• Published 14th Nov 2011
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Pinksomnia: The Darkest Descent - Wolokai

Pinkie Pie is gone, and Scootaloo is on the hunt. How far is she willing to go to bring her home?

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Chapter 8 - The Sleeping Mare

"NOPONY GETS IN, DAS FINAL!!!" Screamed one of the gate guards, shoving Scootaloo back with his hooves, pushing her into the snow. Dimitri swore and helped her up, shouting at the guard

"Vut kind of vay is that to treat lady!? You skunk ass, smell like unwashed dog ya!?" The Guard growled and stomped his front hooves, shouting

"GET OUT OF HERE, BEFORE I ARREST YOU!" Dimitri grumbled, helping Scootaloo up and leading her away from the gate. A large wooden wall had been erected around half of the town, splitting and isolating the north part of town. Scootaloo looked behind her as they moved away, muttering

"Sheesh...the town mayor sure has the place locked up tight..." Dimitri nodded sadly, sighing with his reply

"Da...I told you Miss Scootaloo Diane Pie...mayor keep place locked up tight...it's very bad in Koltzan..." Scootaloo scoffed, shaking her head as they headed for a nearby tavern, hoping to get out of the cold.

"Yeah...but over an ORB? Come on, nopony quarantines half a town over an orb. If he wanted to keep ponies out he could just close off his estate and mansion...but half the town?" Dimitri held open the door for Scootaloo, the two of them heading inside and being embraced with an overwhelming warmth. The scene inside could not be labeled anything else but cheery. Colts sat at the counter on stools and laughed heartily as the Bartender chuckled a little, cleaning a few glasses. Tables were crammed with mares and other colts, all laughing and drinking, sharing tales of their snowy adventures. A few colts were stumbling about with slurred speech, one colt in particular stumbling over a stool and falling, getting the bartender's attention. He pointed a glass at the drunken pony and shouted

"OI! You cut off you hear me? I vill beat ass if you break more chairs!" The drunken colt, grey and brown in color, waved a hoof about and spoke sluggishly

"Ooohhh...vlow it out ya ears Vlad...you issshh sshhtupid pony da?!" Dimitri laughed and rushed over, helping the drunken pony up and patting him on the back, shouting with glee

"Petr you silly pony! Vut you doing stumbling all over place, you ave' route to do no!?" The colt, Petr, smiled big and gave Dimitri a brotherly hug, stepping back and sitting on his haunches.

"Naahhh!!! No point in doing deliveries if so much snow, poochies can't run too deep!" Dimitri nodded and motioned for Scootaloo to come over, speaking to Peter

"Da, I know vut you mean, silly poochies. Come! Let us get some vine and have a seat, don't worry about Vlad I get you a round. "

Five minutes later, Dimitri was sitting next to Scootaloo, Petr across from them both and giving out a slight hiccup, speaking way to loud for a simple table conversation

"SO!!! Dimitri, you vullshitter, how goes delivery? I bet your poochies think you vull of shit by now da? Ha ha!" Dimitri shook his head, smiling and putting a hoof on Scootaloo's shoulder

"Nah, my poochies love me! They such good doggies. Vut no, delivery of packages is not vut I doing today. Today, I deliver Mare!" Petr laughed slyly, reaching over and poking Dimitri roughly in the chest, shouting in an accusing tone

"AAAHHH Dimitri!!! You sly pony you! You told me you vern't going to settle down for awhile! You find good mare eh?" Dimitri and Scootaloo both shared a deep blush as the sled pony laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his head and muttering

"Not...exactly. This is Miss Scootaloo Diane Pie, she vus lost in snow earlier, and I rescued her! I told her ve get her good vine in Koltzan, so here ve are! Well...at least I getting vine, she only vants water. Oh vell though, more for brave Dimitri!" Scootaloo raised a brow but smiled, watching Dimitri puffing out his chest and laughing a little. Petr scoffed, taking a heavy swig out of his tankard and hiccuping, pointing at him with the wooden cup

"Vell...Koltzan could use hero now da? You already see the big wall that coo coo Mayor put up da?" Dimitri frowned, nodding and leaning over the table and muttering

"Da...I wanted to ask you about this...vut's Mayor Grigori up to? If he so vull of his orb shit, vhy he put vall up huh?" Petr looked around nervously, as if he was checking for ponies listening in on them and leaned in close. Scootaloo and Dimitri leaned in as well as Petr whispered

"I got one of guards drunk da? I get him talking, see vut he knows. He says there somepony or something over vall that's hunting other ponies. Silly orb didn't show up until...maybe...eight, nine months ago. The vall only showed up about a few days ago." Scootaloo frowned and thought to herself

'Didn't show up until a few days ago...the anniversary of Pinkie's disappearance...' Dimitri nodded, rubbing his chin and whispering

"Alright...vell, do you know of way across vall? Miss Scootaloo Diane Pie say she needs to get over...although she very vague on why..." Dimitri gave her a questioning look, making Scootaloo frown a little. It was true, she didn't tell Dimitri exactly WHY she needed to get over the wall...only that it was desperate and she'd explain later. She was just about to open her mouth when the front door of the tavern burst open with a loud crash. Scootaloo jumped as a familiar voice shouted over at her

"THEY'RE SHE IS!!! Now don't you be ah runnin' Scootaloo! You'll regret it!" It was APPLEJACK! Scootaloo gasped and looked to Dimitri apologetically, whimpering

"Sorry!" She put her front hooves underneath the table and tipped it upwards, kicking up her stool and hurling it towards a nearby table. Drinks and plates were shattered as a clamor of angry ponies getting up. In the confusion a colt fell backwards out of his stool and into another table, quickly getting bucked for his clumsiness. Soon enough, the whole bar was in an uproar as Dimitri laughed, taking a heavy swig of his wine and shouting

"PETR!!! I THINK I AVE' FALLEN IN LOVE WITH MARE DA?! BAAARR FIIIGGGHHHT!!!!!" Scootaloo rushed through the chaos, the sounds of galloping hooves somewhere behind her. She turned her head and saw a very pissed-off looking Applejack coming after her, weaving in and out of the brawling as she shouted

"Ah been in plenty ah bar fights in my time Scootaloo! You best get back here!" Scootaloo bounded forward, heading for the rear entrance to the bar. She galloped up, pushing her front hooves against the door and letting in a cold blast of air. She rushed outwards, ready to make a break for it. Her plans of escape were cut short however as something shoved her in her side and sent her tumbling to the ground. She gave a yelp of pain and was flipped on her back, two front hooves pushing firmly against her chest. Scootaloo opened her eyes slowly and looked up, gasping as a very angry Rainbow Dash pinned her, glaring down at her and letting out a huff of steam through her nose. Scootaloo squeaked with fright and pointed a hoof up at her, stuttering

"B...but...but you're...you-"

"What, I'm DEAD?! Wrong!!!!" Rainbow spat down at her, Applejack rushing up beside her and shaking Scootaloo with her hooves, shouting

"What in the sam hay do you think you're doin', HUH!? Tryin' to kill Rainbow, and runnin' off to Celestia knows where!!! You crashed the wedding party too! Do you realize how worried all of us were!? Especially Fluttershy!!! Poor pony was shivering worse then what the cold weather up here is doin' to us!" Scootaloo was whimpering, hiding her face in her hooves and shivering, a few sobs being audible. Rainbow sighed, shaking her head and speaking with a much lower tone

"Scootaloo...listen. I'm mad, ok? You nearly killed me and nearly gave Applejack a heart attack because of it. But all that aside, we came up here to make sure you're ok...we know you haven't been sleeping, we know about you hearing voices...and Applejack's only here to make sure I make it through ok because of my injuries. You told me I abandoned Pinkie Pie...well I didn't, and I won't ever again. If you're looking for Pinkie Pie, then you can count me in too!" Scootaloo looked past her hooves, tears in her eyes and sniffing out weakly

"R...really?" Rainbow Dash nodded and smiled a little, whispering

"Um...Element of Loyalty...duh?" Scootaloo smiled as Rainbow Dash let her hooves up, letting Scootaloo get up and give the Rainbow Mare a large hug, sniffing and whispering

"I'm...I'm sorry about...the cottage...I'm so sorry..." Applejack smiled and hugged them both, the three of them holding one another and finding warmth in the cold snow. Rainbow smiled as she rubbed Scootaloo's back, whispering

"It's ok...I just want to know what's going on...how do you know Pinkie is here... you have tell us everything...ok?" Scootaloo nodded and jumped a little as a chair came flying out of the backdoor of the Tavern, falling near the three mares. As they looked, Dimitri and Peter came rushing out, covered in a few bruises and a few scratches. Dimitri bucked the door shut behind him and laughed, holding up his hooves in excitement and shouting

"YES!!! DAT VUS GOOD FIGHT! I knock Vlad in his big stupid head! Teach him to overprice vine da!?" Peter laughed and nodded his head, spotting the three hugging mares out of the corner of his eye and shouting over

"EY!!! Miss Scootaloo, you make good fight da?! That's more fun then I ave' in long time!" Rainbow Dash looked at Scootaloo, confused as the two colts came over, partially limping. Applejack tipped her hat back, mumbling to Scootaloo

"Friends ah yours?" Scootaloo nodded as she held out a hoof and stating formerly

"Applejack, Rainbow Dash, this is Dimitri Snow-walker and Petr, they're delivery ponies for Stalliongrad." Dimitri and Petr both bowed gracefully, Dimitri the first to stand back up and smile, speaking with glee

"How you do? You friends of Miss Scootaloo Diane Pie ya? Dat's good! I make sure she arrive safe, me and poochies saw to that!" Rainbow Dash nodded and smiled, looking back over to Scootaloo

"I think it's about time you told us what's going on...don't you think?" Scootaloo looked over to a curious Dimitri, indicating for her to go on. Scootaloo sighed, nodding and sitting back on her haunches, explaining all that she knew.


"So, just so ah get this straight...you've been a hearin' voices and what not, and seein' visions of Pinkie Pie...killin' ya?" Applejack asked with a whisper, the five of them buried in the snow and keeping a close watch on a lightly patrolled section of the wall surrounding the north part of Koltzan. Scootaloo nodded and whispered back "Yeah...I don't know why or how...but remember that orb The Entity had? It somehow made its way here to Koltzan, and now the Mayor's gone and put up a wall because of...what was it you said Petr?" At the mention of his name, Peter looked over and nodded, whispering across Dimitri to Scootaloo

"Da, I speak truth. Mayor Grigori made some sort of vullshit decree and sealed off whole town...and I heard something is killing ponies over there.No way to know, nothing goes in and out, so..." Rainbow Dash frowned, looking over to Scootaloo and whispering

"I don't get it...how do we know this isn't some sort of trap that The Entity's laid out for us...we don't actually know if Pinkie Pie is here!" Applejack shook her head, sighing

"Ah don't know Rainbow...Quill killed the Entity with ah knife to the back after Twilight busted his shield thingy, ah don't think The Entity can do any more harm to us." Dimitri frowned, whispering to Scootaloo

"Vut's this about Entity thing? Dis bad da?" Scootaloo nodded, whispering to Dimitri first

"Long story..." and then to the others "I don't know...but we're going to find out. Dimitri, Petr...can you do something about the guards?" The two colts smiled and nodded, Petr burrowing into the snow and moving stealthily forward. Dimitri chuckled a little as he watched his friend go, whispering to Scootaloo

"Ah, good old Petr...he still good infiltrator even after var...battle of Stalliongrad was very nasty..." Scootaloo looked over at Dimitri in confusion but suddenly squeaked, feeling Dimitri peck her cheek with his lips and winking "For good luck da? Alvays good to go into battle vith good luck from pretty mare!" He burrowed into the snow, following after Petr as Scootaloo blushed like mad, burying her face in the snow. Applejack gently reached over and put a hoof on her back, whispering

"You uh...you ok Scoota-WHOA NELLY!" She pulled her hoof back quickly as Scootaloo's wings shot up through the snow with a loud 'POOMF!', Rainbow Dash hissing in reply

"Now now dammit! Put them down, put them down!!! The guards are going to see us!"

Meanwhile, Dimitri slid up beside Peter, whispering

"If ve die, you owe me drink in hell da?" Peter chuckled, his eyes wearily scanning the wall and the two guards patrol routes, muttering

"Ve probably going to die, I still a vittle drunk...thish is your fault though, so you owe dear Petr drink!" Dimitri scoffed, sliding forward on his belly, moving quickly towards the guards. Applejack whistled with awe as she saw Dimitri slowly rise out of the snow and grab the Guard from behind, putting him in a sleeper hold and dragging him into the snow. Petr managed to do the same...only with a little bit of sluggishness in his movements. Dimitri gave a wave from his pile of snow, signaling the all clear.


Petr landed with a loud thud, grunting and rubbing his flank with a mumbled

"Ow...bucking vullshit" Scootaloo helped the bandaged Rainbow Dash down and looking about carefully, whispering to the others

"Where...is everypony?" The streets between the snowy buildings were completely barren...a few windows even boarded up. Dimitri looked around nervously, helping Petr to his hooves and mumbling

"Dis is veird...vhere there is streets...there should ve ponies on them..." Petr grumbled, still rubbing his sore flank as spoke

"Forget the streets, I think I broke flank bone...last time I listen to your silly ideas Di-" Applejack put a hoof against his mouth, letting out a quiet

"Shhhh! Anypony hear that...?" They all listened close, neither one of them making a single sound. It was Rainbow Dash to tense up first, her eyes growing wide. Scootaloo started to hear it to and her mouth started to open in shock.

Sproing! Sproing! Sproing! Sproing!

The sound was drowned out but a sudden shriek as two ponies flew around a corner, a panicked look on their faces. It was a colt and a mare, both of them galloping at full speed towards them. The colt spotted the group of five and shouted

"RUN SILLY PONIES!!! RUN!!! SHE IS RIGHT BEHIND US!!!" Rainbow Dash gulped and whimpered

"I don't like the sound of that!" Dimitri helped Petr along, shouting

"Forget how things sound, get tooshies moving before vutever it is chasing them catches US!" The mares nodded, following the colt quickly, the mare stranger picking up the rear. They weaved through many streets, jumping over small dumpsters and piles of trash. The mare tripped, letting out a loud yelp which made Applejack stop, rushing back. Rainbow stopped as well, shouting

"APPLEJACK!" Applejack yelled back as she went back for the mare

"You keep goin'! Ah'll catch up!" Rainbow looked towards her marefriend with a worried expression on her face but nodded anyway, turning and running to catch up with the group. Applejack was just about to reach the mare when she let out a yelp, something grabbing onto her rear hoof and trying to pull her around the corner of a building. Applejack dove, clutching the mare's front hooves in her own and shouting "Ah got ya! Hold on now ya hear?!" The Mare screamed

"Please!!! Help me! She vill kill me! Don't let her take m-ACK!" Applejack gasped as a Pink hoof shot out from around the corner of the building, grabbing the mare around her neck and tugging. Applejack felt her grip loosening and she shouted frantically

"Hold on!!! Don't let go!!! Don't le- NOOO!!!!!" The mare screamed as her grip on Applejack's hooves were broken, her body being pulled around the corner. Applejack lept back as the mare's screams intensified, the sickening sound of flesh being cut and chopping coming from around the corner. Applejack didn't even bother to watch the large pool of blood spread slowly across the snow in front of the building.


Dimitri panted, dropping to his belly and stuttering "V...vut was THAT!?" He looked up and blinked in surprise, witnessing the scene in front of him. The group had run into a two story building with a red cross out front, a hospital. The main lobby was filled and crammed with colts and mares, all bundled up and a few shaking, watching the new arrivals with frightful eyes. The sound of galloping had Dimitri jumping out of the way, the front door being bucked in suddenly. The meeting room lit up with cries of panic which were quickly quieted as they saw that it was only Applejack. Rainbow Dash rushed to the panting mare, grasping her in a tight hug and nuzzling her, a frantic tone in her voice

"Applejack! You're ok! Don't you ever do that to me again!" Applejack took in a deep breath, letting out a sigh and stuttering

"Ah...Ah'm sorry Rainbow...but...I think we've got bigger problems" Petr scoffed

"Vunderful...what could be vorse then that...?" Applejack looked towards Scootaloo with a pained expression etched on her face, whispering

"The mare was being dragged...dragged behind a building...by a pony with pink hooves..." Scootaloo's eyes widened and her jaw dropped, whimpering

"N...no! That couldn't have been her, it was the wrong pink pony! Pinkie left all the killing behind her, there's no way that was h-"

"Excuse me..." A voice called out, cutting her off. Their heads turned towards a white mare, a wool cap atop her head with a red cross on the front. A nurse. "Did you say something about a...Pink Pony?" Scootaloo nodded, her voice cracking a little as she spoke

"Y...yes. I've come here to look for her and...and I don't know if...I..." The nurse nodded and looked towards Dimitri, mumbling

"Snowvalker...you take Petr, get him cup off coffee da? I need to talk to the little miss here." Dimitri nodded, helping Petr up and escorting him to the kitchen with a simple

"Sure thing Natalia...you let me know vut is going on after da?" The Nurse, Natalia, nodded and motioned for Scootaloo and the other two mares to follow her. They walked down a dimly lit hallway, a few of the lights flickering and some of the doors were barricaded with stretchers and different kinds of carts. There was an awkward silence for a bit...the group of four walking down the hall in silence. When the silence did break, it was Rainbow who spoke up and asked

"Um...excuse me, Nurse Natalia...but...what exactly is going on? Why's this part of down blocked off from the rest? Is it because of that...thing?" Natalia stopped, turning her head and speaking in a hushed manner

"A few days ago...ve had ponies coming into Hosvital in great numbers. I thought 'sickness', da? Vut no...cuts, gashes, lacerations...attacks. Everypony say same thing: 'Pink Pony!', 'Pink Monster is attacking other ponies!'" She sighed, motioning them to keep following them as she spoke. "Ve got a patient in months ago...but she vus very injured, almost dead. I do not believe it vus her attacking the other ponies, because she is in very deep coma...hasn't voken up yet." She stopped in front of a room marked '#144', sighing and pointing to the door "I don't know vich pony you are looking for, but ven you said 'Pink', I figured maybe she vus the one. If not, I am sorry. I must go back to lobby...sick ponies to help" She walked away with a sad clop in her step, Applejack mumbling after her

"These northern' ponies shore are odd...speak funny an' everythin'..." Scootaloo looked up at the door, gulping and putting a shaking hoof on the handle. She turned her head to the girls, whispering

"Um...if it's ok...I want to go in alone...is that ok?" The two mares nodded and smiled, Rainbow Dash putting a hoof on her shoulder and whispering

"Go ahead Scoots...we'll be right out here." Scootaloo nodded, taking a deep breath and pushing the handle down with her hoof, nudging the door open and slipping inside. The room inside was pitch black, the only sounds and lights being the EKG and other hospital machines that sat near a single bed against the far wall. Scootaloo squinted her eyes, looking around for a lightswitch or a lamp she could turn on. She felt along the walls, moving slowly as to not trip over anything. Her hoof finally bumped into something and she smiled, flicking it up and nearly blinding herself with bright fluorescent lights. She looked over towards the bed and gasped loudly, her body freezing up and her eyes growing wide.

Tears brimmed heavily in her eyes as she squeaked "M...momma?". Laying in the bed, asleep with straight, pink hair fanned out along the pillow, and bandages covering her entire middle, was none other then Pinkie Pie, the Party Pony of Ponyville.

She had found her at last.

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