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Sunset Shimmer's bestest friend in all of Equestria; Moondancer, is struggling real hard with her magic skills. She has all the book work down, but simple conjuring? That's a different story. Luckily Sunset is there to lend some assistance. Now they can both help each other. If they want to get into Celestia's school, it means no slacking off! However... can their friendship remain?

Note: I never wrote something like this! Hope you enjoy!

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Ooooo I quite like this pairing of characters, it's like a reverse Sunburst and Starlight. Their personalities were well realized and natural at their younger age. Very interested where things go from the Eqg canon.

Also protégé not prodege

Thank you sm!

"I'll read on my own. I'll study to my heart's content and before you know it, I'll be the next alicorn!" Sunset prided.

This should be [boasted] not prided.

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