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In an attempt to cure himself of his boredom, Discord decides to pay a visit to his dear friend Rarity.

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Comment posted by LiterarySerenity deleted Mar 8th, 2015

Spriritofchaos is a compulsive liar as only one of the assistants are worthy of checking out, that being LiterarySerenity. Plus I really did nothing helpful in the slightest.

You have no idea how happy I am you finally wrote a fic! Just yes. Yes.

Also, thanks for getting that song stuck in my head.

I really have nothing constructive to say ahaha. So um. *Skips away*

5715038 Oh my Pastel Pal, if I hadn't started working with you on Young butterfly, I would have never even thought of making a story!~

And what do you mean i'm a compulsive liar!? I am Loki Odinson! Brother of Thor, and I shan't be- Oh wait. Loki is the God of Lies. Nervermind.


We do not speaketh of Young Butterfly. That story deserves to be burnt.
You have a lot more going on between the ears in comparison to me so I'm pretty sure this amazing story, or at least any amazing story of some sort, would of happened any way. One way or another.

*Trying not to get sappy intensifies*

I knew you were Loki. I knew it.

Yay! :yay: Congratulations on posting your first fan fiction here, which is creative and a true pleasure to read. ^_^ I love your characterizations of Discord and Rarity, and their interactions (alongside several laughs regarding Opal and Discord getting along).

Good job!

good ole discord
i wonder...he did say she couldnt get fat from the surger....dident say anything else about the other ingredients hehe
anyway great story! you need to write more! :D

Not sure what to say here, so I'll let this image speak for itself.

6432673 :twilightsheepish: Thank you! I'm actually surprised that people are still commenting on this story.

Rather impressive, I had fun and you did a great job keeping them in character my friend.

6833369 You're very welcome. Excited to see what else you have planned for future stories and the god of chaos.

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