• Published 2nd Nov 2011
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Pinknesia: The Darker Descent - Wolokai

Pinkamena is back! And this time, she'll have to go into darker places to save Twilight Sparkle!!!!!

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Chapter 6 - The Entity

Pinkie Pie couldn't sleep that night, constantly tossing and turning and repeatedly bumping into poor Scootaloo. After the fifth nudge, Scootaloo awoke with a frustrated groan, turning over and shaking Pinkie, who was starting to mutter rapidly in her sleep. "Pinkie...Pinkie!!! Wake up for Celestia's sake! PINKIE!" Pinkie jumped a little and her eyes flew open, looking around quickly in all directions, panting. She looked over at Scootaloo, mane frazzled and messy and giving her a concerned look. She put a hoof on Pinkie's head and whispered "Are you ok? You've looked sick ever since you came back from Canterlot." Pinkie let her head drop back against the pillow with a heavy sigh, rubbing her face with her hoof. She shook her head

"I don't know anymore Scootaloo...my minds getting scarier and scarier...and I'm terrified about tomorrow..."

Scootaloo snuggled close to her, cuddling in her arms as Pinkie wrapped her hooves around her. She had told Scootaloo about The Entity, and the theories they had discussed in Canterlot. Pinkie could only ever feel truly sane around her wonderful daughter, and sighed contently as she breathed in the grape like smell of her purple mane. Scootaloo spoke into Pinkie's neck, whispering

"Are you going to be ok? Is there anything I can do?" Pinkie smiled and shook her head, whispering back to her

"Continue to be the best daughter I could have ever asked for...that's all I ever need from you Scootaloo..." They hugged tightly, eyes drooping for a few moments before they eventually fell asleep with one another.


The next morning was one of sluggish movement, and depressed demeanor. Pinkie sat glumly at Fluttershy's kitchen table, eating quietly with Scootaloo and Fluttershy, who both had stopped eating to look towards Pinkie with worried expressions. Fluttershy looked to Scootaloo, who merely shook her head sadly and took another bite out of her oatmeal. Turning her head back to Pinkie, Fluttershy spoke softly

"Um...Pinkie...are you alright? Would you like some herbal tea?" Pinkie looked up at this, and smiled for a moment, practically whimpering

"That...that would be...oh damn it all!" The two mares looked at Pinkie in surprise as she burst into tears, her poofy hair letting out a sudden hiss, as if air escaping a balloon, and deflating completely. Her straight, dark pink hair fell about her shoulders as she pushed her hooves against her eyes and bawled loudly. Scootaloo was beside her in an instant, hugging her tightly. Fluttershy was at a loss for words, staring meekly down at her oatmeal and pushing the bowl away slowly. Pinkie sniffed and stuttered

"W...why?! Why didn't it stop...why didn't it stop! I went to the moon, I paid the price for what I had done, everything was fixed! Why didn't this stop!!!" Fluttershy hopped off her chair and trotted to Pinkie Pie, gently rubbing her back and cooing

"There there Pinkie, everything's going to be alright. Celestia and Luna are the most powerful ponies in all of Equestria, you'll be ok, I promise." Pinkie nodded a little and sighed, wiping the tears out of her eyes and muttering

"I know...I'm just...scared. I want the nightmares to stop, I want the pain to stop...I'm a party pony...not a saddy waddy..."
They all chuckled a little, Fluttershying moving to clean up the plates while Scootaloo helped Pinkie Pie upstairs, freshening her up for her trip to Canterlot.


Quill groaned, opening his eyes slowly and immedietly shutting them as blinding sunlight hit his eyes. He hissed in his mind "Damn it all Celestia...you make the most annoying of alarm clocks..." He rolled over, away from the sun, and immedietly found himself pressed up against something wonderfully soft and warm. He opened his eyes and couldn't help but smile. Twilight was still asleep but facing him, her eyes closed and her expression peaceful. He leaned forward and softly planted a kiss on her nose, nearly hugging her out of delight when she let forth the cutest little moan he had ever heard in his life.

Twilight opened her eyes slowly, her expression vacant for a moment until her sleepy mind caught up and she smiled, looking at Quill with such adoring love. Qull whispered to her gently "Hey..." Twilight closed her eyes again and sighed contently, whispering back

"Hey..." She yawned, stretching her legs out and suddenly winced. She looked at Quill with a blush on her face and said "Heh...guess I'm still a little sore from last night...which...was so amazing" Quill smiled a little and scooted closer to her, nuzzling her and whispering "Well I hope I certainly met the par when it came down to it...I know I must not be as experienced as other colts..." Twilight giggled and gave him a kiss on his cheek, whispering still

"I wouldn't know...you're my first colt..." At this Quill chuckled a little and pulled her into his hooves, kissing her for a moment and saying

"Well, I feel honored to be that first colt!" They both laughed and stayed in bed for a little while longer, gently hugging and nuzzling one another. Quill sighed after awhile, his sleepy mind finally reminding him of today's future events. He looked over at Twilight with a worried expression and muttered "Twilight?" Twilight looked at him and sighed happily "Yes Quill?"

Quill looked away sheepishly for a moment before sighing "Twilight...today may end beautifully...but it may also end in tragic disaster...if anything happens I want you to know I lo-" He was cut off as Twilight pushed her lips against his, forcing his mouth open and deepening their embrace tenfold. They both sighed, wrapped in one another's hooves. After what seemed like an eternity, Twilight pulled her head back and whispered

"Faith...Quill...have faith. When today goes perfectly, which it will...you can take me out to dinner tonight, and I'll tell you I love you too" Quill blushed and muttered

"You don't think it's too early...? I mean we've...only just had-" Twilight pushed her lips against him again and smiled, whispering as she pulled back

"We've known each other for a year Quill, and we've been flirting for a couple months now. Last night was well needed." Quill nodded in agreement and smiled, giving her a deep kiss of his own before slipping out of bed. He walked over to the window that overlooked the bedroom and sat on his haunches, sighing contently and watching the morning sun continue to rise. Twilight approached as well, sitting next to Qull and nuzzling him, pushing her face into his neck and breathing him in. Quill looked down at her and smiled, laying his cheek down on top of her head, and together...they enjoyed Celestia's sunrise.


Hours later, Quill found himself standing in front of the doors to Canterlot tower, fidgiting nervously. He was half an hour early, which he usually was to every event. It was this small window of time that Quill used to calm his raging mind, doing his best to ease his nervousness. He heard clopping coming down the hall and turned his head to see Princess Luna and a very distraught looking, straight-haired Pinkie Pie. Quill frowned a little as they approached, sitting down on their haunches in front of Quill and trying to look hopeful. There was a long, awkward silence until Quil cleared his throat and said in a serious tone "I won't pretend that everything is alright today, because we all know it's not...but...we've got to keep our heads up and our spirits strong. We're going to do our best to help Pinkie Pie, and we're going to give it our all!"

Luna looked up and smiled, nodding at Quill's statement and saying

"Of course, we'll be with her every step of the way!" Pinkie smiled a little as well, moving forward and giving Quill a tiny hug, whispering

"Thank you Quill..." The next half hour was spent idily chattering about all sorts of topics, from Luna raising and lowering the moon to Pinkie describing how to get strawberry frosting to retain it's red color throughout its shelf life. Quill smiled, his little plan to get Pinkie's mind of things working as he took comfort in seeing her excitement as she went on and on about the various "arts" to baking. Eventually, they all quieted down, and as if on cue, the large double doors opened with a deep rumbling growl. Princess Celestia was waiting at the end of the hall, in front of the vault. A podium was situated to her left and on it, the ancient tome she had read from the day before, confirming the darkness that had seeded itself in Pinkie's mind. On her right were several tiny bottles with different color liquids, and a large vial of what looked like blood.

Quill gulped and looked over to it, then back to Celestia, who wore a VERY serious expression on her face. It was Luna who first ran her eyes over Celestia's form, gasping as she pointed near her flank

"Tia you're hurt!" Indeed, Celestia had bandages wrapped around her body, near her flank. A line of blood had stained through the bandages. Celestia smiled a little and spoke

"Fear not little sister, it's nothing serious. Small accident, nothing more!" Luna sighed and nodded a little, but Quill wasn't fooled. He sat in front of Celestia and gave her a knowing look, but her dark glance back to him had the words "Later" written all over it. Luna sat to the left and Pinkie in the middle, sitting to the left of Quill. All was silent for a moment until Celestia sighed, opening her mouth and saying

"Alright...everything has been prepared, and we're ready to get started...Pinkie...are you ready?" The straight-haired mare looked up, a fearful look in her eyes. She simply stared at Celestia for a moment before nodding, awaiting whatever spell was to be cast on her. Celestia looked to Luna who nodded, standing and moving behind Pinkie Pie, standing at least twenty to twenty-five feet away. Quill moved far to the left, out of the way of the sisters as he sat and watched.

Celestia looked over the book quickly, double checking to make sure everything was right. She turned her head to Pinkie and took in a deep breath, closing her eyes. "Luna" she said, opening here eyes a little to stare at her sister "I need you to make sure you can redirect any magic that goes astray back to Pinkie Pie. This is a very concentrated spell and needs to stay concentrated, understood?" Luna nodded and got into a low position, as if ready to pounce on something. Celestia muttered a quick prayer to the sun and took a deep breath, closing her eyes again and calling forth her magic.

Celestia's horn gleamed a bright yellow as a light wind began to push through the hall. Luna could feel the intensity of magical power that was being summoned, and for a moment she was beginning to get scared. Such POWER that began to radiate from Celestia...it was maddening. Luna was shocked to discover Celestia could even wield so MUCH of it! Celestia's face contorted into one of immense concentration, beads of sweat trickling down her face as the glow of her horn grew brighter and brighter, several cracks of magical lightning splintering out from her horn. Just as the light was beginning to become unbearable, Celestia hissed out of pain and spoke

Light I command thee, bring forth Thy Entity,

Let it be revealed, let it be sealed!

Give me the power to vanquish thee,

Let me set the plagued ones free!

Come now Light! I COMMAND THEE!!! BRING...FORTH...THY...ENTITY!!!!!

Celestia gave a great shout and dipped her head forward, her horn letting out a near eye-blinding explosion of light, a beam of yellow and silver blasting forth. It flew in the shape of a horizontal cyclone, the top of it flying towards Pinkie. Pinkie braced for impact, screaming in terror as the light crashed into her. The only thing that registered in Pinkie's mind, was pain. Unimaginable, excruciating pain. Her lungs drew in a massive amount of breath and through her mouth exhaled the most horrendous scream anypony could have ever imagined in Equestrian History. Her mind felt like it was going to split in half as she fell to the floor, writhing in pain. The light swam around her and strands of magical lightning began to spark outwards, hitting the walls and even shattering one window. Luna had her own head bowed forward, her horn gleaming with celestial blue magic. She caught several bolts and pulled them back into the magical beam of light, trying to keep Celestia's spell under control

However, it seemed more and more that Celestia was beginning to lose her grip, her own shouts of pain beginning to mingle with Pinkie's. Luna heard this and shouted "Celestia!? What's wrong!!! What's happening!!!" Celestia could barely be heard over the roar of magic and Pinkie's screams as Luna listened closely to her words

"I don't know!!!! Something's not right!!! This wasn't in the scriptures!!!!!" Suddenly, the loud BOOM of an explosion was heard as the beam of light exploded, sending waves of magical energy everywhere. All the windows shattered, a few columns were instantly disintegrated or fell with thunderous sounds of collision. Even the doors were blown clean off the hinges as tapestries caught fire, and the ground cracked and splintered.

Quill shielded his eyes for a moment, and once he heard all the commotion and explosions cease, he stole a look towards the group and gasped. Pinkie was on her side, her back facing him and stillness settling over her. Luna was on her belly, holding her horn with her hooves and wincing in terrible pain. Celestia looked even worse, with most of her majestic white coat singed and burnt, blood running out of her bandages and a few new gashes on her body. Quill got up and started to rush over to her, shouting

"Princess Celestia! Are you alright!?" Luna looked up to see Quill running for the princess and suddenly felt a magical discharge to her left. Looking, she spotted a column still standing, becoming doused with a black aura of magic. The column wobbled for a moment and tipped, falling towards Quill. Luna sprung to her hooves and dove, shrieking

"QUILL!!!!!" In the next instant Quill felt himself being shoved out of the way, and a thunderous KABOOM! following right after. He slid for a moment, wincing at his impact of the hard floor. Quill coughed for a moment and opened his eyes, looking behind him. His pupils contracted and his lungs expelled a sharp gasp.

Luna was on her belly, front hooves outstretched...the giant column fallen on her back. Luna looked up to hear the shrieks of Celestia, who had shaken off her weariness enough to turn her head and see her beloved sister trapped under the giant column of stone. Quill nearly lost his voice shouting at the top of his own lungs

"GUARDS!!! GUARDS!!! SOMEPONY HELP!!! ANYPONY!!!" Celestia used all her strength to drag herself over towards Luna, extending her hoof towards her sister. Luna looked up weakly, feeling her own blood pooling underneath her, thin lines of blood also leaking out of her mouth. She smiled a very tiny smile, holding her hoof out towards Celestia. Celestia's eyes were absolutely spilling with tears, reaching out with all her might and gently touching her hoof against Luna's. Luna felt the brush of her sister's hoof and smiled, opening her mouth and swallowing back a large hunk of blood...giving her enough...and the last of her air to squeak out one word


Luna's eyes gently closed, her smile fading and her hoof dropping. Her head hit the floor the same time her hoof did, growing still and unresponsive to Celestia's erratic screaming and crying. Suddenly...a dark...menacing laugh permeated the air, a sinister voice of unfathomable evil floating across the tower

Celessssssstia...it hasssss been a long time...hasssssn't it...? Celestia looked up, tears streaming down her face as a dark cloud of magic floated above the unconscious Pinkie Pie, growing larger and larger and morphing into a shape unknown to Ponies, a form only known as Humanoid. Once the shape had grown to about ten feet high, it snapped back it's newly formed head and laughed a guttural laugh of victory. Red and black tendrils of magic flowed around the magical aura, sharpened claws adorning its hands. The Entity had been freed...and with its first actions, pointed a finger towards Celestia, hissing One down....one...to go... Celestia gasped and looked towards the spell book, her horn gleaming yellow as red and black tentacles of magic began pushing through the ground around Celestia. Her magic hit the spell book and flew over to Quill, giving him just enough reaction time to grasp the book and too be flung far out of the way, near the vault doors. Celestia quickly shouted to Quill as the magic tendrils wrapped around her hooves and picked her up in the air

"QUILL! THREE DAYS!!! YOU HAVE TO STOP IT IN THREE DAYS, EVERYTHING WILL GO BACK TO NORMAL!!! SAVE LUNA!! SAVE EQUESTRIA!!! SAVE PIN-" She didn't get to finish her sentence as the tendrils held her in the air, her back facing the ground. A fifth tendril shot up, crashing right through Celestia's back and impaling her. The tendrils snapped to the left immediately after, throwing Celestia through an unbroken window with a ear-shattering 'CRASH!'.

The Entity burst into heaps of laughter again and quickly morphed back into a dark cloud, slithering quickly out of the doors. It wasn't long after that the rumbling began, the tower beginning to crumble as a dark miasma of magic began covering most of the surfaces of the area. Quill, too pumped full of adrenaline to process what he had just seen, bounded forward with the book. He quickly slipped his nose under Pinkie's body and flipped her up on his back. He ran for the door, the ceiling beginning to cave in and dropping large slabs of marble onto the floor, quickly covering Luna's lifeless body and blocking off the vault door.

Quill rushed for the door, more and more rubble falling and crashing into the places he had only JUST occupied milliseconds before. He was at the door, the final bits of the ceiling falling. He let out a shout of fury and jumped, landing and sliding across the marble floor, the tower collapsing behind him and starting to sway dangerously above Canterlot. Royal Guards rushed up the stairs and shouted "What's going on!? What's happened!!!" Quill stood and rushed towards and through them, shouting as he went

"I, White Quill of the Grand Archives, hereby proclaim emergency Equestrian law "Fallen Stars!", bring the wielders of the Elements of Harmony to the Mayor's office in Ponyville!!! AND BEGIN PREPARATIONS TO EVACUATE CANTERLOT!!! We are under attack!"

As he said this, explosions could be heard across the majestic city, ponies below screaming in panic and fright as buildings exploded into flames, black splotches of chaotic magic flying about and igniting everything it touched. The Guards were wide-eyed as they followed Quill, more and more that they passed rallying behind him and rushing for the Chariot and Transportation services area. They had drilled for Equestrian Law Fallen Stars...but never would have EVER believed that it would ever be enacted in their life time. The law stating...that emergency control of Canterlot and Equestria be passed down to the pony that was with the Royal Crown in their last moments of life, and if no other heirs were present. It meant only one thing...

...Celestia and Luna were dead.