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It's hammer time and Twilight Sparkle is outside CHS, about to destroy the statue along with the only portal to Equestria! However, Sunset Shimmer is NOT about to let that happen. She needs to figure out why Twilight is doing this and fast! Before it's too late...

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Note: This story was edited because of the old versions really bad quality, haha. Anyway, please enjoy SciSet!

Cover art was changed!

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It was nice to read the original and then the remake. Seeing a more fleshed out beginning and having a time frame of when this happened really set it, and I liked having Sunset be more angry in the hospital scene.
Also some minor errors:

If she had her five scenes


She figured out the meaning of the pacing, it was girl

it was (a?) girl

Twilight saw Sunset barry her head


I can't bare the thought


Instead, she threaten Sunset


All in all a very nice remake.

Thanks! Also, I’ll fix those :)


Twilight depanned and lightly punched Sunset's arm


Knew I forgot something lol

I need to tell my friends that you're okay."

Twilight nodded but frowned. "Our friends Sunset. They're our friends."

communism intensifies

I really enjoyed this SciSet story alot

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