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Twilight needs post-operative bed rest. Her dear totally-just-a-friend Pinkie Pie has other ideas.

Loosely canon to The One with Twinkie Kisses but not a true sequel.

Written for the Pride and Positivity event. You can help out too by donating to a charity at one of these links.
Black Lives Matter - Where to Donate
Support Black People MasterDoc

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Comments ( 18 )

Such a wholesome, wonderful story. Thank you for writing!

This was a really cute story! Happy to see Twilight's girlfriend totally-just-a-friend be so supportive. Also not a situation I had ever seen in a fic before.

Either Pinkie Pie dates all her friends or none of them ;)

This is very cute!

I love how Sci-Twi resorts to "scientific paper mode" when she gets overly nervous.

Also has one of the best ways of portraying Pinkie Pie, mindful yet still very upbeat.

So much with so little is the name of the game here, much like my story. Although this one is more about Pinkie's shenanigans then deep emotions, there's still some of it intertwined with her randomness.

I like!

~Kailani Tides~

Thank you! For a more serious take on this, the canonical reference would stillinbeta's wonderful:

TOne Night in Buckkok
Rarity and Sunset go on a very important trip.
stillinbeta · 6.6k words  ·  141  25 · 1.8k views
Comment posted by Fillyfoolish deleted June 27th

I have to say, this felt more fluffy fun than random, so I'm not sure why it has the tag. I really liked seeing Pinkie being so supportive and true to herself without jeopardizing Twilight's health. Also, it's easy to format links in a neater way for the related story. You can use the 'add link' function between the 'add horizontal rule' and 'insert image' on the toolbar.

Random tag is because it's not... coherent even by fluff standards, I guess. There's not a clear plot here other than "Pinkie has one-line zinger after zinger and Twilight is enamored/mortified" especially the tickling which solely exists for a ladyfingers pun but not strictly in a comedic way either. At any rate, fluffy in-character supportive is what I was going for, so thank you!

Seer #10 · June 27th · · 2 ·

This is a super sweet and lovely story!
Your character work is really nice here, pinkie and Twilights interactions are really well executed, sweet and comedic and engaging
I love the fact, also, that pinkie is so supportive and caring while retaining her usual 'pinkie-ness', twilights deferral to statistics was some nice, subtle characterisation too.
Really well done, and happy pride month! :twilightsmile:

Thank you,and happy pride month to you too!

Congratulations on the feature!

Comment posted by Fillyfoolish deleted June 27th

Nothing like silent downvotes, too. Happy pride! :)

Sweet as the pillow donut. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Fillyfoolish deleted June 30th
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