• Published 14th Nov 2011
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Pinksomnia: The Darkest Descent - Wolokai

Pinkie Pie is gone, and Scootaloo is on the hunt. How far is she willing to go to bring her home?

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Of Orange Memories - The Prolouge


I drew the mop across the hard, wooden surface. No problem, I had been doing this for weeks now. She was so messy, but I guess that was to be expected. Ponies do tend to flail around a bit. Luckily for me, I was just mopping just to mop, you never know when there'd be another he-...oh Celestia Dammit it all...

"Mama!!! Another customer!" I shouted towards the basement door, sighing as I placed the mop and bucket back in the closet and went towards the door to the basement, hearing the gentle thudding of hooves slowly make their way upwards. I sat on my haunches as the door opened, and a green hoof poked out of it, a green and red mare following shortly after. I smiled as she smiled at me, giving me a light muzzle and whispering

"Welcome him in dear, I'll be in the kitchen." I nodded, heading to the front of the store. A fancily dressed colt stood there, wearing a top hat and monocle and wearing a pitch black tuxedo. He looked at me and smiled, exclaiming

"Why, such an adorable little filly! Tell me, is the baker here?" I nodded excitedly and held out a hoof behind me, indicating her direction. He smiled and trotted past, myself following right after. I never got to see her actually do it...granted she didn't want me to see. I argued with her for much of the previous night, saying that since I was at least cleaning it up, I might as well be exposed to it anyway. Kind of like ripping off a band-aid rather then peeling it off slowly. I stood in the doorway as Mom spoke, her rich, business like voice nearly fooling even me. She held out a sample cupcake, offering to the colt to try while she prepared her ingredients. He took it and started to eat, chewing as she walked past him.

I had the perfect view...I'm not sure if Mom set it up that way but I couldn't complain I guess. I watched as she took up the kitchen knife in her mouth, and looked over at the colt. A hungry look sank into her eyes as she started to shiver slightly, a venomous smile spreading across her face and her face lighting up as if she were expressing joy. She pounced on the colt's back, pressing the knife against the colts neck, and pushed, impaling it directly. I watched with an amazed expression as the two flailed about, the colt falling and flinging his hooves about, smacking the floor and counters. He choked and gurgled savagely as Mom dug her knife around in his throat, blood splashing about on the floor and getting all over the lower cabinets.

The colt finally stop squirming, the small sounds of blood squishing out of his neck finally quieting as the body twitched for a minute, and finally stopped moving altogether. Mom panted, ripping the blade free with a sickening squishy sound. She looked over to me, and her expression revealed to me that she looked scared, probably scared of what I thought. I walked up, stepping all over the colt's body and into her arms, giving her a hug and whispering

"I love you Mama." She giggled and held me close

"I love you too dear, now hurry, let's get this cleaned up before Trottington comes for the Inspection."

I was so happy...so happy at that moment. I barely even noticed Mom's grip tightening around me. I winced, suddenly feeling the air being squeezed from me. I looked up and grew wide-eyed at my Mother's hateful expression. She dropped me on the ground, in the pool of blood and went for her knife. She turned on me as she grabbed it, charging at me. She was trying to kill me!!! I bolted for the kitchen door, rushing for the front of the shop. I pushed my hooves against it, bursting outside and gasping. I was in a large, dark forest, large trees surrounding me on all sides. I heard Mom coming after me from behind, and I galloped forward, trying to get away. I ran and ran, hoping to outrun her. I tripped on a root however, falling forward with a loud yelp. It wasn't long until I felt my body being flipped over, and my eyes were forced to stare into Mother's. She looked...delighted...happy. A dark shadow morphed behind her and swirled with sinister energy, coming together and spinning into the shape of a sphere...an orb.

I could do nothing, nothing but watch as Mom raised the knife and drove it down into my chest, gasping as she removed it and pushed it into my stomach. I retched a little, gasping in tiny pockets of air as I felt the knife slide into me and slide back out. My body twitching and my vision blurring. I gasped for air, blood gurgling up into my throat. I tried to push her off, my hooves pressing against her weakly but doing nothing except gently poking her. My hooves fell as the orb started to gleam brightly, with Mother raising her knife and slamming it down, my vision blackening as the knife was shoved into my mouth.

I woke up with a scream.


That was the last night I slept.

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