• Published 14th Nov 2011
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Pinksomnia: The Darkest Descent - Wolokai

Pinkie Pie is gone, and Scootaloo is on the hunt. How far is she willing to go to bring her home?

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The Mare and her Mother - The Epilouge

Scootaloo smiled peacefully, staring down at the picture of her and Pinkie Pie smiling, the day that Pinkie had returned from the moon. She could remember the day like it had happened only yesterday...the distant roaring and cheering of crowds temporary breaking her out of her daydreaming. Two sets of hoofsteps were coming towards the locker rooms as she thought back to that day...the day The Orb was sealed away.


"Ve have good adventures da? You make sure Miss Scootaloo Diane Pie come back, ve get you good vine next time!" Dimitri Snow-walker shouted with glee, giving Scootaloo a tight hug as Rainbow Dash and Applejack thanked Petr for their help. Pinkie Pie looked towards her daughter with happiness as she was enveloped in the colt's hold. Scootaloo looked like she was trying to hold it together and not cry as she asked

"W...will I ever see you again Dimitri? You've done so much for me and I've only known you for days..." Dimitri responded by gently pulling his head back to stare at Scootaloo smiling and whispering

"Ve see each other again...you carry Snowvalker's heart vith you..." He gently moved his head forward as Scootaloo closed her eyes, their lips meeting gently. Scootaloo sighed, falling partially limp in Dimitri's arms, trying to make their moment last forever. When it did however, Dimitri smiled and whispered "Maybe Dimitri get used to south weather...maybe doggies too...ve getting tired of cold anyway da?" Pinkie could only smile as Scootaloo hugged him tightly, smiling at her new found love.


"You do good today da? You go kick ass!!!" Dimitri half shouted, picking Scootaloo up in a tight hug and giving her a loving kiss. She giggled as she was set down, the sound of the door opening making both their heads turn. Pinkie Pie bounced in, her hair poofy and her smile wide as she shouted

"Scootaloo!!! You're up soon you're up soon!!! You're gonna be great I just know it!" Scootaloo gave her adoptive mother a tight hug as well, smiling. Pinkie sighed happily, nuzzling her daughter as she spoke "Oh Scootaloo...you've made me so happy over the past few years...and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world." Scootaloo nodded against her chest, tears in her eyes as she remembered the day they came home...


"WELCOME HOME PINKIE AND SCOOTALOO!!!" is the shout that several ponies let out, surprising Pinkie Pie and Scootaloo so much they nearly jumped to the ceiling. They had been invited over to Twilight's for a welcome home party...but they didn't expect it to be THIS huge! Ponies were lined all over the street, cheering as Twilight gave Pinkie Pie a dear hug.

"It's good to have you back Pinkie...we missed you so much" Twilight said with glee, her husband Quill trotting up next to her and smiling.

"All three of us did!" Quill said as Scootaloo blinked, confused.

"Huh...? Three?" She muttered as Pinkie Pie gasped, looking towards Twilight's belly as she sat on her haunches, her words coming out in stuttering

"T...Twilight...are...are you...?" Twilight smiled and nodded as Pinkie let out a squeal of delight, scooping her friend back up into another hug. "Oh TWI TWI I'm so happy for you oh my gosh we're going to throw the best party ever for you and we'll have cake and streamers and games and -" An apple was shoved into her mouth as Applejack sighed, having just walked up with Rainbow Dash, whose wings looked healthier then ever.

"Now calm down Pinkie, it's YOUR Party we're celebratin' ta'night. We'll get to Twi's later." Pinkie nodded, smiling and giving both of them a big hug, shouting

"Oh I missed you all so much! We're going to make tonight the best night EVER!" Scootaloo could only smile.


"Mama! Can I get Scootyloo's autograph!? Can I CAN I!?!?" A tiny voice shouted, making Twilight sigh and roll her eyes playfully, a small smile on her lips. A tiny lavender filly with purple and brown streaked mane sat next to Twilight, practically bouncing with excitement as Dimitri, Pinkie and Scootaloo approached them. Quill shook Scootaloo's hoof as he said

"Good luck up there, and go easy on Rainbow Dash...I know you two have a duel scheduled, so...be easy on the gal." Scootaloo smiled and nodded, giving Twilight a hug as the lavender mare spoke

"If it's not TOO much trouble...for the sake of me and Quill's sleep, could we get an autograph after the show?" Scootaloo nodded and gave the tiny filly a wink, making her squeal and jump around with excitement, screaming

"SHE'S GOING TO GIVE ME AN AUTOGRAPH!!! OH YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!" The group laughed as Fluttershy poked her head through the door, a newborn red and yellow colt sleeping in a carrier on her back. She spoke gently

"Oh..um...I hope I'm not interrupting...cause if I am I can go but...they're asking for you Scootaloo...oh not that I'm rushing you I'm just...passing along the message." Scootaloo nodded as Pinkie Pie rushed over, giving Fluttershy a big hug and being careful not to wake up her newborn son. Scootaloo sighed, watching her as the memories kept flooding back.


"I now pronounce you, Husband and Wife! Mr. 'Big' Macintosh, you may kiss your bride!" Celestia shouted, the rotunda bursting out in applause as the red work horse sweeped Fluttershy up in an enveloping kiss, the both of them blushing like mad. Scootaloo clapped her hooves together with glee as Rainbow Dash muttered next to her

"Our turn's next, eh Applejack?"

"You hush Rainbow..."


"Maybe...when you ask me feather-brain" Scootaloo smiled as Applejack chuckled, seeing the deep red blush splay out on Rainbow Dash's face. Rainbow shook her head, looking toward Scootaloo and whispering

"Hey...just a thought...after the party you and I should go flying...I've heard tryouts are coming earlier this year and I figured...why not give it a shot right?" Scootaloo smiled mischievously as she looked over to Rainbow, whispering back

"You sure? Wouldn't want to outshine the future Wonderbolt!" Rainbow Dash scoffed as Scootaloo playfully nudged her side. Rarity gave Rainbow Dash a look as she gave Scootaloo a noogie.


"You're gonna be great kiddo, just make sure mah dumb wife don't forget we still have-ta make it to the restaurant for them reservations, alright?" Applejack sighed, giving Scootaloo a tight hug as the stands roared loudly with applause and cheering. Scootaloo nodded as Applejack tipped her hat to the mare, a wedding band around her hoof. She made her way to the stands as Scootaloo headed to the entrance of the stadium, sitting on her haunches just behind the opening, looking up in awe at the thousands upon thousands of ponies waiting for the show to start. She felt a hoof on her shoulder and she turned her head, smiling as Pinkie Pie looked up into the sky, a proud look on her face.


Scootaloo sighed as she nestled her head into Dimitri's neck, the two of them watching the sunset. He had moved to Ponyville with his sled team only a few days ago...and since then, Scootaloo couldn't have been any happier. Dimitri smiled, staring towards the red horizon as he whispered

"Beautivul...beautivul sun....beautivul mare to share it with...so beautivul..." Scootaloo giggled and gave him a playful nudge, whispering

"Oh stop...you're so cheesy" A cough made their heads turn and Pinkie Pie, her hair bouncing with poofyness, walked up the cliff, smiling as she said

"I hope I'm not...interrupting, am I?" Dimitri shook his head and shouted

"Of course not Miss Pinkie Pie! Ve just sharing Beautivul sunset. Scootaloo I see you at home da? Ve get vine later" Scootaloo nodded and gave him a tender kiss, watching him as he walked down the hill with a nod to Pinkie Pie. Her mother approached, sighing and sitting next to her on her haunches, watching the sunset. The two of them were quiet for awhile, simply staring as Celestia's red orb floated gently behind the trees, the sky beginning to dim. Scootaloo looked over as Pinkie Pie suddenly spoke

"Scootaloo...we've been through a lot over the years. You were with me in Hoofington...when I came home from the moon...but I can't be forgiven for the year you and I both lost...I'm so sorry for leaving you Scootaloo..." Tears welled up in her eye as Scootaloo hugged her mom tightly, shaking her head as she felt pink hooves wrap around her.

"No...don't be sorry" Scootaloo whispered. "We're together again...that's all that matters...I have you, I have Dimitri...I have everything I've always wanted..." Pinkie nodded and stroked her mane, sighing as the wind blew gently around them.

"You've made me so proud...so proud to be a mother Scootaloo...we'll start right again, you and me, and Dimitri if you want. We'll be a family again, I promise..." Scootaloo smiled and hugged her even tighter, whispering as she cried tears of joy

"I know...I know..."


"You ready?" Pinkie asked as she pulled away from Scootaloo's hug. The mare nodded, smiling as Pinkie gave her a tiny pat on the back, whispering "I'll be in the stands...go on." Scootaloo nodded and galloped into the arena, the crowds roaring even louder as the announcer boomed

"AND HERE SHE IS!!! SCOOTALOO THE WIND-WALKER!!!" The crowds clapped and screamed as Scootaloo approached the four Pegasus Ponies waiting for her. Rainbow Dash smiled as she walked up, stretching her wings out and getting her muscles relaxed, shouting over the noise

"Well it's about time Scoots! We were just about to take off without you! Right Spitfire?" Spitfire looked over, smiling and shaking her head as she slipped her goggles on, Soarin' doing the same. Scootaloo smiled as Rainbow Dash put a hoof on her shoulder and shouted "Let's ROCK!" The four of them soared off into the air...leaving Scootaloo to look up, a tiny smile on her face. Her Wonderbolt uniform was shining in the light of the sun...and she couldn't have been happier.

The memories filled her with joy as she remembered all of the days...the days a year ago when she battled in Koltzan against Pinkamena, the days of joy after their return, Dimitri asking for her hoof in marriage months later...the thoughts of little fillies and colts happily dancing in their minds. Everything was just right, she thought, as her childhood hero soared in the air above her, waiting for the signal to begin the routine. As she pulled her goggles over her eyes, spread her wings out, and took off, she felt as if the hooves of all she had helped, met, and saved, were lifting her body, mind, heart, and spirit up. She smiled as she soared up towards Rainbow Dash...and felt the feeling Pinkie had felt so long ago...the feeling from her return from the moon...


That all was right in the world.

~Special thanks to all those who were with me during the writing of Pinksomnia: The Darkest Descent! I couldn't have done this without all of your feedback and support! I want to extend a bigger hoof of thanks to Mist. Though we hadn't seen eye to eye sometimes, I still appreciate all that you've said and done to help me become a better writer. Stay strong my friend, stay strong.

~Be sure to read The Afterparty!!! We're going to party hard and celebrate as I let you in on the next big project me and a few of my friends have coming up!!! It's going to be a BLAST!!!! So hang on readers...a new adventure's about to begin!!!

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