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They mean everything to each other. So when one of them falls ill, it doesn't take anything from them to drop everything and lend a little kind and courtesy.

A sweet one-shot of Sunset Shimmer taking care of her girlfriend Twilight Sparkle with a meal full of love and spice.

Some SciSet fluff to add some bliss to your day!

Regard: Not my art! PM me if you know the artist.

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Aww... A very cute sciset shipping story! How cute! ^.^

Simple, sweet and cute. Thank you for the early morning SciSet to start my day.

That was definitely cute fluff. Nice.


This was wonderful. There's never such a thing as too much fluff.

Totally agree, haha. Thank you! ♥

PLEEEEEEASSSEEE we really need more of these sunlight fanfics :twilightsmile:

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