• Published 2nd Nov 2011
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Pinknesia: The Darker Descent - Wolokai

Pinkamena is back! And this time, she'll have to go into darker places to save Twilight Sparkle!!!!!

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Chapter 8 - The Plan

The guard ran with all his might, ponies all around still gaping at the crumbling inferno that used to be Canterlot. He ran with all his might, hopping over ponies and diving around carts. He had to reach Quill, he had to inform him of what had happened! He rounded a corner and at long last the Mayor's building came into view. He bounded up the steps, pushing through the doors and rushing right past the receptionist who merely blinked in surprise at his sudden entrance. He rushed to the double doors at the end of the hall and reared up on his hind legs, using his front legs to push in the door and give a sudden fright to everyone on the other side.

Fluttershy squeaked as Quill looked up, surprise in his eyes as he exclaimed

"Good heavens colt, what's gotten into y-" He was cut off as the guard shouted, trying his best to speak even though he was out of breath

"L...library...gone! Destroyed! E...Element of Gen..generosity...killed!" At this, Fluttershy threw her hooves up to her mouth, Applejack and Rainbow Dash growing wide-eyed and jaws dropping. Scootaloo stuttered, hardly believing her ears

"R...Rarity's....dead?" Quill slammed his front hooves on the table, rearing up and shouting

"Where's the Element of Magic!? Was she also killed?!" Quill didn't want to believe it, he couldn't and wouldn't even if it were true. The guard shook his head, panting

"It's...it's unlikely...the Element of Generosity wouldn't have been left in the state she was in had Twilight Sparkle been present at the scene" Quill let out a heavy sigh as Fluttershy burst into heavy tears, sobbing loudly as Scootaloo did her best to comfort her. Rainbow Dash merely dipped her head as Applejack gently took off her Grand Pappy's hat and hugged it close to her chest, just over her heart. Quill hopped off his chair and walked to the window, a furious look in his eye. He grumbled after a moment's silence

"He's targeting the Elements of Harmony..." At this, everyone in the room looked towards him, Rainbow Dash being the first to ask

"What makes you think that?" Quill turned his head towards Rainbow Dash and replied

"The Entity must have realized how dangerous the Elements of Harmony were to him when Nightmare Moon was destroyed, it would explain why he had to invade Pinkie's mind in order to regain his strength...but now that Rarity is..." he didn't finish his sentence, sighing. He suddenly gasped however, making everyone jump slightly as he rushed back to the spellbook, flipping open it's pages and skimming through them quickly. Applejack raised an eyebrow and muttered

"What in Tarnation are you on about Quill?" Quill spoke rapidly to Applejack as he flipped through the pages

"This book is very similar to scriptures I've read in the past. It talks about The Entity being aware of the Elements, but he didn't pay them much heed. He actually treated them like they were nothing but symbolic icons of conquest to be taken, not to be feared, so Starswirl managed to record what The Entity thought about th- Ah HA! Found it!" Quill skimmed down the passage, but everyone noticed that the more he read, the more wide-eyed and horrified he was becoming. Applejack's muttering broke the silence as she whispered

"Well...?" Quill looked up towards the Orange Mare, reciting perfectly

"How nice of them, to make this known to me...

Such an act of Generosity

One by one I'll take them, next is Honesty

I'll show no mercy nor act of Kindness

Among them there remains no Loyalty

I'll simply remind them with my Laughter

That with nothing else to stop me

All shall fall to my Magic."

Rainbow Dash shivered, hearing the words that Starswirl recorded from The Entity. Scootaloo looked around nervously, speaking

"So...The Entity killed Rarity...who was Generosity...and according to The Entity's words...and his goals...the next one to go is A-"

"MAH FARM!!!" Applejack was on her hooves faster then anypony, or even Rainbow Dash, could imagine. Quill shrieked as Applejack blasted past the guard standing in front of the door

"DON'T!!! STOP HER!!! THE ENTITY MAY BE ALREADY WAITING THERE FOR HER!" Rainbow Dash sprang up and with a quick shout of "I'm on it!!!" soared out of the door and after Applejack. She flew up as soon as she made it outside, looking around frantically. Rainbow Dash didn't want to believe it, but it looked as if Applejack was already GONE!

"Holy horsefeathers that mare runs fast..." She muttered, giving a mighty push of her wings and propelling herself towards Sweet Apple Acres.

Applejack ran with all her might, and for a moment she entertained the thought that she was running as fast as Rainbow could fly. She ran and ran, until eventually she heard the rapid beating of wings behind her and a Rainbow Mare's shouting

"AJ!!! Stop!!! It's too dangerous!!!" Applejack refused to stop, merely shouting back

"Buck you Rainbow Dash! I'm not gonna let some hocus pocus magic thingy take away everything that's important to me!!!" Rainbow Dash nearly facehoofed as she shouted

"It's not after the FARM AJ!! It's YOU!!!" Applejack didn't listen, gasping as she caught sight of her farm, Big Macintosh pulling his raggedy old plow across the ground. The country mare sighed with relief, rushing up to the gates as Big Macintosh stopped, looking over and smiling

"Howdy...welcome back Lil' Sist-"


The three ponies were thrown to the ground from the power of the explosion which burst out from the second floor of their house. Applejack looked up and shrieked "GRANNY SMITH!!!" Bic Macintosh was already on his feet, dashing forward quickly and bucking in their front door so hard that it snapped in half and flew inside with a thunderous crash. Applejack was shrieking and panicking, running forward herself. Rainbow Dash quickly set upon her however, crashing down into her back and holding her down, shouting

"NO! AJ DON'T! IT'S TOO DANGEROUS!!!" Applejack shouted and screamed, trying to get out from under Rainbow Dash

"Get off me!!! MACINTOSH!!! GRANNY SMITH!!!" It was several moments before Big Macintosh emerged, Granny Smith on his back. He rushed out with her, setting her down near Applejack who shouted "Granny!!! Are you ok?!" Her Grandmother nodded weakly but suddenly opened her eyes wide as a young filly's screams were heard from the second story. Both Applejack and Granny Smith shrieked as Big Macintosh rushed back into the house

"APPLEBLOOM!" The fire was spreading quickly across the whole house, smoke rising higher and higher up in the air. There was loud crashing heard from the second story, and one of the windows suddenly crashed open, two dark red, hind legs bucking through them. Big Macintosh poked his head out, holding Applebloom by her bow in his mouth. He climbed up onto the roof carefully but suddenly looked behind him, a black cloud starting to swirl along the floor. He then threw his head forward with a mighty swing and opened his mouth, throwing Applebloom out into the air as the house exploded. Rainbow gasped as she hopped up, wings expanding and her front hooves outstretched. She launched herself upwards, catching Applebloom in a tight hold. Applejack, free of Rainbow's grip, rushed over to where Big Macintosh had been thrown, crying out

"No!!! NO!!! MACINTOSH!" Big Macintosh looked up weakly, two giant splinters of wood piercing his sides. He smiled a little as Applejack rushed to his side, hugging him around his neck and sobbing loudly. She was nuzzled, her teary eyes looking up towards his as he spoke

"AJ...I reckon' this work horse has had it...I think you're going to have to buck the apples yourself for awhile..." Applejack shook her head rapidly, sniffing and whimpering

"No! You're going to be ok...please be ok...please!" Her last, desperate plea came out in a small wheeze. Macintosh merely shook his head though, gently nuzzling his sister before laying his head down on the ground, sighing and muttering

"Hey...sis?" Applejack laid on her belly, her head very close to his and her eyes staring into his, whispering

"Yeah brother?" Macintosh whispered, a tear in his eye, his body starting to shiver

"You...you remember when Grandpa always told ya'...about rememberin' the best about a pony once they've gone and made their peace with the Pegasus Ponies with dem' halos over their head?" Applejack let a fresh wave of tears spill down her face, nodding and trying to hold back her sobs. Macintosh pushed a hoof against her cheek and said with a shaky, but stern voice "Now...don't you mourn long, ya' hear? You've...you've got the ap..apple family to support now...don't l...let me down now Applejack. I...I Love ya' sis'..." Applejack sobbed, hugging her brother tightly around his neck and dampening his coat with her tears, whimpering

"Don't you die on me...Macintosh, tell me everything's gonna be alright...it's going to be alright...right?" Big Macintosh sighed contently, opening his mouth and rasping weakly

"E...Eeyup...". Rainbow Dash was crying herself, watching as she saw Big Macintosh smile a little, closing his eyes and resting his cheek against the soft dirt he took such care and pride in plowing for his family.

Applejack shook him a little, whispering "Macintosh...? Macintosh...wake up now! Ma...Macintosh!!!! No!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!" Applejack was shrieking, crying with sorrow as she held her now lifeless brother tightly. She looked up, her head whipping about, screaming at the top of her lungs "IT WAS ME!!! DAMN YOU!!! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO KILL ME!!!! YOU WE-" She stopped, her eyes catching sight of a Lavender Mare situated on a far off hill. Her eyes widened to the size of saucers as she beheld Twilight Sparkle....laughing. She was laughing, wildly. Her horn glowed with black magic as she laughed at Applejack. The country mare couldn't believe it, gasping "Twi...light? You...you! YOU!!!!" YOU DID THIS!? YOU...YOU KILLED...YOU!" At this Twilight only laughed harder, shaking her head at Applejack as she suddenly disappeared in a flash of black magic. Applejack let go of Macintosh, ready to race towards the hill, screaming "YOU BASTARD!!! TWILIGHT YOU BASTARD!!! I'LL KILL YOU!!! I SWEAR TO CELESTIA I'LL KILL YOU!!!!" Rainbow Dash rushed over, holding Applejack back as the country mare screamed her head off, shouting all sorts of hateful death threats towards the now-gone Twilight.

"APPLEJACK, STOP! STOP!!! Think damn you think!!! There's no way Twilight would EVER kill Big Macintosh!" Applejack didn't respond, but simply turned in Rainbow's hooves and hugged her tight, breaking down into loud, hysteric crying. Granny Smith had moved to lay next to Big Macintosh, Applebloom with her, both of them crying and nuzzling his body gently. Applejack sobbed, trying to speak as she wept into Rainbow's chest

"W..why!? Why Rainbow...why!?" Rainbow held her gently, rubbing her back and whispering

"I don't know...but we're going to find out why".


Quill looked up, frightful as he witnessed Rainbow Dash leading a distraught, tear-streaked Applejack to her chair. Fluttershy went over to her, whispering "What...happened?" Rainbow Dash tried to find the words to express what happened...but couldn't, merely dipping her head with a sad shake of her head. Everyone's eyes shot towards Applejack as she muttered, sniffling

"Macintosh...Twilight killed Macintosh..." A collective gasp burst forth from the room as Scootaloo stood up so fast her chair fell backwards, shouting

"Bull...SHIT!" Fluttershy rounded on Scootaloo, shocked and squeaking

"Scootaloo!" The orange mare wouldn't hear it, simply waving her hoof about

"There's no WAY Twilight Sparkle would EVER kill Big Macintosh, or anypony!" Rainbow Dash sighed, shaking her head and saying

"I want to believe that too...but she was there, and her horn was glowing all weird...it looked like it was-"

"Black...right?" Quill suddenly spoke up, looking towards Rainbow with a stern glare. Rainbow nodded slowly as Quill put a hoof to his forehead and sighed "It's as I feared...The Entity still isn't at full strength...he needs a Unicorn to carry out his deeds until he's fully powered up. He couldn't possess the Princesses because of their immensely strong minds...so he took Twilight's, the Element of Magic herself. Damn it all..." He sighed, flipping another page of the spellbook. Rainbow gave Applejack a comforting hug as Fluttershy looked towards Quill, muttering

"What...do we do now? The Entity didn't kill Applejack...and the next one is...is....me...so" Quill looked up, thinking for a moment and finally saying

"Well...there's perhaps one way. Starswirl the bearded went into semi-detail about The Entity's magical defenses, a shield of Blood and Death. It appears Celestia didn't catch a portion of this...a crystal, clear and shining with purity, was needed to harness the miasma's of darkness that were left behind at all of the areas in which The Entity had visited or had been housed...and that "The Blood had to be repaid"...I don't know what that means but I think Celestia did, as I noticed she had cut her own flank, believing maybe a blood sacrifice was required. Although the more I read, in chapters similar, I began to notice several similarities and references to The Blood. I think The Blood is actually an item, not the substance itself...and is kept with The Entity in his ca-"

"Castle...where I'll be going..." Everyone looked up suddenly to see a straight-haired Pinkie Pie, eyes weary and coat darkened. Fluttershy gasped

"Pinkie you mustn't!!! It's much too dangerous! You should still be resting!" Pinkie Pie merely shook her head and replied with

"I don't care...I've listened in on what's going on, and I think that if The Entity is still possessing Twilight Sparkle, then that means he still needs to regain strength. If I can get The Entity out of her mind...he'll still be weak enough to fight when Quill does his crystal thingy" Quill pondered this for a moment, looking towards Pinkie Pie and sighing

"The Entity has been in your mind for awhile...and I bet since Luna saw where the castle is..." Pinkie nodded, finishing for him

"I saw where it is as well." Applejack suddenly got up on her hooves, a determined look on her face and shouting

"Well alrighty then! If what Quill says is true, we got bout' three days to kick this Entity's flank before I lose mah brother forever. I say let's get to it!" Rainbow Dash threw a hoof in the air, giving her own "YEAH!" to the cause. Quill nodded and muttered

"Well, if the three of you are going...I want you to be extra careful...we're dealing with a killer of Goddess's here...and none of you are Unicorns. You must be VERY cautious when hunting Twilight, as she will surely have power over you if you're caught. Fluttershy? Scootaloo?" The two mares looked over to him as Quill addressed them, listening as he spoke "I need you two to come with me, we're going to the Boutique to see if Rarity may have had the kind of Crystal we're looking for...I know she had a thing for gems so...that's our first step. Our next target should be all the places Pinkie Pie visited or lived at during Trottington's little scheme. That sound alright?" The two mares nodded as Quill looked around at all of them, sighing finally and saying "Alright...let's get started."


Fluttershy searched through one of Rarity's trunks, sighing as she looked over to Quill "Any luck?" She asked. He shook he head as he pulled out a few dresser drawers. Suddenly Scootaloo shouted from below

"Hey!!! I think I found something!" Both ponies rushed downstairs to witness Scootaloo holding a perfectly shaped crystal, small enough to fit in anypony's hoof. Quill smiled and nodded

"That'll work perfectly" he said, heading over to examine it. Fluttershy walked over as well, muttering

"Now what do we do?" Quill looked over towards Scootaloo, expecting an answer which she provided with a dark grimace on her face

"Hoofington...we go to Hoofington"


Pinkie adjusted her saddlebags, nodding as they fit tightly over her back. She had slipped a lantern and a few tinderboxes in her saddlebag, as well as a spare bottle of oil, looking towards Applejack and Rainbow Dash who didn't carry anything, but still looked determined. Pinkie sighed for a moment, looking towards her friends, the three of them standing outside the Everfree Forest. She whispered "Girls...I can't ask you to come with me...and truth be told I really don't want you to...Ponies are dying, and the last thing I want is for you two to die as well..." Applejack merely shook her head, looking at Pinkie pie with a determined look on her face and saying

"I know, trust me...I wish things could have been different, but I don't care anymore. Macintosh is dead, and as long as I've got a three day window to save him, I'm going to do whatever I can to make sure he comes home. We're in this together Pinkie Pie, we've got each other and that's all we'll need". Rainbow Dash nodded in agreement and together, they strode into the forest.