• Published 2nd Nov 2011
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Pinknesia: The Darker Descent - Wolokai

Pinkamena is back! And this time, she'll have to go into darker places to save Twilight Sparkle!!!!!

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Chapter 10 - The Requiem


I swam in the blackness of Celestia's hold, snuggling up in comfort. I didn't know where Celestia was taking me, but really it didn't matter anymore. I was dead, what did I care? I could hear nothing except the sweet silence of darkness as I floated about, drifting aimlessly. But then...I heard something...a voice. It sounded frantic, panicked. Several more voices joined the first and then the sound of galloping hooves right after. They were muffled at first, as if I was experiencing tunnel vision...but then they started to get clearer and clearer.

"Are you alright?!"

"Somepony get Nurse Redheart!"

"Wake up Macintosh!! Wake u- oh thank Celestia!"

"Over here!!! Fluttershy, take it easy, not too fast!"


Her voice! HER VOICE! It was her, my love, my beauty, my mare! My eyes opened up slowly, the world a blur. Most of my vision registered to me that all I could see was lavender for a moment, but as my eyes became clearer I started to smile. Twilight was staring down at me, tears flowing from her eyes and the biggest smile on her face. I wasted no time as I wrapped my front hooves around her and pulled her lips down against mine, kissing her deeply and with such passion that we sighed into one another with great intensity.

I was in the Ponyville Medical Care Clinic, in a large bedroom of sorts, with two rows of beds inside. When I finally broke the kiss and pulled Twilight against me in a hug, I looked around with tears in my eyes. They were all here...Macintosh, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, even Rarity, who was making her way over to us. Twilight lifted her head as Rarity approached and the lavender mare immediately set off in an apologetic rant.

"Oh my goodness Rarity I am SO, SORRY! I didn't mean to hurt...I didn't want to hurt you, I'm sorry!" Rarity laughed and waved her hoof about with simple words of

"Oh nonsense darling, it wasn't your fault, you saved me after all from being that...vile things plaything! Besides, we're alive now and that's all that matters." The two shared a hug as I sat up in bed, smiling as Applejack hugged Macintosh and Rainbow too her tightly, the three of them equally hugging back and forming a perfect group hug. Fluttershy was sipping some soup quietly but at least had a small smile on her face. I looked over towards her and said

"Dear Fluttershy...I hope you'll forgive me for Hoofington...I should not have left you behind." Fluttershy merely shook her head a little, whispering back although still audible

"Oh...well that's ok, you know...I was just trying to be helpful...you know...but I'm ok, thank you...this soup is good..." I couldn't help but chuckle at how timid the poor dear was, quietly returning to sip her soup. I looked around a bit more and started to frown...I counted everyone again and when my assumptions were proven true, I turned to Twilight

"Twilight...where's Scootaloo?" Everyone stopped. Applejack and the others looked over, Fluttershy stopped eating her soup, and Rarity looked down towards the ground as Twilight muttered

"Pinkie Pie didn't come back..." I blinked in surprise as I half shouted

"What? Why!? We defeated The Entity in the three day period, EVERYPONY should have come back!" Twilight sighed, shaking her head and saying

"Scootaloo came back...yes...but that was because she was killed by The Entity. Pinkie Pie stabbed herself...she did that herself, The Entity had no influence over it. We only came back because The Entity killed us all..." I stuttered over my next few words, my mind still refusing to believe it.

"P...Pinkie's...dead? Forever?" Twilight sighed, shaking her head a little as she thought of her

"Scootaloo refuses to believe it...she took it rather hard. I understand why...it seemed like Scootaloo finally found the family she was looking for...and now she's lost it again." I hung my head, sighing as I spoke

"Does anypony know where she is now?" Twilight shook her head, looking towards the ground. She looked up after a moment and said

"There also another problem...remember that Orb the The Entity had with him? Well...that was gone when I woke up..." I blinked, whispering

"So...is it dangerous? Should we be concerned?" Twilight thought for a moment before looking back up to me and sighing

"Well, Celestia didn't seem to think so, and I sort of agree. A tool with a user is pretty much just a tool, useless really. The only problem is that if some-pony finds it and uses it by accident." I nodded, turning my head as the room door opened and Nurse Redheart walked in, addressing everypony

"Alright then! We've filed all your charts, and it seems everypony here has a clean bill of health! You're all free to go! You better hurry now, there's chariots waiting for you outside!" Everyone looked quizzically over to the nurse as I asked

"Chariots? For what?" Nurse Redheart simply chuckled and said

"Why the celebration of course! Canterlot has returned!"


The city looked so...beautiful. The towers were gleaming white and yellow, the pavement set perfectly, the buildings sparkling, just like new. I was sitting next to my beautiful marefriend, Twilight, in the city center. It was a giant courtyard where the populations of both Ponyville AND Canterlot could fit, and it was here that everypony was gathered, and I mean EVERYPONY. The Elements of Harmony were with us as well, along with Big Macintosh and the Cutie-Mark Crusaders...well...two of them at least. Scootaloo hadn't shown up, which concerned me a little but I promised myself I would address it later.

Trumpets blared, ponies quieted their excited chatter, and Royal Guard Pony emerged on the high balcony above us, jutting out from the Royal Castle. He reared up on his back hooves, shouting to the crowd with a booming voice

"PONIES OF EQUESTRIA!!! I BRING BEFORE YOU, THE RETURNING PRINCESSES OF EQUESTRIA!!! PRINCESS LUNA, AND PRINCESS CELESTIA!!!!!!!!!!!" The crowd exploded with stomping hooves and outrageous cheers of glee and happiness. Two ponies walked out onto the balcony, and I couldn't help but feel a tear in my eye at the most beautiful sight of Luna and Celestia walking out to a shower of rose petals flowing from the sky. Confetti and pedals rained from the sky as Unicorns used their magic to bring the Celebration into full bloom. The princesses raised a hoof towards their subjects and the roaring intensified. Celestia's voice was well heard over the squealing ponies as she boomed


"However...our peace did not come without sacrifice. One of us had yet to return home...a mare of laughter, of baking, and of pure happiness. With her life, she gave to us a light, a beacon of hope and warmth. She's shown us over the last six years, through pain, agony, and perseverance, that ANYTHING, is possible! That the greatest of evils, and the Darkest of Descents, can be overcome! We will forever honor her memory here in Canterlot, and every town in Equestria! For Pinkie Pie of Equestria!"

It was then I noticed a large sheet hanging over something in the center of the courtyard. I figured it would be the rebuilding of the statue Celestia had sacrificed herself in front of, but as the sheet was removed, my gasping was joined with everypony's. A golden statue of Pinkie Pie, a wide smile on her face and her eyes closed in glee, holding up a cupcake with one hoof, her hair poofy and symbolizing her wild, carefree personality. I joined in the shouts of the crowd as the cheering intensified ten-fold.

"FOR PINKIE PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"



They're happy...good. They should be, they had everyone returned to them. All is right in the world for them...but me. I was alone...again. No parents, nopony there for me. I was outraged at them all. There was no body, no proof, no shred of evidence that mother was dead. They already treat her as if she was dead, but I knew better. I wouldn't stop, I wouldn't give up, I would never stop looking. I'll find her, dead or alive, and I'll bring her home. I don't give a DAMN what anypony thinks. Something that belongs to me is lost, and I WILL find it! I held up a tiny picture and shed silent tears, looking over it and remembering the day it was taken...back when I was still a filly and not the mare I stood as now. For a moment I looked over this dear picture of mine with sadness and longing...and finally I sighed, putting it away and looked back up at the crowd. I had heard about the Orb when I listened in on Quill and Twilight in the clinic, ducking away from the door. It wasn't over...not yet. There were still loose ends to tie and Pinkie Pie to bring home.

"For Pinkie Pie Indeed..."

I didn't know what lengths I was going to, what I'd have to do, where I'd have to go...to bring Pinkie Pie home. I knew though...that wherever and whatever it was that was going to happen...that It'd be one of the most horrifying...and treacherous things I would have ever done. Pinkie's Dark Descent was over...but this...this wasn't over...this story has yet to end. There are still pages to fill and my eyes to begin searching. I will gallop, I will look, I will find her.

The Darkest Descent had yet to come...a descent that I feared with all my might, but that I would meet head-on with my head up high and my hooves ready.

The Darkest Descent of them all............................. Mine.

"My Picture...my future...My Mother.

The End....for now.