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Sometimes I like to write things.

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You still alive brony?

Good show my friend! Good show!
I have to say you use a lot of emotion when you write your stories because whenever I finish reading your stories I think I might cry manly tears. :raritydespair: So, please make more! It makes me think my life is better then what it is right now, thank you so much. :pinkiesad2:

~Anon Solid_Sparkle13

Tämmöinenkin olisi: Finnish Bronies :trollestia:

Thank you for the comment. It really means a lot, especially since writing child characters used to be something I could never do right. I'm glad to know that I've gotten better at it.

Thanks for the watch as well. Hopefully I'll come out with something worthwhile soon.

You write children really well. Confused, frustrated and trouble expressing themselves. I'd love to see your personal take on Scootaloo's household situation or lack thereof.

I've never watched a writer before because I never found one that I consistently enjoyed reading but... here we are.

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