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I’m a Pegasister and so I have limited time to devote to fandom being busy in real life most of the time. I’m opening a business as a writer/graphic artist while caring for my elderly parents.



Tea and Picnics might sound like simple activities but when a certain Draconequus is involved things are never boring. Join Fluttershy and Discord as they learn more about each other from a series of outings between the events of Keep Calm and Flutter On and Twilight Sparkle’s Kingdom.

Note: This is a series of one shots inspired by the absurd situations I envisioned for a Fluttershy and Discord Duet in Chapter 1 of my fic My Fair Draconequus and also the fact that MLP:FIM Friends Comic #24 said they meet once a month for their outings. You don’t have to read My Fair Draconequus to understand or enjoy these stories but these stories will give more meaning to the duet when you actually know what they were singing about.

The next update will be in May. That story will be called "Chocolate Pies Drowning Griphons".

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Comments ( 28 )

I can only agree. You hit both of them spot on and captured the atmosphere wonderfully.
Truly a golden piece of Slice of Life.

Can't wait for more :twilightsmile:

This is a really sweet story! Your characterizations are great, and I love how you show the subtle development of their meetings and letter exchanges.

Do you know, I think this is the first male Ursa Major I've ever seen a fanfic refer to?


Thanks Water Lilly. I'm glad you agree with Flutters and I.. :pinkiehappy:


Thank you so much. I really love writing these two interacting so I'm glad I'm getting them right. I hope you enjoy the other stories too.


Thanks so much. I always got the feeling watching Keep Calm and Flutter On they were literally both playing each other for most of their interactions and when they truly connected must have been over the letters and outings we are only told about so its fun to explore that in these one shots.


Oh really? I didn't know that but I'm pretty sure there would be males as well as females. :rainbowderp:

5441835 That's very true, and I like how to brought forward the point that what happened in "Keep Calm and Flutter On" led to their willingness to get closer and become good friends. Friendships can begin in a short time, but their circumstances meant they were just starting to open up to each other.

Great job!

Lucky little person. 16 likes and just a couple of views and you're in the featured box.


I am really? Wow I have to go check. That is very unexpected. :applejackconfused::pinkiegasp:

Hi I just wanted to let you all know the next update will be the weekend of the 22nd because I'm writing a story to enter a contest. For details take a look at this blog post.

Thanks for your patience. I just had to enter this contest.

You captured the characters so perfectly! This was such a sweet story and wonderfully written. I've always wanted to see more of Fluttershy and Discord's friendship developing. "Keep Calm and Flutter on" left soo much to be desired and I still think it should've been a two-part episode. Looking forward to the other stories to follow this one!


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the first installment. Fluttershy and Discord are my favorites so its great fun to just do a series of one shots focusing on their friendship's evolution. Not only will each story be at a different stage in their friendship but each situation will sort of grow out of that. I figure as Discord gets more comfortable then the situations will get a little wackier. I hope that makes sense. :yay:

5526195 Sense? What fun is there is making sense!? Haha, sorry. I just couldn't resist. But yeah, it does make sense and it'll be really fun to watch their friendship evolve and grow! :D

Hi guys. Just a note. That update will be out on Tuesday. I had a few more delays last week I wasn't expecting but nothing horrible. Once I get this update out there will be a short hiatus which I'll post more information on in my blog on Wednesday.

I'll be taking about 1-2 weeks off so I can concentrate on launching my website and business officially so check out my blog for that announcement and for when new updates will be released to this and my other story.

Cute. I really the execution and I think this is the first fic I've seen that actually shows the very next meeting after "Keep Calm". Fun.

A few mistakes here and there and I don't think you actually write that the Ursa is named Fuzzy? Or is that someone else?

You also use "suddenly" too often. I know a lot of things that happen here are sudden, but variation is important.

Another specific nitpick

Discord found himself smiling back at her and astonishingly he had no come back or witty remark. He’d never had pony not scold him for a jump scare in a very long time. Yet another piece to add to the enigma that is Fluttershy.

You can't use "never" and "long time" like that. Either "he'd never" or "he hadn't had a pony not scold him".

Still, pretty decent. Well done.


Thanks. I always appreciate constructive criticism. I'm glad you liked the story over all. I try my best to self edit but I never catch everything.

As for the "suddenly" I tend to do that with words sometimes for some strange reason. I'll be fixated on using certain words when writing. Its always different. Its a weird tendency I have. I will look for that when I run through the story again and correct that other mistake.

As for Fuzzy, yes Discord named him.

“Alright Fuzzy what do you want?” Discord asked the bear. Once the creature responded the draconequus conjured an enormous fish on a plate.
“You can talk to animals too?” Fluttershy wondered watching as the creature Discord had named Fuzzy dove into its meal with gusto.

Fluttercord BFF is OTP. Gives all the fuzzies.

Yay, update! The part where Fluttershy meets her EQG counterpart was funny.

I really like how you're taking the route of slowly building their relationship from hardly knowing each other to close friends.

5887175 Ah, I missed that bit. Or at least, there was enough space between when it was named and the narrative's first use of it for me to be confused. I suggest, though I might be wrong here, to stop calling it just "the Ursa" when it has received a name. And maybe making the first reference to it after the "naming" be something along the lines of "the Ursa, or Fuzzy, as Discord had named him..."

But that might just be me. Also, the suddenly: I use that exact word too much too. Because a lot of things are sudden. But I try to stop that, because the overuse makes the word useless.

Cute. Again.

Two points:

Discord coiled himself around the mare as the wheels-in-his-head turned at break-neck speed. “So, as long as it doesn’t upset the natural order of the world you won’t mind if I do something that affects you?

. It should just be "wheels in his head", without the hyphens. And

The doors opened and strange, tall, technic-colored, bi-pedal

. It is "technicolored, without the hypen and certainly without the "c". Also bipedal is a perfectly useful word without the hyphen.


Thanks again!

Yeah I'll be doing another edit and use your notes. Its veyr nice of you to take the time like an editor. Like I said I'm sort of hopeless on my own. I wasn't sure on the "Wheels in the head" and I thought I corrected the other two. Ugh. I swear I need to borrow someone else' eyes when I proof-read. I seriously suck at my own stuff.


Lol. I was sort of inspired by the alien design in the Abyss. The movie isn't that great but I sort of liked the design of the alien and used it for inspiration in my description.


Thanks! I couldn't resist visiting that alternate dimension through Fluttershy's eyes. I'm glad you are enjoying my approach. That's why I wanted to present them as a story set and not just post each on its own. I want the progression of their friendship seen as a series of events.

5890999 That is only natural. The author always knows what is happening and what the text is supposed to be. So it is often hard to see the writing as an outsider would. I personally always try to have at least a day pass between writing the text and proofreading it. That way, it isn't so fresh in my head what is supposed to be in the text.

Again, I'm giving out obvious advice. Sorry 'bout that.

Happy writing.

That was beautiful! I'd like to read more of these little gems :twilightsmile:

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