• Published 20th Dec 2011
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Leap of Faith: Shyness Vs. Kindness - Wolokai

Big Macintosh is a bouncer and Apple Stallion, but can be something more to dear Fluttershy?

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Chapter Three - Funny meeting you here...

Caramel sighed, sitting outside of a small shop titled "Bon Bon's Sweets n' Coffee!". He looked a bit nervous, like he was doing something wrong and was afraid to get caught. He looked up at the sound of the front door opening, watching as Braeburn trotted outside with a happy grin on his face. Caramel frowned and muttered as Braeburn popped a small piece of candy in his own mouth "Um...Braeburn...are you sure this is a good idea? If Mac' finds out we did this, he'll skin us alive!"

Braeburn scoffed, tipping his stetson back and shouting "Don't you go worryin' bout Big Pussintosh, the problem'll take care of itself! Did you tell him to head this way?" Caramel nodded, twitching out of nervousness about the prospect of Macintosh finding them out.

He looked up to Braeburn and whispered "W...what about you? Did you find the Canary-Mare?"

Braeburn nodded with a large smile, swallowing the candy and exclaiming "Yep! Told her Miss Bon Bon in there needed help with a little somethin', and that she should come right away! Miss Bon Bon knows to play along, so all we have to do now is sit back and watch the fireworks!"

Caramel frowned and pointed at the bag of candy that Braeburn had brought out on his back and shouted "What's the candy for then!?"

Braeburn raised an eyebrow, muttering "Um...to eat?" Caramel face-hoofed as Braeburn whispered "Oh shit, here he comes! Quick, get in them bushes!" The two of them dove out of the street as Big Macintosh came into view, a seriously pissed off look etched on his face.

Just his shouting make Caramel squeak with fright "Caramel!!!!!! Where are ya, ya blockhead you! What in the hay were you sayin' bout' Braeburn going and causing a ruckus over at Bon Bon's!?"

Braeburn punched Caramel in the shoulder, hissing "What the hay's he talking about?!"

Caramel winced and rubbed his shoulder, whispering back "What, it's not my fault! It was the only way I could get him to come!" Braeburn face-hoofed and turned his head suddenly to the sound of Bon Bon's door closing.

He whispered to Caramel "Was that her!?"

Caramel turned to him and shrugged, whispering "I don't know!"

"What do you mean you don't know!?"

"I mean 'I don't know' when I say 'I don't know!'"

"Don't be smart with me Caramel! Did ya see her or not!?"

"I'm not being smart! I mean...I am because I'm not dumb but I'm not being a smart-mouth either!"

"Why weren't you watching to see if it was her!?"

"I was too busy trembling at how pissed Mac' was!!!"

The two continued to argue with raised whispers, oblivious to Macintosh trotting up the steps to Bon Bon's steps and walking in with a loud sigh and saying "Alright...ah'm here, what in the hay is go-" He froze up instantly, his eyes catching sight of the Canary-Mare who had run into him earlier. She turned her head and let out a small 'Eep!', startled by the stallion's loud voice.

Bon Bon, who was standing behind the front counter, smiled and shouted "Well hey there Big Macintosh! You're looking for Braeburn right?" Macintosh nodded very, very slowly, his eyes locked onto the Pink-maned mare's. Bon Bon smiled and said "Well...he said he'd be right back so, you're more then welcome to wait here!" She turned to the mare and whispered "I'll be right back dearie!" The mare nodded, the two ponies looking away from one another with slight blushes on their face. Macintosh gently walked towards one corner of the room and sat on his haunches, clearing his throat nervously and staring around the room, trying to keep his thoughts clear. The mare sat on her haunches too, looking down towards the floor and hiding her face in her mane. Neither of them spoke for a bit, an awkward silence falling over the two and creating an air of nervousness.

Finally, the yellow Pegasus looked up and whispered, her face half-hidden "H...hi..."

Macintosh gulped and whispered back, looking towards the floor "Um...hi..." The two of them sat in silence for another moment before the stallion spoke again "Funny meeting you here...um...sorry bout'...earlier........"

The mare smiled a very, very tiny smile and muttered "Oh...um, that's ok.....your name is Big Macintosh?"

Macintosh looked up a little and nodded, whispering "Eeyup...what's um...what's yer name?" The canary-mare frowned a little at his question, looking away with a slight blush and involuntarily letting her bottom lip quiver.

She whispered again, hiding behind her mane "Um...I'm Flutshhrnn....."

Macintosh raised an eyebrow and muttered "Um...come again?"

"My name is...Flushhsnn..."

"Say what now?"


"....I'm sorry, I can't quite hear y-"

"Fluttershy dear, everything alright up there?!" Bon Bon shouted from the back room, making the timid Pegasus 'eep' with fright.

She shouted back with low volume "Oh, um...yes! Everything's....ok." Macintosh went over her name in his head. 'Fluttershy....Fluttershy......'. He found himself smiling a little, the timid Pegasus blushing and smiling as well.

"So..." Macintosh began, trying his hardest not to stumble over his words "...do ya...come here often?" Fluttershy shook her head a little, her head tilted down and her eyes looking up at him. He nodded and once again fell into an awkward silence.

From outside, Braeburn face-hoofed, pulling his head away from the window he and Caramel were spying through "Lam sakes, that foal's got apples bluer then a blueberry! Ah'm goin' in!" Caramel gulped and opened his mouth to retort but stopped, knowing what he said wasn't going to stop him no matter what. The door opened roughly, causing Fluttershy to squeak and Macintosh to look up. A furious look grew on his face as Braeburn shouted "Well howdy Cous'! Ah knew you'd be he- saaaay! Ain't you that Canary-Pegasus Macintosh was talkin' bout?"

"Braeburn..." Macintosh growled with warning, the stallion feeling his right eye twitching.

Fluttershy looked over and blinked, whispering "H...he said something about me?" She looked over towards Macintosh with wide-eyes, the Stallion at a loss for words.

Braeburn smiled and shouted "Course he has! Why he wouldn't shut up bout ya'll after ya left! He was tellin' me how he thought ya looked so purty and all, with that lovely pink mane and yer nice soft coat! Ah told him to talk to ya but he's shyer then a foal at his first school dance!"

Fluttershy blushed like mad, whispering over towards Macintosh with a tiny smile on her face "You...you said all that?"

Macintosh stuttered over his words, his eyes wide and his tongue tied up in a knot "Ah don't...ah mean...um...well...."

Braeburn smiled and walked up next to Fluttershy, holding a hoof out and shaking his head slightly as he said "See there? Ya'll got him swooning for ya so bad the poor colt can't even speak! It's too bad...ah know he was planning on askin' ya to dinner too..."

"Braeburn!!!" Macintosh managed to gasp, his eyes wider then saucers.

"Oh that's ok...if you want to go to dinner that would be...um........nice." Fluttershy said with a small smile, hiding her face in her mane again and letting out a small giggle.

Braeburn smiled and chuckled, looking over at Macintosh and saying "Well there ya go Cous'! See, twern't hard at all was it!?" he turned his head to Fluttershy and said "Ah guess he'll be seeing ya tonight round....oh, how's 7 O'clock sound to ya?" Fluttershy smiled and nodded her head, looking over towards Macintosh for a response.

He sighed, looking up towards her and whispering "Eeyup...7 O'clock ah guess...but if ya'll excuse me for a moment..."

Caramel waited out in the street, fearful for a moment but sighing in relief after he watched Braeburn burst out of the door with a frightful look on his face. The orange colt was just about to ask what was wrong when Braeburn shouted "RUN!!! OH SWEET CELESTIA RUN YER DURN FLANK OFF!!!"


"YA'LL GET YER MOTHER BUCKIN' ASSES BACK HERE! AH'M A SKIN YA'LL ALIVE!!!" Macintosh shouted, running after the squealing Braeburn and Carmel.

Caramel shouted as they ran down the straight "This was your bright idea!? Good going Braeburn!"

Braeburn scoffed as they tore down the street, a very pissed of Stallion hot on their hooves "What you talkin' bout ya silly filly!? Ah got him a date, how's that bad!?'

Caramel scowled as he replied "Yeah, at the cost of our lives ya dumb idiot!"


Braeburn squealed, turning a corner and barreling down the street "Let's worry bout' it later! Just run for it!!!"