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The strong silent type usually have a lot more to say than they let on. Big Macintosh is no exception. His life has been filled with joys and tragedies, causing him to develop a loving bond with his sisters. This little slice-of-life story highlights some of the major events in Mac's life which have nurtured that bond.

A big thanks to All of the Above for feedback during my writing.

Cover art is titled Happy Birthday AJ

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Wish I was a big brother like that, but you got to show your little brothers who's boss. If I had sisters I probably would have been more protective of them like Mac. Lovely story, very heartfelt and endearing.

Loved it! Bittersweet, well-paced, and it fits my headcanon.

I was surprised (not in a bad way) that you didn't include the scene where AJ runs away to Manehatten. I'm curious: any particular reason why?

I had considered it, but I wanted some scenes of earlier life between Big Macintosh and Applejack. I wanted to show their bond forming by keeping them together to begin with. I suppose I could have done that with the Manehatten story, but I only wanted to put so many bits into it. I was even debating whether I should go on with the Dodge Junction story.

you should use Google's reverse image search next time. took me two minutes on my tablet to find the source.
ill read later, what caught my eye was the source thing.

Haha, thanks for helping me cite that! I will use this resource in the future.

Just wondering, when did Mac get his sex change?

Pa had brought me out to this tree on several occasions when I was a filly.


"Headcannon"? Are you a mech of some description?:twilightsmile: I'm really glad you managed to find amunition for your headcannon, though. It's really hard to do, unless you have one of those variants that operates on cheesy romance stories.

I have a soft spot for stories like these.almost started crying at a few posts while at work. Really well done doodman.

Yeah, fail on my part. You can find me looking up horse words in the dictionary. Thanks for pointing that out!

Great premisse, beautifuly writen, insanely cute. God that was cute, I loved it.

Big Mac fics are the best.:eeyup:

A great read, good sir.

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