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I like writing stories about childrens cartoons and I'm highly medicated, how are ya?

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This takes me through such a flurry of emotions. :fluttershysad:

The various short scenes in here seem like they could be expanded into compelling tales in their own right. I like your ideas about how their lives might play out together.

It's harder to have that whole tangle of ideas presented in a single shot, though. It can work, but it's a much more difficult story structure to make work. In this case, I found myself wishing the story had started after the part with the princesses, and that the ending had been more poignant... because the middle was very strong.

But hey, I'm a sucker for good Fluttercord, and this qualifies.

I don't think Discord would let Fluttershy die, at least not of old age or disease. Any death of Fluttershy would have to be something sudden.

That was so sad, I nearly started to cry :fluttercry:

I won't say the story were good, but it wasn't bad either.
The reason why it didn't fall that much into my taste is because of the idea of one passing away.
The start with Celestia and Luna seem a bit out of place for some reason, and I know it's a Fluttercord story, but I almost want to know what happen between Fluttershy/Discord and Honey Leaf since they had a fight that made her run away.
And something is missing... Discord is hugging Honey Leaf where she is sorry after she got back, and then Twilight pops up. Where did Honey Leaf suddenly go? One moment she is there, the next she's gone.

Then you got this line - "Do you think...do you think that could work on me?" -
Isn't is with/for me insted of on me ? because with on me sounds like he asks if he can get Twiligh's magic transferer to him.
I'm not the best at English I admit, but it's just what imagine when I read it.

pretty damn tight story you got here, probably the only good Fluttercord story IMO

would discord bring fluttershy back to life

While the writing style is a bit.. straining to read due to the jumps back and forth, this is already a beautiful story, and I'm very much looking forward to chapter two! :D

Aww that was so sweet. It almost made me cry. :fluttershysad:

Listening to the song 'When your gone' makes this all the more sad, now I have to go sulk in my room

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