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Under many delusions.


Maybe dragons should be tough.
Maybe they shouldn't care for anybody else.
Maybe they were never meant to hold a needle...

Entry for the June 30th minific write-off: It Could Have Gone Better

This story was revised with helpful feedback from many amazing people, whom you can find at this story's original post.

Chapters (1)

During the rise of King Sombra, a lonely old toymaker feebly carries a flickering candle of hope.

(Late entry for the April 7th minific write-off, under the prompt: "Just Like the Old Days")

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A thousand years ago he was turning Equestria into a hotbed of mayhem.
Five years ago he was growing moss and lichen on his shoulders.
Today he's asking Celestia out on a date.

Celestia didn't know such a creature as Discord would be able to change so radically without it being part of some elaborate prank. But what's more unsettling, she didn't know she'd be able to change just as drastically. As she finds new feelings for the Master of Chaos, she begins to have doubts toward the integrity of her desires, and suspicions of her sister's possible involvement.

Cover art is titled Thoughts, by PrincessSaross

Chapters (1)

Rarity has been dragged away to Canterlot Carousel during the Hearth's Warming rush. Though her heart remains at home with her friends, business is business. She knows her friends understand.

Two things she didn't expect to find on her trip: Octavia, the cellist from Ponyville, and a ghost. In helping these two, she learns that Hearth's Warming has a strange and magical way of bringing ponies together.

Credit for beautiful cover art goes to PaintedHoofprints

UPDATE: Small edits, thanks to helpful feedback from 7th Outpost and Bad Dragon

Chapters (2)

One hundred years. Twilight Sparkle is having a tough time stomaching that reality. She has lived a full hundred years in Equestria, and being an immortal princess promises only more centuries to follow. She's not sure if she's ready for the rest of her life.

But Twilight's lifelong friend and mentor has a special gift for her, something that will change her perspective about the future.

Lovely cover art is from Momomistress

Chapters (1)

Alya was the name Twilight and Celestia had given their adopted daughter two years ago. Nopony knew where the little filly came from. Nopony knew anything about her.

The two princesses had no idea that two years later she would reveal herself to be a changeling, and nopony—especially not Twilight—was prepared for it. Her previously normal, structured world comes crashing down around her. The happy future she had pictured for herself and her family, now a bittersweet memory.

After long days full of prying questions and sleepless nights bristling with nightmares, Twilight comes to a desperate conclusion: Alya is the root of her troubles.

Silver Scrolls has been a wonderful help as an extra pair of eyes and editor on this story.
Cover Art: The Price of Immortality by MagnaLuna

Chapters (6)

Rainbow's dad has one of the coolest jobs ever. He not only works at the Cloudeseum, but he gets to see the Wonderbolts train there on a daily basis. Today, he's bringing Rainbow Dash with him to work to see her heroes in person, and it's sure to be one of the best days she's ever had.

Chapters (1)

It's Thanksgiving Day in the changeling kingdom, and the Big Three villains of Equestria have gathered to share it together like they always do. However, Discord, Queen Chrysalis, and King Sombra don't seem to be getting along all too well this year (not entirely unusual). Things seem to be going pretty awful, until Pinkie Pie shows up to liven up the party.

Chapters (1)

A full year on the moon, quite a milestone. The Princess of Darkness decides to celebrate, and drop it like it low gee.

Chapters (1)
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