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A millenium in exile on the Moon took its toll on Princess Luna's memory. When she was restored by the Elements of Harmony, not every single memory was returned perfectly intact to her. A select few - the most guarded - were left where she had placed them centuries ago, locked away deep within the realms of her mind, while others returned in tattered shards, too incomprehensible to understand. On one very specific night, Luna discovers the fragment of a peculiar unicorn horn impaled in the snow. When she makes contact with the faded being residing within, the last remnants of the unicorn known as Sombra, these guarded and errant memories from a thousand and one winters ago suddenly return to her.

Everything becomes clear again. An Empire on the brink of destruction, peril, moments of great joy and sadness, love, betrayal, sinister Nightmare forces, and a would-be king whose fall help set yet another of equal tragedy in motion.

A first person, dual-narrative account of the final weeks leading up to the Crystal Empire's fateful disappearance, the coronation and downfall of Sombra, and the rise of Nightmare Moon.

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Comments ( 16 )

4924948 Did I overdo it, perhaps, with the archaic speech?

4924952 I don't think so. It's feels right.

Why are there only 14 likes?

More importantly, where are the other chapters?!


Challange accepted for I have stories as well. :moustache:

And misspellings. Many, many misspellings.

Not in my stories though. :twilightoops:

Effort is good I like it I can't wait for more.

This is a great start.:twilightsmile: Can't wait for more.

Would you like to add this story to the Sombra x Luna group?:raritywink:

Feel free to add it to any group you like :twilightsmile:

Eventually I will finish this.

Ok what folder? Shipping or Main?

When will there be an update to this. I only just read it and the wait is already killing me.


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