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Under many delusions.


Maybe dragons should be tough.
Maybe they shouldn't care for anybody else.
Maybe they were never meant to hold a needle...

Entry for the June 30th minific write-off: It Could Have Gone Better

This story was revised with helpful feedback from many amazing people, whom you can find at this story's original post.

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Nice story. Short but had a lot of heart in few words. Keep up the good work.

Very heartwarming, even to this artificial heart..

This fic, it melts in my mouth!!!!

Maybe I should not eat desktop monitors... Still, thanks for writing!

‘s good. I like it. Write more.

Teensy, tiny technical correction: when talking about spinning fiber, you prepare, then spin, then finish the spun fiber. Finishing is what fulls it, locks the fiber together, and if spun correctly, hopefully keeps the thread/yarn/string (depending on thickness & fiber type) strong and not snapping. This may or may not include dying (which could be prep or finishing, depending on the effect you’re going for).

Understated, but pretty powerful writing. Great work!

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