pie couldn't help but laugh and snort a little, feeling a weight rise off of her heart. She giggled and wiping a tear out of her eye, said

"Alright, you got me, now come on! Let's go see our shop!!!" Scootaloo squealed with delight and TOGETHER, they both bounced along with a happy 'sproing' in their step.

It was another twenty minutes before the mother and daughter found themselves sitting on their haunches, staring up at the half-way ruined Sugar Cube Corner. Scootaloo was eying Pinkie Pie carefully, but couldn't see anything more then a blank stare etched upon the Pink Mare's face. Scootaloo cleared her throat, holding a hoof out to the door, now unboarded and able to be opened. The only difference now was that a "WARNING: CONSTRUCTIONAL HAZARD!" was hung up near the doorknob. Scootaloo sighed and went forward, muttering

"Shall we?" Pinkie nodded slowly as together they pushed opened the door and waltzed in. The first floor was in a semi-good shape, with the wallpaper being redone, half of the floor re-boarded, and the shelves and counters all replaced by granite. Pinkie Pie looked about, smiling a little at the substantial amount of repair that had gone into the place. Scootaloo poked around a bit, peaking into cupboards and checking out the kitchen, shouting back to Pinkie "WHOA! Pinkie they gave us a whole assortment of kitchen supplies! No knives though...guess that makes...sense?" Pinkie Pie sighed, heading over to a far corner of the shop, near the front window and calling out to Scootaloo

"I asked them not to order knives is why!" Scootaloo came back to the front room upon hearing this, scratching her mane and asking

"What? Why, don't we need a knife, you know, for cutting?" Pinkie Pie didn't answer, merely motioning for Scootaloo to come over to her. Scootaloo shrugged and complied, heading over and asking "What's up?" Pinkie sat on her belly and gently pushed against one of the old, rotten floorboards that had yet to be replaced. She whispered as she put pressure on the board, wiggling it a little

"We don't need one...because we already have one...I snuck in here about two to three years into Fluttershy's imprisonment to hide...AH HA! There we go!" Pinkie's hoof at pushed through the board with a loud crack, lifting it back out and stomping on the rest of the board, tearing it up and allowing her to squeeze her face into the crack and pull out a black and red box, about a foot and a half long. She set it gently on the ground between them both as Scootaloo peered closely at it. Pinkie Pie drew and blew a gentle breath, blowing off the dust that had settled on the box.

She leaned her head down gently and softly pushed her nose against the front latch of the box. The latch unhooked, and the top lid was gently lifted upwards, revealing a large, glistening, kitchen knife with a polished, gleaming, wooden handle. Scootaloo's eyes widened in both shock and awe, beholding the perfectly preserved knife that lay before her, resting gently on red velvet. She looked up at Pinkie Pie, a wordless question hanging in the air. Pinkie nodded, not once taking her eyes off the blade and whispering "'s the very same blade...the one that was a gift to me from Inspector Trottington, the one he gave...and the one he received." Scootaloo stared back down in horror, realizing what all this blade had been used for and squeaking

"But...but...why...HOW...could you keep this!? Pinkie Pie you know that you ki-" Pinkie Pie gently pushed a hoof against her mouth, shushing her and whispering

"I know...but I wanted to create a new, better purpose for this knife..." She looked down at the blade, gently slipping a hoof under it and lifting it from the box, the light of the sun coming through the cracks in the boarded windows casting a yellowish glow on the blade. Pinkie let out a low tune, singing softly and gently, like a lullaby

This is my knife...
See how it's cleeaan...
Never again, will it spill, all the blood
Of the riiiiiich, my lovely kniiiifee!!!

She got up, walking across the room with Scootaloo behind her, listening intently as Pinkie sung to her blade

Look now my dear,
Bloody, no longer.
Never...oh Never
Will I ever kill again with this Blaaaaaade!
No more, my deeeeaar!

Scootaloo smiled as Pinkie did, happy that no more ill-fate could come of this blade ever again, letting Pinkie continue her song

And I've come hooooome an innocent maaaarrrre!
Heeeeere with my dear daughter...
And we'll bake wonders....
Won't we...

Scootaloo nodded as Pinkie Pie looked at her, tearing up a little and smiling with pride and walking closer to Pinkie as she continued

Scootaloo my dear,
Come let me hold you,
Now, here at home,
We are finally here!
My Maaaaaare!
My darling Maaaaaare!

Pinkie Pie gave Scootaloo a loving hug, gently resting the knife in her hooves and whispering to it gently

Rest now my blade...
Soon we'll cut pastries,
Soon you'll drip frosting and flour and sugar my blaaaaaade!
My Shining Blaaaaade!
Oh how you'll Shine!!!!
No, no more Murder!! Nooo!!!

Pinkie started to whisper, Scootaloo pulling away from her hug and nuzzling her, heading back to the kitchen and leaving Pinkie to finish her song.

You shall drip frosting...
You'll soon drip yummy....frosting...

Pinkie saw sunlight gleam across the floor to her right as she looked and beheld the sun shining through one of the unboarded windows. She smiled, oh how she smiled, gently standing on her hind legs as the light cascaded over her and her blade, which she held and pointed towards the window and the sun. She felt warmth and happiness flow through her body as she finally felt the inner peace she had been searching for in the six years she had been tormented. She took in a deep, sunbathed breath of fresh, rich air and let it out in a melting sigh, exclaiming loudly

AT LAST!!! ....My hooves are complete again!!!

-Two Hours Later-

Pinkie Pie had left Scootaloo with Fluttershy, herself riding in a golden chariot requisitioned by Princess Luna for her visit. The cheery, warm peace she had felt only a few hours before had all but evaporated, leaving her now nervous and practically shivering with fear. She had no reason to fear Princess Luna or Detective why was she so afraid? Was it because of the answers she might find to questions she wondered would be better left unanswered. She hugged herself a little, chilly from the high altitudes the guards pulling the chariot were bringing her too. She rode in silence for the next twenty minutes until finally she was dropped off at the front gates of the castle.

The guards had been informed of her arrival, and was permitted inside, the golden gates opening widely and allowing her passage in. She walked in slowly, looking around at the familiar Grand Hall she had been two twice before, once at the Grand Galloping Gala and again when she was honored for helping defeat Discord. A colt was standing at the bottom of the stairs, wearing a brown suit of sorts and golden spectacles upon his face. He approached Pinkie and bowed with great respect, speaking in a clear and professional voice

"Ms. Pinkie Pie of Ponyville I presume? Come, this way, the Princess and her guest are waiting for you in the royal library." Pinkie nodded and following, staring in awe at all the wonderful, velvety tapestries and stained glass that adorned the walls and ceiling. They traveled up two staircases and down two halls lined statues of famous ponies. At last they came to two GIGANTIC double doors of solid oak, artistically carved with a wide open book in its surface. The doors opened on their own, as if sensing the presence of the Pink Mare, and the colt performed a farewell bow, leaving her there.

Pinkie took a deep breath and walked in once the doors had opened wide enough to let her in. What she found on the other side was mind-numbingly amazing and jaw-dropping. Shelves, at least eight times as high as Twilight's house, were lined up and spread about EVERYWHERE in the largest room she had ever seen. It had to be bigger than the throne room, there was NO WAY that it wasn't! Pinkie walked down the main row of the library, a red carpet muffling her hoofsteps. As she rounded one corner of a shelf she heard a liquid voice call out to her from a little ways off

"Pinkie Pie, over here dear!" Turning her head, she saw Princess Luna sitting at a circular table with Detective Quill, books scattered all about the table.

Pinkie hurried on over, giving the formal bow of respect to Luna who simply rolled her eyes playfully and motioned to the empty chair set up for her. Pinkie slipped into the seat, sitting on her haunches and smiling, giving a gleeful

"Good afternoon Princess Luna! And hey-howdy to you too Quilly!" Quill raised an eyebrow, chuckling at his nickname as Luna smiled, putting her hoofs up on the table and talking with a pleasant tone

"Good afternoon yourself Pinkie Pie, how's your afternoon going so far?" Pinkie smiled, thinking and going over her day in her head and letting out a content sigh, replying

"Oh it was wonderful, I got to go with Scootaloo to the park for awhile and then we went to Sugar Cube Corner...the repairs are coming along nicely. Should be just another week until we can move back in and it's back to treat making and cupcake decorating!" They all laughed a little before Luna cleared her throat and looked towards Pinkie, a concerned look in her eye. Pinkie caught this and nodded, saying "Alright...well like I said before Princess Luna, I want to know if there's something...wrong with me. Like, mentally, since I found it a little unnerving that I performed such...evil things without a care in the world...and about my madness on the moon. I had completely lost my marbles up there, and I was wondering if maybe...something came back with me, or something happened to my mind while I was there..." Luna nodded as Pinkie asked her questions, waiting politely for her to finish before she spoke herself

"I know what you mean my dear...and I must say it was ever so hard for me to send you the moon. I should never have sent you there in the first place...but Tia' and I were both in agreement. As for the Insanity...I too had felt it while amongst the stars. Raging...unending madness and nothing but an empty echo of blackness and Insanity to accompany it. Believe me dear Pinkie Pie I know exactly what you mean. You're probably thinking what happened to me has also happened to you, whereas I was banished as Nightmare Moon and I RETURNED as Nightmare Moon. Unfortunately this isn't so, in your case, you did not leave with darkness and you certainly did not come back with it. I'm not sure there is anything even ailing you, BUT, fear not. Me and Quill here have been doing extensive research into magical possibilities and sources that MAY have influenced your dark acts. You can thank your dear friend Twilight Sparkle for the idea." Pinkie smiled at this and nodded, waving a hoof about in the air and giggling

"Oh, that smarty pants mare. She's so sweet and kind, I only wish she'd get out of the house more often...but anyway, about your theories, did any of them stick?"

Luna scratched the underside of her chin with a hoof, letting out a low "Hrmmm...." before looking towards Pinkie, nodding

"Well there is ONE road we can trot down first, and that is a Mental Scrying, which will allow me to delve deep into your sub-consciousness using magic and see if anything odd pops up. I must warn you though that this is a delicate and careful art of magic, even Celestia barely refers to such ancient arcane powers. Are you comfortable with me doing this Pinkie? I swear I know what I'm doing, I've had a thousand years to practice and fine tune some old styles of magic." Pinkie nodded, getting comfortable in the chair and sighing

"Whatever it takes Princess Luna, I want to be my bouncy, happy self again...I've been too depressed for too long." Luna nodded and licked her lips in concentration, lowering her head and pointing her horn at Pinkie Pie, speaking loudly and in a commanding tone

"Very well, you have confirmed to me your wishes for Mental Scrying, and take note Detective White Quill here is a witness to this statement. You must NOT move, for ANY reason Pinkie Pie, and must keep a clear and calm mind. Do you understand?" Pinkie Pie nodded, closing her eyes and saying back in the same tone of voice

"I, Pinkamena Diane Pie, understand these instructions...and I am ready..." Luna took a deep breath, her horn glowing a dark blue color as magic swirled up and around her horn. Luna whispered

"Here goes everything..." and shut here eyes tight in concentration, the leylines of magic connecting and working into the specified pattern she needed the spell to turn into. After two minutes of concentration, her spell was ready and she leaned forward carefully, the tip of her horn gently touching Pinkie's forehead.


It was as if Luna's mind and Pinkie's melted into one. No longer was the princess sitting in the Royal Archives, but instead, on a dark, blackened plain of grass, the color of the ground a murderous red and the sky an even bloodier shade of it. She looked around, seeing nothing but rollings hills for a moment and feeling nothing but a gentle breeze waft ever so softly over her. She heard a tiny whispering behind her and turned her head, eyes widening at the sight she saw before her. A castle, MASSIVE in size, was laid out before her, as tall as Canterlot and at least three times as big. Dark spires stuck out at menacing angles and clouds of black venom hung over the estate. Claps of thunder roared out over the nightmarish stones that made up the hulking bastion of evil.

Princess Luna knew this place, and because of this, she gasped with terror. Her pupils contracted rapidly as she beheld this beacon of malevolence. Tears brimmed her eyes as she started to weep, her own mind screaming over and over "Why...Why!!!! WHY!?!?" WHY DID IT...WHY!?" It was too much, it was just too much! She reared her head up as the wind picked up harshly, nearly throwing Luna up in the air. She screamed


In an instant Luna felt herself fall and hit solid wood, letting out a loud "OOF!" as she heard Pinkie Pie gasp from across the table. Quill, to her left, shouted

"Well good heavens it's about time!!! I was beginning to get worried!" Luna had kept her eyes shut tight and her hooves over them as well as she sobbed, tears streaking down her cheeks. A firm hoof gently pressed against Luna's back and eventually pulled her close, her head resting against a warm and powerful body. Celestia's voice rang out in crystal clarity as she cooed to her sister

"Dear Luna...hush now...dear Luna all is well, open your eyes dear sister. I have come as you called...hush your tears dear." Luna raised her head and sniffed loudly, hugging Celestia and shivering a little as her sister hugged her back. Pinkie Pie was wide-eyed throughout the whole scene, looking at Quill and half shouting

"What the hay? What just happened? I blacked out...or did I fall asleep....either way what happened?!" Quill blinked in surprise, stuttering

"I...I don't know, you two have been sitting there for hours! It's already night out!" Pinkie Pie looked towards the nearest window and shouted

"WHAT?! How the, it only felt like a second!!!" Indeed the sky outside was darkened and splattered with stars. Celestia rubbed Luna's back gently, turning her head to Pinkie Pie and sighing

"It is alright, I've already sent a message to your friends about where you were, they know where you are so you need not worry. However...I am curious as to what is going on here...and why my sister is going to pieces in my hooves..." At this Luna looked up, sniffling

"Oh was the place...THAT place!!! I was using the Mental Scrying spell and I came across it in Pinkie's mind!!!" Hearing this, Celestia's eyes widened and she turned to Pinkie, heaving her sister upon her back and whispering rapidly.

"Pinkie Pie, follow me, you too Quill, hurry. Time is of the essence!" Celestia began to hurry out of the library, Quill and Pinkie hot on her hooves. Quill spoke loudly and rapidly, trying his best to keep up with the galloping princess

"Your majesty what has happened!? What has dear Luna seen?"

This question was unanswered throughout their entire run, finally ending up in hall Pinkie Pie recognized as the Hall of Harmony in Canterlot Tower, the passageway that held at the end, the vault containing the Legendary Elements of Harmony. She looked at the familiar panes of glass she had seen and commented on, telling her friends last time they were here 'We're famous!'. There was no excitement here however, as Celestia gently laid Luna down on the ground near the vault and gave her a comforting nuzzle, standing back up at full height and using her horn to unlock the vault. The patterns of light spread out amongst the door, the same six circles of stone lighting up and spreading apart the doors. Celestia waited a moment for the light that had burst forth from the vault to subside, stepping inside and moving around the glistening chest that held the Elements of Harmony. Pinkie Pie, curious, stole a close look inside the vault and gasped. There were books, old statues, relics, everything that was near and very, VERY dear to Canterlot and its foundation. Celestia quickly exited as quickly as she entered, hovering a now opened, dusty old book in front of her. The vault door shut behind her and locked tight as Celestia flipped through pages quickly, looking quickly for a specific chapter.

At long last Celestia stopped one one page, reading it's contents VERY carefully. After several, quiet, long minutes, Celestia bookmarked the page with a string attached to the cover and sighed, closing it. She bowed her head and shivered a little, speaking in a very low, very sad tone

"It is as I seems Pinkie Pie is being haunted by something known only as..."

-Twilight Sparkle-

"The Entity...A malevolent force so chaotic...that even The Master of Disharmony, Discord himself, was unable to master it's unlimited magical potential. A force of no origin, and knowing of no other purpose except death and destruction, The Entity was trapped in the deepest part of the moon by Starswirl the Bearded, who alone unlocked the mysterious ways to bring down The Entity's dark barrier of Blood and pierce its malevolent flesh of Death. It is said here that The Entity lived amongst all those who partook in unhealthy, chaotic emotions. Depression...greed...jealously...hatred...all of these the most common of cases. Legends say that if a Pony or another creature feels one of these emotions in such an intense, overwhelming magnitude, that The Entity can thrive in power and possibly...begin a reign of terror that it has repeated in various stages of Equestrian History since the Rise of Celestia. However, the only saving grace is that not everypony can succumb to The Entity, and can only be cursed by it's ravenous darkness if it is...passed on. Passed on? What the hay does THAT mean? How do you pass on such a dark force willingly? ...How would Pinkie be able to receive it anyway, WHY would she accept it? This makes no sense..."

Twilight was sitting on her bed, Spike nearby munching on a delicious emerald and sighing, looking over at Twilight and shaking his head, muttering

"Sounds like another Mare's Tale to me, just a bunch of mumbo jumbo." Twilight gave him a look and sighed

"Right, because the last, what, three or four times I've heard that, it wasn't true at all was it? Nightmare Moon, the Sonic Rainboom, the Curses Zecora "supposedly" cast upon us." Spike sighed and threw up his claws in defeat

"Alright alright...I give, what else does it say about the Entity thing?" Twilight shook her head and looked down at the book.

" just says 'For more information, please see Canterlot Archives Scribes for appropriate reference material'.'s definitely worth a letter to the Princess...or maybe I can wait for Quill to come back from Canterlot and I can tell him about The Entity...yeah, I'll do that!!!" Spike rolled his eyes and started to go downstairs, muttering

"Bleh, too much girly girly crushy stuff, I'm going to get some more gems, Later Twilight Lovekle." Twilight narrowed her eyes and shouted after him

"At least I'm not in love with something not even of my own species and who's like eight or ten years older then me! Creep!!!!" She narrowed her eyes even more when she heard the most 'un-adult' response from Spike, and sighed as she laid her head down on the pages. This Entity didn't sound good at all...she didn't like where all the possibilities were going, and if there was one thing Twilight Sparkle was that if there is a possibility for bad things to happen...they will.

Chapter 5 - The Eve

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Celestia sighed, closing the book and looking over towards Pinkie, who could only stare back, terrified at what she just heard. Quill looked at Celestia quizzically and spoke slowly, as if trying to understand something "So...Pinkie is being...haunted you say? By this...Entity?" Celestia nodded and looked towards Luna, who looked up at her with a sorrowful glance. Celestia walked towards Quill as she spoke

" is the same Entity which Starswirl the Bearded trapped in the deepest part of the moon...although I had reason to believe that there were still traces of The Entity's power still here in Equestria." Quill cocked his head to the left and asked

"Oh? What made you think that?" Celestia went over to Luna, laying beside her and pulling her into a comforting embrace, holding her as she replied

"Because I believe The Entity fed on dear Luna's emotions...and more then likely gave birth to Nightmare Moon. The Entity's origins are unknown...and I've been in Equestria for a long...long time Detective Quill. There are several copies of the story scattered about in Equestria that contain legends and stories about The Entity, but luckily for us, my copy here has the ONLY written scriptures and methods for defeating The Entity, although it's in an old dialect that I have not seen or used for some will take time for me to decipher it. I know it takes a spell of great, GREAT power to defeat The Entity, so I'll do my best tonight to decipher the scriptures." Quill nodded and looked over towards Pinkie Pie. She looked absolutely terrified, and looked at Celestia with a fearful look of worry. Celestia caught sight of this and spoke softly towards the Pink Mare "Do not worry Pinkie Pie, The Entity, if it really is what is ailing you, cannot do much to harm you as you do not wield any powers of Magic. I want you to go and rest, be at peace tonight. I will do everything in my power to ensure that tommorow goes smoothly for us all. Ok?"

Pinkie Pie nodded and bowed graciously, Quill bowing as well and saying

"I will take my leave as well your Majesty, I would like to be fully rested myself for tommorow." Celestia looked up towards Quill and said

"Very well, but do wait for just a few moments. There is a matter I wish to discuss with you. Luna, are you well enough to see Pinkie Pie out?" Luna looked up, sniffling and nodding a little. She got up, heading over to Pinkie with a comforting smile and together they both left through the double doors. Quill looked back towards Celestia and smiled a little, asking

"What do you need your Majesty?" Celestia sighed, laying down on her belly and looking towards the ground sadly. She stayed that was for a few moments as Quill sat back on his haunches, waiting patiently. He understood she must be starting to pile on a heap ton of stress. Running a kingdom is pressure enough, but when a chaotic, destructive Entity that tore your sister away from you returns...that has to run up the meter substantially. Celestia looked up finally, speaking to Quill in a hushed tone

"Detective...I understand you are very literate and well versed in various forms of Magic, which is impressive for the Earth Pony you are...I was hoping that maybe at least you could give comfort and forgiveness for the lies I've told tonight." Quill shook his head, smiling a little at Celestia and whispering back

"Dear are only looking out for Pinkie Pie's well-being. She doesn't need to know such extents of the spells...she deserves a happy night, after all these years of torture and suffering." Celestia let out a deep sigh and put a hoof to her forehead, rubbing it a little around the underside of her horn and speaking

"I still feels so wrong to have to tell her that tommorow will be fine, as we both know it definitely will NOT be..." Quill nodded, walking up towards the Princess and sitting on his haunches in front of her. He held out a comforting hoof and whispered

"I me. I understand the risks, after-all, how long have I been working for you?" Celestia chuckled at this, looking up with a tiny smile

"I guess we both have lies that we have told...admirable of you to throw yourself under the chariot"

Quill grinned sheepishly, looking away and muttering

"I wouldn't say I lied...I wasn't really asked the extent of my profession. I am of course a Detective and a Therapist...the others haven't really asked about-" He was cut off as Celestia stated formally with a bit of Canterlot Tone

"Grand Scribe White Quill of the Royal Canterlot Archives and Detective of the Canterlot Investigative Services and Inquiry, also, my Therapist" Quill blushed a heavy shade of red as he waved a hoof at Celestia

"Oh horsefeathers Celestia you know titles mean nothing to me!!! I simply have a job in the library, like Twilight does in Ponyville! It makes me no different from anypony else!" Celestia chuckled a little and smiled, shaking her head

"Dear Quill, do relax! I'm merely teasing you, there's no need to be flustered. And...I see you're on a first name basis with my star-pupil now...'Not a bachelor' my flank!" Quill buried his head in his hooves, groaning

"Oh Celestia why must you be so cruel! Can't you allow me at least a shred of my dignity!" Celestia had to use all of her willpower to stop from laughing so hard. Instead, she chuckled a little and wiped a tear out of her eye, sighing and saying to him

"Oh calm down, do not worry, I merely tease. But on a more serious know the consequences of a foul-up tommorow...we must be EXTRA cautious...I know you've read many of the scriptures inside the know what happened when myself, Starswirl, Magnus, and Skymaker were unsuccessful in ridding The Entity from Luna's mind...I do NOT want to banish Pinkie Pie EVER again. She is a free mare who DESERVES to hold onto all that she's fought for!" Quill nodded in approval, looking up towards Celestia and sighing

"I know...if it is alright I will take my leave now. I need to set my Affairs in order..." Celestia blinked in surprise at this statement, saying in a hushed whisper

"Goodness Quill you don't honestly think things will go THAT badly? Do you!?" Quill shook his head, standing and turning towards the door, muttering

"Well of course not...but if it's one thing I've's that if bad things can happen...they will. One can never be too careful Princess Celestia...and I will be damned if I drop my guard now." Celestia nodded and bid him farewell, staying behind in the tower to think for a good while.

Quill walked out of Canterlot Tower, sighing and looking up into the starlit sky. He had seen many ponies die in magical accidents over the years...and he was hoping, with every fiber of his being, that tommorow wasn't going to be one of those days...

He headed down to the Chariot Requisition office, and requested his usual taxi, flipping out his C.I.S.I. badge, which substituted a passport. In ten minutes he was in the air, staring at the night sky with a wonderous look on his face. The chariot he was on sailed through the wind effortlessly, pulled by two Taxi Pegasus Ponies. It was a twenty minute ride to Ponyville which gave him plenty of time to think. He had read about this kind of spell-work before, the work Celestia was intending on doing. He would have offered to stay and help, but the scriptures were too outdated for even HIM to read! The only thing he could really do now was tie up any loose ends and set his affairs in order, in case the worst should happen. It seemed silly at first, to be so worked up over a thing like this, but Magic was vast and unpredictable in nature. Just trying to turn a tea cup into a flower could end up with somepony's brains splattered all over the insides of a building.

He hopped off the chariot, heading up towards the front to personally thank his pullers, and gave them each a fair tip of ten bits. They thanked him graciously and took off, heading back towards Canterlot. He watched them go for a moment before turning and heading down Mane Street, the town void of any activity. He wondered how late it would be, and was starting to question whether or not Twilight Sparkle would even be awake, but onwards he trotted, until eventually he stopped in front of the large tree of a Library Twilight called 'Home'. He could see lights inside and shrugged, figuring it couldn't hurt to knock. He thought of three quick, clever excuses of why he was here so late if she was upset, and one true reason if she was alright with it. He raised a hoof and knocked politely, three times, with perfect, audible volume. He breathed a little on his hoof, smelling it and checking his breath. Nodding, he looked back up when he felt the door's outlines gleam with magic and in a moment opened to reveal the most beautiful lavender mare he could ever have set his eyes on.

Twilight looked wide awake, which was good for Quill, and looked ecstatic to see him, which was even better! She smiled widely and said with glee

"Detective Quill! What brings you around here so late? Little bit of late-night reading?" Quill smiled and cleared his throat, nodding a little and replying

"Well, I was in the neighborhood so I figured I'd drop by and visit my favorite librarian, see if she had a moment to spare. Perhaps a talk over tea?" Twilight's eyes gleamed with joy as she held the door open for him and ushered him inside with a hoof

"Oh of course! Come in come in!" She stepped aside as he walked in, breathing in the deep smell of her library and sighing contently, heading over to a table as he heard the door shut behind him. He sat on one of her velvety pillows as she walked towards the kitchen, turning her head and saying

"It'll just be one second" Quill smiled and placed his front hooves on the table, replying

"Oh don't rush on my account, take all the time you wish Twilight". Twilight slipped into the kitchen quietly, hearing Spike's humming as he put away the dishes from their meal. He looked over as Twilight came rushing up, whispering rapidly

"Spike, Quill's here, is there anyway you can...I don't busy or something?" Spike looked up at her, offended and whispering back

"Well that's certainly a nice way to treat your assistant!" Twilight sighed and looked at her little friend, whispering in reply

"Well would you rather be here, listening to me and Quill make cute love talk towards each other, or enjoy the fresh nighttime air or a donut at Pony Joe's Coffee shop?" Spike pondered this for a moment, looking at Twilight and muttering

"You got a point...what's in it for me?" Twilight held up a hoof and said in a business like manner

"40 Emeralds and a week's worth of doing no chores" Spike immediately curled his hand in a fist and bumped it against Twilight's hoof, nodding

"Deal, see you later Twilight" Twilight nodded and watched him head for the back windows, not wanting to get involved in all the froo froo mushy stuff. Twilight put a kettle up on the stove, turning one of the knobs to the appropriate dial and heading back into the main room. She sighed, smiling as Quill smiled back. She sat across from him and spoke

"So, how'd the appointment go?" Quill scratched his chin with his hoof and thought for a moment

"Not...bad. We've narrowed it down to what could possibly be ailing Pinkie Pie...but if it's what we think it's not good at all"

Twilight blinked, waiting for him to go on. After a moment he sighed and said "Celestia and Luna believe that Pinkie is suffering from a dark, chaotic evil known as The Entity, which makes sense when you think about it because-"

"Because Nightmare Moon was affected with it and when myself and my friends used the Elements of Harmony to defeat her, the explosion probably released a part of The Entity which then corrupted the closest thing to it...Pinkie Pie" Quill blinked in amazement at this, utterly dumbstruck as Twilight laughed nervously and explained "I did a little bit of reading myself...guess we both came to the same conclusion..." Quill smiled and nodded a little as the kettle in the kitchen began to whistle. Twilight excused herself from the table and quickly trotted to the kitchen, giving Quill the small window of time he needed to check his breath again. Twilight used her magic to levitate two small cups and saucers from the cupboard and the whole kettle itself back to the main room, pouring herself and Quill the tea and setting it out on the table. Sitting and sipping the mixture, they both enjoyed a peaceful moment's silence before Quill spoke again

"I'm amazed, that you could figure out such a thing Twilight, old, outdated scriptures and legends like that are hard to come by in most public libraries." Twilight blushed a little and said

"Well...I guess being Celestia's star-pupil gives me some benefits...getting some older, more difficult books to read is one of them" Quill nodded and sipped his tea, looking back after a moment

"I'm curious to see what else you've theorized about concerning this subject Twilight, is there anything else you know that could help us?" Twilight nodded excitedly and got up, heading towards the stairs to her bedroom and shouting back

"Sure! Just one second!!!"

Quill watched her go up, his eyes trailing over her Lavender coat, from her neck down to her...flank. His face grew hot and he put a hoof to his head, sighing and muttering to himself

"Easy Quill...settle down". He heard rustling from the second floor and looked up to see Twilight backing up with a large assortment of books. He watched her for a moment but suddenly gasped, seeing that she was about to fall off the edge of the second floor. He held up a hoof and shouted "Twilight watch your st-" but it was too late. Her back hoof came down and hit air and in the next second she went tumbling backwards, screaming. Time slowed down as Quill hurled himself over the table, kicking off the wooden surface with a hard smack of his back hooves and launching himself up into the air.

He turned so his back was towards the floor and held his front legs out wide, feeling Twilight's body slip into his grasp. He close his hooves around her quickly and sucked in a deep breath, waiting for the impact. It came with a loud 'BANG' as his back hit the wall and together they slid towards the floor. Books that Twilight was carrying rained down on them for a moment before all went quiet. Quill's back ached and he panted a little, looking up at Twilight and saying loudly "Twilight! Are you alright?" Twilight looked up after a moment, panting a little herself and breathing out

"Yes...I think so..." They stayed that way for a moment until they both realized the position they were in. Twilight's back hooves were under Quill's front ones, the middle of her haunches pushed up against his belly as Quill held her tightly around her back with both his front hooves. They both blushed horribly as they stared at one another.

An awkward silence and stillness settled over the library, neither of them moving and simply staring at one another. Suddenly, Twilight wrapped her front hooves around Quill and sat up on him, pushing her lips against his in a heat-enveloping kiss. Quill stared wide-eyed at her, watching her close-eyed expression morph into one of longing and need. They stayed that way for several moments, locked together with lips and hooves, until Quill finally closed his own eyes and pushed back against her lips, kissing her back in full. They held each other tightly, pecking at each others lips and kissing one another, Twilight running her hooves along his back and shivering as Quill rubbed his along her sides. Their embrace became desperate, Twilight letting out a few squeaks of pleasure until she suddenly broke apart and backed up on the library floor, pulling Quill up to his hooves.

-Twilight Sparkle-

He looked at me, confused at first but I expected it. I couldn't believe...I Wow was all I could think of, and I couldn't help but give him the widest smile. I nuzzled his neck and gently pulled him in the direction of the stairs, hoping to make my intentions known. He didn't resist, smiling a little himself as we ascended to the second story. We stood there for a moment, staring at one another before he moved his face forward, pushing his lips against mine. I sighed with heavenly bliss through my nose as I kissed him back. I couldn't exactly remember what happened in the next few moments, only that I was suddenly on my back on my bed, holding Quill tightly to me as we kissed one another, trailing even more kisses along each other's necks and cheeks. I tilted my head back as I felt his lips under my chin and sighed, holding him to me tightly. There was a few moments pause, and then...


For Quill...I knew it was the eve of a day he believed would hold great misery and pain...and I wanted to give him a night's peace and pleasure...just a night of carefree worry...with a mare he loved.

It was an eve...of a day he knew would be dark for him....and little did I know...dark for me too...

Chapter 6 - The Entity

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Pinkie Pie couldn't sleep that night, constantly tossing and turning and repeatedly bumping into poor Scootaloo. After the fifth nudge, Scootaloo awoke with a frustrated groan, turning over and shaking Pinkie, who was starting to mutter rapidly in her sleep. "Pinkie...Pinkie!!! Wake up for Celestia's sake! PINKIE!" Pinkie jumped a little and her eyes flew open, looking around quickly in all directions, panting. She looked over at Scootaloo, mane frazzled and messy and giving her a concerned look. She put a hoof on Pinkie's head and whispered "Are you ok? You've looked sick ever since you came back from Canterlot." Pinkie let her head drop back against the pillow with a heavy sigh, rubbing her face with her hoof. She shook her head

"I don't know anymore minds getting scarier and scarier...and I'm terrified about tomorrow..."

Scootaloo snuggled close to her, cuddling in her arms as Pinkie wrapped her hooves around her. She had told Scootaloo about The Entity, and the theories they had discussed in Canterlot. Pinkie could only ever feel truly sane around her wonderful daughter, and sighed contently as she breathed in the grape like smell of her purple mane. Scootaloo spoke into Pinkie's neck, whispering

"Are you going to be ok? Is there anything I can do?" Pinkie smiled and shook her head, whispering back to her

"Continue to be the best daughter I could have ever asked for...that's all I ever need from you Scootaloo..." They hugged tightly, eyes drooping for a few moments before they eventually fell asleep with one another.


The next morning was one of sluggish movement, and depressed demeanor. Pinkie sat glumly at Fluttershy's kitchen table, eating quietly with Scootaloo and Fluttershy, who both had stopped eating to look towards Pinkie with worried expressions. Fluttershy looked to Scootaloo, who merely shook her head sadly and took another bite out of her oatmeal. Turning her head back to Pinkie, Fluttershy spoke softly

"Um...Pinkie...are you alright? Would you like some herbal tea?" Pinkie looked up at this, and smiled for a moment, practically whimpering

"That...that would be...oh damn it all!" The two mares looked at Pinkie in surprise as she burst into tears, her poofy hair letting out a sudden hiss, as if air escaping a balloon, and deflating completely. Her straight, dark pink hair fell about her shoulders as she pushed her hooves against her eyes and bawled loudly. Scootaloo was beside her in an instant, hugging her tightly. Fluttershy was at a loss for words, staring meekly down at her oatmeal and pushing the bowl away slowly. Pinkie sniffed and stuttered

"W...why?! Why didn't it stop...why didn't it stop! I went to the moon, I paid the price for what I had done, everything was fixed! Why didn't this stop!!!" Fluttershy hopped off her chair and trotted to Pinkie Pie, gently rubbing her back and cooing

"There there Pinkie, everything's going to be alright. Celestia and Luna are the most powerful ponies in all of Equestria, you'll be ok, I promise." Pinkie nodded a little and sighed, wiping the tears out of her eyes and muttering

"I know...I'm just...scared. I want the nightmares to stop, I want the pain to stop...I'm a party pony...not a saddy waddy..."
They all chuckled a little, Fluttershying moving to clean up the plates while Scootaloo helped Pinkie Pie upstairs, freshening her up for her trip to Canterlot.


Quill groaned, opening his eyes slowly and immedietly shutting them as blinding sunlight hit his eyes. He hissed in his mind "Damn it all make the most annoying of alarm clocks..." He rolled over, away from the sun, and immedietly found himself pressed up against something wonderfully soft and warm. He opened his eyes and couldn't help but smile. Twilight was still asleep but facing him, her eyes closed and her expression peaceful. He leaned forward and softly planted a kiss on her nose, nearly hugging her out of delight when she let forth the cutest little moan he had ever heard in his life.

Twilight opened her eyes slowly, her expression vacant for a moment until her sleepy mind caught up and she smiled, looking at Quill with such adoring love. Qull whispered to her gently "Hey..." Twilight closed her eyes again and sighed contently, whispering back

"Hey..." She yawned, stretching her legs out and suddenly winced. She looked at Quill with a blush on her face and said "Heh...guess I'm still a little sore from last night...which...was so amazing" Quill smiled a little and scooted closer to her, nuzzling her and whispering "Well I hope I certainly met the par when it came down to it...I know I must not be as experienced as other colts..." Twilight giggled and gave him a kiss on his cheek, whispering still

"I wouldn't're my first colt..." At this Quill chuckled a little and pulled her into his hooves, kissing her for a moment and saying

"Well, I feel honored to be that first colt!" They both laughed and stayed in bed for a little while longer, gently hugging and nuzzling one another. Quill sighed after awhile, his sleepy mind finally reminding him of today's future events. He looked over at Twilight with a worried expression and muttered "Twilight?" Twilight looked at him and sighed happily "Yes Quill?"

Quill looked away sheepishly for a moment before sighing " may end beautifully...but it may also end in tragic disaster...if anything happens I want you to know I lo-" He was cut off as Twilight pushed her lips against his, forcing his mouth open and deepening their embrace tenfold. They both sighed, wrapped in one another's hooves. After what seemed like an eternity, Twilight pulled her head back and whispered

"Faith...Quill...have faith. When today goes perfectly, which it can take me out to dinner tonight, and I'll tell you I love you too" Quill blushed and muttered

"You don't think it's too early...? I mean we've...only just had-" Twilight pushed her lips against him again and smiled, whispering as she pulled back

"We've known each other for a year Quill, and we've been flirting for a couple months now. Last night was well needed." Quill nodded in agreement and smiled, giving her a deep kiss of his own before slipping out of bed. He walked over to the window that overlooked the bedroom and sat on his haunches, sighing contently and watching the morning sun continue to rise. Twilight approached as well, sitting next to Qull and nuzzling him, pushing her face into his neck and breathing him in. Quill looked down at her and smiled, laying his cheek down on top of her head, and together...they enjoyed Celestia's sunrise.


Hours later, Quill found himself standing in front of the doors to Canterlot tower, fidgiting nervously. He was half an hour early, which he usually was to every event. It was this small window of time that Quill used to calm his raging mind, doing his best to ease his nervousness. He heard clopping coming down the hall and turned his head to see Princess Luna and a very distraught looking, straight-haired Pinkie Pie. Quill frowned a little as they approached, sitting down on their haunches in front of Quill and trying to look hopeful. There was a long, awkward silence until Quil cleared his throat and said in a serious tone "I won't pretend that everything is alright today, because we all know it's not...but...we've got to keep our heads up and our spirits strong. We're going to do our best to help Pinkie Pie, and we're going to give it our all!"

Luna looked up and smiled, nodding at Quill's statement and saying

"Of course, we'll be with her every step of the way!" Pinkie smiled a little as well, moving forward and giving Quill a tiny hug, whispering

"Thank you Quill..." The next half hour was spent idily chattering about all sorts of topics, from Luna raising and lowering the moon to Pinkie describing how to get strawberry frosting to retain it's red color throughout its shelf life. Quill smiled, his little plan to get Pinkie's mind of things working as he took comfort in seeing her excitement as she went on and on about the various "arts" to baking. Eventually, they all quieted down, and as if on cue, the large double doors opened with a deep rumbling growl. Princess Celestia was waiting at the end of the hall, in front of the vault. A podium was situated to her left and on it, the ancient tome she had read from the day before, confirming the darkness that had seeded itself in Pinkie's mind. On her right were several tiny bottles with different color liquids, and a large vial of what looked like blood.

Quill gulped and looked over to it, then back to Celestia, who wore a VERY serious expression on her face. It was Luna who first ran her eyes over Celestia's form, gasping as she pointed near her flank

"Tia you're hurt!" Indeed, Celestia had bandages wrapped around her body, near her flank. A line of blood had stained through the bandages. Celestia smiled a little and spoke

"Fear not little sister, it's nothing serious. Small accident, nothing more!" Luna sighed and nodded a little, but Quill wasn't fooled. He sat in front of Celestia and gave her a knowing look, but her dark glance back to him had the words "Later" written all over it. Luna sat to the left and Pinkie in the middle, sitting to the left of Quill. All was silent for a moment until Celestia sighed, opening her mouth and saying

"Alright...everything has been prepared, and we're ready to get started...Pinkie...are you ready?" The straight-haired mare looked up, a fearful look in her eyes. She simply stared at Celestia for a moment before nodding, awaiting whatever spell was to be cast on her. Celestia looked to Luna who nodded, standing and moving behind Pinkie Pie, standing at least twenty to twenty-five feet away. Quill moved far to the left, out of the way of the sisters as he sat and watched.

Celestia looked over the book quickly, double checking to make sure everything was right. She turned her head to Pinkie and took in a deep breath, closing her eyes. "Luna" she said, opening here eyes a little to stare at her sister "I need you to make sure you can redirect any magic that goes astray back to Pinkie Pie. This is a very concentrated spell and needs to stay concentrated, understood?" Luna nodded and got into a low position, as if ready to pounce on something. Celestia muttered a quick prayer to the sun and took a deep breath, closing her eyes again and calling forth her magic.

Celestia's horn gleamed a bright yellow as a light wind began to push through the hall. Luna could feel the intensity of magical power that was being summoned, and for a moment she was beginning to get scared. Such POWER that began to radiate from was maddening. Luna was shocked to discover Celestia could even wield so MUCH of it! Celestia's face contorted into one of immense concentration, beads of sweat trickling down her face as the glow of her horn grew brighter and brighter, several cracks of magical lightning splintering out from her horn. Just as the light was beginning to become unbearable, Celestia hissed out of pain and spoke

Light I command thee, bring forth Thy Entity,

Let it be revealed, let it be sealed!

Give me the power to vanquish thee,

Let me set the plagued ones free!

Come now Light! I COMMAND THEE!!! BRING...FORTH...THY...ENTITY!!!!!

Celestia gave a great shout and dipped her head forward, her horn letting out a near eye-blinding explosion of light, a beam of yellow and silver blasting forth. It flew in the shape of a horizontal cyclone, the top of it flying towards Pinkie. Pinkie braced for impact, screaming in terror as the light crashed into her. The only thing that registered in Pinkie's mind, was pain. Unimaginable, excruciating pain. Her lungs drew in a massive amount of breath and through her mouth exhaled the most horrendous scream anypony could have ever imagined in Equestrian History. Her mind felt like it was going to split in half as she fell to the floor, writhing in pain. The light swam around her and strands of magical lightning began to spark outwards, hitting the walls and even shattering one window. Luna had her own head bowed forward, her horn gleaming with celestial blue magic. She caught several bolts and pulled them back into the magical beam of light, trying to keep Celestia's spell under control

However, it seemed more and more that Celestia was beginning to lose her grip, her own shouts of pain beginning to mingle with Pinkie's. Luna heard this and shouted "Celestia!? What's wrong!!! What's happening!!!" Celestia could barely be heard over the roar of magic and Pinkie's screams as Luna listened closely to her words

"I don't know!!!! Something's not right!!! This wasn't in the scriptures!!!!!" Suddenly, the loud BOOM of an explosion was heard as the beam of light exploded, sending waves of magical energy everywhere. All the windows shattered, a few columns were instantly disintegrated or fell with thunderous sounds of collision. Even the doors were blown clean off the hinges as tapestries caught fire, and the ground cracked and splintered.

Quill shielded his eyes for a moment, and once he heard all the commotion and explosions cease, he stole a look towards the group and gasped. Pinkie was on her side, her back facing him and stillness settling over her. Luna was on her belly, holding her horn with her hooves and wincing in terrible pain. Celestia looked even worse, with most of her majestic white coat singed and burnt, blood running out of her bandages and a few new gashes on her body. Quill got up and started to rush over to her, shouting

"Princess Celestia! Are you alright!?" Luna looked up to see Quill running for the princess and suddenly felt a magical discharge to her left. Looking, she spotted a column still standing, becoming doused with a black aura of magic. The column wobbled for a moment and tipped, falling towards Quill. Luna sprung to her hooves and dove, shrieking

"QUILL!!!!!" In the next instant Quill felt himself being shoved out of the way, and a thunderous KABOOM! following right after. He slid for a moment, wincing at his impact of the hard floor. Quill coughed for a moment and opened his eyes, looking behind him. His pupils contracted and his lungs expelled a sharp gasp.

Luna was on her belly, front hooves outstretched...the giant column fallen on her back. Luna looked up to hear the shrieks of Celestia, who had shaken off her weariness enough to turn her head and see her beloved sister trapped under the giant column of stone. Quill nearly lost his voice shouting at the top of his own lungs

"GUARDS!!! GUARDS!!! SOMEPONY HELP!!! ANYPONY!!!" Celestia used all her strength to drag herself over towards Luna, extending her hoof towards her sister. Luna looked up weakly, feeling her own blood pooling underneath her, thin lines of blood also leaking out of her mouth. She smiled a very tiny smile, holding her hoof out towards Celestia. Celestia's eyes were absolutely spilling with tears, reaching out with all her might and gently touching her hoof against Luna's. Luna felt the brush of her sister's hoof and smiled, opening her mouth and swallowing back a large hunk of her enough...and the last of her air to squeak out one word


Luna's eyes gently closed, her smile fading and her hoof dropping. Her head hit the floor the same time her hoof did, growing still and unresponsive to Celestia's erratic screaming and crying. Suddenly...a dark...menacing laugh permeated the air, a sinister voice of unfathomable evil floating across the tower hasssss been a long time...hasssssn't it...? Celestia looked up, tears streaming down her face as a dark cloud of magic floated above the unconscious Pinkie Pie, growing larger and larger and morphing into a shape unknown to Ponies, a form only known as Humanoid. Once the shape had grown to about ten feet high, it snapped back it's newly formed head and laughed a guttural laugh of victory. Red and black tendrils of magic flowed around the magical aura, sharpened claws adorning its hands. The Entity had been freed...and with its first actions, pointed a finger towards Celestia, hissing One go... Celestia gasped and looked towards the spell book, her horn gleaming yellow as red and black tentacles of magic began pushing through the ground around Celestia. Her magic hit the spell book and flew over to Quill, giving him just enough reaction time to grasp the book and too be flung far out of the way, near the vault doors. Celestia quickly shouted to Quill as the magic tendrils wrapped around her hooves and picked her up in the air

"QUILL! THREE DAYS!!! YOU HAVE TO STOP IT IN THREE DAYS, EVERYTHING WILL GO BACK TO NORMAL!!! SAVE LUNA!! SAVE EQUESTRIA!!! SAVE PIN-" She didn't get to finish her sentence as the tendrils held her in the air, her back facing the ground. A fifth tendril shot up, crashing right through Celestia's back and impaling her. The tendrils snapped to the left immediately after, throwing Celestia through an unbroken window with a ear-shattering 'CRASH!'.

The Entity burst into heaps of laughter again and quickly morphed back into a dark cloud, slithering quickly out of the doors. It wasn't long after that the rumbling began, the tower beginning to crumble as a dark miasma of magic began covering most of the surfaces of the area. Quill, too pumped full of adrenaline to process what he had just seen, bounded forward with the book. He quickly slipped his nose under Pinkie's body and flipped her up on his back. He ran for the door, the ceiling beginning to cave in and dropping large slabs of marble onto the floor, quickly covering Luna's lifeless body and blocking off the vault door.

Quill rushed for the door, more and more rubble falling and crashing into the places he had only JUST occupied milliseconds before. He was at the door, the final bits of the ceiling falling. He let out a shout of fury and jumped, landing and sliding across the marble floor, the tower collapsing behind him and starting to sway dangerously above Canterlot. Royal Guards rushed up the stairs and shouted "What's going on!? What's happened!!!" Quill stood and rushed towards and through them, shouting as he went

"I, White Quill of the Grand Archives, hereby proclaim emergency Equestrian law "Fallen Stars!", bring the wielders of the Elements of Harmony to the Mayor's office in Ponyville!!! AND BEGIN PREPARATIONS TO EVACUATE CANTERLOT!!! We are under attack!"

As he said this, explosions could be heard across the majestic city, ponies below screaming in panic and fright as buildings exploded into flames, black splotches of chaotic magic flying about and igniting everything it touched. The Guards were wide-eyed as they followed Quill, more and more that they passed rallying behind him and rushing for the Chariot and Transportation services area. They had drilled for Equestrian Law Fallen Stars...but never would have EVER believed that it would ever be enacted in their life time. The law stating...that emergency control of Canterlot and Equestria be passed down to the pony that was with the Royal Crown in their last moments of life, and if no other heirs were present. It meant only one thing...

...Celestia and Luna were dead.

Chapter 7 - The Tragedy

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Ponies scrambled for cover, ran blindly about, and screamed. Royal Guards tried their best to usher and push them towards overcrowded Chariots and carriages that were flying and rolling away once filled to the bursting point. Quill requisitioned one chariot, and slipped the unconscious Pinkie Pie onto it, giving two Royal Guards orders to escort Pinkie back to Ponyville, and told them once again to bring the Wielders of Harmony to the Mayor's Office. Buildings exploded as several clouds of blackened magic flew about, slamming into buildings and igniting them with thunderous power.

Quill looked about, shouting at the top of his lungs "HURRY!!! GET THESE PONIES OUT OF HERE!!! CAPTAIN!!! WE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME!!! GET EVERYPONY HERE, NOW!" The Captain saluted him and quickly barked out orders, redoubling his soldier's efforts to get the evacuation running smoothly.


Celestia rasped for air...dragging herself further down the empty, already evacuated streets of uptown Canterlot. A large trail of blood followed in her wake, her impaling wound refusing her any stability. Her horn was sparking, but she had saved up enough magic for what she intended to do. Canterlot could not be saved, not at this point. The magical Auras would leave Canterlot once it had burned to the ground, and find other towns to destroy. She...could NOT allow this to happen. She was going to die, she knew matter what she did her life would end today like her poor Luna's.

Two mares ran by across the street, one stopping to catch sight of Celestia. She gasped and began to make her way over to Celestia, her friend stopping to see what had happened and she too rushed over. Celestia gave the best smile she could as the two mares approached her, tears in her eyes. Celestia magicked a quill and a feather pen out of the air and rapidly wrote as she spoke

"My little not feel sad at my state...instead, I want you to look forward to a future...a bright, happy future. My time has come...but it may not truly be the end. Find Detective Quill at the chariot area...give him this...and go! Flee!!! Run, carry forth the future of Equestria!!!" The two mares nodded, one picking up the rolled up quill in her mouth and together they dashed away. Celestia didn't bother to watch them go, instead she continued to drag herself towards the square. She needed to hurry, she HAD to hurry! Her last act as Princess had yet to come...she had to give everypony a chance! She looked up, catching sight of a giant statue resembling the one that rested in Ponyville. It was the statue that commemorated the raising of the sun, during the Summer Sun Celebration which she flew in front of with her magic to give her ponies the greatest light show they would ever see.

She felt tears in her eyes, smiling as she remembered one particular year in which she saw her star-pupil, Twilight Sparkle, a tiny filly then...her face bright and her smile wide. Celestia couldn't have been any more proud of Twilight for how she has grown over the years, and it was with this memory that she could die in peace. She crawled in front of the statue, the last of her magic flaring and building up. A look of furious determination and anger grew upon her face as her horn gleamed a furious yellow.

"It's time..."


Quill was seated on one of the chariots, several more surrounding him with refugee ponies and guards. Everypony...every single one looked back, watching the city slowly crumble. Suddenly one pony gasped and pointed back towards the city, Quill immediately looking in the direction of interest. His jaw dropped and his eyes grew wide as he beheld Celestia weakly flapping her wings, carrying her bruised, bloodied, and broken body upwards. Magic swirled dangerously around her as she flew up and began to hover. Her eyes moved slowly over to stare, stare directly at Quill. He could feel her gaze as Celestia whispered to the air


Celestia let out a savage roar, throwing her hooves up in the air and spreading her rear legs apart, her magic swirling around like a savage tornado. The Black Magic was drawn to her power, the deadly auras streaking back to Celestia, in hopes to finish her off. Her form gleamed a bright yellow as the statue behind her flared with immense magic. As the auras flew into the courtyard, racing for her...Celestia let forth one final scream of...


...and unleashed her magic. The city lay quiet for a moment, until a tiny spark flared from the center, where Celestia was...and exploded. The entire city went up in a yellowish explosion of light and fire, the entire mountain itself that the city rested on, crumbling and detonating with magical fire. It looked like Rainbow dash's Sonic Rainboom, only this explosion was on a magnitude forty times greater and at least a hundred times more destructive. A ring of yellow light blasted outwards as a cloud resembling a mushroom flared upwards. Chariots and Carriages nearly fell from the sky and ran off the road as the rumbling of the explosion flared outwards, setting a lot of the surrounding area on fire. Quill looked down from witnessing Celestia's final the quill that read on one part of the roll "For Detective White - Celestia's Final Command". He carefully unraveled it, holding it up and reading it quietly as one of the Royal Guards read it over his shoulder

There are so many things to say...and no time to say them. My life and time as over. By the time you unravel this, Canterlot will be gone, obliterated, destroyed. The Entity cannot win Quill! The spellbook in your possession has been translated to the best of my ability to the common language, so that you may read it and discover what went wrong Quill. Oh Quill...I am so sorry...for all of this. I should have read the inscriptions more carefully...please forgive me. What I do know...however, is that The Entity must grow in power in order to make his chaos have three days Detective, to destroy The Entity...or Canterlot, as well as Luna and myself...will remain history. Please Equestria, save my little us all.

Quill looked down near the bottom of the page, the guard nodding as he too read the next few lines.

I, Princess Celestia of Canterlot, hereby relinquish, temporarily, my title as Ruler of Equestria, to Grand Scribe White Quill of the Canterlot Archives. My Royal Seal shall follow, and this order shall forever be marked as my last command as Princess.


The Explosion rocked Applejack as she tried to climb the ladder, making her tumble off the second story of the barn and into a large pile of hay. She sat up on her haunches and looked about frantically, shouting

"What in tarnation?" She ran outside and gasped as she beheld the giant ring of yellowish fire pass over her farm, high up in the sky. Big Macintosh was out in the field, and he too was utterly amazed at the ring of fire that soared by. He looked down towards Applejack, shouting

"What in the hay is that Rainbow Mare up to?" Applejack shook her head, still staring up at the ring that began to diminish and shouting back

"I...I don't think that was Rainbow stay here Macintosh Im'a head into town and see what all the fuss is about!" Big Macintosh shrugged and went back to plowing, sighing his usual



Fluttershy, Scootaloo, and Rainbow Dash were all seated in the park, enjoying a nice, relaxing picnic when all of a sudden the rumbling of an explosion reached their ears and the yellowish ring of fire blasted outwards overhead. Rainbow Dash's jaw dropped as she squeaked

"NO, WAY! There's no way someone else can do the Sonic Rainboom!!!" Scootaloo looked over towards Rainbow and blinked in surprise

"I don't think that was a Rainboom..." Scootaloo said, Fluttershy poking her head out of bushes she had jumped into at the sight of the ring. They heard galloping soon after, and the voice of a country pony holler

"Hey! What in tarnation is going on? I could see that giant ring all the way from the farm!" Rainbow Dash shook her head in disbelief, as confused as the others when the sound of flapping wings began to draw close. The girls looked as two Royal Guardsponies dropped from the sky, landing and drawing themselves up to their full height. One of them spoke

"By order of Temporary Leader Quill, the Wielders of Harmony are to report to the Mayor's Office in Ponyville AT ONCE!" Before the girls had a chance to say anything the guards took off as quickly as they had come. They all looked at each other for a moment, Applejack the first to speak

"Temporary...Leader? What the hay?" Scootaloo shook her head and shouted

"Well we're not going to find out here, come on!"


Quill was situated at a long wooden table, at one end, head in his hooves as several Royal Guard, Canterlot Officials, and Mayor Mare herself looked at him with concern and worry from their seats. Another Royal Guard walked in and cleared his throat, stating

"Leader Quill, Mayor Mare, all refugees have been situated in the north fields, tents and provisions are being delivered and distributed smoothly." Quill sighed and mumbled through his hooves

"Thank you...see to it the Guard remains on high alert...make sure the Refugees are well cared for." The guard nodded and backed out of the room, the Mayor speaking with a bit of impatience

"Quill, what is this 'Leader' business about, and why in Celestia's name did Canterlot just EXPLODE!? What has happened!?" Before Quill could answer the door opened and Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Scootaloo all walked inside, worried and curious expressions on their face. Quill looked up and sighed

"Oh're here." Applejack didn't waste no time in hollering

"Now just what in the hay is going on here Quill? What was that giant ring we saw in the sky, why are you being called 'Temporary Leader', just what in the sam hay are you doing?!" Quill sighed and motioned to empty seats to his left, waiting until they had been seated to speak.

"I was hoping to have ALL of the wielders here...but we're short on time. Pinkie Pie is currently be tended to by Nurse Redheart, and my guards have yet to return from gathering Twilight and Rarity. I will explain the situation to you all now and to them at a later time...there's no real easy way to say it so..." Quill stopped for a moment, shuddering a little and taking a deep breath, proclaiming

"Princess Luna is dead...and Princess Celestia, with her final sacrifice in keeping us all safe...died as well, taking Canterlot with her."

Quill sighed, being bombarded with the expected shouts and questions as to how this could have happened, what they were going to do, and some just out of sheer disbelieve. He looked over towards a unicorn in red scribe robes and the scribe nodded, using his horn to cast a sort of 'silencing' spell across the room. Voices were immediately quieted as Quill spoke again " the time when Luna was first becoming Nightmare Moon, a dark Entity that Starswirl the Bearded trapped in the moon had begun to reach out with its magic, slowly influencing Luna's mind and emotions to challenge Celestia with her eternal night. Once Celestia banished her to the moon, The Entity had free reign over her mind, and for 1,000 years, it fully poisoned and invaded her thoughts and brain. Upon Nightmare Moon's return, The Entity came with her, and began to gather its power again. It could not do so on the moon, because of Starswirl's wards. When the Wielders of Harmony destroyed Nightmare Moon, they released the Entity...however, it was in a very weakened it needed to invade the mind of another...the closest of you all to it.......Pinkie Pie."

The others were wide-eyed throughout this explanation, the Mayor stuttering

"B...but the" Quill sighed, speaking once more

"Luna and I had our suspicions about The Entity when Pinkie told us about her deeds in Hoofington being done with a clear mind, and how she could feel her sanity slowly waning on the moon. Celestia confirmed it to us...that The Entity had indeed taken root in Pinkie's Mind. Celestia prepared a spell that would hopefully destroy The Entity...but something went wrong, backfired...The Entity escaped and tried to kill me...but Princess Luna sacrificed herself to save me. Celestia was in a weakened state because of the spell...and with The Entity drawing in so much Power in Pinkie's Mind, it easily overpowered Celestia. She gave me this spellbook in hopes that I could find a way to defeat The Entity...and relinquished her ruling rights to me. With her final act...she destroyed the dark magic that threatened the outlying towns...and herself in the process. I won't lie and say that everything is going to be ok, because quite frankly I'm not sure of it myself. Celestia told me we have three days to stop The Entity, as it takes time for The Entity's Chaos Magic to actually permanently stain Equestria's history blood. I don't know why this is...or even how to even stop it...but I promise I'll find the answer soon, I just need time to read this spellbook. Alright?"

Everyone nodded slowly, many with tears in their eyes as they heard about both Princess's final acts of bravery. Quill looked up and sighed once again, muttering "Now...all we need to do is wait for Rarity...and Twilight"


Rarity squealed with delight, hearing about Twilight's 'Late Night'. She sipped her tea and said with glee

"Oh DARLING! That's simply wonderful! Tell me, was he good?" Twilight blushed a horrid shade of red and whispered loudly

"Rarity! Sheesh! Way to invade my privacy!" Rarity gave her a sly smile...eventually making Twilight sigh and mutter "He was pretty amazing...I still can't walk right." Rarity squealed with delight again and tapped her hooves together in applause, exclaiming

"Oh Twilight that's simply amazing! You've finally found yourself a good, classy, and I must say, delicious colt to be with! See? I told you it wasn't hopeless at all!" Twilight nodded a little, smiling. They both jumped suddenly, however, as the sound of an explosion was heard and the library shook violently, books and other items falling from their shelves. After the rumbling had settled, Twilight poked her head out of a pile of books and muttered

"Whoa...what in the world?" Rarity looked about as well from under the books, shrugging and emerging from the mess. She headed over towards the door, opening it and looking outside, seeing the giant ring of fire pass overhead. She gasped

"My WORD, what in the world is going on?" Twilight began to make her over as well and suddenly stopped, gasping. A black miasma of magic began to rapidly swirl in the library, growing larger and larger. It grew into the shape of a whispy ball and shot forward towards Rarity. Twilight shrieked as her horn glowed a bright magenta

"RARITY!" Her magic harnessed around Rarity and tossed her to the side, the black ball flying out of the Library. The white mare landed with a loud "OOF!" as Twilight slammed the door shut, locking it quickly. Rarity stood up and looked towards Twilight with fury

"Really now, is that anyway to treat a lady!?" She huffed, and suddenly squeaked in fright as something heavy smashed into the door. She began to back up towards Twilight as she whimpered "What...what is that?!" Twilight shook her head, her horn still glowing and a look of fear upon her own face, whispering

"I don't know!" Both girls screamed as the door exploded inwards, wood and splinters flying about and the black ball flying back in towards Rarity. Twilight saw this and pushed her out of the way, diving into its path. Rarity hit the ground hard, an explosion of light illuminating the inside of the library. She laid there for a minute, dazed. The light subsided for a moment, rarity hearing the sounds of magic and something moving, scraping even, from somewhere in Twilight's Library. She opened her eyes, looking over and seeing Twilight, her back turned to her, unmoving. Rarity breathed a sigh of relief, getting up and exclaiming

"Oh Twilight! Thank goodness you're ok, I thought that dark...thingy, was going to hurt us both! What in the world was th-" She stopped, her face blank and mouth open in mid-sentence. She closed her mouth slowly, blinking and looking down. A knife protruded from her chest, blood beginning to seep down her body and stain her white coat. She looked up, tears brimming in her eyes as Twilight turned her head towards Rarity. Her face was contorted into a look of rage, her lavender eyes sadistically blood shot and aglow with the color of red. Her horn no longer glowed of magenta, but instead, a sickening, void-like black. Rarity felt herself starting to sway, her limbs growing weak. She whimpered "Twi..light...w..why?" She fell over and twitched a little as Twilight walked towards the door, opening it and looking back. She glared towards the book, her horn sparking and causing a jet of flame to shoot upwards and ignite most of the books. Fire spread about quickly as Twilight took her leave, Rarity watching her and beginning to slowly crawl towards the door herself, trying to escape. Fire spread throughout the easily flammable house, heading towards the kitchen, towards some very sensitive gas lines.

Two Royal Guards were galloping quickly down the street, barking at ponies to get out of the way. They skidded to a stop as they beheld the Library Tree set ablaze, fire spilling out of the windows and sending a giant column of smoke up into the air. One of the guards shouted and pointed towards the door, where they could see a bloody Rarity trying to crawl out. The guards rushed towards Rarity who looked, seeing them coming and weakly raising a hoof, whimpering " me, Help m-" She never finished her cries for help.

The guards were thrown back violently as the fire inside hit the gas lines in Twilight's kitchen, setting off the Library like a giant bomb. Rarity, along with several buildings nearby, were engulfed in the explosion. The Guards were dazed, several ponies running about and shouting, trying to either flee or get water to put out the huge fire. One of the guards stood, groggily shouting to his fellow soldier

"G..get Quill!!! I'll alert the Ponyville Weather Team!!! We need to get rainclouds, stat!" The other saluted, rushing off and leaving his friend to look towards the Library, a tear in his eye. No amount of words could express his sorrow for the white mare...the one they called Rarity.

Chapter 8 - The Plan

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The guard ran with all his might, ponies all around still gaping at the crumbling inferno that used to be Canterlot. He ran with all his might, hopping over ponies and diving around carts. He had to reach Quill, he had to inform him of what had happened! He rounded a corner and at long last the Mayor's building came into view. He bounded up the steps, pushing through the doors and rushing right past the receptionist who merely blinked in surprise at his sudden entrance. He rushed to the double doors at the end of the hall and reared up on his hind legs, using his front legs to push in the door and give a sudden fright to everyone on the other side.

Fluttershy squeaked as Quill looked up, surprise in his eyes as he exclaimed

"Good heavens colt, what's gotten into y-" He was cut off as the guard shouted, trying his best to speak even though he was out of breath

"L...library...gone! Destroyed! E...Element of Gen..generosity...killed!" At this, Fluttershy threw her hooves up to her mouth, Applejack and Rainbow Dash growing wide-eyed and jaws dropping. Scootaloo stuttered, hardly believing her ears

"R...Rarity's....dead?" Quill slammed his front hooves on the table, rearing up and shouting

"Where's the Element of Magic!? Was she also killed?!" Quill didn't want to believe it, he couldn't and wouldn't even if it were true. The guard shook his head, panting

"It''s unlikely...the Element of Generosity wouldn't have been left in the state she was in had Twilight Sparkle been present at the scene" Quill let out a heavy sigh as Fluttershy burst into heavy tears, sobbing loudly as Scootaloo did her best to comfort her. Rainbow Dash merely dipped her head as Applejack gently took off her Grand Pappy's hat and hugged it close to her chest, just over her heart. Quill hopped off his chair and walked to the window, a furious look in his eye. He grumbled after a moment's silence

"He's targeting the Elements of Harmony..." At this, everyone in the room looked towards him, Rainbow Dash being the first to ask

"What makes you think that?" Quill turned his head towards Rainbow Dash and replied

"The Entity must have realized how dangerous the Elements of Harmony were to him when Nightmare Moon was destroyed, it would explain why he had to invade Pinkie's mind in order to regain his strength...but now that Rarity is..." he didn't finish his sentence, sighing. He suddenly gasped however, making everyone jump slightly as he rushed back to the spellbook, flipping open it's pages and skimming through them quickly. Applejack raised an eyebrow and muttered

"What in Tarnation are you on about Quill?" Quill spoke rapidly to Applejack as he flipped through the pages

"This book is very similar to scriptures I've read in the past. It talks about The Entity being aware of the Elements, but he didn't pay them much heed. He actually treated them like they were nothing but symbolic icons of conquest to be taken, not to be feared, so Starswirl managed to record what The Entity thought about th- Ah HA! Found it!" Quill skimmed down the passage, but everyone noticed that the more he read, the more wide-eyed and horrified he was becoming. Applejack's muttering broke the silence as she whispered

"Well...?" Quill looked up towards the Orange Mare, reciting perfectly

"How nice of them, to make this known to me...

Such an act of Generosity

One by one I'll take them, next is Honesty

I'll show no mercy nor act of Kindness

Among them there remains no Loyalty

I'll simply remind them with my Laughter

That with nothing else to stop me

All shall fall to my Magic."

Rainbow Dash shivered, hearing the words that Starswirl recorded from The Entity. Scootaloo looked around nervously, speaking

"So...The Entity killed Rarity...who was Generosity...and according to The Entity's words...and his goals...the next one to go is A-"

"MAH FARM!!!" Applejack was on her hooves faster then anypony, or even Rainbow Dash, could imagine. Quill shrieked as Applejack blasted past the guard standing in front of the door

"DON'T!!! STOP HER!!! THE ENTITY MAY BE ALREADY WAITING THERE FOR HER!" Rainbow Dash sprang up and with a quick shout of "I'm on it!!!" soared out of the door and after Applejack. She flew up as soon as she made it outside, looking around frantically. Rainbow Dash didn't want to believe it, but it looked as if Applejack was already GONE!

"Holy horsefeathers that mare runs fast..." She muttered, giving a mighty push of her wings and propelling herself towards Sweet Apple Acres.

Applejack ran with all her might, and for a moment she entertained the thought that she was running as fast as Rainbow could fly. She ran and ran, until eventually she heard the rapid beating of wings behind her and a Rainbow Mare's shouting

"AJ!!! Stop!!! It's too dangerous!!!" Applejack refused to stop, merely shouting back

"Buck you Rainbow Dash! I'm not gonna let some hocus pocus magic thingy take away everything that's important to me!!!" Rainbow Dash nearly facehoofed as she shouted

"It's not after the FARM AJ!! It's YOU!!!" Applejack didn't listen, gasping as she caught sight of her farm, Big Macintosh pulling his raggedy old plow across the ground. The country mare sighed with relief, rushing up to the gates as Big Macintosh stopped, looking over and smiling

"Howdy...welcome back Lil' Sist-"


The three ponies were thrown to the ground from the power of the explosion which burst out from the second floor of their house. Applejack looked up and shrieked "GRANNY SMITH!!!" Bic Macintosh was already on his feet, dashing forward quickly and bucking in their front door so hard that it snapped in half and flew inside with a thunderous crash. Applejack was shrieking and panicking, running forward herself. Rainbow Dash quickly set upon her however, crashing down into her back and holding her down, shouting

"NO! AJ DON'T! IT'S TOO DANGEROUS!!!" Applejack shouted and screamed, trying to get out from under Rainbow Dash

"Get off me!!! MACINTOSH!!! GRANNY SMITH!!!" It was several moments before Big Macintosh emerged, Granny Smith on his back. He rushed out with her, setting her down near Applejack who shouted "Granny!!! Are you ok?!" Her Grandmother nodded weakly but suddenly opened her eyes wide as a young filly's screams were heard from the second story. Both Applejack and Granny Smith shrieked as Big Macintosh rushed back into the house

"APPLEBLOOM!" The fire was spreading quickly across the whole house, smoke rising higher and higher up in the air. There was loud crashing heard from the second story, and one of the windows suddenly crashed open, two dark red, hind legs bucking through them. Big Macintosh poked his head out, holding Applebloom by her bow in his mouth. He climbed up onto the roof carefully but suddenly looked behind him, a black cloud starting to swirl along the floor. He then threw his head forward with a mighty swing and opened his mouth, throwing Applebloom out into the air as the house exploded. Rainbow gasped as she hopped up, wings expanding and her front hooves outstretched. She launched herself upwards, catching Applebloom in a tight hold. Applejack, free of Rainbow's grip, rushed over to where Big Macintosh had been thrown, crying out

"No!!! NO!!! MACINTOSH!" Big Macintosh looked up weakly, two giant splinters of wood piercing his sides. He smiled a little as Applejack rushed to his side, hugging him around his neck and sobbing loudly. She was nuzzled, her teary eyes looking up towards his as he spoke

"AJ...I reckon' this work horse has had it...I think you're going to have to buck the apples yourself for awhile..." Applejack shook her head rapidly, sniffing and whimpering

"No! You're going to be ok...please be ok...please!" Her last, desperate plea came out in a small wheeze. Macintosh merely shook his head though, gently nuzzling his sister before laying his head down on the ground, sighing and muttering

"Hey...sis?" Applejack laid on her belly, her head very close to his and her eyes staring into his, whispering

"Yeah brother?" Macintosh whispered, a tear in his eye, his body starting to shiver

" remember when Grandpa always told ya'...about rememberin' the best about a pony once they've gone and made their peace with the Pegasus Ponies with dem' halos over their head?" Applejack let a fresh wave of tears spill down her face, nodding and trying to hold back her sobs. Macintosh pushed a hoof against her cheek and said with a shaky, but stern voice "Now...don't you mourn long, ya' hear? You''ve got the family to support now...don't l...let me down now Applejack. I...I Love ya' sis'..." Applejack sobbed, hugging her brother tightly around his neck and dampening his coat with her tears, whimpering

"Don't you die on me...Macintosh, tell me everything's gonna be's going to be alright...right?" Big Macintosh sighed contently, opening his mouth and rasping weakly

"E...Eeyup...". Rainbow Dash was crying herself, watching as she saw Big Macintosh smile a little, closing his eyes and resting his cheek against the soft dirt he took such care and pride in plowing for his family.

Applejack shook him a little, whispering "Macintosh...? Macintosh...wake up now! Ma...Macintosh!!!! No!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!" Applejack was shrieking, crying with sorrow as she held her now lifeless brother tightly. She looked up, her head whipping about, screaming at the top of her lungs "IT WAS ME!!! DAMN YOU!!! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO KILL ME!!!! YOU WE-" She stopped, her eyes catching sight of a Lavender Mare situated on a far off hill. Her eyes widened to the size of saucers as she beheld Twilight Sparkle....laughing. She was laughing, wildly. Her horn glowed with black magic as she laughed at Applejack. The country mare couldn't believe it, gasping "Twi...light?! YOU!!!!" YOU DID THIS!? YOU...YOU KILLED...YOU!" At this Twilight only laughed harder, shaking her head at Applejack as she suddenly disappeared in a flash of black magic. Applejack let go of Macintosh, ready to race towards the hill, screaming "YOU BASTARD!!! TWILIGHT YOU BASTARD!!! I'LL KILL YOU!!! I SWEAR TO CELESTIA I'LL KILL YOU!!!!" Rainbow Dash rushed over, holding Applejack back as the country mare screamed her head off, shouting all sorts of hateful death threats towards the now-gone Twilight.

"APPLEJACK, STOP! STOP!!! Think damn you think!!! There's no way Twilight would EVER kill Big Macintosh!" Applejack didn't respond, but simply turned in Rainbow's hooves and hugged her tight, breaking down into loud, hysteric crying. Granny Smith had moved to lay next to Big Macintosh, Applebloom with her, both of them crying and nuzzling his body gently. Applejack sobbed, trying to speak as she wept into Rainbow's chest

"W..why!? Why Rainbow...why!?" Rainbow held her gently, rubbing her back and whispering

"I don't know...but we're going to find out why".


Quill looked up, frightful as he witnessed Rainbow Dash leading a distraught, tear-streaked Applejack to her chair. Fluttershy went over to her, whispering "What...happened?" Rainbow Dash tried to find the words to express what happened...but couldn't, merely dipping her head with a sad shake of her head. Everyone's eyes shot towards Applejack as she muttered, sniffling

"Macintosh...Twilight killed Macintosh..." A collective gasp burst forth from the room as Scootaloo stood up so fast her chair fell backwards, shouting

"Bull...SHIT!" Fluttershy rounded on Scootaloo, shocked and squeaking

"Scootaloo!" The orange mare wouldn't hear it, simply waving her hoof about

"There's no WAY Twilight Sparkle would EVER kill Big Macintosh, or anypony!" Rainbow Dash sighed, shaking her head and saying

"I want to believe that too...but she was there, and her horn was glowing all looked like it was-"

"Black...right?" Quill suddenly spoke up, looking towards Rainbow with a stern glare. Rainbow nodded slowly as Quill put a hoof to his forehead and sighed "It's as I feared...The Entity still isn't at full strength...he needs a Unicorn to carry out his deeds until he's fully powered up. He couldn't possess the Princesses because of their immensely strong he took Twilight's, the Element of Magic herself. Damn it all..." He sighed, flipping another page of the spellbook. Rainbow gave Applejack a comforting hug as Fluttershy looked towards Quill, muttering

" we do now? The Entity didn't kill Applejack...and the next one" Quill looked up, thinking for a moment and finally saying

"Well...there's perhaps one way. Starswirl the bearded went into semi-detail about The Entity's magical defenses, a shield of Blood and Death. It appears Celestia didn't catch a portion of this...a crystal, clear and shining with purity, was needed to harness the miasma's of darkness that were left behind at all of the areas in which The Entity had visited or had been housed...and that "The Blood had to be repaid"...I don't know what that means but I think Celestia did, as I noticed she had cut her own flank, believing maybe a blood sacrifice was required. Although the more I read, in chapters similar, I began to notice several similarities and references to The Blood. I think The Blood is actually an item, not the substance itself...and is kept with The Entity in his ca-"

"Castle...where I'll be going..." Everyone looked up suddenly to see a straight-haired Pinkie Pie, eyes weary and coat darkened. Fluttershy gasped

"Pinkie you mustn't!!! It's much too dangerous! You should still be resting!" Pinkie Pie merely shook her head and replied with

"I don't care...I've listened in on what's going on, and I think that if The Entity is still possessing Twilight Sparkle, then that means he still needs to regain strength. If I can get The Entity out of her mind...he'll still be weak enough to fight when Quill does his crystal thingy" Quill pondered this for a moment, looking towards Pinkie Pie and sighing

"The Entity has been in your mind for awhile...and I bet since Luna saw where the castle is..." Pinkie nodded, finishing for him

"I saw where it is as well." Applejack suddenly got up on her hooves, a determined look on her face and shouting

"Well alrighty then! If what Quill says is true, we got bout' three days to kick this Entity's flank before I lose mah brother forever. I say let's get to it!" Rainbow Dash threw a hoof in the air, giving her own "YEAH!" to the cause. Quill nodded and muttered

"Well, if the three of you are going...I want you to be extra careful...we're dealing with a killer of Goddess's here...and none of you are Unicorns. You must be VERY cautious when hunting Twilight, as she will surely have power over you if you're caught. Fluttershy? Scootaloo?" The two mares looked over to him as Quill addressed them, listening as he spoke "I need you two to come with me, we're going to the Boutique to see if Rarity may have had the kind of Crystal we're looking for...I know she had a thing for gems so...that's our first step. Our next target should be all the places Pinkie Pie visited or lived at during Trottington's little scheme. That sound alright?" The two mares nodded as Quill looked around at all of them, sighing finally and saying "Alright...let's get started."


Fluttershy searched through one of Rarity's trunks, sighing as she looked over to Quill "Any luck?" She asked. He shook he head as he pulled out a few dresser drawers. Suddenly Scootaloo shouted from below

"Hey!!! I think I found something!" Both ponies rushed downstairs to witness Scootaloo holding a perfectly shaped crystal, small enough to fit in anypony's hoof. Quill smiled and nodded

"That'll work perfectly" he said, heading over to examine it. Fluttershy walked over as well, muttering

"Now what do we do?" Quill looked over towards Scootaloo, expecting an answer which she provided with a dark grimace on her face

"Hoofington...we go to Hoofington"


Pinkie adjusted her saddlebags, nodding as they fit tightly over her back. She had slipped a lantern and a few tinderboxes in her saddlebag, as well as a spare bottle of oil, looking towards Applejack and Rainbow Dash who didn't carry anything, but still looked determined. Pinkie sighed for a moment, looking towards her friends, the three of them standing outside the Everfree Forest. She whispered "Girls...I can't ask you to come with me...and truth be told I really don't want you to...Ponies are dying, and the last thing I want is for you two to die as well..." Applejack merely shook her head, looking at Pinkie pie with a determined look on her face and saying

"I know, trust me...I wish things could have been different, but I don't care anymore. Macintosh is dead, and as long as I've got a three day window to save him, I'm going to do whatever I can to make sure he comes home. We're in this together Pinkie Pie, we've got each other and that's all we'll need". Rainbow Dash nodded in agreement and together, they strode into the forest.

Chapter 9a - The Dark

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My lavender mare...gone. I tried not to let my misery show, to keep my head in the game. I couldn't let my personal feelings for my Twilight to get in the way of what I had to do. I needed to stay strong...for her. If we banish The Entity within three dearest will be free...and all those who have died shall be returned to us. I sighed, looking down at the leather pouch that hung around my neck, the crystal tucked safely inside. I gently held my hoof up, resting the tiny pouch upon it and staring at it. This little thing...was going to destroy The Entity's magical barriers and allow us a straight shot at defeating him...although now that I think about it...I'm not sure how we will. Rarity's dead...Twilight's Possessed...what do we do without magic?

I didn't have long to ponder these thoughts, as my stomach began to make it's grievances known, churning up my lunch and threatening to unleash it upon the raft in which I was situated on. Fluttershy, Scootaloo, and myself were aboard the same raft in which Pinkie Pie and Scootaloo made their infamous 'escape' to Hoofington. Scootaloo looked a little worse for the wear, and I understood completely. It must have been hard for her to make this same trip twice...and I didn't really know of anything that I could say to make her feel better. Fluttershy seemed...pensive, in deep thought, which was odd for the timid mare. I stared at her for a moment until my curiosity got the better of me, my mouth opening and releasing the words

"Fluttershy...are you alright?" The yellow mare blinked for a moment out of surprise, suddenly coming out of her deep trance. She nodded and looked at me with a tiny smile, muttering

"Oh...yes, um...I was just thinking about poor Pinkie...I hope her and the others are alright." I was about to reply when Scootaloo suddenly opened her mouth, her tone surprising the both of us as she mumbled angrily

"Pinkie Pie's going to be fine...she's been through more then any of us will ever now...than I'LL ever know..." Fluttershy whimpered a little at Scootaloo's voice, whispering back to her

"I'm...I'm sorry...I didn't mean...I just...I know that...oh..." she didn't finish her statement, merely looking towards the boards below her hooves as Scootaloo sighed, turning around and giving the yellow mare a tiny hug, whispering

"It's alright...just don't worry about her. We've got our own selves to worry about, and our own mission to complete." Fluttershy nodded as I looked down the river, the open plains offering us no comfort as the sky began to darken. I narrowed my eyes and shuddered as I spoke

"Worry indeed..." The two mares looked to what I was addressing and both shivered, growing wide-eyed as they beheld Hoofington...or what was supposed to be Hoofington. A black vortex of darkness swirled over the town, the sky as black as night. The only light visible were the town lights themselves, casting an eerie, orangish glow across the wide plains. Fluttershy squeaked as she looked over the desolate place with fear, whimpering

"We...we're going...there?!" Scootaloo gave Fluttershy a comforting rub on her side, speaking in a reassuring tone

"It'll be ok Fluttershy, we're just going to go in and out, Quill knows what he's doing..." She looked to me with a silent "right?" and I nodded, flipping open the spellbook and returning once more to the chapter about the crystal and the barrier. I looked across the chapter, my eyes skimming back and forth rapidly.

I closed the book, giving an affirmative nod and turning back to the girls with

"Alright, the Crystal needs to be enchanted, which luckily already is due to Rarity's fashion like magic, and with it we'll be able to detect the Entity's dark Miasma. The closer we are to it's center, the brighter the Crystal will glow. Once we reach the very center of the darkness, all we have to do is place the Crystal down, and wait for it to absorb it's dark energy." Scootaloo raised an eyebrow at this and spoke with a questioning tone

"And...the crystal's going to do this...all on it's own...automatically...with a gleaming enchant spell from a Fashion Diva on it?" I sighed and facehoofed a little, looking at Scootaloo and shaking my head

"I don't honestly know...I don't have a better plan and I'm just going strictly off the book. I DO know that Starswirl used a variety of crystals when experimenting with The Entity's dark magic, and it turned out ALL of them worked. He described crystals as a...cradle of light, a container, if you will. Crystals apparently represent beauty and light, something The Entity I guess it makes sense" Scootaloo nodded a little, but then asked

" The Entity hates Crystals...why do the crystals absorb his power then?" I thought for a moment, our raft steadily getting closer and closer to the town. I finally answered, a questioning tone in MY voice as well

"Perhaps...maybe the Light the crystals represent is the only thing that can keep The Entity's power at bay? It makes sense now, actually, seeing as not even the strongest light can pierce The Entity's dark's need a tinge of darkness as well! AH HA! So that's the reason! In order to pierce the shield of Death and Darkness, you have to meet fire with fire! Brilliant!" Scootaloo and Fluttershy smiled at my raised mood, and I have to admit I did feel lighter in spirit.

Our raft finally reached the embankment, and we gently hopped off the wooden platform and onto the grass. Scootaloo looked spacey, and I understood why. She was probably imagining the last time she had done this, with a deeply sorrowful Pink Mare. We walked forward cautiously, the dark swirl of clouds ahead belching loud thunder and purple streaks of lightning. Fluttershy squeaked with each thunderous explosion, whimpering as we moved along towards the backyards of several buildings

"W...why is the sky like this? What's going on?!" she yelped, a crack of thunder roaring out overhead. I looked up, my own curiosity delving into the possibilities. I picked the most likely, looking over to Fluttershy and saying

"Perhaps it is The Entity's magic, or it's Miasma, this IS a place with a bloody is possible that a part of The Entity's evil was left behind when Pinkie left for Ponyville." Fluttershy nodded, the three of us moving up one of the alleys towards the main street. Scootaloo whispered as we moved along slowly, the darkness of the alley intensifying the dreary mood that had settled over us

"I remember...this is one of the alleyways where I delivered Pinkamena's goods...all the homeless ponies were so happy to see a tray of cupcakes here...every night. They never asked...they never looked for an answer...they were just...happy that someone...somewhere, was watching over them." I felt my heart beat with a sad thump as I looked towards Scootaloo with sympathy and pride, muttering to her

"You did a wonderful thing and Pinkie, despite the lengths you both went saved so many lives. You should be proud of what you've done for them." Scootaloo smiled a little, looking over at me and with her voice cracking said

"I am...I am proud of what I've done..." Fluttershy looked about, our party nearing the streets as she whispered

"But...where are they all? Where is everypony?" The same question poked at my mind as well, the alley around us and the street before us totally devoid of any kind of life. I looked about cautiously, the thunder continuing to crackle and boom overhead. Scootaloo turned her head to the right, walking down the street with a hushed

"This's this way..." I nodded as Fluttershy and myself followed her. I knew Scootaloo was taking us to the fateful Bakery where Pinkie Pie had committed her dark deeds. A few more minutes of walking and silence took place until I finally raised my head and my eyes to look upon the dark bakery. It seemed as if the vortex of the sky was centered just above the bakery, the purplish lightning making the dark windows gleam with a deadly shine.

Fluttershy gulped as Scootaloo ascended the tiny wooden stairs to the patio, walking up to the door and putting a hoof on the handle, pushing it down and jumping back, just in case the bakery wasn't safe. The door opened inward with a very loud, ear-shattering creak, a void of blackness now visible to us on the other side. Scootaloo looked back at us and I nodded, walking up the steps...and after a little coaxing, Fluttershy came as well. We entered the bakery silently, looking about at the scene before us. Everything looked...perfect. The shelves were straight and unscratched, the floor untouched and barren of dust. All of the goods that were on display looked healthy and ready to if they had just been baked. I muttered looking about the perfectly preserved, yet sadistically darkened Bakery, mumbling

"Something weird is going on..." Scootaloo nodded, poking her head into the kitchen as Fluttershy walked near the shelves, looking at all the baked goods. I turned my head to Scootaloo and said

"Scootaloo, you know this place better then both me and Fluttershy, here, take the crystal." I slipped the necklace off my neck and threw it to Scootaloo, who caught it in her mouth easily. She waltzed over to what I presumed to be the basement door and opened it, staring down into the abyss of black that awaited her at the bottom. Fluttershy walked up to Scootaloo, gently nudging her and whispering

"It' dark down should let know...go with you, just in case..." Scootaloo looked at her timid friend in surprise and said through the necklace in her mouth

"But Fluttershy...won't you be scared?" Fluttershy stared down into the darkness, fearful for a moment but shaking her head regardless, looking to her and saying

"Oh...I think I'll be ok, Pinkie's been trying to help me be braver so...I think it'll be ok. Come on." They both nodded and descended, myself bringing up the rear.

I shuddered as we commenced our dark descent, the black void of nothingness clinging to us like a thick coat, making it hard to breathe. The stairs seemed to go on forever, each of our hoofsteps making a loud creaking noise against the wood. Finally we reached the bottom, the expanse of the basement opening up into a large room adorned with several long tables and a large, iron like stove sitting in one corner. Surgical tools and other baking utensils were situated perfectly and sorted by category on one of the tables, and the only light source available was a dimly lit lantern that swayed gently above our heads, giving the room a dark, eerie glow.

Scootaloo went over to the middle of the basement, setting down the leather pouch and pushing the crystal out with her hoof, muttering

"This has to be the worst place in this whole building...a lot of death and agony happened down here...there's no way it could be anywhere else" We all stepped back with Scootaloo as she placed the crystal in the middle of the floor, waiting. I stared with great intensity towards the crystal...wondering...hoping. We stared for Celestia, heavens rest her soul, knows how long, and nothing happened. It was Scootaloo who was first to sigh, walking forwards towards the crystal and muttering " was worth a sh-HORSEFEATHERS!!!" She jumped back with fright as the Crystal suddenly gleamed with a bright, white light. I put a hoof out defensively in front of Fluttershy as Scootaloo retreated back behind us, watching as the crystal grew brighter and brighter. Just as the crystal reached it's brightest intensity, I shielded my eyes and and turned my head away, as to avoid being blinded. The light suddenly disappeared, and as I looked back, I sighed a little in relief. The crystal was now a sickening black color, the inside swirling with a dark miasma. Scootaloo went under my outstretched hoof and towards it, turning back momentarily to hear me say

"Be careful Scootaloo! It's coated in The Entity's miasma, use the pouch to pick it up, don't touch it directly." She nodded, heading over towards the crystal with the leather pouch, gently placing it over the crystal and tightening the string, closing it back up. She held the string up in her mouth, smiling as she exclaimed

"YES! It worked! The crystal wo- AAARRGHH!!!" her shouts of glee were cut off by her own shouts of terror as a portion of the ground beside her burst outwards and a hoof reached up grabbing her. It was a sickening green color, bits and pieces of flesh falling off of it. Scootaloo looked down to what was grabbing her and screamed. A colt, or what was left of one, was staring up at her, most of his face peeled away to reveal bone and rotten teeth. Fluttershy herself also screamed as more and more hooves burst upwards out of the ground around Scootaloo, trying to grab her. Fluttershy and I both rushed forward as Scootaloo shook herself, trying to get out of the rotten colt's grip. She dropped the necklace by accident, the pouch flying over and landing on one of the tables. I shouted as I went for Scootaloo

"Fluttershy get the pouch and get out of here! I'll get Scootaloo!" We split up as we ran across the basement floor, dead and rotten hooves flailing about and trying to grab hold of something. I reached Scootaloo, turning on my front hooves and bucking backwards with all my might with my rear hooves, smacking the rotten hoof away from Scootaloo. A sickening crunch sound permeated the air as a hellish groan followed right after it. I pulled Scootaloo with my front hooves and threw her towards the stairs, quickly following up as I turned my head to Fluttershy. She was running right for us, the pouch in her teeth, when suddenly several hooves burst up from the stone ground and grabbed her. She squealed as more and more undead ponies began rising up, their bodies rotten and disfigured, and tried to grab the yellow mare. I rushed back towards Fluttershy, the ponies beginning to drag her downwards into the black void. She saw this and threw the pouch with all her might towards me, screaming

"GO!!! RUN!!! SAVE YOURSELF!!!" I caught the pouch as Scootaloo shrieked

"Fluttershy NO! Quill save her!!! SAVE HER!!!" Fluttershy shook her head, screaming and grasping onto the edge of the hole as she was pulled further down, the sounds of flesh tearing and bones crunching from below. Fluttershy shrieked in pain as tears spilled from her eyes, shouting over and over

"Go!!! Save Pinkie!!! Save PinKIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" She was finally pulled off the ledge, sinking into the cesspool of the undead who continued to claw at her as she sank within their mass. Scootaloo tried to leap for the hole but I quickly blocked her path, grabbing onto her mane by my teeth, along with the pouch, and tried to drag her backwards. Scootaloo shrieked as she flailed her arms towards the hole, crying madly

"NOOO!!! FLUTTERSHY!!! FLUTTERSHY!!!" I threw my head up, tossing her up a few stairs as the Undead began to emerge from the hole, sluggishly coming after us. I shouted as I bounded up the stairs

"Scootaloo we have no TIME! Fluttershy's DEAD, we can save her along with the others within three days!!! COME ON!" Scootaloo rushed up the stairs in front of me, crying as we rushed upwards out of the basement. I bucked the basement door shut with a loud bang as a deep groaning sound was heard from outside.

We rushed out and gasped, witnessing more and more undead ponies climbing out of the ground, all hellbent on taking us down. I looked to the left, spotting the nearest alley and shouting "There! Come on!" We rushed off the patio and down the alley, hooves bursting up behind us and swiping at us. "Keep running Scootaloo!!! Don't stop running!" I shouted, myself and Scootaloo bounding over small fences and across the plains, heading for the raft. As we reached it, I gasped as several hooves began to sprout up from the water near the raft. I bucked and swiped at all that I could, Scootaloo jumping aboard and trying to use one of the long wooden poles on the embankment to get the raft moving. She shouted

"Quill come on!" and I nodded, jumping onto the raft. I entertained the idea that we had gotten away...but these dead bastards wouldn't let us go without a fight. Several hooves shot up from the water and tore the pole away from Scootaloo, several more trying to grab the raft. I bucked as many as I could, trying to get them to let go when I heard a splash behind me. I whirled around and saw Scootaloo half submerged in the water, holding on for dear life and beating her wings furiously, pushing the raft with sheer wind power. I moved towards her quickly just as she started to shriek in pain, blood pooling up from somewhere underneath her. I tried to pull her back aboard as the raft moved faster and faster, my screams of

"Scootaloo STOP! STOP IT!!! Get back up here!" falling on deaf ears. She did nothing but smile and wince as the raft sailed along, a large trail of watery blood following in our wake. She muttered weakly as she began to lose her grip, sliding towards the water

"Too...heavy...I'm d...done" I held her hooves tightly as the raft broke free of the undead ponies, moving quickly up the river and moving into safe waters. Scootaloo looked up at me...weak...innocent...tired. I felt tears spilling down my eyes as we held each other's hooves, her grip growing weaker and weaker. She looked up at me and whispered "Quill...?" I nodded, letting her know I was here...letting her know I wasn't going anywhere. A tear dropped down her cheek as she continued to whisper "Save my mom...stop...the mom...mommy......." Her head slowly dropped to the raft, her cheek pressing up against the wood and her eyes closing, a peaceful look settling over her face. I dropped to my belly and wept openly, Scootaloo's hooves growing cold in mine. We floated along, her and I, the trees of the Everfree starting to come into view. I leaned over, sniffing loudly as I kissed the top of her head, muttering through my sobs as I gently let go of her hooves, whispering


She slid gently off the raft, sinking into the water and disappearing into her watery grave, and leaving me to bury my face in my hooves and weep. I don't know how long I laid there, crying, sniffing, weeping for the two dear mares I lost. As the raft gently pushed up against a sandy incline, stopping all movement, I looked up with a glare of darkest anger. The Entity killed Celestia and killed Rarity, Big Macintosh, Fluttershy, Scootaloo...and took my Twilight away. I didn't care what happened to me at this point...I was going to kick the Entity's ASS!

The crystal in the pouch suddenly started to glow and I looked down at it, staring at it. It went on and off, the glow brightening and dimming slowly. I hopped the raft, walking in an aimless direction, head down and body weary. I wasn't giving hell I was. I just felt so weak...defeated. Fluttershy...gone...Scootaloo...gone...everypony....gone. There was no telling if Applejack and Rainbow Dash were alive, if Pinkie Pie hadn't already been killed by The Entity., or if there really was any hope left at all. I sighed, walking along slowly until the crystal began to glow a bit brighter. I looked at it, curious, and continued walking in the same direction, with a little more speed. The more I moved forward the brighter the crystal glowed. was just a theory but maybe...I broke into a trot, moving forward still as the crystal grew bright, and suddenly started to dim again. I stopped, turning to my right and moving, and was delighted to see the crystal glowing even brighter. I nearly shouted with glee as my Theory became fact! It seemed as if the miasma in the crystal was acting like some sort of magnet or map...the darkness trying to get back to its master!

I went into a full gallop, moving this way and that way, changing direction as I made my way towards my final destination. Finally, I broke through a thin treeline and stopped, my mouth agape and my eyes fixated in horror as I beheld the monstrosity in front of me. A large castle was situated in front of me, its dark battlements and towers taunting me with their eerie stonework. A visible, purplish shield covered the estate, like half of a bubble, but upon close inspection I noticed a part of the bubble was weak and discolored near the if something had broken through! My spirits soared as I realized Pinkie Pie must have made it inside! She may be alive yet!

I bounded forward with joy but suddenly yelped in surprise, my hooves flying up off the ground as the pouch soared up into the air with violently force, dragging me up with it. I flailed about, trying not to get strangled on the string as the shield opened up near the top and dropped me inside. I hit the ramparts with a loud thud and a small outburst of pain, rubbing my flank a little with my hoof. I gently got up on my hooves, looking across the darkened roofs of the castle. Narrowing my eyes in determination, I gently trot my way across the many battlements and tiled roofs, trying to find away inside. I scanned the area around me, trying to find a door or maybe a ladder I could get down, with a bright flash caught my eye, blasting with bright intensity to my left. I heard the audible shout of "NO!!!" although I could not discern who it had come from. Looking over, I saw a large square of glass in the ceiling, giving me access to look down into the castle below. I rushed over as the sounds of crumbling rocks sounded off from underneath me, my head peering over the edge to look down into what appeared to be the throne room. As I took in the scene before me, I couldn't help but gasp loudly, shouting with all my might


Chapter 9b - The Descent

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-A few hours earlier...-

Pinkie Pie climbed over a log slowly, looking behind her to make sure Applejack and Rainbow Dash were keeping up. The forest was brimming with darkish fog, hindering the ponies view to maybe eight to ten feet at the longest. Applejack sighed, staying quiet and behind Pinkie as they trudged deeper into the menacing forest. Rainbow Dash, walking as well since they were going to slow to really allow her to the fact that the forest was just to creepy to fly in...spoke up as they went along, saying " do you think Quill and the others are doing?" Applejack shrugged a little, keeping an eye on Pinkie's lantern, it being the only light source and guide they had and replying

"Don't rightly know...knowing Quill, that colt's mighty resourceful, I'm sure him and the girls are doin' just fine." Rainbow Dash sighed, looking up towards Pinkie and calling out

"Hey, Pinkie, do you know where we're going?" Pinkie let out a muffled "Uh huh" and refused to stop, her eyes forward and searching for any kind of danger or landmark that she could go by.

Rainbow Dash frowned and looked over towards Applejack, bumping her a little with her rump as they walked. Applejack looked over with a quizzical look as Rainbow Dash asked "Hey, Applejack, what'd you think about that one cute colt we saw the other day at the cafe'...he had a nice pair of muscles on those rear hooves huh?" Applejack narrowed her eyes and muttered

"Rainbow, just what in tarnation are you on about? This is no time to be a daydreamin' when there's magic banishin' to be done. Quit your gabbin' about the pointless stuff!" Rainbow frowned, hanging her head a little and muttering

"Just trying to lighten the mood...sheesh." An awkward silence settled over the walking mares...none of them saying a word until Rainbow Dash muttered

"Hey...Applejack...if we die, ca-" She was stopped by an apple getting shoved into her mouth, Applejack sighing and facehoofing as she said loudly to Pinkie

"Pinkie, you gonna be walkin' straight for awhile?" Pinkie didn't stop, simply muttering

"Uh huh..." and continuing to walk. Applejack nodded and turned to Rainbow, who finally managed to swallow the apple and cough a little, shouting

"The hay Applejack!? Trying to get me to choke or something?" Applejack narrowed her eyes and spoke with a firm voice

"Now you listen here Rainbow, Pinkie's already having a downright awful day as it is, she don't need you adding to it by talking bout' death or us dying. Alright?!" Rainbow hung her head sadly for a minute and sighed

"Yeah...I's just, Luna and Celestia died...Rarity died...we both could easily die. I can't get it out of my head, what if we can't stop the Entity, what if we all die and we can't come back because of the three days thing? I've got a lot of things I still want to do with my life! I still have regrets, loose ends to tie up, I don't want to di-" She felt Applejack's hoof press gently against her mouth, hushing her. Applejack sighed, looking at Rainbow with a bit of sympathy as she muttered back

"Ah me Rainbow...I don't want to die either. I know Big Macintosh didn't want to go the way he did, but you know what...I know he died happy. He died knowing I was going to be ok, that I was going to take care of the Apple Family. If one thing's for sure Rainbow, it's that you and I are gonna die happy, cause we have faith in our friends and we both know they can kick this Entity's flank!" Rainbow smiled a little, but the country mare could still tell that Rainbow was still having doubts. Applejack sighed and nudged her along, saying "Tell you what Rainbow, we'll play a little game. You tell me something you never got to do in your life or something you would have liked to do, and I'll tell you what I think bout' it, see if I'd do the same thing. Deal?" Rainbow Dash nodded a little, lifting her head a little as they walked.

The Rainbow Mare was silent for a moment before she said

"I never had a pet, I wish I did though...all of you have one so I guess I was kind of jealous." Applejack nodded, smiling a little as she said

"I hear ya, I don't know what I'd do without ol'Winona. Tell you what, when we're done with this Entity business, We'll go to the Ponyville Pet Emporium and see what they got." Pinkie Pie, now within earshot, flinched a little upon hearing the word 'Emporium', but quickly shook it off. Rainbow Dash smiled, starting to feel better as she said

"Well...I never got to perfecting the Sonic Rainboom. Just never really saw the reason...I guess I didn't want to overdo it. EVERYTHING gets boring if it's overdone." Applejack nodded at this, looking over to her friend with a warm smile and saying

"Well shucks, I still remember the day you did that Sonic Rainboom. Most beautiful thing ah ever seen Rainbow, and that's the truth!" Rainbow Dash blushed as they moved deeper into the trees, muttering

"You're just saying that..." Applejack made a fake scoffing sound and retorted

"And just what kinda' Element ah Honesty would I be if I didn't tell ya what I thought?" The two mares giggled for a moment, actually making Pinkie smile for a moment until they all stopped, frozen as the sound of whispering wafted over the gentle breeze that had begun to pick up in the forest. Applejack whispered "Anypony else here that?" Rainbow Dash looking around nervously and nodding, whispering back

"Yeah...Pinkie, you hear it?" Pinkie nodded, her eyes narrowing and scanning the trees. She searched very carefully with her eyes, running her vision across every branch and bush. Something moved out of the corner of her eye and she shouted loudly

"RUN!!!!" Before the two mares had a chance to question her, Pinkie Pie was already galloping away quickly. It wasn't long after this that the sounds of trees crashing began reaching their ears. Applejack looked to Rainbow Dash who nodded, and together the bolted after Pinkie Pie. Faster and faster they ran, Rainbow and Applejack finally catching up with Pinkie. Applejack shouted as the sounds of crashing trees grew louder

"Rainbow!!! Can you see what's chasin' us!!! You can go ahead and look, I'll make sure you don't run into anythin'!!!" Rainbow turned her head to look behind her, gasping shortly after. A large cloud of black magic was flying towards them, ripping up trees from the ground and throwing them about the forest violently. Rainbow turned her head back forward, a frightful look etched on her face as she squeaked

"It's bad!!! It's VERY BAD!" The sound grew louder and louder, the mares galloping forward with all their might. Suddenly Rainbow Dash tripped, squeaking in fright as a black tendril of magic shot outwards from the black mass and wrapped up around her rear hoof, dragging her backwards. Applejack and Pinkie stopped as they watched Rainbow being dragged backwards, flailing about as she tried to try to get away. Applejack turned to Pinkie with a determined expression on her face, muttering

" know as well as ah do I ain't letting Rainbow go so easy. I may not make it through this...but I'll be damned if I'm gonna let this Entity thingy take MORE of my friends and family away. You go on ahead...I got this" Pinkie Pie felt tears brim in her eyes as Applejack gently removed her hat, and placed it on Pinkie's head. She gave her a small push with her front hooves and shouted "Now go on! Shoo now! You've got Equestria to save!" With that, the country mare turned and rushed back to Rainbow, who was starting to get thrown about wildly by the tendril. Pinkie took a final glance towards them before she herself turned and rushed back into the darkness of the trees.

Applejack let out a furious shout as she rushed towards the Miasma, jumping and turning in midair, bucking at the magic. Applejack was actually surprised to see the mass recoil from her if it was physically solid and not magic. With this, Applejack went on a wild offensive, shouting as she bucked "RAINBOW!!! WHAT ELSE DID YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE?!" Rainbow cried out as the tendril squeezed her tightly

"Are you crazy?!!? YOU'RE ASKING ME THIS NOW?!" Applejack jumped against a tree trunk and pushed her self off, turning and bucking the cloud once more, shouting

"You may not get another chance!" Rainbow Dash shrieked loudly as the tendril tightened more and more, her wings starting to bend

"WONDERBOLT, WANTED TO BE A WO-AAARGH!! I WANTED TO BE A WONDERBOLT!" Applejack panted, rushing back and bucking the arm of the tendril that held Rainbow Dash, wincing as she heard a few snaps from her friend's wings, the mare's screams following immediately after. The tendril dropped Rainbow Dash, who proceeded to curl up and hold her stomach tightly, her wings bent in odd angles and twitching. Applejack rushed for her, trying to see if she was ok but was suddenly bashed in the stomach hard, flinging her backwards into a tree with a thunderous 'THUD!'. The country mare fell, the wind knocked out of her as the cloud started to rise up into the air. Applejack looked up, wheezing for air and trying to crawl over to Rainbow, muttering weakly

"W...well...maybe you...still a shot, right?" Rainbow Dash seethed in pain and cried, tears spilling from her eyes as she whimpered

"Applejack I don't want to die, I don't want to die!" Her country friend put one hoof in front of her and pulled her body up near Rainbow's, her hoof giving out and her belly hitting the ground hard. She coughed for a moment, whispering

"Rainbow..." Rainbow Dash didn't hear her though, simply crying and holding her stomach harder, the black cloud swirling dangerously over them, morphing into a sphere like shape that grew more solid by the second. Applejack gently put a hoof over her friends side and pulled their bodies together, whispering "Rainbow...just keep talking..." Rainbow Dash was hyperventilating a little, barely having the breath to wheeze

"I...I never even my first...first kiss from that...colt..." Applejack smiled, and tilted Rainbow's face towards her, making the mare look her in the eye as she whispered

"Well we can't have that...this don't mean mah barn door swings that way though..." With that, Applejack gently kissed Rainbow on the lips, holding it there for a moment as the dark sphere grew into a hardened boulder, hovering dangerously over them. Applejack gently pulled her lips back, hugging Rainbow as the Sphere suddenly began to fall back down to the forest. Rainbow Dash buried her face in Applejack's chest as the country mare held her tight, whispering

"Don't look Rainbow...don't look! We're going to be ok, we're going to be ok!" Applejack slowly looked upwards, the sphere falling rapidly towards them. The country mare closed her eyes, burying her face in Rainbow's mane and whispering

Brother...if you're up there...make sure me and Rainbow find you quickly...I'm coming home...I'm coming h-"

Pinkie cried, nearly dropping her lantern as a thunderous boom echoed across the trees, her speed refusing to diminish. She galloped and galloped, her limbs burning as she refused to stop. She wasn't sure if she was even going in the right direction anymore...and for a moment she didn't even care. Her hoof caught on a root and she tumbled forward, shutting her eyes and crashing through a bush. When she finally stopped rolling, she didn't even bother getting up. She buried her face in her hooves and sobbed loudly, her tears spilling out at an alarming rate. She shook with sorrow as her lantern flickered for a moment, and died.

"Why..." she whimpered, sniffing loudly "Why did all my friends have to die...why is this happening?!" She stayed there for a good while, still shaking a little. Her crying stopped after a bit, and when she finally opened her eyes, she gasped. She had stumbled into a clearing...a clearing containing a large, ominous castle of dark walls and dreadful towers. She had made it after all. She got to her hooves quietly, picking up her dead lantern and staring upwards at the dark fortress before her. The windows were all dark, the stone smooth and in perfect condition. She put one hoof forward, and then another, and then another, slowly making her way towards the large double doors, marking its entrance.

She approached them, holding up a hoof in preparations to push it open. However, as soon as her hoof drew near, the doors let forth an eerie creaking noise and started to swing inwards. Pinkie took a few steps, staring into the dark void that opened itself up to her, the doors hitting the inner walls with a deep thudding noise. Setting her lantern down and refilling it with the bottle of oil from her saddlebags, Pinkie made sure she was ready to head in. She turned the dial with her teeth, relighting the lantern and holding it up with her mouth, carefully stepping into the blackness. The castle was of ancient affair, old tapestries and portraits of landscapes adorning the walls. Bits and pieces of furniture, broken and moldy with age, littered the front hall. Pinkie looked around carefully, noting the two winding staircases that led to the second floor, and the many doors that littered the first. She looked at each of them, a frown etched upon her face and wide eyes looking about in horror. How the hay was she supposed to know which one to take? All she knew is where to FIND the castle, not where to go INSIDE of it!

She jumped suddenly, a door to her left flinging open and hitting the stone wall with a thunderous crash. Pinkie turned her head quickly towards the sound, observing the empty opening and shaking a little with fear. She approached the opened door slowly and carefully, keeping her lantern gripped tightly in her teeth. She poked her head through the opening, looking down the long dark hallway that opened up before her. Two windows and two torches were the only things present in the hall, and it took a considerable amount of courage for Pinkie to take the first few steps...beginning her dark descent into the castle.

-Pinkie Pie-

No feelings...nothing...could express the terror that gripped my heart and soul. I was absolutely terrified of this place, of The Entity, all of this. I didn't know if it was just him in this castle...there could be...something. I don't know, alright!? I took a few steps down the hallway, the air around me chilling to the bone. I walked farther and farther along, the minutes and seconds blurring away. I couldn't really tell you how long I wandered the dark bleak halls, and I found it odd that I didn't find anypony or anything in the castle. Granted...I wasn't really too keen on discovering what might be wandering the halls...but it would have been nice to see SOMEPONY! I had explored the first floor already, finding nothing of much value or importance, save a few more bottles of oil, and was now ascending the stairs of the main hall to the second floor.

I pushed open the double doors at the top, moving inside slowly and jumping in fright when they shut tight behind me. My lantern was beginning to flicker so I stopped to refill it...and noticed my lanterns contents weren't even depleted. The oil was still full, and I gently poked it with my hoof. The light stabilized and I picked up back up in my mouth, moving down towards the end of the hall, a door in front and two additional hallways to the left and right, one each. I was half way down the hall when my lantern went out, and I stopped, placing it down and looking at it quizzically. "Weird..." I muttered, touching a hoof to it gently. I gasped and jumped in fright as the doors burst open behind me, and a figure stood there, silhouetted against the front halls windows. My eyes grew wide and my breath caught in my throat, the figure, pony-shaped, stumbling down the hall slowly. I was rooted to the spot, my eyes fixated on the the pony coming towards me. I couldn't see exactly who it was, but judging from the long mane, I assumed it was a girl.

The figure stopped, just beyond the light of the torch, and from it...a low, rasping voice echoed out.

"" I knew the voice...but it didn't bring me the joy and happiness I expected. I could see the yellowish coat from here, the pink mane...but something was off. The mare, sick, something dripping from all parts of her body. An awkward silence hung over the hall as we stared at one another. Finally, I opened my mouth and squeaked out quietly

"F...Fluttershy?" As soon as I spoke, a torrential scream tore out of the mare in front of me and she began lumbering at me rapidly, wheezing and growling. A sound flared up in the sounded like some kind of siren.. It was this sound that finally shattered my horrified paralysis and allowed me to turn on my hooves and bolt with my lantern. I flew around a corner, the "Fluttershy" behind me limping after me and panting like a savage beast. I ran and ran, spotting a door in front of me and rushing towards it. I bucked it open, rushing through and shutting behind me with a loud bang, turning around and gasping. Dead end. I was in some kind of study, books and chairs strewn about near an overturned desk. I rushed to the desk, taking a leg in my mouth and dragging it over in front of the door, jumping back in fright as something heavy smashed against the door. Fluttershy's raspy, rotten voice carried through the wood as she shouted

"COME OUT!" I backed up, my breath coming out in ragged gasps and my lungs starting to send me into a fit of hyperventilation. I looked around for anything I could use to help me, and noticed a small wardrobe like closet resting against one wall. The banging continued, Fluttershy's demonic like voice roaring at me from the other side "Pinkie Pie! Why don't you come out!? Don't you love me?! WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME!!?!" I ran for the closet as she shouted between the smashing "YOU'RE 'thud' GOING 'thud' TO 'thud'..." I dove into the closet, shutting both doors behind me quickly as the room's door crashed in, Fluttershy's ravaged voice screaming

"LOVE ME!!!!!!"

I trembled in the wardrobe like closet, twitching and shaking in fear as my eyes grew to their widest points, my pupils contracting to near pinpoints. I heard her ragged, wheezing breath as she stumbled about the room and knocking several things over, more then likely books or furniture. After several tense minutes, the noises in the room ceased and I gently pushed my hoof against one of the closet doors, opening it just a crack and peering out into the room. Fluttershy was gone, and the room was in even worse shape. I opened the door and breathed in a deep breath of relief, pulling out my lantern and heading out of the room. I needed to find the Throne Room of this castle soon...I didn't know how if I could face the Fluttershy in this castle again...

I walked down the hall again, heading through the door I had passed before at the intersection, ending up in a large, candlelit hall. It was a simple hall, a red carpet before my hooves leading to two giant double doors made of oak and iron. I trotted down the hall quickly, making it about halfway before the door behind me smashed open. I turned my head to see Fluttershy...and I couldn't help but scream. Her coat was a disgusting green, large portions of her skin had fallen off to reveal her skeletal structure below, her mane hiding her face, and was splashed with blood. She screamed as the siren sound picked up again and I bolted towards the door, throwing my entire weight against it and pushing it open a little, giving me just enough room to squeeze inside and slam it back behind me. I panted heavily, resting my body against the door and sighing.

A dark, hideous laugh snapped my eyes open and I turned my head to a sight more horrifying in the undead Fluttershy roaming the halls. I was in a giant rotunda of sorts, a large throne sitting far off against the far wall, and before it , in front of a giant basin, was Twilight Sparkle. Her eye color a gleaming red, her horn aglow with black magic, and above her...the figure I had seen in Canterlot Tower...The Entity himself. He looked upon me, laughing as I stood up tall on my hooves, narrowing my eyes at him. He held his hand out to the side, palm up as he hissed

" my home Pinkie Pieeeeeee...I hope my guesssssssts, didn't disturb you much..." I growled, stamping my front hooves against the ground and shouting

"You're going to pay for what you did to my friends! I'm gonna kick your flank from here all the way to Manehatten!" The Entity simply laughed, turning back towards the throne and floating towards it. It was when he was moving towards the seat that I noticed what rested in it. It was some kind of orb, probably a dark artifact or something of his. He turned, sitting in the throne gently, holding the orb in his hand as he hissed

"Twlight...ssssssslay her...." Twilight narrowed her eyes, sluggishly beginning to walk towards me as I looked around for something to use against her. I didn't really have a chance to look long as I felt my body rise up from the ground, flying up and smashing into the ceiling. I let out a squealing shriek as I dropped the lantern and the strap holding my saddlebags to me broke, sending both to the floor with a heavy crash. I dropped from the ceiling, hitting the ground with a loud thud and a grunt. My rear suddenly floated up, moving and turning my back on Twilight. I felt my tail being tugged harshly as I felt my body being dragged backwards towards the lavender mare. I pawed at the ground in front of me, trying to get a decent hoofhold to maybe try and stop my movement, but my hooves kept slipping! Looking over towards my lantern, I figured I only had maybe a small window to figure out what I was going to do about the Entity. I reached over with my mouth, gripping the lantern and snapping my head back, flinging it backwards and smashing it over Twilight's face. She recoiled back and screamed as the lantern broke over her head and spilled hot oil all over her face, making whip her head about in pain. I got up on my hooves, panting and trying to think fast. Ok, ok! Defeat Entity...defeat the Entity...HOW!? Wait, that BASIN! I looked over to the basin, and noticed several small knives laid out beside it. I started to think hard, I knew I couldn't defeat The Entity by physical means...I had to use magic, but I couldn't since I was a Unicorn!

...or...could I? I thought back...back to The Entity's words that Quill read to us in the Mayor's office...

I'll simply remind them with my Laughter

That with nothing else to stop me

All shall fall to my Magic."

I gasped, mulling the idea over in my head. I had one shot to do this...and even if this didn't work I was going to die anyway. I rushed towards the basin, towards the knives as I heard a shout from above me, calling my name

"PINKIE PIE!!!" I didn't have time to look as I grasped up the knife, The Entity shouting

"STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" I shouted back as I raised it up high, the blade gleaming in the fierce lights of the torches adorning the walls

"GOING IN ORDER!" With that, I flung my head down, gutting myself right in the stomach. The pain...oh Celestia the pain! I fell forward over the basin, on my side, pulling the blade from myself and lunging it back in...out...and again...and"


I bucked the glass with all my might as Pinkie stabbed herself, falling over the basin as the glass shattered under my hooves, my body falling through. I fell upon a chandelier, Pinkie Pie dropping the knife and weakly rolling off the basin, a fierce cry emanating from Twilight. A black cloud of darkness began to seep it's way out of Twilight's body, The Entity roaring with rage. It was quite clever of Pinkie...brave...but brilliant. I dropped to the ground as the realization washed over me that The Entity's words were indeed true...Pinkie would have to be removed before Twilight was ready to die...her element of Magic the last to be destroyed. The miasma was ripped free from Twilight, returning to The Entity as he got up on his feet, holding is hand out at me and shooting black tendrils of magic outwards in my direction. I dove out of the way as Twilight groaned, rubbing her head and muttering

"Wha...what happened?" I dove away again, but not nearly quick enough as the tendrils slashed my side, causing me to let out a cry of pain. Twilight whirled around as she heard me, and I quickly leaned my head down and grasped the leather pouch in my teeth throwing it at her. She was stuttering like crazy, looking towards me and finally towards The Entity. I shouted

"Twilight there's no time!!! Use the crystal, throw it in the basin of Pinkie's blood! The Blood has to be repaid!!! KILL IT!!! KILL I-" I felt something pierce my side and I stopped...a new kind of feeling passing over my body. It was pain...but...not pain. It was like I was numb...but could feel. I looked down to my side and saw that The Entity's tendrils, three of them, had torn through my body like spikes, sticking me like a pig. The tendrils were ripped from me as I fell on my side, watching Twilight pick up the leather pouch with her magic and drawing out the crystal, throwing it to the basin. The Entity began to summon his magic, heaving up tons and tons of Tendrils to stop her, to kill her before it was too late.

My vision blurred in and out as I slowly looked over, watching Pinkie Pie weakly crawl out of a side door in the throne room, heading to what looked like an outside balcony. A horrendous roar brought my attention back to The Entity, who was being hit by a beam of white and black energy. It came from Twilight's magic pulsing through the blood-soaked crystal, dissipating most of The Entity's magic. At long last a bright flash illuminated the rotunda and grew dark, my eyes looking over the unshielded form of The Entity, a simple cloaked being with a hood drawn over his head and two gleaming eyes aglow from under it. Twilight, who had expended the last of her energy casting the beam, fell over as I used what little strength I had to push myself up on my hooves, blood pouring from my wounds.

The Entity dropped his orb, looking about frantically as he looked for a viable escape option. He spotted one, a door to his left, opposite the one Pinkie Pie had crawled out of, and began to bolt. I weakly limped over to the basin of blood, the blade bathed in Pinkie's redness still laying by the bowl. I took it up in my mouth and looked towards The Entity. He had reached the door, and was ripping it open just as I flung my head in his direction, letting go with my mouth. The knife sailed in the air with deadly precision, my body giving out at the sound of a most satisfying 'TWHACK' as my dagger met its mark. The Entity screamed and fell as I did, our bodies hitting the ground at the same time. I sighed, weakly rolling on my back and to the other side, resting my head against the cold stone floor. Twilight was out cold, which was a good thing...I didn't want to have to see her in my final moments...not like this. My eyes drooped, my vision blackening, and I opened my mouth to utter my last voice barely above a whisper as I wheezed


My eyes closed...and my breath stopped. Blackness met me, enveloped me in a warm, loving hold. It caressed me, held me like a mother would her foal, and cradled me, a light in the distance coming ever closer. There was a feeling...a feeling I haven't felt in a long time...a feeling that coursed through my veins and my mind, finally putting me at ease...


Just as the light reached me, I stopped. The light had stopped coming closer, and I closer to it. I felt puzzled...confused, until the light exploded all around me, erasing the blackness completely and dropping me gently on a plain of pure white. I opened my eyes, blinking slowly as I lifted my head, looking around. I heard screaming to my left...and as I turned my head, I saw Pinkie Pie pulling a knife out of herself and dropping it on the my right...a boulder was lifted off of the beaten bodies of Applejack and Rainbow Dash. I looked in front of the ground, and saw dear Scootaloo rising out of the air, her eyes shut and a peaceful expression on her face. Behind me, Fluttershy rose as well...they all returned to me...Big Macintosh...Rarity...Luna...and at long last in front me...sitting on her belly in front of me...was Twilight. I smiled, leaning my head down to hers and gently nuzzling her, laying my head upon hers and sighing. It was official...I was dead...everypony was dead...and I was at peace with Twilight...

Just as I was about to close my eyes, an even brighter flash gleamed to my left, and as I looked up I saw Celestia...Princess Celestia...frozen in the air in the last position he held before she died, her wings expanded and her hooves spread apart and held up. She fell, landing gracefully on her hooves and slowly, with a big smile on her face, walked slowly towards me. Tears welled up in my eyes as she slowly got down on her belly, leaning her head forward and nuzzling Twilight. Finally, she looked at me as I whispered "Is it over...?" Celestia smiled and nodded, holding a hoof out to me and whispering back

"It's time to go home Quill." The tears flowed free, my face dripping with them as I lifted my own hoof and pressed it against hers, a bright light emanating from out contact. This was it...this was the end...I looked upon Celestia's face just time, along with Twilight's...and then...


Chapter 10 - The Requiem

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I swam in the blackness of Celestia's hold, snuggling up in comfort. I didn't know where Celestia was taking me, but really it didn't matter anymore. I was dead, what did I care? I could hear nothing except the sweet silence of darkness as I floated about, drifting aimlessly. But then...I heard something...a voice. It sounded frantic, panicked. Several more voices joined the first and then the sound of galloping hooves right after. They were muffled at first, as if I was experiencing tunnel vision...but then they started to get clearer and clearer.

"Are you alright?!"

"Somepony get Nurse Redheart!"

"Wake up Macintosh!! Wake u- oh thank Celestia!"

"Over here!!! Fluttershy, take it easy, not too fast!"


Her voice! HER VOICE! It was her, my love, my beauty, my mare! My eyes opened up slowly, the world a blur. Most of my vision registered to me that all I could see was lavender for a moment, but as my eyes became clearer I started to smile. Twilight was staring down at me, tears flowing from her eyes and the biggest smile on her face. I wasted no time as I wrapped my front hooves around her and pulled her lips down against mine, kissing her deeply and with such passion that we sighed into one another with great intensity.

I was in the Ponyville Medical Care Clinic, in a large bedroom of sorts, with two rows of beds inside. When I finally broke the kiss and pulled Twilight against me in a hug, I looked around with tears in my eyes. They were all here...Macintosh, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, even Rarity, who was making her way over to us. Twilight lifted her head as Rarity approached and the lavender mare immediately set off in an apologetic rant.

"Oh my goodness Rarity I am SO, SORRY! I didn't mean to hurt...I didn't want to hurt you, I'm sorry!" Rarity laughed and waved her hoof about with simple words of

"Oh nonsense darling, it wasn't your fault, you saved me after all from being that...vile things plaything! Besides, we're alive now and that's all that matters." The two shared a hug as I sat up in bed, smiling as Applejack hugged Macintosh and Rainbow too her tightly, the three of them equally hugging back and forming a perfect group hug. Fluttershy was sipping some soup quietly but at least had a small smile on her face. I looked over towards her and said

"Dear Fluttershy...I hope you'll forgive me for Hoofington...I should not have left you behind." Fluttershy merely shook her head a little, whispering back although still audible

"Oh...well that's ok, you know...I was just trying to be know...but I'm ok, thank you...this soup is good..." I couldn't help but chuckle at how timid the poor dear was, quietly returning to sip her soup. I looked around a bit more and started to frown...I counted everyone again and when my assumptions were proven true, I turned to Twilight

"Twilight...where's Scootaloo?" Everyone stopped. Applejack and the others looked over, Fluttershy stopped eating her soup, and Rarity looked down towards the ground as Twilight muttered

"Pinkie Pie didn't come back..." I blinked in surprise as I half shouted

"What? Why!? We defeated The Entity in the three day period, EVERYPONY should have come back!" Twilight sighed, shaking her head and saying

"Scootaloo came back...yes...but that was because she was killed by The Entity. Pinkie Pie stabbed herself...she did that herself, The Entity had no influence over it. We only came back because The Entity killed us all..." I stuttered over my next few words, my mind still refusing to believe it.

"P...Pinkie's...dead? Forever?" Twilight sighed, shaking her head a little as she thought of her

"Scootaloo refuses to believe it...she took it rather hard. I understand seemed like Scootaloo finally found the family she was looking for...and now she's lost it again." I hung my head, sighing as I spoke

"Does anypony know where she is now?" Twilight shook her head, looking towards the ground. She looked up after a moment and said

"There also another problem...remember that Orb the The Entity had with him? Well...that was gone when I woke up..." I blinked, whispering

" it dangerous? Should we be concerned?" Twilight thought for a moment before looking back up to me and sighing

"Well, Celestia didn't seem to think so, and I sort of agree. A tool with a user is pretty much just a tool, useless really. The only problem is that if some-pony finds it and uses it by accident." I nodded, turning my head as the room door opened and Nurse Redheart walked in, addressing everypony

"Alright then! We've filed all your charts, and it seems everypony here has a clean bill of health! You're all free to go! You better hurry now, there's chariots waiting for you outside!" Everyone looked quizzically over to the nurse as I asked

"Chariots? For what?" Nurse Redheart simply chuckled and said

"Why the celebration of course! Canterlot has returned!"


The city looked so...beautiful. The towers were gleaming white and yellow, the pavement set perfectly, the buildings sparkling, just like new. I was sitting next to my beautiful marefriend, Twilight, in the city center. It was a giant courtyard where the populations of both Ponyville AND Canterlot could fit, and it was here that everypony was gathered, and I mean EVERYPONY. The Elements of Harmony were with us as well, along with Big Macintosh and the Cutie-Mark Crusaders...well...two of them at least. Scootaloo hadn't shown up, which concerned me a little but I promised myself I would address it later.

Trumpets blared, ponies quieted their excited chatter, and Royal Guard Pony emerged on the high balcony above us, jutting out from the Royal Castle. He reared up on his back hooves, shouting to the crowd with a booming voice

"PONIES OF EQUESTRIA!!! I BRING BEFORE YOU, THE RETURNING PRINCESSES OF EQUESTRIA!!! PRINCESS LUNA, AND PRINCESS CELESTIA!!!!!!!!!!!" The crowd exploded with stomping hooves and outrageous cheers of glee and happiness. Two ponies walked out onto the balcony, and I couldn't help but feel a tear in my eye at the most beautiful sight of Luna and Celestia walking out to a shower of rose petals flowing from the sky. Confetti and pedals rained from the sky as Unicorns used their magic to bring the Celebration into full bloom. The princesses raised a hoof towards their subjects and the roaring intensified. Celestia's voice was well heard over the squealing ponies as she boomed


"However...our peace did not come without sacrifice. One of us had yet to return home...a mare of laughter, of baking, and of pure happiness. With her life, she gave to us a light, a beacon of hope and warmth. She's shown us over the last six years, through pain, agony, and perseverance, that ANYTHING, is possible! That the greatest of evils, and the Darkest of Descents, can be overcome! We will forever honor her memory here in Canterlot, and every town in Equestria! For Pinkie Pie of Equestria!"

It was then I noticed a large sheet hanging over something in the center of the courtyard. I figured it would be the rebuilding of the statue Celestia had sacrificed herself in front of, but as the sheet was removed, my gasping was joined with everypony's. A golden statue of Pinkie Pie, a wide smile on her face and her eyes closed in glee, holding up a cupcake with one hoof, her hair poofy and symbolizing her wild, carefree personality. I joined in the shouts of the crowd as the cheering intensified ten-fold.

"FOR PINKIE PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"



They're happy...good. They should be, they had everyone returned to them. All is right in the world for them...but me. I was alone...again. No parents, nopony there for me. I was outraged at them all. There was no body, no proof, no shred of evidence that mother was dead. They already treat her as if she was dead, but I knew better. I wouldn't stop, I wouldn't give up, I would never stop looking. I'll find her, dead or alive, and I'll bring her home. I don't give a DAMN what anypony thinks. Something that belongs to me is lost, and I WILL find it! I held up a tiny picture and shed silent tears, looking over it and remembering the day it was taken...back when I was still a filly and not the mare I stood as now. For a moment I looked over this dear picture of mine with sadness and longing...and finally I sighed, putting it away and looked back up at the crowd. I had heard about the Orb when I listened in on Quill and Twilight in the clinic, ducking away from the door. It wasn't over...not yet. There were still loose ends to tie and Pinkie Pie to bring home.

"For Pinkie Pie Indeed..."

I didn't know what lengths I was going to, what I'd have to do, where I'd have to bring Pinkie Pie home. I knew though...that wherever and whatever it was that was going to happen...that It'd be one of the most horrifying...and treacherous things I would have ever done. Pinkie's Dark Descent was over...but this...this wasn't over...this story has yet to end. There are still pages to fill and my eyes to begin searching. I will gallop, I will look, I will find her.

The Darkest Descent had yet to come...a descent that I feared with all my might, but that I would meet head-on with my head up high and my hooves ready.

The Darkest Descent of them all............................. Mine.

"My future...My Mother.

The End....for now.

The Afterparty - Author's Notes.

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Well!!!! Howdy all, Wolokai here. Um, Twilight dear, could you hand me that quill over there, I've got some notes to take.

"Sure, here you are!"

Ah yes, thank you. *Clears throat* Ahem, well my fabulous readers, you've been VERY helpful and very generous during my writing of Pinknesia. You may have noticed that at the end of this story Scootaloo hints at yet ANOTHER descent, her own!

Yes that's right, we're rolling into a third story!

"Wolokai are you sure you want to spoil the title just yet? I mean, they're probably still going to be reading Pinknesia for a bit..."

...True, but meh, there's no real sense in hiding it from em', so behold! I give you Pinksomnia: The Darkest Descent!!!!

This story is going to revolve mostly around Scootaloo and her journey to find the missing Pinkie Pie who as we all know from reading Pinknesia, has been presumed dead. Now, I know the phrase 'Extending a plot so far is like beating a horse while he's down', but don't worry, this will be the last part of the Pink stories, and -

"Um...hold on...what about a horse beating?"

Nothing. ANYWAY, don't be afraid that all my writing will stop after Pinksomnia is done, because it won't be. I have several stories in the works that I plan to line up after Pinksomnia. Just random stories you know, something nice and smooth. I think we can agree that we've had enough death and destruction from me after awhile, and I can't wait to see a wall-eyed Twilight after I'm done with Pinksomnia!


Nothing, *cough* spoilers you know. Anyway, thank you all so much for sticking with me throughout the Pink Trilogy! I'll post another chapter with Pinksomnia's link in it so that those of you tracking will be able to find it easily. Thank you all! I mean it!!! Let me know what you think.

Be Wise, Be Strong, Be Brave!

- Wolokai Evangiline Avangarde KuRR

(For those Tracking!) The Third Fic!

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Hello all!!! Just letting those who are keeping track of the story or tracking so far, the Third Story is awaiting submission and will be up soon! Already got a prologue cranked out so enjoy! Be sure to check regularly for updates or anything like that. The Chapter submissions might be a little bit more spaced out this time, but we'll definitely see.

Prepare for the Darkest Descent of them all! Thank you so much for your comments, love you all!