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Pinknesia: The Darker Descent - Wolokai

Pinkamena is back! And this time, she'll have to go into darker places to save Twilight Sparkle!!!!!

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Chapter 9b - The Descent

-A few hours earlier...-

Pinkie Pie climbed over a log slowly, looking behind her to make sure Applejack and Rainbow Dash were keeping up. The forest was brimming with darkish fog, hindering the ponies view to maybe eight to ten feet at the longest. Applejack sighed, staying quiet and behind Pinkie as they trudged deeper into the menacing forest. Rainbow Dash, walking as well since they were going to slow to really allow her to fly...plus the fact that the forest was just to creepy to fly in...spoke up as they went along, saying "So...how do you think Quill and the others are doing?" Applejack shrugged a little, keeping an eye on Pinkie's lantern, it being the only light source and guide they had and replying

"Don't rightly know...knowing Quill, that colt's mighty resourceful, I'm sure him and the girls are doin' just fine." Rainbow Dash sighed, looking up towards Pinkie and calling out

"Hey, Pinkie, do you know where we're going?" Pinkie let out a muffled "Uh huh" and refused to stop, her eyes forward and searching for any kind of danger or landmark that she could go by.

Rainbow Dash frowned and looked over towards Applejack, bumping her a little with her rump as they walked. Applejack looked over with a quizzical look as Rainbow Dash asked "Hey, Applejack, what'd you think about that one cute colt we saw the other day at the cafe'...he had a nice pair of muscles on those rear hooves huh?" Applejack narrowed her eyes and muttered

"Rainbow, just what in tarnation are you on about? This is no time to be a daydreamin' when there's magic banishin' to be done. Quit your gabbin' about the pointless stuff!" Rainbow frowned, hanging her head a little and muttering

"Just trying to lighten the mood...sheesh." An awkward silence settled over the walking mares...none of them saying a word until Rainbow Dash muttered

"Hey...Applejack...if we die, ca-" She was stopped by an apple getting shoved into her mouth, Applejack sighing and facehoofing as she said loudly to Pinkie

"Pinkie, you gonna be walkin' straight for awhile?" Pinkie didn't stop, simply muttering

"Uh huh..." and continuing to walk. Applejack nodded and turned to Rainbow, who finally managed to swallow the apple and cough a little, shouting

"The hay Applejack!? Trying to get me to choke or something?" Applejack narrowed her eyes and spoke with a firm voice

"Now you listen here Rainbow, Pinkie's already having a downright awful day as it is, she don't need you adding to it by talking bout' death or us dying. Alright?!" Rainbow hung her head sadly for a minute and sighed

"Yeah...I know...it's just, Luna and Celestia died...Rarity died...we both could easily die. I can't get it out of my head, what if we can't stop the Entity, what if we all die and we can't come back because of the three days thing? I've got a lot of things I still want to do with my life! I still have regrets, loose ends to tie up, I don't want to di-" She felt Applejack's hoof press gently against her mouth, hushing her. Applejack sighed, looking at Rainbow with a bit of sympathy as she muttered back

"Ah know...trust me Rainbow...I don't want to die either. I know Big Macintosh didn't want to go the way he did, but you know what...I know he died happy. He died knowing I was going to be ok, that I was going to take care of the Apple Family. If one thing's for sure Rainbow, it's that you and I are gonna die happy, cause we have faith in our friends and we both know they can kick this Entity's flank!" Rainbow smiled a little, but the country mare could still tell that Rainbow was still having doubts. Applejack sighed and nudged her along, saying "Tell you what Rainbow, we'll play a little game. You tell me something you never got to do in your life or something you would have liked to do, and I'll tell you what I think bout' it, see if I'd do the same thing. Deal?" Rainbow Dash nodded a little, lifting her head a little as they walked.

The Rainbow Mare was silent for a moment before she said

"I never had a pet, I wish I did though...all of you have one so I guess I was kind of jealous." Applejack nodded, smiling a little as she said

"I hear ya, I don't know what I'd do without ol'Winona. Tell you what, when we're done with this Entity business, We'll go to the Ponyville Pet Emporium and see what they got." Pinkie Pie, now within earshot, flinched a little upon hearing the word 'Emporium', but quickly shook it off. Rainbow Dash smiled, starting to feel better as she said

"Well...I never got to perfecting the Sonic Rainboom. Just never really saw the reason...I guess I didn't want to overdo it. EVERYTHING gets boring if it's overdone." Applejack nodded at this, looking over to her friend with a warm smile and saying

"Well shucks, I still remember the day you did that Sonic Rainboom. Most beautiful thing ah ever seen Rainbow, and that's the truth!" Rainbow Dash blushed as they moved deeper into the trees, muttering

"You're just saying that..." Applejack made a fake scoffing sound and retorted

"And just what kinda' Element ah Honesty would I be if I didn't tell ya what I thought?" The two mares giggled for a moment, actually making Pinkie smile for a moment until they all stopped, frozen as the sound of whispering wafted over the gentle breeze that had begun to pick up in the forest. Applejack whispered "Anypony else here that?" Rainbow Dash looking around nervously and nodding, whispering back

"Yeah...Pinkie, you hear it?" Pinkie nodded, her eyes narrowing and scanning the trees. She searched very carefully with her eyes, running her vision across every branch and bush. Something moved out of the corner of her eye and she shouted loudly

"RUN!!!!" Before the two mares had a chance to question her, Pinkie Pie was already galloping away quickly. It wasn't long after this that the sounds of trees crashing began reaching their ears. Applejack looked to Rainbow Dash who nodded, and together the bolted after Pinkie Pie. Faster and faster they ran, Rainbow and Applejack finally catching up with Pinkie. Applejack shouted as the sounds of crashing trees grew louder

"Rainbow!!! Can you see what's chasin' us!!! You can go ahead and look, I'll make sure you don't run into anythin'!!!" Rainbow turned her head to look behind her, gasping shortly after. A large cloud of black magic was flying towards them, ripping up trees from the ground and throwing them about the forest violently. Rainbow turned her head back forward, a frightful look etched on her face as she squeaked

"It's bad!!! It's VERY BAD!" The sound grew louder and louder, the mares galloping forward with all their might. Suddenly Rainbow Dash tripped, squeaking in fright as a black tendril of magic shot outwards from the black mass and wrapped up around her rear hoof, dragging her backwards. Applejack and Pinkie stopped as they watched Rainbow being dragged backwards, flailing about as she tried to try to get away. Applejack turned to Pinkie with a determined expression on her face, muttering

"Pinkie...you know as well as ah do I ain't letting Rainbow go so easy. I may not make it through this...but I'll be damned if I'm gonna let this Entity thingy take MORE of my friends and family away. You go on ahead...I got this" Pinkie Pie felt tears brim in her eyes as Applejack gently removed her hat, and placed it on Pinkie's head. She gave her a small push with her front hooves and shouted "Now go on! Shoo now! You've got Equestria to save!" With that, the country mare turned and rushed back to Rainbow, who was starting to get thrown about wildly by the tendril. Pinkie took a final glance towards them before she herself turned and rushed back into the darkness of the trees.

Applejack let out a furious shout as she rushed towards the Miasma, jumping and turning in midair, bucking at the magic. Applejack was actually surprised to see the mass recoil from her strike...as if it was physically solid and not magic. With this, Applejack went on a wild offensive, shouting as she bucked "RAINBOW!!! WHAT ELSE DID YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE?!" Rainbow cried out as the tendril squeezed her tightly

"Are you crazy?!!? YOU'RE ASKING ME THIS NOW?!" Applejack jumped against a tree trunk and pushed her self off, turning and bucking the cloud once more, shouting

"You may not get another chance!" Rainbow Dash shrieked loudly as the tendril tightened more and more, her wings starting to bend

"WONDERBOLT, WANTED TO BE A WO-AAARGH!! I WANTED TO BE A WONDERBOLT!" Applejack panted, rushing back and bucking the arm of the tendril that held Rainbow Dash, wincing as she heard a few snaps from her friend's wings, the mare's screams following immediately after. The tendril dropped Rainbow Dash, who proceeded to curl up and hold her stomach tightly, her wings bent in odd angles and twitching. Applejack rushed for her, trying to see if she was ok but was suddenly bashed in the stomach hard, flinging her backwards into a tree with a thunderous 'THUD!'. The country mare fell, the wind knocked out of her as the cloud started to rise up into the air. Applejack looked up, wheezing for air and trying to crawl over to Rainbow, muttering weakly

"W...well...maybe you...still g..got a shot, right?" Rainbow Dash seethed in pain and cried, tears spilling from her eyes as she whimpered

"Applejack I don't want to die, I don't want to die!" Her country friend put one hoof in front of her and pulled her body up near Rainbow's, her hoof giving out and her belly hitting the ground hard. She coughed for a moment, whispering

"Rainbow..." Rainbow Dash didn't hear her though, simply crying and holding her stomach harder, the black cloud swirling dangerously over them, morphing into a sphere like shape that grew more solid by the second. Applejack gently put a hoof over her friends side and pulled their bodies together, whispering "Rainbow...just keep talking..." Rainbow Dash was hyperventilating a little, barely having the breath to wheeze

"I...I never even got...got my first...first kiss from that...colt..." Applejack smiled, and tilted Rainbow's face towards her, making the mare look her in the eye as she whispered

"Well we can't have that...this don't mean mah barn door swings that way though..." With that, Applejack gently kissed Rainbow on the lips, holding it there for a moment as the dark sphere grew into a hardened boulder, hovering dangerously over them. Applejack gently pulled her lips back, hugging Rainbow as the Sphere suddenly began to fall back down to the forest. Rainbow Dash buried her face in Applejack's chest as the country mare held her tight, whispering

"Don't look Rainbow...don't look! We're going to be ok, we're going to be ok!" Applejack slowly looked upwards, the sphere falling rapidly towards them. The country mare closed her eyes, burying her face in Rainbow's mane and whispering

Brother...if you're up there...make sure me and Rainbow find you quickly...I'm coming home...I'm coming h-"

Pinkie cried, nearly dropping her lantern as a thunderous boom echoed across the trees, her speed refusing to diminish. She galloped and galloped, her limbs burning as she refused to stop. She wasn't sure if she was even going in the right direction anymore...and for a moment she didn't even care. Her hoof caught on a root and she tumbled forward, shutting her eyes and crashing through a bush. When she finally stopped rolling, she didn't even bother getting up. She buried her face in her hooves and sobbed loudly, her tears spilling out at an alarming rate. She shook with sorrow as her lantern flickered for a moment, and died.

"Why..." she whimpered, sniffing loudly "Why did all my friends have to die...why is this happening?!" She stayed there for a good while, still shaking a little. Her crying stopped after a bit, and when she finally opened her eyes, she gasped. She had stumbled into a clearing...a clearing containing a large, ominous castle of dark walls and dreadful towers. She had made it after all. She got to her hooves quietly, picking up her dead lantern and staring upwards at the dark fortress before her. The windows were all dark, the stone smooth and in perfect condition. She put one hoof forward, and then another, and then another, slowly making her way towards the large double doors, marking its entrance.

She approached them, holding up a hoof in preparations to push it open. However, as soon as her hoof drew near, the doors let forth an eerie creaking noise and started to swing inwards. Pinkie took a few steps, staring into the dark void that opened itself up to her, the doors hitting the inner walls with a deep thudding noise. Setting her lantern down and refilling it with the bottle of oil from her saddlebags, Pinkie made sure she was ready to head in. She turned the dial with her teeth, relighting the lantern and holding it up with her mouth, carefully stepping into the blackness. The castle was of ancient affair, old tapestries and portraits of landscapes adorning the walls. Bits and pieces of furniture, broken and moldy with age, littered the front hall. Pinkie looked around carefully, noting the two winding staircases that led to the second floor, and the many doors that littered the first. She looked at each of them, a frown etched upon her face and wide eyes looking about in horror. How the hay was she supposed to know which one to take? All she knew is where to FIND the castle, not where to go INSIDE of it!

She jumped suddenly, a door to her left flinging open and hitting the stone wall with a thunderous crash. Pinkie turned her head quickly towards the sound, observing the empty opening and shaking a little with fear. She approached the opened door slowly and carefully, keeping her lantern gripped tightly in her teeth. She poked her head through the opening, looking down the long dark hallway that opened up before her. Two windows and two torches were the only things present in the hall, and it took a considerable amount of courage for Pinkie to take the first few steps...beginning her dark descent into the castle.

-Pinkie Pie-

No words...no feelings...nothing...could express the terror that gripped my heart and soul. I was absolutely terrified of this place, of The Entity, all of this. I didn't know if it was just him in this castle...there could be...something. I don't know, alright!? I took a few steps down the hallway, the air around me chilling to the bone. I walked farther and farther along, the minutes and seconds blurring away. I couldn't really tell you how long I wandered the dark bleak halls, and I found it odd that I didn't find anypony or anything in the castle. Granted...I wasn't really too keen on discovering what might be wandering the halls...but it would have been nice to see SOMEPONY! I had explored the first floor already, finding nothing of much value or importance, save a few more bottles of oil, and was now ascending the stairs of the main hall to the second floor.

I pushed open the double doors at the top, moving inside slowly and jumping in fright when they shut tight behind me. My lantern was beginning to flicker so I stopped to refill it...and noticed my lanterns contents weren't even depleted. The oil was still full, and I gently poked it with my hoof. The light stabilized and I picked up back up in my mouth, moving down towards the end of the hall, a door in front and two additional hallways to the left and right, one each. I was half way down the hall when my lantern went out, and I stopped, placing it down and looking at it quizzically. "Weird..." I muttered, touching a hoof to it gently. I gasped and jumped in fright as the doors burst open behind me, and a figure stood there, silhouetted against the front halls windows. My eyes grew wide and my breath caught in my throat, the figure, pony-shaped, stumbling down the hall slowly. I was rooted to the spot, my eyes fixated on the the pony coming towards me. I couldn't see exactly who it was, but judging from the long mane, I assumed it was a girl.

The figure stopped, just beyond the light of the torch, and from it...a low, rasping voice echoed out.

"P...Pinkie...is that...you?" I knew the voice...but it didn't bring me the joy and happiness I expected. I could see the yellowish coat from here, the pink mane...but something was off. The mare seemed...green, sick, something dripping from all parts of her body. An awkward silence hung over the hall as we stared at one another. Finally, I opened my mouth and squeaked out quietly

"F...Fluttershy?" As soon as I spoke, a torrential scream tore out of the mare in front of me and she began lumbering at me rapidly, wheezing and growling. A sound flared up in the hall...it sounded like some kind of siren.. It was this sound that finally shattered my horrified paralysis and allowed me to turn on my hooves and bolt with my lantern. I flew around a corner, the "Fluttershy" behind me limping after me and panting like a savage beast. I ran and ran, spotting a door in front of me and rushing towards it. I bucked it open, rushing through and shutting behind me with a loud bang, turning around and gasping. Dead end. I was in some kind of study, books and chairs strewn about near an overturned desk. I rushed to the desk, taking a leg in my mouth and dragging it over in front of the door, jumping back in fright as something heavy smashed against the door. Fluttershy's raspy, rotten voice carried through the wood as she shouted

"COME OUT!" I backed up, my breath coming out in ragged gasps and my lungs starting to send me into a fit of hyperventilation. I looked around for anything I could use to help me, and noticed a small wardrobe like closet resting against one wall. The banging continued, Fluttershy's demonic like voice roaring at me from the other side "Pinkie Pie! Why don't you come out!? Don't you love me?! WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME!!?!" I ran for the closet as she shouted between the smashing "YOU'RE 'thud' GOING 'thud' TO 'thud'..." I dove into the closet, shutting both doors behind me quickly as the room's door crashed in, Fluttershy's ravaged voice screaming

"LOVE ME!!!!!!"

I trembled in the wardrobe like closet, twitching and shaking in fear as my eyes grew to their widest points, my pupils contracting to near pinpoints. I heard her ragged, wheezing breath as she stumbled about the room and knocking several things over, more then likely books or furniture. After several tense minutes, the noises in the room ceased and I gently pushed my hoof against one of the closet doors, opening it just a crack and peering out into the room. Fluttershy was gone, and the room was in even worse shape. I opened the door and breathed in a deep breath of relief, pulling out my lantern and heading out of the room. I needed to find the Throne Room of this castle soon...I didn't know how if I could face the Fluttershy in this castle again...

I walked down the hall again, heading through the door I had passed before at the intersection, ending up in a large, candlelit hall. It was a simple hall, a red carpet before my hooves leading to two giant double doors made of oak and iron. I trotted down the hall quickly, making it about halfway before the door behind me smashed open. I turned my head to see Fluttershy...and I couldn't help but scream. Her coat was a disgusting green, large portions of her skin had fallen off to reveal her skeletal structure below, her mane hiding her face, and was splashed with blood. She screamed as the siren sound picked up again and I bolted towards the door, throwing my entire weight against it and pushing it open a little, giving me just enough room to squeeze inside and slam it back behind me. I panted heavily, resting my body against the door and sighing.

A dark, hideous laugh snapped my eyes open and I turned my head to a sight more horrifying in the undead Fluttershy roaming the halls. I was in a giant rotunda of sorts, a large throne sitting far off against the far wall, and before it , in front of a giant basin, was Twilight Sparkle. Her eye color a gleaming red, her horn aglow with black magic, and above her...the figure I had seen in Canterlot Tower...The Entity himself. He looked upon me, laughing as I stood up tall on my hooves, narrowing my eyes at him. He held his hand out to the side, palm up as he hissed

"Welcome...to my home Pinkie Pieeeeeee...I hope my guesssssssts, didn't disturb you much..." I growled, stamping my front hooves against the ground and shouting

"You're going to pay for what you did to my friends! I'm gonna kick your flank from here all the way to Manehatten!" The Entity simply laughed, turning back towards the throne and floating towards it. It was when he was moving towards the seat that I noticed what rested in it. It was some kind of sphere...an orb, probably a dark artifact or something of his. He turned, sitting in the throne gently, holding the orb in his hand as he hissed

"Twlight...ssssssslay her...." Twilight narrowed her eyes, sluggishly beginning to walk towards me as I looked around for something to use against her. I didn't really have a chance to look long as I felt my body rise up from the ground, flying up and smashing into the ceiling. I let out a squealing shriek as I dropped the lantern and the strap holding my saddlebags to me broke, sending both to the floor with a heavy crash. I dropped from the ceiling, hitting the ground with a loud thud and a grunt. My rear suddenly floated up, moving and turning my back on Twilight. I felt my tail being tugged harshly as I felt my body being dragged backwards towards the lavender mare. I pawed at the ground in front of me, trying to get a decent hoofhold to maybe try and stop my movement, but my hooves kept slipping! Looking over towards my lantern, I figured I only had maybe a small window to operate...to figure out what I was going to do about the Entity. I reached over with my mouth, gripping the lantern and snapping my head back, flinging it backwards and smashing it over Twilight's face. She recoiled back and screamed as the lantern broke over her head and spilled hot oil all over her face, making whip her head about in pain. I got up on my hooves, panting and trying to think fast. Ok, ok! Defeat Entity...defeat the Entity...HOW!? Wait, that BASIN! I looked over to the basin, and noticed several small knives laid out beside it. I started to think hard, I knew I couldn't defeat The Entity by physical means...I had to use magic, but I couldn't since I was a Unicorn!

...or...could I? I thought back...back to The Entity's words that Quill read to us in the Mayor's office...

I'll simply remind them with my Laughter

That with nothing else to stop me

All shall fall to my Magic."

I gasped, mulling the idea over in my head. I had one shot to do this...and even if this didn't work I was going to die anyway. I rushed towards the basin, towards the knives as I heard a shout from above me, calling my name

"PINKIE PIE!!!" I didn't have time to look as I grasped up the knife, The Entity shouting

"STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" I shouted back as I raised it up high, the blade gleaming in the fierce lights of the torches adorning the walls

"GOING IN ORDER!" With that, I flung my head down, gutting myself right in the stomach. The pain...oh Celestia the pain! I fell forward over the basin, on my side, pulling the blade from myself and lunging it back in...out...and again...and again...an...and....and..."


I bucked the glass with all my might as Pinkie stabbed herself, falling over the basin as the glass shattered under my hooves, my body falling through. I fell upon a chandelier, Pinkie Pie dropping the knife and weakly rolling off the basin, a fierce cry emanating from Twilight. A black cloud of darkness began to seep it's way out of Twilight's body, The Entity roaring with rage. It was quite clever of Pinkie...brave...but brilliant. I dropped to the ground as the realization washed over me that The Entity's words were indeed true...Pinkie would have to be removed before Twilight was ready to die...her element of Magic the last to be destroyed. The miasma was ripped free from Twilight, returning to The Entity as he got up on his feet, holding is hand out at me and shooting black tendrils of magic outwards in my direction. I dove out of the way as Twilight groaned, rubbing her head and muttering

"Wha...what happened?" I dove away again, but not nearly quick enough as the tendrils slashed my side, causing me to let out a cry of pain. Twilight whirled around as she heard me, and I quickly leaned my head down and grasped the leather pouch in my teeth throwing it at her. She was stuttering like crazy, looking towards me and finally towards The Entity. I shouted

"Twilight there's no time!!! Use the crystal, throw it in the basin of Pinkie's blood! The Blood has to be repaid!!! KILL IT!!! KILL I-" I felt something pierce my side and I stopped...a new kind of feeling passing over my body. It was pain...but...not pain. It was like I was numb...but could feel. I looked down to my side and saw that The Entity's tendrils, three of them, had torn through my body like spikes, sticking me like a pig. The tendrils were ripped from me as I fell on my side, watching Twilight pick up the leather pouch with her magic and drawing out the crystal, throwing it to the basin. The Entity began to summon his magic, heaving up tons and tons of Tendrils to stop her, to kill her before it was too late.

My vision blurred in and out as I slowly looked over, watching Pinkie Pie weakly crawl out of a side door in the throne room, heading to what looked like an outside balcony. A horrendous roar brought my attention back to The Entity, who was being hit by a beam of white and black energy. It came from Twilight's magic pulsing through the blood-soaked crystal, dissipating most of The Entity's magic. At long last a bright flash illuminated the rotunda and grew dark, my eyes looking over the unshielded form of The Entity, a simple cloaked being with a hood drawn over his head and two gleaming eyes aglow from under it. Twilight, who had expended the last of her energy casting the beam, fell over as I used what little strength I had to push myself up on my hooves, blood pouring from my wounds.

The Entity dropped his orb, looking about frantically as he looked for a viable escape option. He spotted one, a door to his left, opposite the one Pinkie Pie had crawled out of, and began to bolt. I weakly limped over to the basin of blood, the blade bathed in Pinkie's redness still laying by the bowl. I took it up in my mouth and looked towards The Entity. He had reached the door, and was ripping it open just as I flung my head in his direction, letting go with my mouth. The knife sailed in the air with deadly precision, my body giving out at the sound of a most satisfying 'TWHACK' as my dagger met its mark. The Entity screamed and fell as I did, our bodies hitting the ground at the same time. I sighed, weakly rolling on my back and to the other side, resting my head against the cold stone floor. Twilight was out cold, which was a good thing...I didn't want to have to see her in my final moments...not like this. My eyes drooped, my vision blackening, and I opened my mouth to utter my last words...my voice barely above a whisper as I wheezed

"Twi..light....I love...you."

My eyes closed...and my breath stopped. Blackness met me, enveloped me in a warm, loving hold. It caressed me, held me like a mother would her foal, and cradled me, a light in the distance coming ever closer. There was a feeling...a feeling I haven't felt in a long time...a feeling that coursed through my veins and my mind, finally putting me at ease...


Just as the light reached me, I stopped. The light had stopped coming closer, and I closer to it. I felt puzzled...confused, until the light exploded all around me, erasing the blackness completely and dropping me gently on a plain of pure white. I opened my eyes, blinking slowly as I lifted my head, looking around. I heard screaming to my left...and as I turned my head, I saw Pinkie Pie pulling a knife out of herself and dropping it on the basin...to my right...a boulder was lifted off of the beaten bodies of Applejack and Rainbow Dash. I looked in front of me...to the ground, and saw dear Scootaloo rising out of the air, her eyes shut and a peaceful expression on her face. Behind me, Fluttershy rose as well...they all returned to me...Big Macintosh...Rarity...Luna...and at long last in front me...sitting on her belly in front of me...was Twilight. I smiled, leaning my head down to hers and gently nuzzling her, laying my head upon hers and sighing. It was official...I was dead...everypony was dead...and I was at peace with Twilight...

Just as I was about to close my eyes, an even brighter flash gleamed to my left, and as I looked up I saw Celestia...Princess Celestia...frozen in the air in the last position he held before she died, her wings expanded and her hooves spread apart and held up. She fell, landing gracefully on her hooves and slowly, with a big smile on her face, walked slowly towards me. Tears welled up in my eyes as she slowly got down on her belly, leaning her head forward and nuzzling Twilight. Finally, she looked at me as I whispered "Is it over...?" Celestia smiled and nodded, holding a hoof out to me and whispering back

"It's time to go home Quill." The tears flowed free, my face dripping with them as I lifted my own hoof and pressed it against hers, a bright light emanating from out contact. This was it...this was the end...I looked upon Celestia's face just one...final time, along with Twilight's...and then...